Southern Handcraft Society Pineapple Grove Chapter Presents 27 Annual Juried Art & Craft Show, An Olde Fashioned Holiday November 21, 22, 23 At Old School Square

​The Southern Handcraft Society, Pineapple Grove Chapter, Delray Beach, ​celebrates its ​27 ​Annual Juried art and craft show, “An Olde Fashioned Holiday”, at Old School Square. All items are hand made ​by local crafters and artists​ and many are one-of-a-kind works of art. Gift and holiday items include Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas themes, plus items that are appropriate for any occasion. ​Don’t miss the Limited Edition ornaments. Come on Thursday, November 21, Friday, November 22, and Saturday, November 23 and prepare to be amazed at ​all of ​our local talent! ​Consider joining this group if you have an interest in art and/or crafts! ​Free Admission with convenient parking at the garage across the street​. ​The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.





Southern Handcraft Society

Pineapple Grove Chapter     Delray Beach, FL

Invites you to:

27 Annual Juried Art and Craft Show

“An Olde Fashioned Holiday”

Thursday, November 21, 2019 – 9 am to 8 pm
Friday, November 22, 2019 – 9 am to 8 pm
Saturday, November 23, 2019 – 9 am to 2 pm

Old School Square Center For The Arts

51 N. Swinton Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33444


Convenient Parking across the street​

Old School Square is located on the corner of NE 1st Street and NE 1st Avenue ​



Southern Handcraft Society, Pineapple Grove Chapter, Delray Beach is over 20 years old. We have over 60 members consisting of local artists and crafts people and are welcoming to newcomers.

We meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Senior Center at Veterans Park at 7 pm.

We hope you will stop by!






Our local artists and crafters create one-of-a-kind works of art. Our Limited Edition ornaments are spectacular and are limited to only 100 pieces.


We have gift and holiday items including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas…along with items that are appropriate for any occasion.




We have jewelry, cards, journals, ornaments, shell art, glass art, hand-painted and turned wood pieces, hand-knit hats, sweaters, and blankets, aprons purses, quilts, pillows and many other items. We also feature food and candy items. Prepare to be incredibly amazed by all of our local talent!





“We are a group of extremely talented and crafty people who create paintings, cards, journals, jewelry, knitted items, dolls, stuffed animals, quilts, etc. We’re friendly! We’re very funny and we always welcome new members”, they tell The Rickie Report.


Southern Handcraft Society is a wonderful networking group of fine artists and artisans. They meet monthly in Delray Beach. For more information about SHS please contact Madeline at




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Artisans On The Ave Invites You To “6 Women Inspired”, A Multi-Media Exhibition

Artisans On The Ave gallery invites everyone to a new exhibit, “6 Women Inspired”, showcasing the creative works of Barbara Bailey, Susan Peck, Mary Ellen Dohrs, Ebba Tinwin, Doris Gilden and Edrian Thomidis.  A Free, Opening Reception takes place on Friday, May 20th.  Enjoy the refreshments and meeting each of these outstanding artists!  The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and all of the details. When you visit the 3 showrooms within the gallery you will be amazed at the selection of the exquisite art from over 40 artists the gallery features.






Artisans On The Ave

630 Lake Avenue       Lake Worth, Florida 33460
561-582-3300     561-762-8162

“6 Women Inspired”

Opening Reception:

Friday, May 20, 2016

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Free and Open to the Public

Enjoy the refreshments!  Meet the artists!




Gallery Hours:

Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm




Artisans On The Ave Gallery is featuring six women artists including: Barbara Bailey, Susan Peck, Mary Ellen Dohrs, Ebba Tinwin, Doris Gilden, and Edrian Thomidis. For centuries women have proved their strength and talents in a variety of ways. The women artists of Artisans On The Ave Gallery are no exception.




Each of these artists have discovered the arts in a personal way in her life.  Her calling may have appeared as a little girl drawing with the vast rainbow of exciting colors and creating masterpieces.  Maybe she had to put her art career on hold as she raised her family, making being the best mother to her family her priority. She might have stayed in the background of her partner’s career as she silently dreamed of someday having her name in lights. Then the timing in her life allowed her the opportunity to show the world her talents and share her exciting creations to everyone.



Meet The 6 Women Inspired:



#1 Barbara McKee Bailey



“Stealth Code” by Barbara McKee Bailey

Barbara McKee Bailey graduated Cum Laude from Mount St. Mary’s College in New York and studied the medium of watercolor at the Jacaruso Studio in Rhinebeck, New York. After operating a successful Bed and Breakfast business in the Hudson Valley Barbara has used her talents to create original art. Using both acrylics and mixed media and currently working in various procedures her abstract art has won several awards throughout various locations in Florida.







