Caren Hackman Shares Insights On Good Brain Health Habits

Caren Hackman shines a light on the relationships between our daily activities and our mental health.  With the new year underway, many of us are thinking about adjustments we can make to our daily routines to help be us be healthier physically and mentally.  Caren shares what she has learned, as she created the Palm Health Foundation’s “Train the Brain” communication pieces.  Caren is an award winning fine artist and a graphic designer.



‘T  R  A  I  N         T  H  E         B  R  A  I  N “


By Caren Hackman



Caren Hackman tells The Rickie Report,  “Artists, especially, should consider being proactive about healthy habits. In general, artists do not have high rates of mental illness compared to the general population, however individuals working in the arts tend to have more unconventional life experiences and heightened sensitivities”.


Reasons for these heightened sensitivities may be that most visual and performing artists do not have average 9 to 5 jobs and instead work on projects with differing hours per day. As creatives move from project to project, depending upon location and the demands of their work, many variables exist, such as inconsistent income which is certainly unnerving. Also, certain stages of projects may bring on feelings fluctuating between exhilaration and disappointment. Various work locations may make it more difficult to stay in touch regularly with supportive family and friends, eat well and get enough rest. Maintaining good physical and mental health can increase stability in one’s career and personal life.






According to Scientific American, “…you are more likely to experience a bout of mental illness than you are to acquire diabetes, heart disease or any kind of cancer whatsoever.”



Caren explains, “I am very fortunate that through my own work as a graphic designer, I’ve been privileged to create communication pieces with Palm Health Foundation for their “Train the Brain” community mental health campaign that takes place every October. Palm Health Foundation encourages Palm Beach County residents to incorporate self-care behaviors into their daily routines and offers workshops and trainings throughout Palm Beach County (most free) every October”. 




Improved brain health leads to better health overall.  Our brains can’t do push-ups or run laps, but we can train our brains to minimize the harmful effects of stress and achieve balance in our lives. It’s important to learn how to feed, nurture and strengthen our brains while also eliminating activities that can cause the brain stress and ultimately lead to chronic health issues.”




Below is a grid emphasizing activities that will increase brain health (left) and activities that we should avoid (right) because of their detrimental effect on brain health. These suggestions are not meant as substitutes for professional mental health counseling, but instead, are to be used to assist in maintaining brain fitness.



 for Better Brain Health

                       for Better Brain Health
Adequate night’s sleep – recommended 7 hours per day Multi-tasking –can overload the brain
Meaningful social activities, humor, hobbies, charity work Smart phone and computer time – too much can reduce creativity
Thinking positively Chronic Stress
Meditation and spirituality Excessive Alcohol or illegal drugs
Spending time in nature Junk foods
Eating healthy food and exercising Head injuries; seek medical attention if you suffer a strong blow to your head.




Find more resources on




For more information about Caren Hackman’s artwork:





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“Visual Narrative” Exhibition Features Artist Edrian Thomidis’ Sculptures At Hatch 1121 Gallery

Edrian Thomidis‘ sculptural ceramics are realistic figures with expressive qualities, each having their own unique narrative.  Her storytelling is enhanced with large and small hand-built vessels, using various materials and techniques.  “Visual Narrative” opens with a Free Public Reception on Friday, November 30. A portion of sales will benefit the Kids For Cancer Foundation. Edrian will give an Artist Talk on Saturday, December 8.  There will be a Free, Closing Reception on Sunday, December 16.  This exhibit at Hatch 1121 Gallery in Lake Worth is available November 30 – December 16.  It runs concurrent with “FOCUS”, a full week of multi-disciplinary art throughout the City of Lake Worth.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.




E  D  R  I  A  N        T  H  O  M I  D  I  S


” A   V I S U A L    N A R R A T I V E “







[image] “Journey” Sculpture by Edrian Thomidis






1121 Lucerne Avenue    Lake Worth, FL  33460













Friday, November 30    6-8pm


Saturday,  December 8    4-6pm


Sunday,  December 16    3-5pm




Friday – Saturday  1-6pm

Or by appointment call (561) 331-0606

Hatch 1121

1121 Lucerne Ave.  Lake Worth, FL 33460




About Edrian’s Sculptures:


Edrian loves making art that evokes thought and emotion. Exposure to different mediums through her life experience is clear in her work. The story telling qualities and character development of children’s books is evident in all of her figurative ceramic sculptures. The textures and finishes are very painterly, while shapes, patterns, or typeface treatments are evocative of her graphic design background.



[image] “Deceit” Ceramic Sculpture by Edrian Thomidis





Edrian Thomidis’ newest figurative ceramic sculptures are motivated by her interaction with life and the fluidity of its transitions. Human experiences and moments inspire the characters and the symbols that have meaning behind her figurative sculptures. Edrian’s work is inspired by situations in life that most people can relate to. The interpretation is left to the audience and is characterized by the familiar metaphors found in each piece.  They are each unique in their theme while capturing the overall concept of moving through life.



The individual subject matter in each piece invites us to think about life as a journey, adventure or a crossing. To pause and reflect about moments of faith, desire, loss or any other moment where emotions are involved.




