Kenneth Earl Dempsey is Featured Artist At Art on Park Gallery

Kenneth Earl Dempsey shares his lifetime love of artistry with us as his artwork and poetry are featured at Art On Park Gallery in Lake Park, FL.  The public is invited to meet the artist and enjoy the Opening Reception on Friday, November 10th.  The exhibit continues through Nov. 24th.  In addition to his art and classical studies, Kenneth was a critical care Registered Nurse in Afghanistan and Iraq as a career Officer, bringing a new level of care to soldiers abroad fighting for our freedoms.  As we approach Veterans Day, The Rickie Report is honored to be publishing this article.  We need to see beyond the uniform and the battle to find the spark of creativity within. Here are the details and some sneak peeks.




800 Park Avenue    Lake Park, FL 33403






APBC   Art On Park Gallery




Kenneth Earl Dempsey

“Across the Pond and Back Again – Positano +50”

Opening Reception:

Friday, November 10th

5  – 8 PM

Free Admission, Free Parking




Kenneth spent his formative years in rural and semi-rural New England, witnessing the splendor of the four seasons, occasionally drawing insects and then later people and places. Periodically, Ken would take out pen or brush and record what he observed in natural landscapes. A product of Parochial schooling, Ken had a strong foundation in the classics and in a patriotic view of America.



Artwork by Kenneth Earl Dempsey




After his family moved to various parts of New York, Ken decided to attend Art School at New York Institute of Technology in Olde Westbury. In his third year, Ken decided to attend a summer session at the Positano Art Workshop on the Amalfi Coast south of Naples at age 19. This would be an artistic and emotional awakening as he travelled about Europe witnessing art and beauty everywhere, and vowing to learn those languages he was hearing, and to see more of the world! Ken is now fluent in German and very good in Italian, still reading, and now writing poetry, in these languages.


Artwork by Kenneth Earl Dempsey




The art education was interrupted after three years by his country’s call, when he entered the U.S. Air Force in support of the War in Southeast Asia. Putting brushes aside, Ken would serve for five years, ending up in Southern Italy once more, and picking up pencils and brushes in his spare time, doing watercolors and experimenting with oils, while listening to Russian and other Classical music.  The next two decades would be marked by studies and work in Health Care, as a Respiratory Therapist then Registered Nurse in several venues including San Francisco, South Florida, Nuremberg, Germany and San Antonio, Texas. Ken studied stained glass making in Erlangen, Germany, and sketched scenes from travels in Europe.




After marrying and having four wonderful children, Ken resumed his military career. The Critical Care would come to the fore as Ken was commissioned in the Air Force, eventually deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq and Germany as cart of a Critical Care Air Transport Team, treating and resuscitating critically injured soldiers and marines in several parts of Asia, and creating an Intensive Care Unit in the sky, in the back of C-130, C-141 and C-17 aircraft. In down time, Ken studied Afghan faces and sketched them in graphite and conte crayon, further developing his skills in drawing portraits. In Europe and Asia and North Africa, Ken would study and record faces of people and works in galleries.


Artwork by Kenneth Earl Dempsey




Witnessing the suffering in Central Asia, while repairing broken bodies and souls, Ken began to draw and paint, and eventually to write poetry in honor of his children and family, and to express the anguish of war. Poetry and art have become cathartic for the artist, enabling a deeper exploration of the human condition, in an attempt to understand human nature and suffering after having experienced horrific loss personally and in the wartime experiences. A book of poetry is soon to be released entitled ‘Death at 50,000 feet and other stories of war’, recounting true and personal experiences. Other volumes of poetry are in development including a personal journey through grief to hope, entitled ‘Lamentosa e Speranza . Other poems reflect upon the seasons and man’s responsibility to safeguard God’s great creation – the Earth. Ken has recently expanded to sculpture (“Wounded Warrior”) and after discovering Haiku, has begun to merge art and poetry with philosophy and nature in newer works exploring morality and meditation.



Ken continues to serve fellow veterans, after retiring from the USAF, working at a VA Medical Center, and lives with his family in Wellington, FL and part time in Maggie Valley, NC. Ken travels with wife, Karen, to Europe and other places whenever possible. Seeing the world as an essentially beautiful place, a gift from God, Ken continues to look optimistically at life and love, hoping to make a contribution to mankind while instilling respect for the environment and culture.



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Celebrate The Art Of Jen Walls In Newly Published Book, “Blue Wild” At Free Book Signing And Reception

Jen Walls is an artist who inspires so many, with her “take chances” and “try something new” attitude. Jen’s artwork has been influenced by serendipitous meetings of people and we are the beneficiaries of her openness.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Jen’s latest adventure, “Blue Wild – The Art Of Jen Walls”, which marries her artwork with poetry by Mary W. Cox.  The public is invited to a Free Opening Reception at ArtServe on December 2nd.  Stop by, get your book signed and immerse yourself in Jen’s world!




