Interview With Jack Rosen Of CJR Fine Arts & Frame: 30,000 Pieces Of Art, Resource For Art Lovers And Artists

CJR Fine Arts & Frame has opened a retail gallery and framing facility to expand its already successful wholesale and art publication business.  Interior designers, art lovers in Southeast Florida can peruse over 30,000 pieces of artwork.  Artists and the public can bring art, diplomas, photographs and memorabilia to be professionally framed at wholesale prices.  The Rickie Report shares this in-depth interview with Jack Rosen, which includes helpful information for art lovers and artists as well as his personal story. The Rickie Report emphasizes the importance of networking.  CJR Fine Arts is a testament to that conviction!





CJR Fine Arts & Frame


CJR Fine Arts & Frame
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Len Abbott, Rafael Abecassis, Craig Alan, Edward Aldrich, Alexander & Wissotzky, Shlomo Alter, John Alvin, Alexander Antanenka, Bill Anton, Patrick Antonelle, Arbe, Dubi Arie, Andrew Atroshenko, Ari Azene, Edgar Barrios, Parker Beaudion, Howard Behrens, Avi BenSimhon, Gary Benfield, Armin Birkel, Toby Bluth, Alexander Borewko, Charles Lynn Bragg, Romero Britto, Slava Brodinsky, Trevor Carlton, Marc Chagall, Rod Chase, Bruce Cheever, Alexander Chen, James Coleman, Misu Coman, John Costin, Juan Ramirez Cotrino, Tim Cox, Salvadore Dali, Galina Datloof, Brian Davis, Elya DeChino, Daniel Del Orfano, Chris Dellorco, E Denis, Disney, John Duillo, Murray Eisner, Jane Elissa, Harrison Ellenshaw, Peter Ellenshaw, Peter & Harrison Ellenshaw, Nissan Engel, Escotete, Hevda Ferenci, Ferjo, Adam Finli, Sevitt Francis, David Garibaldi, Michael & Inessa Garmash, Vincent George, David Gerstein, Cassandra Gillens, David M Gillespie, Nancy Glazier, Rodel Gonzalez, Lima Groben, Patricia Govezensky, Bruce Greene, Martin Grelle, Lisa Grubb, Harry Guttman, Bracha Guy, Kerry Hallam, Teri Hallman, George Hallmark, G. Harvey, Ed Heck, Manny Hernandez, Abrishami Hessam, Edna Hibel, Bobby Hill, Sergey Ignatenko, Scott Jacobs, Zeng Jianyong, Filho Juarez, Michael Kachan, Isaac Kahn, Raffi Kaiser, Ken Keeley, Michael Kerman, Michael Kerzner, Kimchi, Liudmila Kondakova, Robert Korhonen, Shaul Kosman, Avinoam Kosowsky, Ephrem Kouakou, Anatole Krasnyansky, Mikulas Kravjansky, Heddy Kun, Mike Kungl, Mike Kupka, Hoi Lebedang, Fanch Ledan, Linda LeKinff, Dorit Levi, Inna Livnov, Aldo Luongo, Shawn Mackey, Batia Magal, Yuval Mahler, Isaac Maimon, Tito Mangiola, David Mann, Felix Mas, Peter Max, Alex Meilichson, Anatoly Metlan, Maurice Meyer, Joan Miro, Valter Morais, Esther Myatlov, Adriana Naveh, Leroy Neiman, Noah, Enrique Ortiz, Arkady Ostritski, Nelly Panto, Sam Sung Park, Susan Patricia, Fabian Perez, Robert Peters, Picasso, Daeni Pino, Dimitri Polak, Martin Quen, Lucelle Raad, Yana Rafael, Stephen Reis, Jim Rey, Martin Roberts, Norman Rockwell, Zina Roitman, Natalie Rozenbaum, Michael Rozenvain, Sabzi, Harry Schaare, Shim Schimmel, David Schluss, Jane Wooster Scott, Eugene Segal, Sergon, Borovkov Shtainfeld, Viktor Shvaiko, Kyle Sims, Natalia Sinkovsky, Lena Sotskova, Lois Staples, Zamy Steynovitz, Jeff Surret, Zavaleta Tadeo, Itzchak Tarkay, Dale Terbush, Andy Thomas, Jim Todd, Yuri Tremler, George Tsui, Vintage posters, Vladimir Volegov, Sanford Wakeman, Daniel Wall, Jim Warren, Warner Brothers, Cao Yong, Gholam Yunessi, Alex Zwarenstein, Vintage posters, Religious art, Masters, and Art Books.





