Ingrid Robinson Is Featured In Arts Garage Exhibit, “Glimpse” With Free Opening Reception On December 7th

The Arts Garage in Delray Beach announces the Opening Reception of “Glimpse” on Friday, December 7th, featuring emerging artists Ingrid Robinson and Bhavna Bhen.  The Arts Garage, connecting people in the community to the world, through the Arts, is located in downtown Delray Beach.  Ingrid’s artistry echoes this mission through her portraits, which focus on every-day life, something we can all relate to.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. Please RSVP to this Free Event!  The Exhibit is available December 7 through December 30th.  






94 NE 2nd Avenue    Delray Beach, FL 33444










“G L I M P S E”

Art Exhibit    





 Opening  Reception:  

Friday, December 7

5 – 7 pm  


Grassroots Gallery at the Arts Garage

 94 NE 2nd Avenue   Delray Beach, FL 


“Moment in Time” by Ingrid Robinson





“GLIMPSE” is free and open to the public:

Tuesdays through Saturdays:    Noon – 6 pm

On evenings we have events, the Gallery is open until 10 pm




“Mother and Daughter Ballerinas” by Ingrid Robinson



Ingrid Robinson tells The Rickie Report, “After enduring painful personal hardships, including the sudden death of my only child Michelle, my tenacity and perseverance pushed me beyond the veil of depression to discover my new found passion for painting. I continue to prove that no matter what your age, you can find a new, inspiring life after pain”. 




“You Can’t Tell Me Who To Love!” by Ingrid Robinson



Ingrid says, “My oil paintings have charm and a sense of innocence that are easy for viewers to connect with.  After having moved to Florida, an unknown environment, I set down roots and made my new home one of creativity and comfort.  My work has won several awards.  I continue to hone my artistic skills”.

“Washing Dishes on Saturday Night” by Ingrid Robinson
“I paint to enhance people’s lives through fun, inspiration, creativity, and self-expression,” Ingrid explains.  

Beyond her paintings, Ingrid has founded Artists And Charities Hand in Hand!  The first event takes place on Sunday, December 16th from 10 am – 5 pm at the Mandel JCC in Palm Beach Gardens.  Ingrid has curated over 30 fine artists, who will be selling their artwork to benefit the Constance and David Blacher Children’s Special Needs Programs.   The $18. couvert includes a raffle ticket, catered food, and wine. We urge you to register for this event Here

For more information about Ingrid Robinson’s artwork, her exhibit at Delray Arts Garage or Artists and Charities Hand In Hand:


Call:  415.419.4292






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James J DeMartis’ Artwork At Ground Floor Farm Gallery In Stuart Is Mesmerizing, Exciting Abstract Expressionism

The public has a rare opportunity to view and purchase artwork by James J. DeMartis, in Stuart at the art gallery located in Ground Floor Farm.  Now showing through December 16th, DeMartis’ art is in numerous private collections in Europe and the United States.  Internationally exhibited and awarded, his paintings have a mystic quality that brings the viewer closer and sustains an artful conversation.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.



 (772) 600-4230







GALLERY HOURS:  Tuesday through Friday, 10AM – 8PM, Saturday 10AM – 8PM



“Hunter With Ox & Mountains” by James J. DeMartis




An exciting exhibit at Ground Floor Farm in Stuart, FL showcases the artwork of James J. DeMartis.  Curated by his daughter, Barbara Bucci, this is a rare treat for the public to view and purchase an internationally collected artist’s abstract expressionist work.  James J. DeMartis was born in New York City in 1926.  He attended The Art Center, Museum of Modern Art (NYC), the California School of Fine Arts (Santa Monica CA), and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.  

“Fantasy Landscape” by James J. DeMartis



Post WWII, DeMartis explored a plethora of styles and media, as he exhibited and lived in Italy, Switzerland, New York City, Bar Harbor and Bangor  (ME), Japan, Mexico and the Middle East.  His daughter, Barbara Bucci is sharing his work in a public exhibition for the first time – and we are the lucky ones!  An American painter who travelled the world, DeMartis brings us symbolic images which await our own interpretations.