Event Postcard






Blue Wild – the Art of Jen Walls

Opening Reception and Book Signing:

Dec 2, 2016

 6 – 8 pm



Free of charge, refreshments will be served

Exhibit is available from December 2-29, 2016

1350 E. Sunrise Blvd.  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304




Blue Wild Book Cover




Paper, watercolor, ink
brushes piled in kitchen sink
notebooks stacked some miles high
glue on wings and watch them fly
furrowed brow of concentration
welcome to imajenation.




Jen Headshot 2

Artist, Jen Walls



How the book came to be…

“I met poet, Mary W. Cox in North Carolina several years ago at a gallery crawl and we just CLICKED. She’s been creating haiku poetry in response to my art ever since.  Tiny, with sparkling eyes and a quick wit, she enchanted me. I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me. And yet our creative spirits called out to each other and then ran off to play together like lifelong friends. I believe this book was born in that first magical meeting when the universe winked at us”.




“We decided that creating a book together would be fun. Wouldn’t you know, a few weeks later I received a marketing email from Susan, a digital storyteller and book designer. After a brief video chat, we decided it was a perfect fit. She handled all the technology and design aspects (i.e.: we told her “oh, I wish it kinda looked like this…” and she made it happen!) and within three weeks we had a sample copy in our hands! They don’t call her the “art godmother” for no reason! Susan is amazing to work with, and she works remotely quite efficiently”.


Greta and Gus (for Grace)

“Greta and Gus” by Jen Walls



“Here’s the blue wild,where
tiny dreamers ride beasts, speak
birdsong, hold the moon.”
(by poet Mary W. Cox)





The book was compiled by Susan Nicolai of EyeSusan. Susan’s business is digital storytelling for artists, and she specialized in books, ebooks, interactive content and videos.


Here’s a link to Youtube where Susan posted a video blog



About Jen Walls:


Sometimes the road to an artist’s “true north” isn’t a direct or even an obvious one. Jen Walls, has lived life on her own terms and forged a path that has led her to new creative heights.  She left a career as a banking executive to focus on raising a family with her husband, Ron, and to pursue her vision as an artist.   After a friend asked her to attend an art class, Jen experienced her “ah-ha” moment.




“Go Fly A Kite” by Jen Walls


“The experience was a revelation of sorts,” Jen shares. “It’s amazing what can happen when you start saying ‘yes’ to new options  and step outside of  your comfort zone.”  Jen’s’ mother is a respected traditional watercolor artist but, while her creative influence is apparent, the stylistic approach of the daughter comes from another place entirely.  “What I do could be referred to as ‘outsider art,’” Jen says. “I never preplan and I regularly break the rules. I have complete freedom.”




“Chloe And The Reluctant Steed” by Jen Walls

Jen draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including shamanic folklore and primitive cultures. One particular trek to Portland, Oregon presented an opportunity to spend significant time with a person who drastically influenced her.  “I was attending a wedding and found that the groom was an anthropologist,” she said. “He offered to put me in touch with a Native American chief. I was very careful and respectful during our time together and I was able to learn so much about their culture…I was absolutely inspired!”


Yepa and the Magic Blanket

“Yea and the Magic Blanket” by Jen Walls

Jen, who makes her home in Plantation,FL, believes that it is important to make time for whatever your ‘calling’ may be and to nurture it so that life can be fulfilling and free of many frustrations that can manifest when people neglect their creative urges.  Best known for her ink and watercolor work that incorporates tribal patterns, symbolism and primitive markings, the Jen teaches mark making and doodling via the Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, which offers original fine art from local artists plus workshops.



“Rabbit Malarky” by Jen Walls

Jen is active in the local art scene, promoting her work through art exhibits and pop-up shows. She contributes to a Miami, Florida organization that supports the Center for Great Apes.  The group provides a permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees who have been rescued or retired from the entertainment industry, from research or who are no longer wanted as pets.

Sources:  Phil Perry, Lincoln-Times News; Jen Wall website; Jen Wall personal interview.


We urge you to sign up for Jen’s Facebook page – you will find a smile every time she posts!



For more information about this exhibit or Jen’s art:

Jen Walls,
Mixed Media Art and Malarkey

Member, Ciel Gallery






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Spring Exhibit and Special Book Signings at Artists of Palm Beach County

The Artists of Palm Beach County invite you to a Book Signing at Art on Park Gallery, Friday, May 30th.  This is your chance to meet three authors/illustrators and enjoy the Spring Exhibit.  The Rickie Report knows people of all ages will enjoy this event, as you encounter Daphne the Duck, Katelyn and Gracie the Ghost, A Cookbook of Poetry, and A Book of Poetry and Haiku.  This is a terrific occasion to bring children!