“A Night At Montmartre” by Alexander Chen


TRR:  We notice three guitars near your desk, in the midst of this  4, 000 square foot magical showroom filled with art and framing.  Tell us about your interest in the arts.


I was born in the Bronx and raised in New Jersey with a major focus on making music.  I play drums, brass and guitar, still doing gigs with Fat Daddys, a local rock and roll blues band!  We play community events and parties.  Music and scuba diving were my avocations and I just enjoyed being with people.  My brother and I are close and we have always shared an entrepreneurial spirit.

After trying college, I worked in sales, which seemed a natural fit.  In my 20’s, I took a career counseling test which recommended that I focus on aircrafts mechanics…I received a government grant to study at Tetoborough School of Aeronautics and graduated first in my class!  During the first Gulf War, while working for Luca Aerospace, I met Claire. I liked the work but it was not fulfilling.


“Dreaming” by Ferjo



TRR:  Your journey to the Visual Arts had a circuitous route, involving a computer parts manufacturing company, a computer website hosting farm and new-to-the-scene, E-Bay.  Tell us more.


It seems like a circuitous route, but it was part of my life journey.  My avocations, specifically scuba diving around the world, led me establish friendships.  Claire  and I worked for a world wide marketing company and my understanding of how to approach sales led to personal growth. Here is a link to one of the articles I wrote many years ago:

When the economy changed, we decided to move to Florida and start over.  While working as Vice President of a computer manufacturing parts business, I also owned a computer server farm, hosting websites at low rates.  My brother owned a market research company and was an avid art patron.  He called me up one day with a proposal:  He saw 50 signed and numbered prints by Moshe Givati selling on E-Bay for $1. each.  It took him an hour to persuade me to buy half while he bought the other half.




Artwork by Moshe Givati



I put one of the prints back on E-Bay and sold it for $32.  I sold a second one… (This was when E-Bay had only auctions, not as it is now, with ‘buy it now’ and fixed prices)..  I had made my money back and we still had 48 pieces left!  I figured this would be a good thing to do at night while I kept my day job.  Then I sold the internet company and focused on buying and selling artwork.  Throughout that time, I learned more about the artists and gained a deeper understanding about the art world.  I started to attend Park West Auctions and buying artwork via the auctions and other sellers and I would sell it on E-Bay.  I did this for a full year, always putting my profits back into the business.



CJRTarkay a-breif-respite

“A Brief Respite” by Itzchak Tarkay



I went to Art Miami about 16 years ago and met Israeli art publisher and gallerist, Motti Abramovitz.  Motti’s father had discovered world famous artist, Itzchak Tarkay, and was publishing his as well as other artists’ work.  Motti gave me $100,000. worth of original Tarkay art pieces on consignment and I sold them on E-Bay.  At that point, I began buying works of art by other artists and selling those. My perception of art as a marketable item transformed into a love for art and a real appreciation for the creative process.



CJRAndrew-Atroshenko-Baseline “Baseline” by Andrew Atroshenko



TRR:  Do you prefer a certain style or medium of art?




I love photorealism, especially hyper-photorealism:


“On The Plaza” by Estes



TRR:  You’ve gone beyond promoting and selling art. You also publish artwork and sell to other galleries, auction houses and now, to the public. Tell us more about that process.


Meeting people of all walks of life has allowed me to network , not only building friendships, but building my business.  One of our most popular artists is Ferjo.  I approached his publisher and was given carte blanc to sell his masterful works. At the same time, I established relationships with other publishers and began distributing artworks to other galleries and dealers, while selling some myself.  I became the main supplier to Princess Cruise Lines’ art auctions, national fund raising art auctions, and auctioneers but never had a “public face”.




 “What Price Victory” by Jim Todd



TRR:  The obvious question is why open a retail operation now?


We needed to move all of this art out of our house!  Plus, I started publishing some artists myself. After the economic downturn, when many galleries closed, it made sense to Claire and I to sell directly.  People can come directly to the source and can also have pieces of artwork, memorabilia, photos, etc. framed at wholesale pricing.  We still maintain our relationships with galleries, publishers and agents.




“Soho Iron Flats” by Alex Zwarenstein



TRR:  Most artists dream of being represented by an agent or having their work published and sold internationally.  Tell us more about publishing artwork.


Over the years, I have developed an educated eye and a better understanding of what will sell.  Out of 100 artists I meet, only 1 might meet the qualifications for a call back.  There are a few questions I ask each artist, if they meet the criteria of creating good and professional work:

  • Do you have a website?
  • Can we have a good business relationship?
  • Are you coachable? ( If I suggest ideas that are more sealable are you willing to try them?)
  • Are your prices reasonable?  (Prices are based on size)
  • Do you have a large body of work?
  • How quickly do you provide artwork once a piece is sold? 