“Water Dance” by Barbara McKee Bailey

After years of painting representational art Barbara decided to experiment with non-representational art and suddenly found her new passion with the freedom this technique offers. She can alter the conception of reality using forms, shapes, textures, patterns, and colors. Barbara can express how “Spring” feels using this medium with the intention of continuing to explore and create within this venue




#2  Susan Peck





Handpainted Silk Scarf by Susan Peck


Visual artists have their own interpretation of the world by taking on a romantic view of the wonders of nature. Gardens, flowers and foliage inspire Susan Peck’s fascination with color. The pieces she creates celebrate the gorgeous hues and vibrancy of her surroundings with the intention of delight.




Wearable Art Purse by Susan Peck



Her lovely unique one-of-a-kind creations of wearable art bring a sense of joy and happiness to the proud owner who admires and wears her art. Each of Susan’s pieces are original and made by hand. Her silk scarves and purses are truly a delight to wear and enjoy. Susan also creates canvas pieces that will look beautiful in your home and will be quite the conversation piece.




#3 Mary Ellen Dohrs



“Sumos” by Mary Ellen Dohrs



Mary Ellen Dohr’s joy of sculpturing comes from the luxurious feel of terra cotta in her hands and the creation of turning her thoughts into finished forms.  A lifetime of experience in other disciplines as an artist influenced her progression to her success as a sculptor. After graduating in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, she became the first woman in General Motors Styling and later continued her career in product design for large named industry clients.




“Lydia” by Mary Ellen Dohrs

Industrial Design to sculpture was an easy transition, basically similar in the use of volume, form and color. But it was the tactile quality that made it so attractive. The expression of movement and vitality appear in all of her works”. The strength of her sculpture is in the energy expressed. She delights in tackling all subject matter including forms that range from aggressive, and masculine to quiet inner calm and peaceful female figures. “In art works, just as in life experiences, there should always be a place for whimsy and a good laugh as evidenced by silly pots and ubiquitous frogs. Each day brings a new opportunity to create something beautiful out of this simple material… mud”.



#4 Ebba TinWin


ArtisansEbba TinWin--Wildlife Refuge

“Wildlife Refuge” by Ebba TinWin

Ebba grew up by the wind and waves of the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Before settling in the United States, Ebba spent seven years in her husband’s native country of Burma (now Myanmar) in Southeast Asia. Many of her collages were inspired by the vibrant colors of the Orient. Ebba holds a MA in education, but her passion has always involved the arts. Her career includes managing an expressive art gallery and the precise instruction involving collage art using her adventures of world traveling and memories to tell a visual story on paper.




“Marsh At Dusk” by Ebba TinWin 


An avid beachcomber, Ebba enjoys turning what she finds into unique creations. She presents her beach glass designs with pride, delighting in each piece as a true gift of Nature. The translucent colors of what the magnificent ocean washes ashore are then made by hand into a forever piece of jewelry to be worn and loved. No two pieces are ever alike so each one is an original work of art. Ebba also takes her talents to canvas and paints in a variety of different styles including abstract.





#5  Doris Gilden 


“From The Heart” by Doris Gilden

Doris’s one of a kind ceramic creations are the culmination of an artistic career that was inspired from studying fashion design and illustration to interior design and decorating. Doris’s personalized creations of boutique leather handbags have been sold in high-end specialty and department stores. She decided to explore ceramics as a medium for artistic expression. Working with green-ware and slip, Doris creates unique vessels, plates, and vases using her fashion background as the inspired motif of elegant women and their silhouettes on her ceramics, which she considers her canvas. To create her three-dimensional finished product she uses a selection of numerous materials with her clay. Enjoying and incorporating a variety of techniques Doris uses lace, fabrics, 14K gold, platinum, gold foil and crystals into her ceramic art.






Mixed Media by Doris Gilden




Doris is a member of Women in the Visual Arts and the National Organization of Women Artists. She has displayed and sold her art in a number of venues.  One of the thrills of working with ceramics is that she is never entirely sure of how something will look once it is fired, and The sense of surprise motivates Doris as an artist. Her daily purpose is to create new and unique techniques and continue to grow as an established woman artist.




# 6  Edrian Thomidis 




“Don’t Feed The Monster” by Edrian Thomidis




Edrian Thomidis’ career took a complete turn, for her to become the artist that she is today. Her expertise and skills of owning and operating a graphic design studio allowed her to design websites for some of the most notable Fortune 500 companies where her work was seen all over the world. Digital media, websites and online ad campaigns have used her many illustrations.