[image] “Subconscious” Figurative Ceramic Sculpture by Edrian Thomidis



*Art for a Cause: Opening Benefiting The Kids Cancer Foundation



Edrian Thomidis is a strong supporter of the Kids Cancer Foundation and has chosen to donate 10% of all proceeds from the opening reception to the Foundation.

Kids Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, founded in 2001 whose mission is to provide hope and support to local children and families battling childhood cancer and/or blood disorders. We accomplish this by providing compassionate, easily accessible, supportive care services.




For more information about this exhibit or other artwork:

Edrian Thomidis, Artist

Call: (561) 331-0606




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Caren Hackman’s “4 Tips For Completing Projects On Schedule” Are Helpful For Everyone (Not Only Artists)

Award winning fine artist, graphic designer and author, Caren Hackman, shares Four Tips for Completing Projects on Schedule.  The Rickie Report shares these with our readers, knowing that this advice pertains to everyone, not only artists!



Caren  Hackman:

My 4 tips for completing projects on schedule









I like to complete client projects on time or in advance of the deadline. I avoid working on last-minute projects, but, if it is within my power to help out a client I will work on a project with a short timeline. However, I do try to avoid the frantic round-the-clock-all-nighter project mode of work. I don’t think any of us do our best work when we are emotional or sleep deprived. Following are some steps I take to help me complete projects on schedule. Although I’ve described the tasks as being part of a graphic design marketing or visual communications project, the steps can apply to nearly any project.









ONE: Review the entire scope of the project with the client.

TWO: Develop a timeline by breaking the project into phases and setting a deadline for each.

A. In addition to setting a deadline when all work must be complete by me, I set reasonable deadlines for the client to review each phase of the work I turn into them. I include their review time and turnarounds for project modifications in the timeline.

B. If certain tasks are dependent upon the work of others, I take into account this possible extra time.

C. I determine two phases during the project development where I compare project components’ compatibility with the final output requirements. This might involve phone calls to outside vendors such as a printer; a production company for trade show or; an online source where I might want to check placement, browser compatibility and loading time. Checking for compatibility, running a test or trial or submitting a rough concept to those involved in the projects’ production will eliminate last minute unpleasant revelations.










THREE:  Allow ample time for proofreading. Ask someone who has not yet reviewed the project to look at it for substance and clarity. Individuals with an insiders’ familiarity with the project might consider a piece of information common knowledge and thus, overlook explanations that others will require. Occasionally, during multiple revisions of a project, tiny errors can occur such as an incorrect URL or missing phone number. Having an outsider, or member of the target market group review the communications piece will make the end product more effective.


FOUR:  Be vigilant about adhering to the timeline. Check often to be certain that all involved are keeping up with the planned goals and their individual timelines for each phase. Reevaluate and troubleshoot, when needed.

Do you have tips for completing projects on schedule without entering the panic mode near the finish line? If so, please comment.  


For more information about Caren Hackman:

Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice:

Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork – Caren is a talented artist in her own right! She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.



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Susan Oakes Is Featured Artist At Art On Park Gallery With New Images

How does Susan Oakes create her artwork?  You are invited to meet the artist at Art on Park Gallery at the Opening Reception on Friday, September 15th.  Susan will give a short artist talk to explain her process, while unveiling her newest piece, “9/11 Steel”.  In addition to this SOLO Exhibition, Susan is offering classes in September at Palm Beach State College and at Park Vista High School in western Lake Worth.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Susan’s exuberant art.

Monday through Saturday Noon to 6 PM

800 Park Avenue        Lake Park, Florida 33403











 5 -8  PM

Exhibition runs September 11 – 29, 2017




 “9/11 Steel” (Above) is a new piece, being unveiled for the first time at this Exhibition  About the 9/11 memorial in NYC, it is a collage of an illustration of a veteran who has lost a limb in war and a piece of steel from the twin towers which is displayed in the 9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC.


Susan tells The Rickie Report,  “In my recent collage pieces, I create composites of several photos, and sometimes vector illustrations as well. They are not only layered, but have various other effects such as painting, blending and masking to achieve a certain look. I often begin with the human form and then relate it to elements in the natural world, such as water, plant life, or landscapes. The viewer’s eye is drawn around the piece to discover both the individual elements and how they coalesce to form the whole.”




“Chasms” by Susan Oakes



“I am a freelance digital artist/instructor with a diverse background in psychology, business, art and technology.  Having never been a person with merely one goal, one purpose, I’ve traveled a multi-faceted personal and vocational road of discovery. Through my work and teaching, I demonstrate that art and technology are not antagonistic, but can coexist and should be used to enhance each other in new and exciting ways. In my digital work I blur the borders between photography, painting, and digital illustrate on to achieve my artistic vision”.


“Rapture” by Susan Oakes



Susan explains, “What I do is not really traditional photography, but “Photo Imaging” in which I use enhanced techniques such as layering, masking, and digital “hand painting”.  Although it originates with computer hardware and software, my work is not the result of anything “automatic”, and is developed from my original photography. There is no “formula” or automatic process; no two pieces are done in exactly the same way”.


