“The Art Of Marketing Your Art” Seminar With Ilene Gruber Adams, Rickie Leiter and Hugh O’Neill Offers Tools And Support

Under the auspices of En Plein Air International Studios, Ilene Gruber Adams, Rickie Leiter and Hugh O’Neill will present “The Art of Marketing Your Artin a two-part series. Ilene is a well respected marketing professional for businesses of all types, a graphic designer and a fine artist. Rickie publishes The Rickie Report, a free-to subscribe website that promotes the art scene in Southeast Florida with a world-wide readership. Hugh O’Neill is an internationally acclaimed artist who has brought plein air painting back into the limelight in the U.S., and offers art workshops in Ireland and Europe, in addition to his own award-winning paintings. The Seminars take place on December 1st and 15th. We share the details here and look forward to empowering YOU! Spaces are limited to a small group so everyone receives the personal attention necessary to succeed.






The Art of Marketing Your Art:

Are you ready to sell your art but don’t know where to begin?

Do you want to enter exhibits but not sure how to apply?

Do you wonder how other artists get into galleries?


Ilene and Rickie’s previous Art Marketing Seminars have taken emerging artists and hobbyists to a new level of professionalism. The information they provide in two sessions will be enhanced by Hugh O’Neill’s experience as a gallerist and international artist. The basic skills and knowledge necessary to take any individual to a more successful level will be shared through power point, hand outs, anecdotal information, suggested reading, sharing of resources and hands-on exercises.



While the seminars center of interest is on art, we welcome other entrepreneurs and business people to attend. Most of the principals are practical for anyone trying to market their ideas or products.



The two sessions will be held at En Plein Air International Studios located at 226 Center Street Unit A8 in Jupiter, FL. Pre-registration is required for the $100 two-part seminar. Payment can be made via Paypal or by personal check. Space is limited to 25 people, so everyone has enough time to share their questions. Light refreshments will be served. We will be happy to recommend local restaurants, if you want to eat dinner before the seminars,which begin promptly at 7 pm. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 1st and 15th and sign up now!


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For more information please contact:

Ilene Adams 561.346.0172






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“Marketing Your Art to Galleries” Seminars With Rickie, Ilene, and Raquel Are Open For Registration

If you have been wondering how other artists arrange for their artwork to be shown in galleries, this is your opportunity! Under the auspices of Arthouse429, Ilene Gruber Adams, Rickie Leiter and Raquel Williams will present “The Art of Marketing Your Art” in a two-part series. Pre-registration is required. We are proud to announce a success story from our first seminars!  The artwork of one of the seminar attendees, Amauri Torezin, has been been accepted into Arthouse 429! The Rickie Report shares the details about the next seminars here.  




The Art of Marketing Your Art

presented by

Ilene Gruber Adams, Rickie Leiter and Raquel Williams


ArtHouse 429 in Northwood

Session 1: February 3rd  | 7 – 9 pm

Session 2: February 10th | 7 – 9 pm

429 25th Street       West Palm Beach, FL 33407






IleneandRickieArt of marketing P2 FB




What are galleries looking for

Preparing a portfolio

Presenting your work

Marketing your work

Using Social Media

Answering Calls to Artists

and more…



To sign up or get more details contact Ilene : ileneadams@gmail.com

To register:





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Cultural Council of Palm Beach County: Helping Artists Learn Effective Marketing Skills:Tips on Writing a Press Release

Kudos to the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County for offering a workshop on writing a press release!  The Rickie Report continues to urge artists to learn business skills that take you from your studio to the world.  Sign up for this workshop!  Space is limited!


Cultural Council of Palm Beach County invites artists to learn effective marketing skills at

Artist Meeting:

“Tips on Writing a Press Release”

September 7th

1:30 pm

Facilitated by media industry expert

Allison Zucker-Perelman

601 Lake Avenue   Lake Worth,FL

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County invites artists who live or work in Palm Beach County to attend a marketing skills workshop: “Tips on Writing a Press Release” 1:30 p.m., Sept. 7 at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, 601 Lake Avenue, in Lake Worth. Seating is limited. The workshop is free for members of the Cultural Council; $10 for non-members. To register, visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/artistmeetingsept7



“Tips on Writing a press Release” packs an exciting agenda filled with tips on how to write press releases that get attention of editors, and ‘tricks’ of the media industry trade about ways to get your work in front of the mass media audience. Talented industry expert Allison Zucker-Perelman, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Relevant Communications, a boutique public relations firm in Boca Raton, will serve as the guest facilitator.