“Young Warrior” by Edrian Thomidis

She then discovered a new passion in ceramics and expresses herself through her artistic creations. Thoughts and feelings evolve in a creative way and document a slice of her life. Currently fostering her creative spirit to produce work that is expressive, whimsical yet slightly odd. Her figurative ceramics and mixed media are all about storytelling with characters that are influenced by her interest in children’s books, time specific stories and personal growth. Each detail has personal meaning, but viewers can interpret and connect with each piece in their own unique way. Edrian’s hand built and uniquely glazed ceramics and sculptures are enjoyed and loved by each of her many collectors and admirers.










Visit this opening night for an evening of fun.

Meet the artists!!!

View our wonderful art and enjoy yourself!


For more information:

Artisans On The Ave
Betty Wilson
Linda Manganaro

561-582-3300     or        561-762-8162



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Anthony Burks’ Award Winning Artwork Available As Wearable Art

Displaying artist Anthony Burks Sr.’s artwork in a unique fashion has been a goal for ATB Fine Artists & Designers LLC. Wearable art has been in their repertoire for 15 years. You can find their designs on t-shirts, tote bags and even in tattoo designs. The Rickie Report shares Anthony’s latest wearable art on magnificent scarves.  We share some of the designs here and tell you where to find them.  Each scarf makes a special gift for art lovers, naturalists, bird lovers and more!





TrinaATB logo

Anthony Burks Sr.'s Parrot Scarf

Anthony Burks Sr.’s Parrot Scarf

ATB Fine Artists & Designers LLC






Close-up of Anthony Burks Sr.'s Parrot Scarf

Close-up of Anthony Burks Sr.’s Parrot Scarf


Anthony Burks, Sr. launched his first silk scarf collection in the Spring, 2015. The imagery includes some of the nature series that he has been known for two decades.




Close-up of Anthony Burks Sr.'s Heron Scarf

Close-up of Anthony Burks Sr.’s Heron Scarf



The 14”x 72” elegant wearable art pieces are being printed in the USA, something that has been very important to the artist. In addition to keeping American businesses flourishing, this has also allowed for better quality control on the garments as well reliability of delivery dates. Scarves are currently available with blue heron, parrot, owl and three different butterfly designs.



Anthony Burks Sr. at work

Anthony Burks Sr. at work



You can find Anthony’s scarves online.  They will soon be available in exclusive shops and boutiques nationally in the Fall.


Close-up of Anthony Burks Sr.'s Butterfly Scarf (One of Three Different Designs)

Close-up of Anthony Burks Sr.’s Butterfly Scarf (One of Three Different Designs)


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Fish House Art Center Presents 2nd Annual “Mistletoe Madness” Event

Yes, the holidays are gearing up, but you CAN make your preparations in a strategic way that doesn’t overwhelm.  The Fish House Art Center in Port Salerno is a quiet hub of creative activity.  Their 2nd Annual “Mistletoe Madness” Event promises FREE gift drawings from each studio, an art auction, Toys for Tots drop Off, live music, discounts on purchases and so much more. There will be a FREE Holiday Ornament Giveaway at Art Gumbo Gallery and an Art Wreath Silent Auction to benefit Safe Space. Stop by any of the restaurants across the parking lot.  The Rickie Report gives you details about this event on Friday, December 5th and Saturday, December 6th.  This is a perfect spot to watch the Martin County Holiday Boat Parade on Saturday!  The Public is invited to this FREE event.







Fish House Art Center


“Mistletoe Madness” 


Friday December 5th   5 – 9 pm  


Saturday December 6th  Noon – 8 pm


4745 Se Desoto Ave. Stuart (Port Salerno) FL



The Fish House Art Center is located on the site of one of the last operating commercial fish houses on Florida’s east coast on the scenic Manatee Pocket waterfront in the historic fishing village of Port Salerno, Florida, just 5 miles south of downtown Stuart. It sits at the end of Salerno Road, east of Dixie Highway (A1A).






This year the Fish House Art Center in Stuart, Florida will be reviving an Old Tradition: A Holiday Wreath Benefit. Proceeds will go to support SafeSpace, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that offers emergency shelter, supportive living and outreach programs to domestic violence victims and their families in Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties.





Artists, Crafters and local Businesses are invited to submit their interpretation of Festive, Holiday, Winter and Seasonal Inspired Wreaths. Unique and non-traditional materials are welcome!

