Jerry O’Brien Features Wood Turned Functional And Decorative Artistry

Jerry O’Brien has returned to his love of woodturning, which began as a young child. He will be exhibiting and selling the wonders he creates with varying woods on Saturday, November 7th at the North Palm Beach Annual Arts & Crafts Fall Festival. Jerry’s wife, Lois, will also be exhibiting her intuitive paintings. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  



Annual North Palm Beach

Arts & Crafts Fall Festival




Saturday, November 7th



NPB Community Center

1200 Prosperity Farms Road

Lois and Jerry O’Brien

“Art from the Heart”:

Expressions on

 Turned Wood

& Canvas






Woodturned objects by Jerry O’Brien





Jerry O’Brien’s journey in wood working started at at his dad’s side in the garage at the ripe old age of 6 or 7.  He tells us, “I was Just barley tall enough to see over the table of our Craftsman Jigsaw. That was my introduction to wood working and as the years went by my love for wood grew and matured.   While in junior high school shop class we were introduced to the wood lathe and the wonderful things it could produce. At 13 years old I tuned my first bowl, and then a lamp, and then a “billy” club (why I don’t know)and then other items that mom just couldn’t part with. That intro to wood turning stayed with me but alas life took me forward and I relegated those experiences to the fond memories of junior high until my wife, Lois, and I spent time in the mountains of Georgia.





Jerry O’Brien




Jerry explains, ” My wife of 32 years, Lois and I have been blessed and have a second home in the mountains of Georgia where we spend time each year away from the hustle and bustle of West Palm Beach where I have been all my life. (Forest Hill ’68) While there, we enjoy attending arts and craft festivals in the summer. While attending a festival in Blairsville Ga. There were two booths displaying the artistry of several woodturners, their work was excellent and a wonder to touch ,hold, and admire…….the memories of junior high came flooding back. On our way back to Florida, I told Lois that I’d like to try my hand at woodturning again”.






Inside View of Woodturned Bowl by Jerry O’Brien

“I contacted the Palm Beach County Woodturners, became a member and was reintroduced to the wonders or the wood lathe all over again. Over the last 8 years I have had the pleasure of being instructed by some wonderful people, some very well know and truly masters of the craft, learning many different styles and skills along the way.  I’ve attended many woodturning seminars in various states. In my short career as a wood turner I’ve turned a variety of items including bowls, platters and hollow forms, pens, scoops, tops, bottle stoppers and objects d’art,” Jerry shares.






JerryOBrienwoodturnedvesselOctober 2015 018

Segmented Woodturned Vase by Jerry O’Brien

The segmented pieces are made from a combination of cherry,oak,maple and walnut.



“Segmenting is was a new skill set I learned. Using this technique in partnership with different woods allows the craftsman unlimited variety and patterns. These pieces are constructed by gluing individual pieces of wood together into a general shape and mounting them on the lathe where they are turned to the final shape. Challenging and beautiful, segmented bowls and other vessels are a true delight. As in all turned wood vessels each is one of a kind and supplies the owner with a unique sense of pride”, Jerry explains.







JerryObrienwoodturnedvase 026

Woodturned Vase by Jerry O’Brien




 “I enjoy turning the tropical woods available in Florida and the hardwoods I have access to in Georgia while there. Some of my Florida favorites are Mahogany, Norfolk Island Pine, Citrus of all varieties and a host of others. From my Georgia haunts come Spalted (weathered outside) Maple, River Cherry, Red Oak, Poplar, Hickory, Pecan and Walnut. My all time favorite is Ambrosia Maple”.



JerryOBrienwoodturnedvessel2015 019

Spalted Norfolk Island Pine Vase by Jerry O’Brien




“The pieces I produce on the lathe vary from bowls of all kinds both useful as well as artistic, hollow forms both large and small, vases,small items such as honey dippers and coffee scoops, writing pens and salt boxes. My newest skill set lies in using small pieces of wood cut at precise angles to make objects that are composed of many individual segments of wood. This give me the ability to produce wonderful patterns by using different species of wood to contrast and enhance each other in the designs”.


JerryObrienwoodturnedvase2015 022

Woodturned Vessel by Jerry O’Brien





Lois is a widely shown abstract, intuitive painter artist.  She was most recently chosen for an award at the Artists of Palm Beach County’s Abstract Exhibition. he and Jerry will be displaying their respective works at the North Palm Beach Arts and Crafts Show and would love to meet folks as they enjoy the show.




Lois O'Brien Dec, 2012

Intuitive Artist, Lois O’Brien




Jerry says, “Be advised that if you get me started about turning I’m quite a talker! When you come by our booth please feel free to pick up, handle and enjoy any of my works as I have simply taken something God has made and reshaped it into something meant to be handled and loved”.



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