I will make a commitment to purchase monthly inventory in exchange for being their exclusive agent, publisher and marketer.  We publish limited editions as well as prints.




“Timeless Visions” by Pino



TRR:  There is an abundance of art terminology, which often inhibits the person-on-the-street from approaching galleries or artists.


I love speaking with different community groups about the many misconceptions of the art industry, because being better informed = a successful, ongoing relationship with a customer!  Some of the topics I speak about:

  • Is a lower number in a limited edition worth more?
  • What is an “Artist Proof”?
  • What is an “original”?
  • What is a “unique”?
  • Will my artwork increase in value/ What will increase in value?
  • What are the differences between a lithograph, serigraph and giclée?
  • How does hand embellishing affect the value of a giclée?
  • How can you tell if artwork is fake?
  • We represent hundreds of artists and are happy to speak about all of them.  We carry a large number of International artists.



“Making Friends” by Jim Warren






TRR:  Besides framed and unframed art pieces, you sell one of a kind pieces of art glass, sculpture, animation art, Disney Fine Art, art books and posters, vintage posters and sports memorabilia.  Who else do you represent?



We represent over 190 artists.  While some are more well-known, we offer a wide range of subject matter, mediums of artwork and pricing.

  • Ferjo
  • Alex Zwarenstein
  • Juan Cotrino
  • Yana Rafael
  • Alex Antanenka
  • Valter de Morais
  • Gary Benfield



In addition, CJR Fine Arts & Frame offers appraisals of artwork.  We charge by the piece and do not believe that taking a percentage of the value is the proper formula.




Horse And Rider” by Hoi Lebadang





TRR:  In the next article, we will discuss important information about framing.


For more information please visit:


or email:

CJR Fine Arts is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 12:00 Noon to 5:00 p.m.



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OSGS Grand Opening Features Multitude of Artists! Meet the Owners

Jonathon Ortiz- Smykla and Evelyn Ortiz-Smykla chose the Northwood Village as the home of their new art gallery and frame shop.  This is a vibrant area with small shops, galleries and restaurants, known as “Historically Hip”.  The Rickie Report met this mother/son team just as the space was being painted and looks forward to their Grand Opening this week! This feature not only tells their story, but those of the artists who will help debut OSGS at the next Promenade Night of the Northwood neighborhood. See YOU at OSGS  Ortiz Smykla/Gallery-Studio February 22nd!


(561) 833-2223 /
500 Northwood Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Find OSGSart on Facebook and Twitter



 OSGS | Gallery Studio

Grand Opening

Friday February 22, 2013

6 – 9 pm

OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio invites you to their Grand Opening on Friday February 22nd from 6 – 9 pm.   It coincides with Northwood Villages’ Award Winning Art & Wine Promenade, a free event open to the public.  Details about Northwood Village’s events follow in this feature story.  The Rickie Report interviewed Jonathon and Evelyn to explore their backgrounds and their agenda for their new venture.  Also included are photographs of works by artists in their Grand Opening Exhibit.

Welcome to OSGS

Welcome to OSGS!

TRR: Please tell  our readers about each of your artistic backgrounds.


Into The Blue By Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

Into The Blue By Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

I grew up with art appreciation through my family’s influence.  I was exposed to other cultures and the arts at a young age which also helped shape my desire and appreciation for creating art.  I earned a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture, Design and Construction.

Widespread Panic Silk Screen by Jonathon

Widespread Panic Silk Screen by Jonathon

The foundation for design and spatial relationships I learned through that process has helped me further my understanding and experimentation within my own design and artwork projects.

Temple of Emperor; Photography by Jonathon

Temple of Emperor; Photography by Jonathon

My efforts in a broad range of mediums allowed me to exhibit work in a variety of galleries and juried exhibitions.

Paddle Surf Buddha by Jonathon

Paddle Surf Buddha by Jonathon

I now look forward to continuing those efforts as well as provide a space for others here at OSGS to gain exposure and further their artistic paths.


Untitled Charcoal Drawing by Evelyn

Untitled Charcoal Drawing by Evelyn Ortiz-Smykla

I hold an undergraduate degree in Art History and Fine Arts and a graduate degree in Library Studies focusing on archives and conservation with an emphasis on humanities and the arts.  I worked directly with Books Art faculty and interned at both the Bryant Museum and the Hoole Library (Private Collections, archives and conservation) at the University of Alabama.

Untitled Acrylic by Evelyn

Untitled Acrylic by Evelyn

I have painted acrylic abstract landscapes, created photographic images in black and white, and am a weaver.  As a fiber artist I have exhibited my work at the Kentuck Museum in Northport, AL where I showed my mohair, silk, linen, and cotton beaded shawls (crystals, rhinestones, and pearls) scarves, place mats and napkins.