We will be receiving wreaths Friday and Saturday, November 28th and 29th from 1:00- 6:00 PM at The Fish House Art Center. All wreaths will be displayed until the Mistletoe Madness Event on December 5th and 6th when they will be auctioned.


* ONLY original Artwork

* Art must not be larger than 36″ diameter or more than 25# and must be wired for hanging
*Prizes in the following categories: Traditional Holiday, Recycled Materials, Most Original, Peoples Choice
Invite ALL your friends to admire ( and bid on) your creation. 







  • FREE and Open to the Public


  • Shopping Discounts


  • Strolling Carolers, Sat. 6 pm


  • Live Music at The Grove Dockbar, 7 pm both nights


  • Free Drawings from Artists’ Studios


  • Art Wreath Silent Auction to benefit Safe Space


  • Toys For Tots Drive to benefit local families


  • Martin County Boat Parade viewing area


  • Complimentary Refreshments at each art studio


  • Free Holiday Ornament Giveaway at Art Gumbo Gallery


The Fish House Art Center is “home” to seven resident artists’ studios that include Port Salerno Mosaic Studio, Sally Eckman Roberts, Billy Salesnick Fine Art, The Aya Fiber Studio, Silk Life Studio, Elizabeth Esther Kelly Weaving Studio and Havana Beads.  It is also home to the Art Gumbo Gallery, which represents local, regional and national fine artists and fine crafters.


Sip your favorite beverage and hear live music overlooking the beautiful Manatee Pocket at the Grove Dock Bar. The resident artists work in their studios year round. Most artists are available Tuesday- Saturday and beginning Friday, November 7th all the studios and Gallery will be open on Friday Nights until 9:00 pm. The public is welcome to watch them work and purchase their creations. Art Gumbo, an art and craft Gallery, sits at the front of the Fish House, featuring local artists’ work in painting, sculpture, glass, textiles, pottery, photography, jewelry, and giftware.  




For more information please visit:


Carolyn Gordon at Art Gumbo Gallery



Suzanne Connors  at Aya Fiber Studio



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Wellington Art Society Invites You to Adrianne Hetherington’s Exhibit/Reception at Whole Foods

On Friday, November 8, Whole Foods and the Wellington Art Society will host an Artist’s Reception in honor of Adrianne Hetherington in the Café.  The Rickie Report hopes you will attend to celebrate Adrianne’s creativity and accomplishments. We love Adrianne’s artwork, especially because she is never stagnant!  She is willing to try new mediums and discover new creativity within herself.  Please RSVP for the reception.  In addition, everyone is invited to the next monthly meeting of WAS, to hear a presentation by Tracy Rosof-Petersen, a ceramic artist and well-known creator of Art in Public Spaces.  Tracy will speak about the process of applying for a Palm Beach County public art project, getting the award and creating the sculpted clay tile murals for Southwinds Golf Course in Boca.  It will also include an overview of Tracy’s other collaborative public art projects in Palm Beach County. Details are in this article.





Artists Reception Honoring

Adrianne Hetherington

Friday, November 8, 2013

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Whole Foods Market cafe

  2635 SR7     Wellington, FL



The Whole Foods Market on SR7 in Wellington has a large cafe, lined with windows which offer nice natural lighting. It’s a perfect setting to display art and Wellington Art Society is pleased to partner with Lauren Belinsky of Whole Foods to bring this show to the communityWhole Foods will provide music, hot and cold appetizers, and drinks. Please RSVP to Suzanne Redmond at


Adrianne’s artwork will be displayed in the Cafe, which is on the left side of the market. Artists often bring limited editions and prints to sell the evening of their reception.  There is a $5. fee to attend, which is used for WAS Scholarships for local art students pursuing a higher degree in art.



Adrianne Hetherington has been painting professionally since 1972.  She received an  Associate in Arts degree from Miami-Dade College, 1971.  She began her career as a textile art designer for Serbin Fashions in Miami, FL where she worked for six years.


In 1978 Adrianne opened HandPainted Originals and continued to design prints for the interior design trade and hand painted hundreds of yards of silk and cotton fabrics, rolls of wall paper, furniture, wall murals and faux finishes.  Her sample prints were on display in several design showrooms in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and the DCOTA Building in Dania, FL.  In 1992, due to hurricane Andrew and an aching back, Adrianne closed HandPainted Originals and pursued the art of tile making.  She became a member of the Ceramic League of Miami and eventually a tile art instructor at the CLM.  Her unique technique of carving designs into hand cut clay tiles, firing them in a kiln and then glazing them with a special glass glaze, made for a very popular class.


