Tanya Witzel’s “Illusion” Exhibition Will Stimulate The Eye And Intellect Of Viewers At Cultural Council Of Palm Beach County

Tanya Witzel will be featured at a SOLO Exhibition at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County from November 4th through December 2nd.  The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Saturday, November 4th.  Tanya’s geometric forms take on depth and dimension, drawing the viewer down corridors, through archways and between columns. Stimulating the eye and the intellect this is one show not to miss!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.

 T  A  N  Y  A         W  I  T  Z  E  L

 “Reflections” by Tanya Witzel



Free Public Opening Reception:


Saturday, November 4th


3 – 5  pm


Exhibit Runs Through December 2nd

Cultural Council of Palm Beach County

601 Lake Avenue       Lake Worth, FL 33460

 (561) 471-2901

Public Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday | 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday


There is free, 4-hour parking along Lake Worth’s Downtown streets. There is also a public parking lot on the east side of “L” Street, across from the Cultural Council’s building.




“Third Day” by Tanya Witzel




After receiving a B.S. degree from the University of Illinois, Tanya pursued additional training at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology. The emphasis on color and design studies at I.I.T has had a marked impact on the direction of her work. It led to the use of multiple gradations of value which cause geometrical forms to take on depth and dimension. The result conveys the sensation of going beyond the canvas, drawing the viewer into the painting, down corridors, through archways and between columns.  Thus, they stimulate both the eye and the intellect.


“Phantasia” by Tanya Witzel




Tanya  taught high school in Chicago, Washington DC and Maryland while continuing to paint and exhibit. She also exhibited in the New York area and Los Angeles before moving to Florida.  She is an award winning artist who has also had her artwork published in American Home Magazine, The Designer (Cover), Interiors Magazine, Arts Magazine, Galleries Magazine (Washington DC) and Potomac Magazine (Washington Post).


“Archways” by Tanya Witzel


Inspired by travel, the “Illusion” theme was nurtured resulting in paintings of columns and pillars as abstractions of Greco-Roman architecture. The application of the subtle color gradation, light and shadow, plus the use of perspective, allows an infinite number of variations on the basic architectural fantasy theme. This variation is clearly demonstrated by a series combining architectural structure and form with the broadening dimension of textural surfaces, patterns and nature’s vistas. The result for the viewer is a contemporary glimpse of illusionary forms that hover between past, present and future, drawing the viewer into a fantastic voyage


“Ornamentasia” by Tanya Witzel




Tanya is a member of the Boca Raton Artist Guild, Lighthouse ArtCenter, North County Art Association, Artists of Palm Beach County, Women in the Arts and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.


For more information about Tanya’s artwork:


email:  tanyart1@comcast.net







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Coral Springs Museum Of Art Features “From OP To POP” With Stanford Slutsky

The Board of Directors of the Coral Springs Museum of Art invites the public to an Artist Reception honoring Stanford Slutsky on Thursday, March 23rd.  After 30 years focusing on and perfecting his Op Art and geometric art techniques, Stanford Slutsky moved into this new territory of Pop Art. Combining the depth of his artistic knowledge with his life long journey with food and eating food, he creates giant size realistic sculptures that are one-of- a- kind larger than life food items with the emphasis on sweet things.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  This exhibition continues through May 20, 2017.







Coral Springs Museum of Art
2855 Coral Springs Drive   Coral Springs, Fl 33065





The Board of Directors of the
Coral Springs Museum of Art


invites you to an artist reception honoring



“From OP to POP”

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017


Celebration Includes

Light hors d’oeuvres & wine bar
Complimentary Admission

Exhibition runs through May 20, 2017





After 30 years focusing on and perfecting his Op Art, short for optical illusion art and geometric art techniques, Stanford Slutsky moved into this new territory of Pop Art as he recalled driving a Good Humor Ice cream Truck in the summer of 1957. Combining the depth of his artistic knowledge with his life long journey with food and eating food, he creates giant size realistic sculptures that are one- of- a- kind larger than life food items with the emphasis on sweet things.