Silk and Linen Handwoven Spanish Shawl by Evelyn

Silk and Linen Handwoven Spanish Shawl by Evelyn

After completing my graduate degree my goal was to continue as an artist and open my own gallery, but, life and other responsibilities got in the way of my personal dreams and passion for the arts. My art took a back seat to life’s other demands and adventures.

Untitled Graphite Drawing by Evelyn

Untitled Graphite Drawing by Evelyn

TRR: Why did you decide to open a gallery and how did you choose Northwood Village?

The two of us started talking about opening an art gallery, studio, and custom framing business a few years ago as Evelyn got closer to retirement as a federal law librarian and Jonathon gained experience with the south Florida art scene.

Steve Wallace's "Upcycled Table"

Steve Wallace’s “Upcycled Table”

We watched local art galleries develop and grow and Jonathon was receiving important feedback from other artists and gallery owners that helped him grow as an artist.

"Sandhill Cranes" Oil/Acrylic by Ann Lawtey (Palm Beach, FL)

“Sandhill Cranes” Oil/Acrylic by Ann Lawtey (Palm Beach, FL)

Historic Northwood Village offered us what we had been looking for. The Old Northwood Historic District, the first in the city of West Palm Beach, is one of the most beautiful and friendly neighborhoods in West Palm Beach.  Its distinguished architecture, eclectic mix of residents, and friendly neighborhoods caught our imagination and entrepreneurial spirit.

"Food Chain Protocol" by Richard Halterman (,FL)Photography

“Food Chain Protocol” by Richard Halterman (Palm Beach ,FL)Abstract Digital Fine Art

The more we visited and talked with other gallery and shop owners the more we felt they supported one another.  The City’s commitment to support the monthly Art & Wine Promenade speaks volumes as to the growth in the District’s future and what that means for us as gallery owners. What more could we ask for!

"Diehard Cupie" Oil by Gillespie (Palm Beach)

“Diehard Cupie” Oil by Gillespie (Palm Beach)

The corner property we found , although it needed a lot of work,was a blessing.  Lots of elbow grease, muscle, and late nights paid off.  Residents, artists, and patrons who visit us remark on the transformation.

"Florida Girl" Glass by Irene Jalowayski (Palm Beach, FL)

“Florida Girl” Glass by Irene Jalowayski (Palm Beach, FL)

Thanks to our parallel love of art and career choices everything came together at exactly the perfect time.  So here at OSGS (Ortiz | Smykla | Gallery | StudioWorks of Art and Custom Framing) in Historic Northwood Village we share our passion for the arts and meet incredibly talented and generous artists.

"Garden" by John Rachell (Palm Beach)

“Garden” by John Rachell (Palm Beach)

TRR: What types of artwork are you showing?  

OSGS is currently showing a range of art that includes paintings (figurative and abstract), sculpture, jewelry, glass art, pottery, and prints.  We do not want to limit the type of work we exhibit.

Ceramic Pot by Ian Levinson (Delray Beach, FL)

Ceramic Pot by Ian Levinson (Delray Beach, FL)

Instead we are after quality – keep the overall body of work strong and within an intimate, open gallery setting.  We want our patrons to come in and enjoy not only the quality of work we exhibit but also the space in which it is being exhibited.

"Afterglow" Oil by Manon Sander (Palm Beach, FL)

“Afterglow” Oil by Manon Sander (Palm Beach, FL)

TRR: Will the Gallery be interested in offering SOLO exhibits?  

The Gallery will be available for Solo exhibits as well as shows directed at specific areas such as figurative, landscapes, photos, 3 dimensional art, fiber arts, etc.

Claudia Bloch (New York, NY) Jewelry

Claudia Bloch (New York, NY) Jewelry

We are also planning juried shows and exhibits to encourage new expression.

"Lady Liberty" Emmanuel Gonzalez's  Oil Pastels/Watercolor (Palm Beach, FL)

“Lady Liberty” Emmanuel Gonzalez’s Oil Pastels/Watercolor (Palm Beach, FL)

Unlike some galleries we ask each artist to commit to staying with us for a 3 month period in order that we get to know them and they get to know us.

"Ruby" by Sher

“Ruby” by Sheri DuBois (Palm Beach, FL)

During this time we feel we can properly promote each artist’s talents and work through our website, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as give them the opportunity to participate in the monthly Art & Wine Promenade here in the Village and Friday Night Strolls.

