Artists Judith And Jack Rosenberg Combine Art And Philanthropy With Public Reception And Exhibit

Artists Judith and Jack Rosenberg are bringing together two of their passions: philanthropy and art. On Monday, December 5th they will present a collection of their images – painting and photography. A Public, free  dessert and wine reception will be held at the Mandel JCC in Palm Beach Gardens. All proceeds will benefit the Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service, a non-denominational charity, of which they have been leaders for decades. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks!











Public dessert & wine reception

Monday, December 5th

7 – 9 pm

No RSVP necessary, no entry fee, free parking, open to the public

Mandel JCC

5221 Hood Road Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Exhibition Runs from Dec.5 through Dec.30

For more information please contact Carolyn Yasuna   561-762-9707

Jewish Family & Children’s Service for this event:





“Quartet” by Judith Rosenberg



Judith shares, “Painting and the creation of art are a great source of physical and intellectual pleasure.  Since retiring from Judith Jack, Inc., the jewelry design firm my husband, Jack and I founded, I’ve had the luxury of time to devote to a life-long love, the creation of art. Portraying women in all their diversity and drama is one of my inspirations. A merger of my original acrylic paintings and my latest interest – photography, is my newest body of work. My published writings on the subjects of historical fashion and jewelry, and the research necessary to be factual, have inspired me to portray women – bold, daring, playful or conservative – who so creatively present themselves to the world. Literature fashion, museums, architecture and nature have been influences as well”.



“Manhattan Style” by Judith Rosenberg



Judith’s  recent interest has led her to incorporate photography into her paintings. “I’ve recently designed a series of “Women of the Flowers.” A sequence of steps is performed to achieve what I hope are distinctive results: I paint in acrylics, photograph the image then using the computer, alter colors, change backgrounds -just keep designing . I work on these paintings until my head and my heart say, “Enough!” They are then printed on an aluminum sheet. This media method offers drama, elegance and quality that sets them apart from any other process – complete, unique and without the need for framing, ready to adorn your home!  There are endless uses for the various mediums and tools that are available for artistic expression. I hope that the observer truly enjoys the marrying of media and the many aspects of beauty I have chosen in creating my art”.




“Three martinis” by Jack Rosenberg





After graduating from Brooklyn College, Jack worked as a microbiologist and then as a medical supply salesman to doctors and hospitals. He tells us, “My growing interest in antique jewelry led me to become, along with my wife, Judith, co-founder and CEO of Judith Jack, Inc., a jewelry design firm with international sales. Together with the design staff, I took pleasure in putting my own ideas into play. After selling the business and retiring, my artistic side flowered. Charcoals, drawing, painting and sculpting became part of my ever-expressing means of creativity. My awareness of shapes, colors, textures and forms in their splendor impelled me to continue to investigate a variety of methods and materials”.




“Enchanting” by Jack Rosenberg





You can hear the excitement in Jack’s voice as he shares, “Then I discovered photography! I’d found my true love! Looking through a lens helps me see and appreciate the world around me in a new and exciting manner and shuts out everything except what I see in the lens. It’s the perfect medium for me. It permits me to fully and continuously express my artistic vision and share my passion with others.  My fundamental belief is that everything in our physical surroundings can become the subject of a meaningful photograph. I try to capture and express the essence of what I see through my lens. I relish humanizing inanimate objects and creating scenes from unexpected sources.  Every photograph tells a unique story – real or imagined – and, hopefully evokes thought and pleasure in the viewer’s mind.  The photographs here reflect my ongoing labor and explorations, allowing me to share my artistic sensibilities and pleasure with a wider audience. I truly hope they are enjoyed”!





For more information about Judith’s and Jack’s artwork:

Judith’s website:
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Town Of South Palm Beach Features Artwork Of Bonnie Wilburn And Dana Axel

The Community Affairs Advisory Board (CAAB) of the Town of South Palm Beach will present an art exhibit featuring Bonnie Wilburn and Dana Axel. A free Public Reception takes place on Sunday, January 10th in the afternoon at the Town Council Chambers.  Complimentary refreshments will be served and the public will have an opportunity to meet the artists.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  This exhibit will be available for a month.




The Community Affairs Advisory Board 










A  R  T  W  O  R  K  S    








Free, Opening Reception




Sunday, January 10, 2016
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm





Town Council Chambers

3577 S. Ocean Blvd.          South Palm Beach, FL  33480




Billbergia_02 eMail

“Billbergia” by Bonnie Wilburn


Bonnie Wilburn’s imagination is driven by her passion for self-expression through art. And her inspiration lives all around her! The flowers and plantings in her yard provide her with the images, while her paintings are noted for their unique style, elegance and technique.


BonnieWilburnRed Fusion

“Red Fusion” by Bonnie Wilburn


Bonnie often uses a palette knife to create these vibrant pieces of art. Having lived in the Palm Beaches most of her life and when her health forced an early retirement, Bonnie was able to focus on what comes most naturally … sharing her enthusiasm for living her life through bright & expressive artwork. Bonnie’s positive attitude is infectious!


BonnieWilburn.JPG jaded

“Jaded” by Bonnie Wilburn 





Painting by Dana Axel



Dan Axel tells The Rickie Report, “Early on, I was greatly influenced by my art professor, Perle Fine, (an artist in the Abstract Expressionist Movement of the 1950’s). She encouraged me to develop my own sense of style of Hard Edged Painting, in acrylics. The work is both non-representational and figurative”.