“Duplicity” by Susan Oakes



Susan’s artwork has been seen in juried art exhibits throughout the State of Florida as well as in New York and Maryland. She has been a Featured Artist at numerous galleries in Southeast Florida, along with other SOLO exhibitions. Susan has been recognized with multiple awards for her innovative artistry, in addition to exhibits on-line (Art Ascent Magazine, June, 2013 and Light Space and Time


“Soma Stone” by Susan Oakes

Susan is an Adjunct Instructor, Palm Beach State College, Corporate and Continuing Ed, Learning Unlimited, Summer Youth College; teaching courses in Photoshop, Illustrator, Graphics and Art. She is also a Private Tutor for Photoshop and Graphics Applications, an Instructor for the School District of Palm Beach County, Adult Education.  Previously, Susan was an Adjunct Instructor, Briarcliffe College, Graphic Design, Bethpage and Patchogue, NY, Teaching courses in the Associate’s and Bachelor’s program in Graphic Design.  Susan is a member of the Broward Artists Guild, Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum & Gallery Artist’s Guild, Artists of Palm Beach County, Member Kelby One (Formerly known as National Association of Photoshop Professionals).  Her formal education includes: Briarcliffe College, A.A.S., Graphic Design, Suffolk Community College, Hofstra University, S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook, B.A., Psychology.





Susan’s classes are starting in September at Palm Beach State College and at Park Vista High School in western Lake Worth. :

For more information about this exhibit, classes, workshops, graphic design or private lessons:

Susan Oakes
SuOakes Graphic Design 








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“Israel Visual” Exhibit Showcases 2D And 3D Art By Israeli Artists Living In South Florida

The Mandel JCC shares a special exhibit to celebrate “IsraelDays: A Festival of Arts & Culture”. The public is invited to the Free Opening reception on Tuesday, April 25th of  ” Israel Visual: Israeli Artists Living in South Florida”, curated by Rolando Chang Barrero and Ilene Adams. The Exhibit continues until May 5th.  The Festival celebrates Israel’s past, present and future through an artistic viewpoint including an international photography exhibit, engaging author discussions, film screenings and an inspiring art exhibit that features the work of local Israeli artists. The Fourth Annual Festival runs through Tuesday, May 16, with events featured at various locations throughout Palm Beach County.  The Rickie Report shares the details of this art exhibit and some sneak peeks.






A Festival of Arts & Culture at the JCC




“Israel Visual: Israeli Artists Living in South Florida”

Art Exhibition

Curated by Rolando Chang Barrero and Ilene Adams

Mandel Jewish Community Center of the Palm Beaches
5221 Hood Road     Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

 Opening Reception:

Tuesday, April 25, at 6:00 pm

Free Tickets: Guest


Exhibit runs  April 24, through Friday, May 5, 2017



Art Synergy, ( in partnership with the Jewish Federation, has curated a special exhibition featuring Israeli artists living in south Florida. The exhibit “Israel Visual, showcases four talented and diverse artists, working in varied media, from fiber art to digitally enhanced paintings.  Ilene Gruber Adams and Rolando Chang Barrero were contacted to help put together the exhibit that that will be on display at the Bente & Daniel S. Lyons Art Gallery at the Mandel JCC – Palm Beach Gardens, beginning Monday, April 24, through Friday, May 5.



Guests will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in a culturally enriching exhibition featuring works created by four local Israeli artists. The opening reception is Tuesday, April 25, at 6:00 pm and is open to the public.  The artist all have a connection to Israel, and many are grown children of Holocaust survivors. The artists are Leora Stewart Klaymer, Judy “Yudit” Eisingber, Linda Behar in collaboration with Raheleh T. Filsoofi and the late Dina Knapp.





“Virgin Bride” by Leora Stewart Klaymer


Leora, born in Jerusalem, has taught in Philadelphia, New York and right here in South Florida.  She is a fiber artist and her work has been shown extensively world-wide.” My Fiber constructions are based on my observations of Nature and are a metaphor for the cycles of growth in life and in the natural world – landscapes, seascapes, cell structures, organic forms built with different fibers, along with beads, feathers, coral shards using a variety of textile techniques to create these three dimensional abstracted, structures” Leora explains.



“Popsicle Flowers” by Judy Eisinger


Judy Eisinger, a graphic designer and painter exhibiting colorful paintings created using both tradition painting methods and digital art. Born in Budapest, Hungary, and escaping that communist country in 1956, Judy moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where she began painting at an early age and, at 13, took first place for the design of the City Holiday Card. Judy studied fine art at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cooper School of Art, which led to a four-year scholarship to Kent State University. After graduating with honors, Judy began her painting career by showing her colorful paintings at the Shaker Heights Artist’s Cooperative Gallery. Her work soon became sought after and now hangs in private collections throughout the United States, Europe and Israel.  She and her family moved to Israel where Judy designed greeting cards for LION Printing in Tel Aviv.  She has illustrated a children’s book, taught graphic design as an Adjunct Professor at Palm Beach Community College and is the owner and creative lead of Yudit Design (




“Peace Labyrinth” by Linda Behar and Raheleh T. Filsoofi


Linda Behar’s current work explores a new approach to feminist concepts that are being explored by many artists: the idea of separating personal identity from the body, and digitally objectifying the female figure. Her work combines laser cutting with traditional printmaking techniques, specifically woodblock printing. Her work here, “Peace Labyrinth”, endeavors to promote peace and tolerance through the discovery of what we hold in common. The artists, Linda Behar, who is of Jewish heritage and Raheleh T. Filsoofi, who is of Iranian heritage, intend to bring diverse communities together in conversation and to send a message of tolerance and acceptance throughout the world.