Artists of Palm Beach County 

Invite You

Meet the Authors and Illustrators

Friday, May 30th

6 -8 pm

Art on Park Gallery

800 Park Avenue       Lake Park,FL




On Friday May 30, 2014 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. the Artists of Palm Beach County (APBC) will host a book signing at the Art on Park Gallery, 800 Park Avenue in Lake Park. Make sure to get there early and feel free to bring kids as the authors will read excerpts from their books. In addition to the book sale and meeting the authors, everyone is invited to view and purchase the gallery’s art as well as to enjoy drinks and refreshments at this free event.
"The Story of Daphne The Duck" by Maxine Schreiber

“The Story of Daphne The Duck” by Maxine E. Schreiber

Maxine Schreiber, the current featured artist in the gallery’s Spring Exhibit, initiated the event to launch her children’s picture book The Story of DAPHNE the Duck.  If you think Muscovy ducks are ugly or a nuisance, this true story, which she wrote and illustrated, may change your mind.  It’s currently available on Amazon.
"Cook These Poems" by John Vincent Palozzi

“Cook These Poems” by John Vincent Palozzi

John Vincent Palozzi, APBC Vice President and the gallery manager has published a number of books.  “My favorite among them is Cook these Poems: 20 Vegetarian Recipes Disguised as Poetry,” Schreiber states.  “He’s a fabulous artist and a poet, and he also helped me publish my book.”   All nine of John’s books are available in Amazon paperback and Kindle editions.

Linda Taylor Newton’s “The Adventures of Katelyn, Gracie the Ghost and the Magic Horse

The two invited other APBC published authors to join them for the book signing event. Linda Taylor Newton will be there with The Adventures of Katelyn, Gracie the Ghost and the Magic Horse, her first book in the Amazing Discoveries series. It’s a story of two worlds woven together with the threads of family and friendship, one world of realism, the other of fantasy.
"Mumbo Jumbo" Illustrated by Marilyn 'Bobbin' Salisbury

“Mumbo Jumbo” Illustrated by Marilyn ‘Bobbin’ Salisbury

Marilyn “Bobbin” Salisbury will also be on hand with Mumbo Jumbo: Poetry and Haiku.  Deborah Desser-Herchan wrote this children’s book with Bobbin’s illustrations.  Both the writer and illustrator will be happy to sign books.

Regular gallery hours are Monday through Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  For directions or other gallery information, call 561-345-2842 or go



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Ronn Jaffe Exhibits with (Art) Amalgamated during Art Palm Beach 2014

Ronn Jaffe is a Contemporary Artist whose work includes aspects of both Conceptual and Narrative Art.  His work combines Fine Art, Architecture and Design in its process: disciplines gleaned from his life’s work.  Ronn’s interest in multicultural myths guides him in creating his own mythological stories, minimalism, the cerebral and the narrative, and in exploring new ways of artistic expression.  The Rickie Report urges you to stop by (Art) Amalgamated’s Booth #309 to experience Ronn Jaffe’s moving artwork.  More details are in this article.






JAN 23-27 2014








Other noted artists at this exhibit include

 Carlos Betancourt, Ross Bleckner, Noritoshi Hirakawa, Vic Muniz, Irving Penn and Serge Strosberg.








Jaffe likens his CHANNELS  to Haiku;

many layers in one breath.






Ronn JaffeRonn Jaffe is a Contemporary Artist whose work includes aspects of both Conceptual and Narrative Art.  The work often combines Fine Art, Architecture and Design in its process; disciplines gleaned from his life’s work. He is interested in multicultural myths, creating his own mythological stories, minimalism, the cerebral and the narrative, and in exploring new ways of artistic expression.  Jaffe’s work additionally examines his continued interest in the relationships between positive and negative form and space, the yin and yang of conflicting energies such as good and evil, life and death, despair and elation, dark and light, love and hate, mortality and eternity. These created narratives delve into the multiple nuances of the human condition. i.e.…exploring the transcendence of creation.






Ronn Jaffe, born in Washington, D.C., was drawn into the world of art by destiny.  His mother Libby, concerned that as a nine year old he could not draw a straight line, enrolled Ronn at the Corcoran School of Art.  He later advanced his art studies at the Boston Museum School, the Art Student’s League, and again at the Corcoran.  Jaffe holds a B.S. in Business and Marketing from Boston University with advanced studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and on escapades throughout Europe.
Warhol-ImageAfter college, travels and a few years in Manhattan working on the inside of Wall Street, Jaffe, unfulfilled, returned to D.C., to study art at the Corcoran School of Art.  At that time he shared a downtown studio with two other artists, above a donut shop, across the street from what is now the Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery.



