An Open Letter to All Clay Artists

The Rickie Report is pleased to share this Open Letter to All Clay Artists.  Palm Beach County is a major gem in the crown of Florida’s crown of culture and arts.  The first building has been acquired to house the basic needs for 30-40 working artists.  Join in this pioneer effort to be part of  the largest community of working artists in the region.  More information is in this article.





Flamingo Clay Studio,Inc.

15 South J Street

Lake Worth Fl 33460




Dear Friends:

Several weeks ago many of you received a letter announcing the formation of a full facility cooperative ceramic studio that will be opening in Lake Worth this year.  We just signed the lease on the building and have begun putting together one of the most exciting projects for ceramic artists in the region. Our facility will house most of the studio space, electric kilns, glaze rooms and finishing facilities any clay artist could wish for, and for an affordable monthly price. We will have our first gas kiln outside our building.  We will be housed right next door to the Benzaitan Foundation who will be operating a large metals foundry and glass blowing facility.  We will be building our full kiln complex on their site that will include gas reduction, Raku, salt/soda and wood kilns.



Flamingo Clay Studio is the non-profit that runs the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in downtown Lake Worth.  Our mission is “To provide affordable studio and gallery space for 3-D artists.”  This studio is the first of many that will become part of a large campus of studio spaces for our artists.



This first building that we are acquiring will house the basic needs for 30-40 working artists. When you join us at this juncture you will be the pioneers of what we expect to be the largest community of working artists in the region.  Because we initially have room for only 30-40 artists, if you are to be a part of this project, we should know immediately.



We have started with a $10,000 donation from the Benzaitan Foundation. This allowed us to pay our first month’s rent and security as well as the fees needed to gain the keys to the building.  We will have to raise fees for architectural services that will give us the drawings we need to pull permits to bring us up to code. I am working on grants as well as a list of possible donors who support the arts and want to make this project a reality.



The monthly dues for membership in this project are $150 a month with a four hour a week work commitment.  For those who are “Snow Birds” and for those who cannot fulfill a work commitment, the dues will be $250 a month.  The work commitments will include studio clean-ups, glaze mixing, kiln firings and all things that make a studio run smoothly.  These co-op work commitments keep our monthly fees low and are what an artist would do anyway to keep a studio going.




We are asking the first 30 of you to pay your first three months in advance.  When the studio is operable you will be given an extra month for free.  (4 months for three months dues.) For those paying $150 a months this will mean a $450 payment.  For those paying $250 a month this will mean a $750 payment. This will allow us to start the work. Make you checks payable to: Flamingo Clay Studio and mail them to 15 South J Street, Lake Worth FL 33460.



Our initial rent is paid, and we will be given six months free rent (we will be paying the owner’s insurance and building taxes during this period) to get the bathrooms compliant to ADA standards, put in the a/c and set up the studio for those of you who want to come in and work as soon as possible. Once the building is up to code, you will be able to work.  Construction will be done in stages to allow us to raise the money for each phase.



Up until the time the studio opens, those of you who want to come and build tables and set up work and finishing areas would be welcome to join us.  Remember, we are the pioneers building this wonderful new studio together. This studio that we are opening would allow you the space and the finishing abilities through the kilns and glaze rooms and equipment you might not be able to afford on your own.



Joanne Berkow, founder of the Benzaitan project, and I would love to meet with all of you who have any questions about what we are all doing and where we are all going.  This complex we are collaborating on is so unique that to be on the ground floor will be exciting as well as historic.



I cannot close without adding this: The building that we are renting is one that we would like to own.  We are looking for a donor to purchase this building for the non-profit for both a tax credit and for naming rights.  Owning the building would allow us to put all of our resources into making this the finest studio around.  Once we have accomplished that goal, we will grow our studio space into another building and then yet another. If you know of any such person or foundation, please let me know.


Please contact me as soon as possible. We will be setting up a large meeting in the near future.  I will be happy to meet with any or all of you privately who have any questions and who want to join this co-op.



Joyce Brown



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25 Years on Las Olas: Congratulations Howard Alan Events on Your Silver Anniversary!

Let’s celebrate a Silver Anniversary together on Las Olas Boulevard!   Howard Alan Events announces its 25th Annual Las Olas Fair Part II, taking place March 2 and 3rd!   This event is free and open to the public and promises a special free “giveaway” piece of sculpture by world renown artist Ancizar Marin!  The Rickie Report hopes you’re setting your GPS for Ft. Lauderdale to see this show!

25th Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part II

March 2 & 3, 2013

Saturday and Sunday  10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Between SE 6th Avenue and SE 11th Avenue 

                                                                                                                                                           600 East Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301


A portion of the proceeds to benefit the Las Olas Association


The Las Olas Art Fair returns for part two of this wildly popular award-winning show, March 2 – 3, 2013.  Festival-goers return each year and look forward to seeing longtime favorites as well as new and emerging talent.  This two-day event, produced by Howard Alan Events, brings together 300 of today’s top local, regional and national artists showcasing their finest work.

Holehouse_Jim_Festival poster painting (Jan2013)

The new 25th anniversary collectors edition poster inspired by Jim Holehouse’s original painting depicting Las Olas Boulevard will be on display and available for purchase at the festival along with t-shirts and previous editions of festival posters.  As always, the booth will be located across from the Cheesecake Factory.