 Collage by Dina Knapp


Dina Knapp, is known for making wearable art an art form. Her history and memory series compress history and culture through a layering of objects and images incorporating nostalgic postcards, painting, crochet, vintage fabrics, found objects and tourist souvenirs.  Born in Cyprus and raised in Israel and New York City by Holocaust survivors, Dina died this past October, at 69, of cancer.




For more information about this exhibit please contact:

Rolando Change Barrero, The Box Gallery, 786-521-1199,

Ilene Adams, The Marketing Works: 561-346-0172,







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Artist’s Back Injury Leads Her To A New Creative Passion: Yoga Art

Palm Beach Gardens artist Caren Hackman has been painting since childhood. But it was literally a back-breaking ordeal that led her to her new artistic passion – inspirational yoga portraits.  In 2008, a back injury and unsuccessful surgery following that left Caren in pain. It sidelined her for two years during which she lived with not only pain, but anger over her diminished quality of life. In late 2010 she was introduced to yoga.  As she learned more about the physical aspects of yoga, it began a slow, personal evolution, a catharsis, leaving the anger behind, which allowed Caren to focus on the things in her life that she could enjoy. As the spiritual essence of the practice became clear, Caren was drawn to share that passion through her art.  The Rickie Report shares Caren’s remarkable journey and artwork.





Caren Hackman




Your Source For Yoga Artworks  And Gifts







“Ancient Oak Tree Pose” by Caren Hackman



In 2008, a back injury left Caren in pain. Unsuccessful surgery worsened the situation. It sidelined her for two years during which she lived with not only pain, but anger over her diminished quality of life. In late 2010 she was first introduced to yoga.  “Yoga saved my life,” she said, still with emotion. As she learned more about the physical aspects of yoga, it began a slow, personal evolution, a catharsis, leaving the anger behind, which allowed Caren to focus on “the things in my life that I could enjoy.” As the spiritual essence of the practice became clear, Caren was drawn to share that passion through her art.



“Shanti Lavender” Peace Scroll by Caren Hackman

She is now dedicating her creative time to yoga artwork and has a website, to display and sell her work. “This series of paintings shows my great love and respect for the practice. I hope that viewers can feel that love and connection with the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga,” she said.  Her work is already getting noticed. Her yoga portrait, SG Child Pose, was accepted into an art competition/show at Art Gallery of Viera in Melbourne, FL. It was on display there for all of October 2016, receiving an award ribbon and cash prize.





“Child Pose” by Caren Hackman

Caren Hackman’s previous artwork has been eclectic. An expert watercolorist, she also works in mixed media, painting in acrylic or oil on canvas, and includes collage for added texture. As often as possible in her creative work, she portrays patterns in nature. A beautiful example is her recent yoga painting, Ancient Oak Tree. It incorporates the yoga tree pose with an ancient oak she saw at San Felasco State Park near Gainesville. “It was a magnificent tree with gnarled trunk, sprawling limbs, and giant roots.” The Ancient Oak Tree artwork is available on note cards, as well as wall hanging scrolls, from 13” X 19” to mural size.




“Namaste” Scroll,  by Caren Hackman

Her new online store features two series of work: Yoga Portraits and Yoga Expressions. The Yoga Portraits are traditional hand-painted original portraits on artist canvas. Caren, a graphic designer by trade, has also created Yoga Expressions. These are digital paintings created using an electronic tablet and stylus. The artwork is printed with high-quality archival inks on artist canvas. No two are the same and this process allows the paintings to be customized by including a Sanskrit word, person’s name, symbol, or a yoga studio logo.  The artwork on canvas hangs from supports at the top and bottom. “In an effort to free the artwork from the traditional constraints of frames and glass, I have developed a hanging system much like ancient Asian scrolls.”

Caren has been painting since childhood and doing graphic design professionally since college. Her college degree was in industrial design. “My dream had always been to be an artist, but I had a huge love of building things and tactile projects. Industrial design filled that need.” But that didn’t extinguish her original passion and she continued to paint throughout college and afterward. “I continue to paint and exhibit while running my graphic design business and creating illustrations for clients.” She is hoping to show more of her yoga work locally.
In South Florida, Caren is well-known for her tireless dedication to community projects. She has founded the GardensArt program and Artists of Palm Beach County. Caren illustrated the life of George Morikami for the Morikami Museum. Her task force and committee contributions include the Norton Museum of Art’s ArtServe, Armory Art Center, Boys and Girls Club Gators Galore, SunFest, Palm Beach State College Campus Art Gallery. Most recently she became a member of the board of directors of April is for Authors.