“Sun Over Water With a Red Border” by James J. DeMartis




His oil paintings on canvas and paper, according to Ms. Crealy Pollack on behalf of the Eggers Partnership  of Architects and Planners in NYC, “reflect the sure hand of a painter schooled in Florence, Italy, but associated with the New York and Maine School of American Artists. There is a mystical quality about his work which is strongly influences by the history of calligraphy, both ancient and contemporary”.

” Zen Mountain” by James J. DeMartis




His unique style impressed talented and recognized artists of his time.  His sometimes hazy treatment gives a timeless aspect to the scenes he interpreted.  He often finishes with a ribbon of color that acts as a “frame” for the framed painting itself.  DeMartis died in 1996, leaving us a legacy of incredible artwork whose aggregation of styles and mediums continue to show signs of life.



“Island Shacks, Penobscot Bay” by James J. DeMartis


For information about the art exhibit contact Barbara Bucci at (772) 530-0378, or
For more information about James J. DeMartis, see Joseph DeMartis or, on Facebook at












Ground Floor Farm:

Ground Floor Farm is an urban farm, cafe, and community space in Stuart, Florida. Our aim is to help grow a more dynamic town through food, art, and fun.  We want to nourish Stuart with excellent food, practical and interesting know-how, and enriching cultural and artistic experiences. We want Ground Floor Farm to be as varied, vibrant, and expansive as our beautiful home town. So come; eat, learn, and enjoy. Make this space your own.

Find out more about what we do at or

Jackie Vitale

Ground Floor Farm
(772) 600 4230
100 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Stuart, FL 34994





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Lynn Matsuoka Swings The Barn Door Open To The World Of Horses In Motion

After a glorious 37-year art career in Japan, Lynn Matsuoka is now sharing her visual wealth throughout the Hamptons. Lynn’s new equestrian art debuted at Art Hamptons in July this season and continues to excite art patrons and equestrian lovers world wide. This Exhibition of the Equestrian collection will be highlighted August 23rd – 30th at Snake Hollow Studio right across the street from the Hampton Classic. Lynn brings an international cachet to her US endeavors and it’s hard to know where to start to describe the soul stirring artistic life she has led. From the inner sanctums of sumo wrestlers, to 20 years working backstage with Japan’s top Kabuki actors documenting their costume and make-up changes, she now takes viewers into the stables and paddocks of the horse world.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some of Lynn’s magical imagery.






Snake Hollow Studio


Invites You To:

Exhibition of the Equestrian Collection

AUGUST 23rd – 30th

1:00 – 5:00 Daily

221 Snake Hollow Road


(Across the street from the Hampton Classic)

Or Call: 631.537.5237



Lynn Matsuoka is now sharing her visual wealth throughout the Hamptons, after a 37 year art career in Japan. Lynn’s new equestrian art  debuted at Art Hamptons in July this season.  



"Flying" By Lynn Matsuoka

“Flying” By Lynn Matsuoka



After admiring horses all day, come across the road and admire their unique portraits, as created by a leading Hamptons equestrian artist.  Meet fellow aficionados and savor summer refreshments as you discover powerful equestrian paintings, drawings and prints by internationally collected artist, Lynn Matsuoka.  Her striking body of work must be experienced up close and personal to fully realize its gravitas and energy impact.  This low key, classic art event can be found at Snake Hollow Studio, August 23rd – August 30th.


"After The Classic" by Lynn Mastuoka

“After The Classic” by Lynn Mastuoka



Blessed with a gift of documentary story-telling fused with a rare visual craft, Matsuoka’s art conjures up the poetic imagery of birds in flight and horses gliding over the earth. Her brush glides over the canvas or paper, creating a startling whirr of images and motion. Her sure hand designs poetic movements that stir emotion in the viewer, and her compelling work has thus earned over 40 international solo shows.


