Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, Bead And Fossil Show At South Florida Fairgrounds November 21 and 22

The 49th annual Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, Bead & Fossil Show is coming! There is a lot to see and do at this two-day indoor event! On November 21st and 22nd, the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center will be transformed into the largest culturally stimulating event ALL AGES can enjoy. Over 80 dealers will offer gems, jewelry, loose beads, specimen collections, geodes, rocks, tools, fossils and more than we can list! The Rickie Report highlights the Show here and reminds you that the Society holds monthly meetings. We’re giving you a discount coupon plus some sneak peeks!

















  • The Gem and Mineral Society offers many types of educational and cultural experiences.
  • We operate a full lapidary shop open to our members.
  • Classes in lapidary
  • Classes in jewelry making for adults
  • Classes in jewelry making for children

Our monthly meetings are held at the West Palm Beach Garden Club in Dreher Park on the 3rd Thursday of each month and feature guest speakers or demonstrations that are educational as well as entertaining. Visit our web site for more information, photos from past shows, membership forms and $1 discount coupons for the show. Membership applications are available at the show or on our web site:




Raffle item (Photo Courtesy of GMS)



Our show is run totally by our member volunteers, who are eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with everyone! Proceeds from the show provide the operating budget for the Society for the following year.



Gemstones, Pearls, Glass beads and so much More!

 (Photo Courtesy of GMS)

Seeing actual fossils, touching gem stones and finding the rocks where they are found is an exciting experience!




Sluicing at the Mine and Junior Rockhound Activities

(Photo Courtesy of GMS)





Fine Jewelry  (Photo Courtesy of GMS)



For more information about this Show or the activities of the Gem and Mineral Society of The Palm Beaches, please visit:



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Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show Offers Variety of Merchandise and Artistry

The Rickie Report is looking forward to this years’ 47th Annual Gem and Mineral Show presented by the Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches.  This show has something for everyone in the family!  Kids will love seeing fossils or have a geode cut in half as they watch and wait to see the mother nature magic that will be inside.  The natural artifacts dug from the earth will fascinate even the most “jaded” among us.  For those who are renovating, you may even find sinks made from fossilized wood!  And here you can shop for jewelry made from magnificent beads or the beads themselves to make the jewelry!  




Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches


47th Annual

Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, Bead and Fossil Show


November 23rd  9am-6pm  

November 24th  10 am – 5 pm


The South Florida Fairgrounds


 Expo Center East   9067 Southern Blvd.  West Palm Beach


Brought to You by Mother Nature

Brought to You by Mother Nature



A group of like-minded mineral and jewelry enthusiasts gathered at different homes to discuss their interest in these fields. In January, 1966 the Society was officially chartered as a Florida corporation, with its stated purpose being to provide a place for gem and mineral collectors to gather and share in their hobby.  The Society has shared its vast knowledge in our community. This was achieved by presenting a series of hands-on mineral lectures to various Palm Beach Schools.

Beads, Stones, Minerals!

Beads, Stones, Jewelry, Minerals!


The Society’s largest public outreach is its annual show.  Each year, for the weekend before Thanksgiving, the Gem and Mineral Society takes over the Expo East Building of the South Florida Fairgrounds to hold its Gem, Jewelry, Bead and Fossil Show.  The show features a wide array of dealers who carry merchandise from all over the world.  Additionally, Society members come out to spread the word and educate visitors about the Society and the hobby. The show features a Demonstration Area, where members showcase the many classes offered to members of the Society.


Cuff Bracelet made with Cabachon

Cuff Bracelet made with Cabachon

In the past, the Society has had special exhibits that greet visitors upon entering the Expo building.  Past attractions have included: a Moon Rock from Apollo 17, two Ruby statues weighing several thousand carats each, and a life-size photo of a Mastodon skeleton (as well as actual bones from the dig) that the Society helped unearth in Palm Beach County.


Mining Flume

Mining Flume

One of the Show’s biggest attractions is the Mining Flume.  This is a running water flume where guests can buy buckets containing filler materials and rough mineral specimens.  Sitting at the flume, visitors sift through the materials in the buckets, guided by Society members who help visitors identify what they find.  Visitors can keep anything they find in the bucket, and kids love taking home their beautiful stones.


Rocks and Fossils!

Rocks and Fossils!


There is also a Fossil Dig!  Kids love digging in the sand to find and keep real Florida fossils.  Again, guided by members, the kids learn about the fossils they are finding, and are always thrilled to leave with a bag of treasures!


Sink fabricated from Fossilized Wood

Sink fabricated from Fossilized Wood

Gem Society members love to share their knowledge with the public and generate new interest. Within the Society, classes are always ongoing for members who want to further their skills.  Classes include cabochon cutting, faceting, wire wrapping, chain maille, beading, enameling and so much more. Scholarships are also awarded to members to attend one of two lapidary schools; Wildacres or William Holland.  


Copper Art

Copper Art

The Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches remains a thriving organization that aspires to share knowledge and join people together through a common interest.  Whether out in the community or attending small classes within the Society, our members love to swap information and skill sets with anyone willing to learn.  The Society, celebrating its 50th birthday in 2016, is still going strong and sharing a love of stones with the world!


Join the fun at the the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center on November 23rd and 24th.  For more information visit:   or call  561-585-2080.  