"Don Quixote" Sculpture by Lew Mayer (Palm Beach, FL)

“Don Quixote” Sculpture by Lew Mayer (Palm Beach, FL)

TRR: How does an artist contact you to show and sell their art?

We prefer to be contacted by email ( with a brief description of the artist and their work.  Email is a great tool to show us samples of art by attaching photos or providing their personal web addresses.

"Flotsam" Mixed media by Molly Aubry (Palm Beach, FL)

“Flotsam” Mixed media by Molly Aubry (Palm Beach, FL)

The next step is to speak in person, preferably by appointment at the Gallery with samples of their work in hand.  Not only do we get to meet, but the artist can see our space, what we have available, and experience Northwood firsthand if they have never done so.

"In Due Time" Ceramic by Gail Erickson

“In Due Time” Ceramic by Gail Erickson

TRR: How do you imagine using your gallery space to reach out to the community?  

Our Gallery is available for charitable events and private special functions.  We support individual charities of our choice and have for many years; as a result we realize the importance of having the right space for such events.

"Deep Roots in Blue" Oil/Acrylic by Julie Roberts (Palm Beach, FL)

“Deep Roots in Blue” Oil/Acrylic by Julie Roberts (Palm Beach, FL)

TRR: Are you offering classes?

We plan to offer classes but not at this time.  It is an option we have thought about since we both engage in diverse art mediums.

Glass Plates by Sheree Blum (Palm Beach, FL)

Glass Plates by Sheree Blum (Palm Beach, FL)

Teaching helps to keep your skills honed and your creativity growing and emerging.  Working with others is an incredible service that brings a great deal of gratification for both the student and instructor.

"Confirmation No. 13" Mixed Media by Jeff Green (Nashville, TN)

“Confirmation No. 13” Mixed Media by Jeff Green (Nashville, TN)

TRR: Tell us more about your custom framing offerings…will you frame a diploma? Only fine art?

Cutting a Frame

Cutting a Frame

Custom framing was an idea born from the need we discovered that artists and the general public have here in the Village.  A creative venture in its own right, it was just the right fit for us.

What is great about custom framing is the ability to see a variety of items that people bring in that need to be preserved.  We are available to frame just about any item.  The process of framing is an art form which most people do not realize.

Other Mat Options

Mat Options

The design and thought that happens between framers and their clients are what help create and enhance the unframed product.  Photography, prints, posters, certificates, memorabilia, and antiquities are just samples of what we hope to enhance through our framing services.

Custom Mat Being Cut

Custom Mat Being Cut

As a special service to our customers we are also available to go to their homes and look at their décor, color scheme and room where the item or art work will be hanging to better customize their choices.

"Joy2" by Dr. Wiggls, Juan Plaza, Ink

“Joy2” by Dr. Wiggls, Juan Plaza, Ink (Palm Beach, FL)

TRR: OSGS means that this will also be a studio – will Jonathon be painting here?

Yes, Jonathon plans on creating works of art in our studio space.  He recently used the studio to create a painting commissioned by a client in Coco Beach.

"Warhead" Mixed Media by Molly Potter

“Warhead” Mixed Media by Molly Potter

Presently he is working to have his screen printing materials in place to produce flat stock art prints and to further poster commissions.

TRR: Anything I didn’t ask that you want our readers to know?

We are artists and understand the constraints and demands of such a career choice.  Networking, mentoring, and assisting one another is what we are here for.  We want our artists to get plenty of exposure and help them wherever and whenever we can.

Digital Ceramics by Tammy Frand (Parkland, FL)

Digital Ceramics by Tammy Frand (Parkland, FL)

We also want to make ourselves available to those who want to learn the business of gallery owner and/or custom framer by recruiting volunteers and interns from the community colleges, universities, and private art classes.

Northwood Village Art and Wine Promenade:  On the last Friday of every month from 6-9 pm their streets are filled with people enjoying the art scene that abounds around the galleries.  It is free and open to the public. There will be over 30 street-side artist trunk shows, live bands, entertainment, complimentary wine tastings and more.  The shops will offer special discounts and this week you can stroll by and meet Mo & Sally from Kool 105.5 and much more!  There are three locations of live entertainment with a new main center stage performance area on the corner of Spruce and Northwood Road.

For more information call the Art & Wine Promenade Event Hotline at (561)822-1551. Don’t miss this FREE event! Northwood Village is located one mile north of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd on Dixie Hwy. Free and valet parking available. event parking located on 24th street, 25th street, lot on 23rd street and throughout the village!  Free Rides! Catch the Village Bus to & from the Downtown Library from 5:30-10:00pm.


For more information about OSGS|Studio Gallery call  561-833-2223 or email and visit   Find us on Facebook at

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