Caren Hackman

Caren has been awarded two Artist in Residence positions: in 2010, by Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin, and in 2005, by the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in West Branch, Iowa. Caren’s paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Florida, including the Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray Beach; The Visual Arts Center of Northwest Florida, Panama City; the Ritter Gallery, Boca Raton; the Arts Center, St. Petersburg; Barrier Island Group for the Arts, Sanibel Island; and the Global Gallery, Tampa. In addition her work has been shown at the Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin; the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, California; the Spirit Echoes Gallery, Austin, Texas; and University of Mobile, Mobile, Alabama. Her work is represented in numerous collections, including: University of Texas Health Science Center NE, Tyler, Texas; Roger Dean, Palm Beach, FL; Equitable Life, West Palm Beach, FL; Northwood University, West Palm Beach, FL; Lake Wales Medical Center, Lake Wales, FL; and A.H. Fisher Diamonds, Red Bank, NJ.


You can experience Caren Hackman’s yoga series at:







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Artisans On The Ave Invites You To “6 Women Inspired”, A Multi-Media Exhibition

Artisans On The Ave gallery invites everyone to a new exhibit, “6 Women Inspired”, showcasing the creative works of Barbara Bailey, Susan Peck, Mary Ellen Dohrs, Ebba Tinwin, Doris Gilden and Edrian Thomidis.  A Free, Opening Reception takes place on Friday, May 20th.  Enjoy the refreshments and meeting each of these outstanding artists!  The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and all of the details. When you visit the 3 showrooms within the gallery you will be amazed at the selection of the exquisite art from over 40 artists the gallery features.






Artisans On The Ave

630 Lake Avenue       Lake Worth, Florida 33460
561-582-3300     561-762-8162

“6 Women Inspired”

Opening Reception:

Friday, May 20, 2016

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Free and Open to the Public

Enjoy the refreshments!  Meet the artists!




Gallery Hours:

Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm




Artisans On The Ave Gallery is featuring six women artists including: Barbara Bailey, Susan Peck, Mary Ellen Dohrs, Ebba Tinwin, Doris Gilden, and Edrian Thomidis. For centuries women have proved their strength and talents in a variety of ways. The women artists of Artisans On The Ave Gallery are no exception.




Each of these artists have discovered the arts in a personal way in her life.  Her calling may have appeared as a little girl drawing with the vast rainbow of exciting colors and creating masterpieces.  Maybe she had to put her art career on hold as she raised her family, making being the best mother to her family her priority. She might have stayed in the background of her partner’s career as she silently dreamed of someday having her name in lights. Then the timing in her life allowed her the opportunity to show the world her talents and share her exciting creations to everyone.



Meet The 6 Women Inspired:



#1 Barbara McKee Bailey



“Stealth Code” by Barbara McKee Bailey

Barbara McKee Bailey graduated Cum Laude from Mount St. Mary’s College in New York and studied the medium of watercolor at the Jacaruso Studio in Rhinebeck, New York. After operating a successful Bed and Breakfast business in the Hudson Valley Barbara has used her talents to create original art. Using both acrylics and mixed media and currently working in various procedures her abstract art has won several awards throughout various locations in Florida.







“Water Dance” by Barbara McKee Bailey

After years of painting representational art Barbara decided to experiment with non-representational art and suddenly found her new passion with the freedom this technique offers. She can alter the conception of reality using forms, shapes, textures, patterns, and colors. Barbara can express how “Spring” feels using this medium with the intention of continuing to explore and create within this venue




#2  Susan Peck





Handpainted Silk Scarf by Susan Peck


Visual artists have their own interpretation of the world by taking on a romantic view of the wonders of nature. Gardens, flowers and foliage inspire Susan Peck’s fascination with color. The pieces she creates celebrate the gorgeous hues and vibrancy of her surroundings with the intention of delight.




Wearable Art Purse by Susan Peck



Her lovely unique one-of-a-kind creations of wearable art bring a sense of joy and happiness to the proud owner who admires and wears her art. Each of Susan’s pieces are original and made by hand. Her silk scarves and purses are truly a delight to wear and enjoy. Susan also creates canvas pieces that will look beautiful in your home and will be quite the conversation piece.




#3 Mary Ellen Dohrs



“Sumos” by Mary Ellen Dohrs



Mary Ellen Dohr’s joy of sculpturing comes from the luxurious feel of terra cotta in her hands and the creation of turning her thoughts into finished forms.  A lifetime of experience in other disciplines as an artist influenced her progression to her success as a sculptor. After graduating in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, she became the first woman in General Motors Styling and later continued her career in product design for large named industry clients.




“Lydia” by Mary Ellen Dohrs

Industrial Design to sculpture was an easy transition, basically similar in the use of volume, form and color. But it was the tactile quality that made it so attractive. The expression of movement and vitality appear in all of her works”. The strength of her sculpture is in the energy expressed. She delights in tackling all subject matter including forms that range from aggressive, and masculine to quiet inner calm and peaceful female figures. “In art works, just as in life experiences, there should always be a place for whimsy and a good laugh as evidenced by silly pots and ubiquitous frogs. Each day brings a new opportunity to create something beautiful out of this simple material… mud”.