Bigger than life-size food sculptures by Stanford Slutsky


The American Artist and Sculptor was born in 1941  in Pittsburgh, PA.  Now residing in Boynton beach, FL, he tells The Rickie Report, “When I was a child, there was something about the illusions magicians created that captured my imagination. I want that same vivid sense of illusions to be central in all of my artwork. Today, all of my new works of food are creations of colorful, playful and appetizing-yet calorie free”.


“Four Spheres” by Stanford Slutsky



At a young age, Slutsky unearthed clay to made sculptures. In High school he won many awards in jewelry design and creation.  He moved to Florida 34 years ago where he became a full time working and professional artist. These past years he has had numerous SOLO exhibits including the  Young at Art Museum in Davie, Fl, Coral Springs Museum of Art, The Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, The Fort Lauderdale Art Institute,  and Nathan D. Rosen Museum.



“Radiance” by Stanford Slutsky


“Math, admits Slutsky, wasn’t exactly my best subject in high school”.  But since embracing his fascination, a wide variety of geometric-inspired artwork appears to pop off the canvas. “I am a geometric abstract, optical illusion artist,” he explains. “My work creates the illusion of movement and three-dimensionality. Some shapes of color may seem to advance and then recede and others appear to pulsate in waves.”


“Round Candy Box” by Stanford Slutsky



When you bring the art work of Stanford Slutsky to your home or office, you automatically invite joy and whimsy to your walls and space! His artwork is precise yet spontaneous. His perceptions of the world will bring a smile to your heart and engage all of your visitors. Mr. Slutsky’s pieces are original one of a kind optical illusion acrylic on canvas and his food sculptures are larger than life with the emphasis on sweet things. Slutsky says, ”  I am chasing the sweet things in life.”

“Candy Dots on Paper” by Stanford Slutsky





For more information about this exhibition or Stanford’s artwork:






“Taffy Apples” by Stanford Slutsky


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Al Rojas’ Artistic Path Generates Abstract Imagery With Figurative Human Images

Alvaro (Al) Rojas, born in Colombia S.A., moved with his family at the age of ten to Astoria, Queens N.Y.  He attended Jacksonville University and Florida International University (FIU), including art classes. At FIU, where he graduated with a Bachelor in Engineering, a class on art critique set Al on a 40 year path to develop his art and techniques. Groups of geometric and figurative forms on abstract backgrounds or cityscapes are the main theme of Al’s works. His goal is for viewers to see an interesting color combination, a new line or form and to have their imaginations stimulated. The Rickie Report is pleased to share an interview with this innovative creator and some of his award-winning images.



Art for Al has been a way to take time out of the corporate world and has been a source of reflection and tranquility. His art provides a different perspective for his daily activities were he can explore his inner thoughts and organize his life’s direction.


AlrojasAbsinthe Drinker


“Absinthe Drinker” by Al Rojas


TRR: How did you begin creating your artwork?


I’ve been drawing from childhood, imitating an uncle who liked drawing, but it wasn’t until college where I attended a couple of art classes and began to seriously paint. One class in particular was about art critique and it set me off on an exploratory path for the following 40 years that eventually lead to the works that I create today.



AlRojasYellow Panel

“Yellow Panel” by Al Rojas



TRR: What inspired you at that time?



I believe it was the teacher who challenged me to question what it was I was doing and search for my own art identity.




AlrojasIntaglios copy

“Intaglios” by Al Rojas




TRR: What inspires you now?


I was influenced by a number of 20th century movements, primarily cubism and sub-realism; these periods in art have shaped my imagery. Abstract expressionism and other later movements have influenced the process of my works, giving me the freedom to experiment with a limited number of materials to create compositions seen by my mind’s eye.



My main source of inspiration have been my life’s experiences, growing up Colombia and Queens N.Y., my schooling, and working and traveling throughout the Americas during my corporate career, come to be incorporated and manifested in my art. I still continue to search and understand what it is that I do and why I do it; this search is what inspires me the most.




“Silent Morning” by Al Rojas




TRR: Tell us about your life story.


After a couple of art classes in college, I dedicated myself to getting an Engineering degree and later a Masters degree. For the past 40 years my engineering and business career was my primary driver and focus… creating 2D works was a secondary activity that helped me escape the pressure of work, especially in the last ten years.  One aspect of my working life that did help my artistic work was the large amount of traveling all over Latin America, US and Canada that I did. These experiences provided a great deal of visual stimulus and long periods of time to develop ideas that I used during the time I had for painting.