"Polo" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Polo” by Lynn Matsuoka


Matsuoka’s new equestrian works are defined by powerful, lyrical lines. They often feature hand-made rice paper, lending a rich substrate of unique depth and tactile quality wherever her brush lands. It adds further credence to her reportage skill and energy, where she quickly converts people, animals and events into inspirationally renewing art. When she finishes a painting or drawing, it not only “looks” but “feels” like the person or animal depicted. It’s all part of her open energy approach, a rare artistic gift that creates instant emotional connections.


"Watching From The Buggy" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Watching From The Buggy” by Lynn Matsuoka



Lynn brings an international cachet to her U.S. endeavors and it’s hard to know where to start to describe the soul stirring artistic life she has led. From the inner sanctums of sumo wrestlers, to 20 years working backstage with Japan’s top Kabuki actors documenting their costume and make-up changes, she now takes viewers into the stables and paddocks of the horse world.


"Ahead Of The Rain" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Ahead Of The Rain” by Lynn Matsuoka


Her peek at life behind the scenes and the insights into ancient Japanese life opened magical doors to a previously hidden world of mystery. And now she turns her all-knowing eye to the culture and intrigues of American equestrian endeavors.



"On The Money" by Lynn Matsuoka

“On The Money” by Lynn Matsuoka



Lynn learned these very fast “reportage drawing” techniques through her time studying with the great Jack Potter at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She begins her compositions capturing delicate nuances of the world she surveys. Using graphite pencils and oil pastels on canvas or rag paper, she first creates a likeness, then sketches in quick, exacting detail the costumes, colors and energy forces inherent in her subjects.


"Grazing At Two Trees" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Grazing At Two Trees” by Lynn Matsuoka

This spontaneous act preserves the moment, feeling and spirit of her portraits. Her paintings evoke karmic forces, using bold lines and subtle colors that depict the effects of light on her subjects. This same sensibility also shows up in her commissioned portraits.



"Zen Horses" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Zen Horses” by Lynn Matsuoka



The U.S. born Matsuoka gained superstar status during her tenure in Tokyo. One of the few “outsiders” ever allowed to observe the secretive sanctums of sumology, she put her talents to quick use in a long series of in-depth depictions of this art form onto itself. She is the singular champion of this unique, free method of expression, as she pushes the boundaries of how defining moments in sport are captured.  Born in New York City, Lynn studied art & music at Temple University in Philadelphia and later studied at SVA with Jack Potter & Milton Glaser.


"Dad's Bagel Band" by Lynn Matsuoka

Dad’s Bagel Band” by Lynn Matsuoka

Lynn tells The Rickie Report,” The human image, alive and expectant and representing tradition is what inspires me. Documenting Japanese Sumo and Kabuki in quick, on-location drawings, then turning some of them into paintings has been my main focus for many years, tho’ I have focused as well on Hawaiian Hula, American sports, Native Americans and other traditions, including the Equestrian world.”


She goes on to explain, ” The Sumo and Kabuki worlds have always appeared to me to be a microcosm of the Japanese culture, a population apart yet steeped in the traditional values. The men of sumo do not realize their own beauty and always look at my work with surprise. The Kabuki actors are well aware of their beauty, as that is their focus, and have always told me that they like me to be there drawing them because they feel I capture their beauty.”


"Sky Horse" by Lynn Matsuoka

“Sky Horse” by Lynn Matsuoka


Lynn considers herself a “reportage artist”.  She begins most of her work in front of the subject at the tournament, the practice ring the Equestrian ring, stables, wherever her subject lives and works.  ” I work quickly to produce many initial line drawings, indicating light, shadow, and color, and then often finish the piece later in my studio. Accuracy is important to me, to include the intricacy of the tied Sumo mawashi (belt), or the referee’s headdress and kimono, the layers of the kabuki actor’s kimono… the feathers of the Native American headdress. The riding boot in the stirrup…”




“I like to start with a good paper, prepared with a dark ground so the quick graphite drawing has instant depth. A hit of color gives it dimension and the work begins to breathe.  Recently I have been working on large wooden panels in the studio, transposing my on-location drawings to the painting on board or canvas.”



For Interviews, Press Inquiries, or More Information

please contact Lynn Matsuoka at 631.537.5237



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