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From Under the Earth to Jewelry Worthy: Intarsia and Cabachons

Once you understand how a piece of rock from the earth becomes a shiny, polished part of a piece of jewelry, you will appreciate the expertise it takes to create it.  The Rickie Report admits to being a lover of mother nature and it most awestruck when an everyday rock becomes a magnificent ring, earring, or part of a necklace.  We asked Jeff Ursillo, a past President of the Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches to share some information with us. Intarsia is a geometric design, similar to marquetry.  Check out this post to see some incredible examples!


General Meeting

January 17, 2013

7:30 PM

Please note: Starting in January, we will be meeting at the South Florida Science Museum NOT the Garden Club.  The Museum is across the street from the Garden Club.

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Officers for 2013:


Barbara Ringhiser – President
KC Foster – 1st Vice President
Jen Ursillo – 2nd Vice President
Deb Slutzky – Secretary
Marv Berkowitz – Treasurer



The Society would like to extend congratulations and thanks to the “Rockhound” Editor, Jeff Ursillo for his induction into the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical Society’s Decade Club.  This Club recognizes newsletter editors who have served their clubs for over TEN years!





TRR:   How did you get interested in being a “rock hound”?

JU:  A customer at the print shop I work at told me about a gem and mineral show that was coming up and I took the family to it as a fun “family” event. I had never been exposed to minerals before and was amazed at the colors, shapes and overall beauty of the mineral world. I was hooked!  We joined the Gem & Mineral Society at their next meeting (December 1995)


TRR:  What types of things does the Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches do  at their meetings?

JU:  A typical meeting consists of a short business meeting (15-25 minutes) a break for refreshments and then our program for the night. We have door prizes and raffle items at all the meetings. Our programs are always “hobby related”. We usually have speakers, but occasionally do demonstrations, show DVDs, and have member “Show & Sell” nights.


TRR:  What if I don’t know anything about gems or minerals but I just appreciate “mother nature” and the beautiful formations I see in rocks?
JU:  The Society is full of helpful people who are willing to share their knowledge or identify a mineral specimen.We have a large library that is available to members to withdraw books or DVDs.


TRR:  Please share how you take a natural rock and make a cabochon out of it, ready to be set as a piece of jewelry.

JU:   If I’m starting with a rough piece of material, the first step is to cut slabs about 1/4 inch thick using a diamond bladed rock saw. Once the slab is cut, an area is marked off and using a smaller diamond saw, the desired area is trimmed out to the approximate shape or “blank”.  The blank is then taken to a series of grinding wheels where it is formed to the final shape. Using a series of finer and finer sanding wheels the stone is polished to a brilliant shine.
TRR:  The Gem, Jewelry, Bead and Mineral Show is your big fundraiser.  Tell us more about how that has grown over the years.
JU:   When the show first stared in 1966 it was held is a side room at the Auditorium, also known as



the Leakee Teepee. There were seven dealers from the West Palm Beach area. As the years went on and the show became more popular, it moved out onto the main floor of the Auditorium and hosted  20 dealers. Display cases, which featured members work or collections of minerals were added to the show. A demonstration area was added where the public was introduced to the art of lapidary.

When the Auditorium was sold, the Society moved west to the South Florida Fairgrounds. The larger area allowed us to add more dealers, expand the display and demo areas. The show now features over 65 dealers, a large demonstration area and a children’s area with a Carolina style flume mine, fossil dig, geode cracking and so much more!
The Society is a great place to learn about minerals, fossils, jewelry and many related areas. We offer over 25 classes, ranging from Cabochon cutting, beadwork, wire wrapping, and chain making, to name a few.
Silver Onyx Box

Silver Onyx Box

The society is a member of the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies Inc. and the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc., which are affiliated with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies. Our members are able to participate in activities sponsored by these organizations.


Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood


PO Box 18095, West Palm Beach, FL 33416-8095



Name 1:_____________________________________ B’day 1:_____________Month only

Name 2:_____________________________________B’day 2:____________    Month only

Address: ________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________State: _______________Zip: __________________ Summer Address: ______________________________________________________________________ Summer City, State, Zip

Phone 1: __________________________Phone 2: _____________________________

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If a family membership, list children’s names: _________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________ The Rockhound newsletter is available via email or First Class mail. Please indicate your preference. Email______________________________ USMail_____________

Society Related Areas of Interest ___________________________________________________________________

On what committee or committees are you willing to work. If you are not sure what is involved, please feel free to ask any of the Society’s officers. Remember, A MEMBER IS A VOLUNTEER!!

*************************PLEASE READ CAREFULLY****************************

To qualify for membership, you MUST be willing to participate and take an active part in the Society’s activities such as attending monthly meetings, display, demonstrate or serve on various committees at the annual Show or other Society functions, and to subscribe to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, which are included in the Membership Roster. YEARLY DUES ARE TO BE PAID BY DECEMBER 31 OF EACH YEAR



___ Greeter at meetings R
___ Teaching Classes U
___ Refreshments at meeting S
___ Newsletter V
___ Program Committee T
___ Shop Maintenance W ___Other AC__________________


___ Ticket Takers at door X
___ Set Up/Take Down Y (skirting tables, setting up display cases, loading and/or unloading the club truck)

___ Demonstrations Z (faceting, cabbing, jewelry making, bead work, etc.)

___ Scholarship Auction AA (outgoing personality a PLUS!!)
___ Security AB (unarmed, observe and report only)
___ Other AC ___________________________________________



Single $15.00 Family (with children up to 18) $25.00 Signature___________________________________________Date___________________

Junior(to age 18) $10.00
Society name tags are available for $12 from the Membership Secretary.


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