#4 Ebba TinWin


ArtisansEbba TinWin--Wildlife Refuge

“Wildlife Refuge” by Ebba TinWin

Ebba grew up by the wind and waves of the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. Before settling in the United States, Ebba spent seven years in her husband’s native country of Burma (now Myanmar) in Southeast Asia. Many of her collages were inspired by the vibrant colors of the Orient. Ebba holds a MA in education, but her passion has always involved the arts. Her career includes managing an expressive art gallery and the precise instruction involving collage art using her adventures of world traveling and memories to tell a visual story on paper.




“Marsh At Dusk” by Ebba TinWin 


An avid beachcomber, Ebba enjoys turning what she finds into unique creations. She presents her beach glass designs with pride, delighting in each piece as a true gift of Nature. The translucent colors of what the magnificent ocean washes ashore are then made by hand into a forever piece of jewelry to be worn and loved. No two pieces are ever alike so each one is an original work of art. Ebba also takes her talents to canvas and paints in a variety of different styles including abstract.





#5  Doris Gilden 


“From The Heart” by Doris Gilden

Doris’s one of a kind ceramic creations are the culmination of an artistic career that was inspired from studying fashion design and illustration to interior design and decorating. Doris’s personalized creations of boutique leather handbags have been sold in high-end specialty and department stores. She decided to explore ceramics as a medium for artistic expression. Working with green-ware and slip, Doris creates unique vessels, plates, and vases using her fashion background as the inspired motif of elegant women and their silhouettes on her ceramics, which she considers her canvas. To create her three-dimensional finished product she uses a selection of numerous materials with her clay. Enjoying and incorporating a variety of techniques Doris uses lace, fabrics, 14K gold, platinum, gold foil and crystals into her ceramic art.






Mixed Media by Doris Gilden




Doris is a member of Women in the Visual Arts and the National Organization of Women Artists. She has displayed and sold her art in a number of venues.  One of the thrills of working with ceramics is that she is never entirely sure of how something will look once it is fired, and The sense of surprise motivates Doris as an artist. Her daily purpose is to create new and unique techniques and continue to grow as an established woman artist.




# 6  Edrian Thomidis 




“Don’t Feed The Monster” by Edrian Thomidis




Edrian Thomidis’ career took a complete turn, for her to become the artist that she is today. Her expertise and skills of owning and operating a graphic design studio allowed her to design websites for some of the most notable Fortune 500 companies where her work was seen all over the world. Digital media, websites and online ad campaigns have used her many illustrations.




“Young Warrior” by Edrian Thomidis

She then discovered a new passion in ceramics and expresses herself through her artistic creations. Thoughts and feelings evolve in a creative way and document a slice of her life. Currently fostering her creative spirit to produce work that is expressive, whimsical yet slightly odd. Her figurative ceramics and mixed media are all about storytelling with characters that are influenced by her interest in children’s books, time specific stories and personal growth. Each detail has personal meaning, but viewers can interpret and connect with each piece in their own unique way. Edrian’s hand built and uniquely glazed ceramics and sculptures are enjoyed and loved by each of her many collectors and admirers.










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Do Artists Need Special Insurance? A Special Report By Caren Hackman

The Rickie Report receives numerous calls and emails from artists regarding business issues they deal with.  A common concern is insurance.  We asked Caren Hackman, a fine artist and owner of a graphics business to interview Sheryl G. Wood, Esquire on this topic.  Please note: This is not intended as legal advice. Any advice will always depend on the specific facts and circumstances of a particular situation. We share their discussion here.




Insurance for Artists

Q and A


Caren Hackman, Fine artist 



Sheryl G. Wood, Esquire

Representing Collectors, Artists, Dealers and those with an interest in the Business of Art





Please note: This is not intended as legal advice. Any advice will always depend on the specific facts and circumstances of a particular situation.



CH: Insuring artwork and the contents of my studio makes sense but the task is daunting. Can you help clarify the process?



SW: Looking into insurance coverage for a professional artist is a sound business move. The cost of business insurance is not prohibitive, however, replacing your studio and not being able to work are. You may have a homeowner’s policy if you work in the home, but be sure to read your policy, they typically only provide up to $2500 for business equipment or no coverage at all for business related assets. It is estimated that less than one third of artists have their works covered under business insurance.


There are three types of coverage you may want to consider:
• For Buildings, to cover the physical structure of your studio;
• For your Personal Property, to cover the contents of your studios such as tools, equipment, raw materials, works in progress, finished works, important papers and electronic records; and finally,
• Business Interruption, that covers loss of business income due to time studio is closed for an emergency.
If you can’t afford complete coverage, purchase what you can. Some is better than none. But carefully assess what you need and avoid unnecessary coverage. It is important to insure all works in the studio, including works in progress.



CH: How will the insurance company determine what rates the artist pays and what is covered?



SW: An insurer will determine insurance based on the artist’s stance in the marketplace. What do the paintings, sculptures, or works on paper sell for? If an artist is dealing with a well-established gallery, they should have coverage spelled out in the consignment agreement. However, even some of the established galleries may require artist coverage so they don’t end up covering those losses. Larger insurers typically cover mid-level to blue chip level artists. The reason is that it is easier to underwrite them. An insurance company looks at the way your art is consistently handled. For instance, do you transport your art in a vehicle vs. using a professional shipper and do you make individual miscellaneous sales vs. selling your work through galleries and auction houses.