On a visit back to NYC, Ronn attended a party at Andy Warhol’s with a beauty named Mars, who turned out to be the love of his life.  They married, moved to her home-town of Baltimore, and Jaffe turned all his efforts back to painting.   The pieces were exciting.  They were large, unframed, hard-edge, painted in vivid Day-Glo oil paint, and constructed with negative openings created in primary geometric shapes cut into the canvas, which he called ‘Portoids.’  Within the year, Jaffe was discovered and given a solo show he titled Primary Negatives at the Park Place Gallery in Baltimore.



Walter Hopps, a prominent art world figure of the day, and mentor to Robert Rauschenberg, was at that time Director of the Corcoran Museum of Art. He was impressed by Jaffe’s show and offered to put him in a Corcoran show: caveat–Jaffe would have to wait 4-5 years to show Hopps his serious intent.



"RON STATIC" by Ronn Jaffe

“RON STATIC” by Ronn Jaffe






It was 1968 and even after a successful SOLO show, Jaffe realized that it was a long road to success as an artist. He would take a fork in the road, deciding not to wait for the Corcoran show, wanting a more financially viable future to support his then growing family.
He attended Harvard Graduate School of Design to study Interior Architectural Design, a venue that would also allow him to paint and produce art.  This led to the establishment of Ronn Jaffe Associates, Inc., an Interior Architectural Design Firm, in partnership with his wife Mars, specializing in corporate identity and commercial design; later including a residential division.  Over the years the firm prospered, establishing Jaffe as a designer of distinguished interiors for high-profile clients. VIP clientele/collectors of Jaffe’s art include The White House, the Sultan of Brunei, Aristotle Onassis, Ambassadors and Entrepreneurs, as well as many Fortune 500 corporations including ATT, IBM, Toyota, Thiokol, Shell Oil, US West and Kellogg…





Jaffe has appeared on television and radio, been published worldwide in over 50 magazines and newspapers, and presented many programs as a design and marketing expert, including an extremely successful eight-week design seminar for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. as well as representing the United States as keynote speaker at a thirteen nation design conference in Toulon, France.  Ronn Jaffe has been listed in Who’s Who in Corporate Executives, Who’s Who in Interior Design and The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities. And Spokespersons.  Ronn’s work has also been featured in many books such as FURNITURE …Architects’ and Designers’ Originals and the Jaffes’ own book  STYLEMATCH.


Ronn-and-Mars-Jaffe-at-the-SmithsonianThe Jaffes’, separately and as a team, have designed hundreds of pieces of furniture for their clients.  Ronn Jaffe continued during his renowned design career to produce and sell his art including paintings, portraits, drawings, prints, murals, sculpture, furniture, and rugs as well as hand-painted clothing, shoes, ties, pottery and glassware …and just about anything with a paintable surface.



"SLIT-EYE" by Ronn Jaffe

“SLIT-EYE” by Ronn Jaffe


Ronn retired his design firm in the mid 2000’s to devote his creative energies full time to his art.  He found his personal voice early on and continues prolifically on this journey inspired to expand the stylistic themes that characterize his work.


Jaffe’s work, as noted, is Contemporary, Conceptual and Narrative.  He employs his design training in many of his pieces creating complex scaled drawings for the production of intricate compositions and hand crafted stretchers for his bas-relief signature Mullticams, multi-canvas constructions, his art furniture and his sculpture.  Jaffe also works in series as a contemplative artist exploring a variety of stylistic approaches, themes and media also seen in his non-series work.


"A GATHERING of this indoctrinated in millennia of belief"

“A GATHERING of those indoctrinated in millennia of belief”

Jaffe’s distinctive style is recognizable in the use of his signature Multicams and his Portoids which are negative openings or holes in the canvas which Jaffe defines as portals into the unconscious or unknown  …..”perhaps intriguing droplets of DNA, I immerse into Soupault’s water from the well of the unconscious.”
Ronn Jaffe is an Artist, Furniture Designer, Interior Architectural Designer, Entrepreneur, and Poet.  The scope of his multi-disciplinary talent is diverse. It includes paintings, portraits, drawings, sculpture, products and functional art/design.  Jaffe’s design virtuosity is reflected in his transition, as an experienced Artist and Furniture Designer, from more conventional furniture to furniture as dynamic Functional Sculpture.
Ronn Jaffe considers himself a creator, a seeker, a visionary -sharing his vision employing a range of artistic expression from light hearted humor to shock.  Jaffe believes it is the Artist’s role to lead, to be an agent of change, to employ the experience of art as liberation from the daily mundane, creating  transcendence to a more aesthetic and spiritual fulfillment.

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