The artists, who will be present for the entire show, will line Las Olas Boulevard with their professional display booths, transforming the area into a first-class outdoor art gallery.  The 25th anniversary edition poster will be available for purchase during the fair.


"Stephanie on Las Olas" Free Giveaway by World Renown Sculptor Ancizar Marin

“Stephanie on Las Olas” Free Giveaway by World Renown Sculptor Ancizar Marin

In addition, festival patrons can register to win a commemorative sculpture created by award-winning artist Ancizar Marin.  “Stephanie on Las Olas” was created in honor  of the show’s silver anniversary and will be on display in booth #1 located at S.E. 6th Avenue and Las Olas Boulevard, near the Cheesecake Factory, where the registration tables will also be located. No purchase is required to enter the giveaway.   

The Rickie Report spoke with artist, Ancizar Marin about his work.  “I was born in Colombia, South America and as a teenager I was not  the best student…I  had to do things my way and only my way, however when I was introduced into art by one of my uncles who is a painter things started to change. I was  caught by the passion of art and started studying at the Bellas Artes Institute of Art in Manizales, Colombia, in 1982. Suddenly my father started getting compliments for my good behavior and achievements!”

Ancizar Marin at his Booth

Ancizar Marin at his Booth


Ancizar went on to specialize in sculpting at the Luccio Petraglia School of Art in Bogota , Colombia in 1985 where well known artists like Liliany and Fernando Botero once attended classes. He studied sculpture in bronze and steel, working with other artists making pieces for the European market to keep the school running which at that time was having financial problems.



It was at the Petraglia school of art where the great idea of joining forces with the already famous Liliany started and they opened up a foundry in Bogota. Ancizar sees still see himself as a student, as he continues to study in Spain, Italy, Venezuela and the United States.  He says, “This mixture of cultures has helped me realize that there are multiple tastes when it comes to shapes and colors in art. That is why I need to improvise and work at the creation and development of different styles, designs and techniques such as Bronze and Chrome, Bronze and Glass plus my latest technique of Bronze and Resin. I will continue to experiment with multiple textures and techniques for as long as I can live”.


This multi-talented artist divides his time between Florida, he shares, ” where I inspire my self and I create the models in clay, New Jersey where I have a foundry and where all the dirty work is done and Colombia, South America where I’m still doing some private commissions and where most of my family reside.  As you see I cannot attend all the art shows I want.  My goal is to do about ten art shows a year”.

feria del hogar 2008 cd2 033

Humbly, he says, “I am open to all comments and suggestions I hope I can meet you in person in a future show or exhibition, thank you for your time and patronage.  Most of my sculptures are inspired by the fascinating world of cirque du soleil.   I love their expressions, their movement and the positive energy I feel when I’m around them.”

Ancizar explains the rigorous steps it takes to create his art. “I begin my sculptures by making a model in clay, after that a mold is made, then the figure is poured in either bronze or fiberglass. After this comes the angle grinding, the chasing, the sanding and the finishes such as chrome plate, patinas and car paints”.
What has drawn him to this medium of artistic expression?  He  states, “Since my junior high school years sculptures have held an obsessive fascination for me, their diverse form, volume, contour and detail,  provide a rich and inexhaustible depth of subject. I have been privileged to work with master of art Fernando Botero and Liliany who I call the ‘godmother of my long and troubled career’, being an sculptor is not easy but in my opinion no other career will give me the joy, happines and peace I feel when Im sculpting or working on a model.”
feria del hogar 2008 cd2 031
The Rickie Report asked how he chose bronze as his most popular medium.  ” I have an affinity to bronze as a medium, it allows me to express my ideas, my feelings, my desires, my thoughts and the challenge of being different.  I love to try new techniques and finishes such as the chrome plate on bronze which has helped me win multiple awards and has set me apart from other sculptors. My intention is to capture the human eye, and start a dialogue of love and feeling for art. My dreams are clear, I love to see my sculptures bring the same joy and happines they bring me to many homes and places of work where people will enjoy them and love them as much as I love them.”
What advice would he give to a new sculptor starting his or her career?  “Go with your instinct, enjoy it, have fun, love it, treat sculpting as a sport, in my case there is no soccer, no football, no basketball. Years will go by and you will notice the fun never ends”.  The Rickie Report hopes you will slow down and visit Ancizar Marin’s booth at this Las Olas show.  Not only will you meet an inspiring artist, but you can take home a little piece of his heaven and make it yours.  For more information about Ancizar Marin:  954 628 2827  or
feria del hogar 2008 cd2 032
Howard Alan Events, a Florida-based company, develops and presents art and craft shows throughout the country. For the past 25 years, Howard Alan Events has produced some of the nation’s finest juried art shows, including more than 40 venues each year such as the Downtown Aspen Art Festival (Aspen, CO), Beaver Creek Art Festival (Beaver Creek, CO), Chicago Tribune North Michigan Avenue Art Festival (Chicago, IL), and the Las Olas Art Fairs, (Fort Lauderdale, FL). Several shows are ranked in the top 100 art fairs in the country by Sunshine Artist magazine.  For additional information on the 23rd Annual Downtown Stuart Art Festival and other Howard Alan Events art and craft shows across the country, visit or call 561-746-6615.

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