AlRojasLosing my religion

“Losing My Religion” by Al Rojas 





TRR  Did you try other mediums?


I have concentrated on using acrylics, because they provide the results that work best with the process I have developed..they complement the process very well and with a few tools, some pencils, some use of ink and watercolors provide the best combination of mediums I can find. I originally tried oil painting, followed by ink and water colors. It was the watercolors and an exploration of the medium that led to acrylics.



“Windows” by Al Rojas







TRR: What led you to your current style?


I am interested in creating images and form without any pre-conception of the outcome. The works are process-oriented and I let the intermediate results guide me to a finished work. I start by floating various liquid mediums, such as ink, acrylic ink, watercolors and acrylics in water on a vertical pane of glass, manipulating the effects and adding (drawing or painting) or removing (scratching / ripping) areas of the work in process. I primarily use an eye dropper to place the liquid mediums on the glass trying to be as controlled as possible to create areas that can be used to build space, images, buildings or figures. If the medium gets out of control, I scratch/etch it to make lines and forms, eventually developing a complete composition.



 The composition develops from floating the acrylic ink and letting time and gravity start the creative process. As the “puddles” dry, I can visualize what the next step is and take it step by step bringing out line, figure(s), background / foreground and space.  Once I finish the wet process, I cover the results with a clear acrylic medium. Once the acrylic medium dries, I cut it up into additional shapes, paint over it and lift it from the glass for further painting on the back side prior to mounting it on a Plexiglas panel or paper.




My works attempt to balance the abstract with the representational, colorful at times with geometric forms to assist in putting order to the composition. Due to what seems as a chaotic process, I tend to produce primarily abstract imagery, but as I control the process, I have been able to produce representational/figurative images, primarily human figures.


AlRojasGalactic Cemetary

“Galactic Cemetery” by Al Rojas



TRR: Have you seen your style change over the years? What has influenced any changes?



Yes, from very abstract works that looked like early satellite imagery with little to no composition, I have moved to a more controlled results that have better composition and balance. I strongly feel the need to control the results of a very chaotic process, in order to show that the finished work was done with a good deal of conscientious effort and not just a total random result…that the work has an intellect behind it and not just something that looks pretty.



“Ace, King, Queen” by Al Rojas





TRR:  What advice do you give to an emerging artist?



Works of art are not a slam dunk, just because you have a good technique or ease of hand and skill. You have to work at it to try to understand what it is you are trying to achieve and why.



AlRojasShaman Pointing the Way

“Shaman Pointing The Way” by Al Rojas




TRR: What is most challenging as an artist?



After completing a work that takes me to a new point/level, starting a new one is the most challenging. The “what now” or “what next” question can really be difficult to overcome and get going again.



AlRojasPixelating Sky

“Pixelating Sky” by Al Rojas





TRR: Where can people find your work?


I hope people will visit Art On Park Gallery, visit the website, my Facebook Page and contact me.




Email Al Rojas: adrojas987@aol.com


Website link – http://www.artistsofpalmbeachcounty.com/#!al-rojas/c20za

Facebook link – https://www.facebook.com/alvaro.rojas.92123


General Overview of Exhibitions:

City of Palm Beach Gardens – GardensArt Exhibit – Spring 2006 Juried Art Exhibition
Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artist’ Guild – 2006 Winter Open Juried Art Exhibition
Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artist’ Guild – 2007 Summer Open Juried Art Exhibition
ArtAvox Spring, 2007, 2008, 2009
Boynton Beach Art in Public Places – Carolyn Sims Center, Summer 2008
Boca Raton Sugar Sand, Art in Public Places – Winter 2008, Juried Art Exhibition
Armory Art Center, Inc. Hispanic Heritage Exhibition February, 2009
City of Palm Beach Gardens – GardensArt Exhibit Spring 2010 Juried Art Exhibition
Lighthouse for the Arts – Multiple Sins Summer 2010 Juried Art Exhibition
Continuum West Palm Beach – 2016 and 2014, Juried Art Exhibition
Art on Park Gallery – numerous exhibits 2012 – 2016



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