Paper Collage, "Horse"

Paper Collage, “Horse”


In 2001 Adrianne and her husband moved to Royal Palm Beach, Florida to retire.  In 2002, Adrianne became a member of the Wellington Art Society and later served as W.A.S. president from 2008 – 2010.  Adrianne’s painting was chosen for the cover of the first issue of the Palms West Almanac Magazine, 2003.


Paper Collage, "Serenity Island"

Paper Collage, “Serenity Island”

Adrianne has exhibited her ceramic tile art in the Ceramic League of Miami’s Annual Members’ Exhibitions.  And since moving to Palm Beach County, she has exhibited not only her ceramic art but also paintings and collages.  She received the “Peoples Choice” award for her chair sculpture, “Chair with Points and Balls”.  Adrianne has attended workshops by renowned ceramic artists Robin Hopper and Lana Wilson and water colorist Tom Lynch.   Adrianne has not limited herself to one genre.  Mixed media collage continues to excite her in addition to hand painting silk scarves, ponchos and pillows.




 You Are Invited to:

Wellington Art Society

General  Meeting

November 13th


Presentation by Tracy Rosof-Petersen

Ceramic Artist and  Well-known Creator of Art in Public Places

6:30 pm

Wellington Community Center

12165 West Forest Hill Blvd.   Wellington, FL


The W.A.S. meeting will be held Wednesday, September 8th in the Card Room at the Wellington Community Center, 12165 West Forest Hill Blvd. Light refreshments will be served beginning at 6:30pm. The general meeting begins at 7:00PM.


As always, the evening is for artists and art lovers to hear about all of the exciting projects and initiatives that the art society is involved in and to find out how to participate.  Wellington Art Society has ongoing art exhibitions at the beautiful Wellington City Hall gallery. These exhibitions rotate every few months and are juried shows with artwork submitted by Wellington Art Societies over 100 members. Most of the work is for sale and it is a great opportunity to see and buy fabulous local art.


The current show features 17 WAS members. The artwork includes photography, mixed media, watercolor, oil pastel and acrylic media. Tours are given between 11:00am and noon, and will continue to be offered the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month between 11:00am and noon.


Front Entry Scene by Tracy Rosof-Petersen

Front Entry Scene by Tracy Rosof-Petersen

Tours are free to the public and are available for small groups or individuals. Please meet in the lobby Wellington City Hall at 12300 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, Fl 33414. For additional information, please contact: Bobbin Salisbury,561.762.8652.


Additionally, the Wellington Community Center has a permanent display of WAS art, original works that are available for sale and are rotated quarterly as part of the village’s Art in Public Places program.


Tracy’s presentation will begin at 7:30. Tracy Rosof-Petersen, creates Art for public spaces, facilitates creative clay and craft workshops and is a teaching artist for the Center for Creative Education. Tracy has studied at the University of Central Florida, California State University and the University of Madrid. Her studies include functional ceramics, sculptural ceramics, sculpted murals and arts integration.


The presentation will be on the process of applying for a PBC public art project, getting the award and creating the sculpted clay tile murals for Southwinds Golf Course in Boca.  It will also include an overview of Tracy’s other collaborative public art projects in Palm Beach County.


Sene from Tracy Rosof-Petersen's Art in Public Spaces

Scene from Tracy Rosof-Petersen’s Art in Public Spaces


“Serenity Shared” created for Palm Beach Co. AIPP, at Southwinds Golf Clubhouse, Boca Raton FL, is a series of 16 murals, depicting the native Florida flora and fauna. The course is host to wading birds, mammals and butterfly habitats. The 16 murals range in size: 2 main front entry murals at 4’tall x 9’wide, 2 heron front entry murals at 4’t x 2.25’w and 12 column murals at 4’t x 1’w.  The mural was created to entertain, educate and amuse.  Tracy wants the viewer to discover and “be surprised” each time they pass by.  Her intention is to fully capture the beauty and serenity of the natural environments and habitats that are maintained to exist and be shared by the visitors to Southwinds Golf Course.  Over 50 plant and animal species were incorporated.




Founded in 1981, The Wellington Art Society is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, providing both local and regional artists the platform to share their work, learn more about their craft and serve the community through their art. The Wellington Art Society is open to any resident in Palm Beach County. Membership forms will be available if you would like to become a member and your $5 guest fee will be applied toward it.



A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, its mission is to educate and encourage originality and productivity among its members and area youth through programs designed to further the advancement of cultural endeavors in Palm Beach County, Florida.  For more information about the Wellington Art Society, visit, or call W.A.S. President Leslie Pfeiffer at 561-791-3676.



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