Monthly artist meetings, hosted by the Cultural Council on the first Saturday of each month, offer professional artists of Palm Beach County an opportunity to network and learn with one another. The Cultural Council offers a mini-workshop facilitated by local professionals at each meeting to give the artists tips and tools to further promote and succeed as artists.
To learn more about the benefits of membership, like support for artists and discounts to special events, please visit: www.palmbeachculture.com



Mark your calendar for more exciting and educational upcoming artist meetings hosted by the Cultural Council:


  • ·         October 5: Gallerist POV with Ken Plasket, owner of KPG;
  • ·         November 2: “Writing About Art” with Greg Stepanich, Founder, editor-in- chief of Palm Beach ArtsPaper;
  • ·         No meeting in December



About Allison Zucker-Perelman:

Allison Zucker-Perelman is the Founder and CEO of Relevant Communications, a boutique Public Relations firm located in Boca Raton, Florida. Allison is also a senior PR Director for The Buzz Agency, a high-powered joint- venture community of South Florida’s most well-known, high-profile and highly-respected PR professionals. As a seasoned consultant in Public Relations, Marketing, Licensing, and Entertainment Public Relations, Allison comes to each and every client and project with a long, varied and successful track-record. With years of experience in Television and Entertainment PR, and applying a strong expertise and vision in strategic planning for Event Marketing and Media Relations, Allison has been a driving force behind the extraordinary success of many entertainment properties, among them two international blockbuster museum presentations, Our Body: The Universe Within, as well as Mummies of the World.



Her client list is extensive, yet discerning. Allison is the Publicist for the iconic artists Peter Max, Alexandre Renoir, and Pierre Matisse, great-grandson of French Impressionist Henri Matisse. She is considered the industry-standard for PR inititiatves for the country’s most prestigious Fine Art Galleries, and counts among her clients Galerie Michael on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and Wisby-Smith Fine Art at the Crescent in Dallas. To learn more about Allison Zucker-Perelman, please visit:http://www.relevantcommunications.net


About the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County:


The Cultural Council is Palm Beach County’s official arts agency and serves non-profit cultural organizations and professional artists throughout the county. The Cultural Council’s responsibilities include marketing the county’s cultural experiences to visitors and residents, administering grants to organizations and artists, expanding arts and cultural education opportunities, advocating for funding and arts-friendly policies, and serving cultural organizations and artists through capacity building training and exposure to funders and audiences. For more information, please visit www.palmbeachculture.com.



Admission to the Cultural Council’s galleries, Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf Information Center and Roe Green Uniquely Palm Beach Store is free and open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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Packaging: What It Says About You

The Rickie Report recently took a survey of how purchases at art fairs are packaged.  We know that it costs a few cents for a plastic grocery store-type bag to many dollars for a corrugated box with your logo printed on it.  Does it matter?  What does this say about you and your product?


There are hundreds of websites and stores where one can purchase packaging materials at retail as well as wholesale prices.  We are not endorsing any particular one, but want to educate the artists and artisans in one more area of customer service that is rarely considered.


Let’s look at various options.  Small jewelry items such as earrings or rings, may be boxed, attached to card or placed in small bags.  We have seen websites offering custom labeling for as little as $.19 per ring box.  We do not consider zip-top type bags a good option.  It looks like you only cared about making your work and selling it, not how it goes home with the customer.  Did you remember to include ear backs to help stabilize the earings as they are being worn ( which also cuts down on lost earrings).  What if this is a gift for someone else?  There are sheer string-tied bags that definitely make a statement.  And they have room for your business card!  Larger items may also be boxed or wrapped in good quality tissue paper and placed in a medium to large shopping bag.  Bags are being sold for less than $.015 each when ordered in bulk.  We’ve seen shopping bags range from $.21-$.29  depending on size.


Hand made items such as small table top sculptures must be wrapped to ensure a safe trip home!  The worst possible experience is for someone to find their purchase damaged while traveling from the art show to home.  Area artists should ask if the item is going in a suitcase or will be shipped, as many of your customers don’t live nearby.   Extra packing material you provide such as bubble wrap will be remembered when the appreciative customer comes to the next show.  Larger pieces, such as paintings need to be secured properly to avoid nicks in the frame or holes in a canvas.  Flat cardboard taped and bubble wrap again meet those needs and protect the frame corners.


There are times when buying a greeting card, there is enough room in my handbag.  I don’t need a bag to protect it because it will be going through the postal system.  It will survive my purse!  But how do I remember who I bought that card from when their business card gets separated from my purchase?  Hopefully, the back of the greeting card has the artist’s website printed or labeled on it.  If the person receiving my card appreciates it as much as I believe they will, they could be making an order themselves!


When considering labels, think “clear”.  They can be printed by your computer and placed not only on a greeting card, but a plain shopping bag.  Use a nice, legible font and make sure the ink won’t smear during inclimate weather.  Use your logo to further brand your work!  Think about using one specific color of tissue or ribbon or raffia to make your branding more concrete.


The Rickie Report wants you to succeed in your artistry as well as your business.  We have written about your business cards and how important your display is to draw in customers.  Now that you have the customers, keep them coming back because you have offered extraordinary customer service after they made that purchase!  Package your work like you would package yourself : Professionally and Artistically!


For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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