CH: So how would an artist find insurance for his or her artwork?


SW: Finding a good broker is important, and you can ask colleagues or friends who they use. You need to feel comfortable with whoever you choose, so it’s okay to shop around and get a few quotes. You might decide to go with a broker who represents a specific company or companies, or to go with an independent broker who directly represents you in the marketplace. If the works are very valuable, it is important to speak to a broker that specializes in fine art insurance, they can better dictate how a claim is handled. I spoke to independent broker Sarah Court, from the Aon Private Risk Management Insurance Agency in Miami. Aon specializes in Fine Art Insurance Coverage worldwide.



CH: Will an insurance company cover the all of the artist’s works, both finished and works in progress?



SW: For works in an artist’s studio, at a minimum, the works need to be insured to cover your cost of materials and time you have put into the piece. Premiums are based on risk and the value of those works. You will also want to advise your broker if you are represented by a gallery or receive a commission to do one or more works, whether from an individual or gallery. Schedules of the works will become a part of the policy, and the policy needs to have a rotation schedule as new works come on and others are sold. Individual works should be well documented with a photo and description of work including the title if any, subject, date made, dimensions, medium, condition, frame, special notes about the work, any history of exhibitions or mention in periodicals or electronic media.



CH: Could you give me the names of some insurance companies that cover artworks about which you have knowledge?


SW: There are a handful of insurance companies that specialize in fine art coverage, all of which would need a broker such as Aon to access. Generally, premiums run between $1000 to $10,000 annually for $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 in coverage. The policies tend to cover theft, weather and other emergency damage, and damage in installation, deinstallation and transit.
XL Catlin,
Aspen Insurance,
Berkeley Asset Protection,



CH: Are there other avenues that an artist might consider when shopping for insurance?


SW: Another avenue for a smaller art business is to check for coverage from an industry specialist such as American Crafts.


The policies are relatively inexpensive and offered by different groups dependent on your medium, based on your needs, and can include Business Contents Coverage – On & off premises Coverage for Goods While at Shows & In Transit, Coverage for Tools, Equipment, Product Inventory & Supplies at installation sites, in transit and away from your premises. It would be a good idea for all artists to view this website for good tips for safekeeping your artistic records and keeping your artwork safe and secure. The Studio Protector is the first product of the Coalition for Artists’ Preparedness and Emergency Response, a national task force that was formed in 2006. There is a lot of information, so check it out.



CH: Sheryl, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. How can you be reached if readers have further questions?



SW: You are very welcome. I can be reached at


This article is a Copyright of Sheryl Wood and Caren Hackman 2015




Additional information about signing agreements for exhibit and art insurance can be found at



Sarah K. Johnson Court | Director | Global Fine Art Practice
Aon Private Risk Management Insurance Agency, Inc.
1001 Brickell Bay Drive | Suite 1100 | Miami, FL, 33131
Direct: 305-961-6126 | Cell: 305-608-6375
Toll Free: 866-225-5266 FREE |
CERF+ Craft Emergency Relief Fund + Artists’ Emergency Resources




For more information about Caren Hackman:

Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice:

Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork – Caren is a talented artist in her own right! She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.





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James Rabidoux’s Artwork Featured In SOLO Exhibit

James Rabidoux is a prolific abstract artist, whose creations bring the viewer close-up to the art work.  Why?  Because his paintings have hidden words tucked within the mysterious designs.  People delight in looking at them, seeing meaning that they themselves bring to James’ art.  His colors are usually bright, though we’ve seen some newer, muted tones.  No matter – they enthrall!  The Rickie Report shares a few sneak peeks of James’ SOLO Exhibition at the Weisman Delray Community Center.  This Exhibit is Free and Open to the Public!  We urge you to stop by because we know you’ll be captivated, too!  The Opening Reception takes place on  Thursday, September 17th.  All the details are in this article.



Public SOLO Exhibition


Artist, James Rabidoux

Opening Reception:

Thursday, September 17th   6 – 9 PM


Weisman Delray Community Center

7091 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33446

Phone: (561) 558-2100

Regular Exhibition Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Friday  8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Exhibit Continues Through October


"Life" by James Rabidoux

“Life” by James Rabidoux



The public is invited to a Free and Open Reception to meet the artist, James Rabidoux on Thursday, September 17th from 6 – 9 pm at the Weisman Delray Community Center.  It is located at 7091 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33446. This SOLO Exhibit will be shown through October and is Free and Open To The Public.  For more information please call 561.558.2100.


"Play" by James Rabidoux

“Play” by James Rabidoux



James Rabidoux is a prolific abstract artist who began his art career as a graphic designer.  A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL, he was one of the top highest portfolio scorers.  He also attended Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH), studying Communication Arts Radio and Television. James is a trained Illustrator and Fine Artist with an outstanding portfolio of work showcasing successful global proposals.  After a 35 year award wining career in the high-end marketing and advertising world, James has retired to work on his original passion, painting. Using words and communicating are clearly part of James’ DNA!




"Fix" by James Rabidoux

“Fix” by James Rabidoux


James has taken these professional skills and brought them to his creative artistry, bringing smiles, humor and philosophical motes to his admirers.  Clearly, his skills of layout design, logo work, photography and TV commercial’s photo montages show in his current work. James works predominantly in the medium of painting, but includes Pen and Ink drawings as the stepping stone towards the larger acrylic and India ink paintings.


"Cheese" by James Rabidoux

“Cheese” by James Rabidoux



James is known for his “word paintings”.  He tells The Rickie Report, ” My WORD paintings start with the word it is named for… I write the word a few or many times on a blank canvas. Then I just start painting. There is no hidden message unless you find one just for you.”



"Meat" by James Rabidoux

“Meat” by James Rabidoux



He goes on to say, “Where’s Waldo?” Nope, the words are just a starting point and I’ll never run out of material.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!”  James began creating this genre of artwork about 5 years ago, when he was frustrated with a daily life-situation.  To distract himself, he wrote the word down on a piece of paper.  Then he began to paint it.  


"Sushi" by James Rabidoux

“Sushi” by James Rabidoux


James is now using phrases as well as individual words in his art work.  Enjoyment is the key to understanding James’ body of work!  HE enjoys creating as much as WE enjoy adoring, sharing and owning his artistry!


"Fresh" by James Rabidoux

“Fresh” by James Rabidoux


James has also illustrated and authored a children’s book, “I Can Exercise My Face”.  It is available exclusively for Kindle on  If you are looking for a way to bond and interact with your kids, this is for you!  He says, “Parents: if you are sick and tired of re-reading the same old bedtime stories, you need this book! You’ll laugh so hard, your face will hurt!”



James Rabidoux’s artwork brings smiles or joy, grins of understanding and meaning to a complex world.  He paints every day in his studio in Ocean Ridge, FL.   His work can be found at the following Galleries and Exhibitions:


RCB Fine Art Gallery, Lake Worth FL.

Cornell Museum of Art & American Culture Gift shop at Old School Square. Corner of Atlantic Avenue & Swinton Avenue Delray Beach.

Art-Sea Living, E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach

Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery is sponsored by the Flamingo Clay Studio

coming soon…
I AM PROUD to announce that two of my paintings have been selected for THE CONTEMPORARY ART PROJECTS USA OPENING SEASON EXHIBITION @ PAUL FISHER GALLERY  “SMALL FORMAT/AFFORDABLE ART” The show will be up October 9-24|2015



 For more information about his work please call: 561.685.1315

or Email:

or visit:



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Harold Silvers Is Featured At Palm Beach International Airport Exhibit

The Palm Beach International Airport’s Art In Public Places will be featuring artist, Harold Silvers. You may recall seeing his pointillism designs in the windows of Cartier Jewelers or Bonwit Teller. Now you can see what he has been creating since leaving the graphic arts world!  The Rickie Report shares the details about the upcoming Free Public Reception and includes a closer look at more of Harold’s artistry.  If you think you are seeing dots in front of your eyes, you are!  Each one is created individually by Harold!




Palm Beach International Airport

Art In Public Places


Harold Silvers


Free Public Reception

Wednesday, September 9th

5:30 – 7:00 pm

Palm Beach International Airport

1000 Turnage Boulevard   W.Palm Beach, FL

Exhibition is located near the Mall on Level 2 of the Main Terminal, across from Travelers Lounge.


Parking Will Be Validated ( not including Sun Pass)


Harold Silvers with hone of his paintings. (Photo courtesy of Carol Baldwin)

Harold Silvers with one of his paintings. (Photo courtesy of Carol Baldwin)




Harold Silvers tells The Rickie Report, “You may have seen my pointillism designs in the windows of Cartier Jewelers or Bonwit Teller. Now you can see what I have been creating since leaving the graphic art world. I moved to Southern Florida five years ago and have gone back to my roots as an artist. I graduated from NYC Community College for Commercial Art and Parsons School of Design for Graphic Design.”



“Steel Wave” by Harold Silvers




Harold has used a radiograph pen, magic marker, stencils and air brush techniques as well as computer design. He explains, “My pointillism designs as have to do with Nature, Time, Space and Infinity. I started pointillism in my college days, and decided that I should get back to doing it again, being retired. I make the designs one dot at a time.”





“Optical” by Harold Silvers







How does he keep all of the design elements in perspective?  He says, “one has to have a certain mind set to do this kind of art. I usually have a concept of how I want the design to look before I start… Sometimes I let the dots take me for the ride.”




“Burst” by Harold Silvers

Harold offers prints on paper from 6 x 9, and digital prints on canvas up to 30 x 45. He can also make color variations of the design. Harold makes the highest quality Giclee’s. At times, he might show one of his designs completed on translucent film with a light behind it.



“Organs” by Harold Silvers




Here we see an example of one of Harold’s pieces lit. He used a process with film negatives and color key prints, that is no longer available.  These prints are made of 3 transparent color keys.  They are sandwiched between clear glass in the front and translucent plexiglass in the back. New designs are printed on translucent white film.




“Beginning” by Harold Silvers




Harold offers digital prints on paper from 6×9, and digital prints on canvas up to 39×58. He can also make color variations of the design on request and offers the  highest quality prints.


For more information about Harold Silvers’ artwork, please email him at:

or call:  561.701.2679


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