Painting by Dana Axel



Dana previously taught art in the Port Washington School District in New York. She shares, “Combining my love of art, and as a student of astrology, I have begun work on a series of paintings depicting women representing the energies of their sun sign”.



Painting by Dana Axel




For more information about this exhibit please contact

Bonnie Wilburn at:

Dana Axel at:





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CORDERO’s Paintings Remind Us That “The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul”

They say “the eyes are the windows of the soul” and the paintings of Floridian artist CORDERO confirm!  Her work is intensely emotive, not just because of her powerful, gestural brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and use of high contrast, but also because of the brilliant and captivating eyes of her figures.  This Fall/Winter, CORDERO is on the road again to Miami, New York, and Venice (Italy). Meet the artist on Saturday, November 14th from 7 – 10 pm and enjoy free refreshments and live music at Art Fusion Galleries in Miami/Wynwood. The exhibit, “Fusion XII~Infused” (Art Basel exhibition) runs through December 14th. If you are in the New York City area, you can see four of her portraits at the world renowned Agora Gallery’s  “Modalities of Expression” exhibition now through November 25th. The Rickie Report shares the details and some of CORDERO’s newest paintings and urges you to see them in person!



C   O   R   D   E   R   O



Saturday, November 14th

7 – 10 pm

Free Refreshments  and Live Music

Art Fusion Galleries

3550 N. Miami Avenue    Miami, FL 33127

Gallery Hours:  M – Saturday  11 am – 6 pm






CORDERO_Art Fusion Galleries Oct 2015 Gala Reception

CORDERO at Art Fusion Galleries Oct., 2015 Gala Reception



Blending realism with surrealism, CORDERO’s paintings are not portraits of actual people, but serve as representations of her own inner emotions and psychology. A talented sculptor as well as a painter, CORDERO approaches painting in a physical way, intuitively building layers of paint with a palette knife until an image emerges and “speaks” to her. It is then that she knows what the painting wants to say.





“Shades of Gray” by CORDERO





She tells The Rickie Report, “I create images in which the activity of ‘looking’ is a central, visual device,” CORDERO explains, adding that the deeply expressive eyes and emotive facial expressions are the hallmarks of her portraits, as they “beckon the viewer to see the true beauty that lies within the larger image.”




  • After spending the summer months working on her new paintings, this Fall/Winter, CORDERO takes to the road again to Miami, New York, and Venice. CORDERO’s works are on display now at Art Fusion Galleries in Miami/Wynwood, which is celebrating its 14th Anniversary in Miami/Wynwood with “Fusion XII~Infused” (Art Basel exhibition) through December 14th. And, if you are in the New York City area or planning a trip to the “Big Apple” we invite you to see four of her portraits at the world renowned Agora Gallery for the “Modalities of Expression” exhibition now through November 25th. Visit





  • CORDERO’s artist profile will be among the artists featured in ArtisSpectrum Magazine, November issue, on store shelves by mid-November or you can visit the online version




CorderoSomething About You 36w x 48h oil on canvas

“Something About You” by CORDERO



Painting stylish, contemporary portraits of women with expressive strokes of oil paint on canvas, CORDERO creates works that confront the viewer, portraits that stare directly outward with their enigmatic, complex eyes and gazes creating a subliminal dialogue. Each of CORDERO’S images becomes a stylized female face, rendered with exaggerated colors and dynamic color combinations. Voluptuous, vividly colored lips and carefully articulated eyes serve as points of focus on each canvas. Long strands of multicolored hair frame each carefully contoured, tangibly dimensional face.



CorderoGreen Eyes 36w x 48h oil on canvas

“Green Eyes” by CORDERO




CORDERO gives each woman well-defined features, cutting into light colors with saturated or dark pigments to create high cheek bones, arched eyebrows and flecks of colored light. When painting the faces, CORDERO is conveying her own soul and emotional experiences to the viewer. She paints intuitively, creating each work in tandem with her materials. Each larger than life painting has evolved from the artist’s assertive, playful nature.




CorderoShades of Grey #2

“Shades Of Gray #2” by CORDERO




An internationally acclaimed artist, CORDERO has shown her work worldwide, from New York to Miami, and in Paris at the Grand Palais for the annual “Art En Capital” exhibition held by the French Ministry of Culture & Communication. In February 2016, she will show her work at Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti in Venice, Italy.





CorderoViolet 48h x 36w oil on canvas

“Violet” by CORDERO






“For me, creating art is a transcendental experience where I connect with the creative energy of the Universe through meditation. My soul is my studio. It is in this quiet space that ideas and feelings meld together, then emerge as images filled with light, love, and beauty…

My paintings of women’s faces are an outward expression of my soul. They express the emotive and intuitive states of mind that I connect with, manifesting in the form of masterful and expressive strokes of oil color onto the blank white space of the canvas. It is my joy to evoke the Muse and its messages through highly gestural brushstrokes of soft and vibrant passages of oil color. There is no pre-conceived image in my mind. With each brushstroke and nuance of color the image soon emerges and ‘speaks’ to me. That’s when I discover what the image has to say…in a sense, it’s my ‘aha moment.’ And, sculpting faces for over 30 years has given me the ability to create the illusion of lifelike three-dimensionality and structure in my portraits. It’s my soulful journey to create beauty which connects emotionally with the viewer.”



For more information please contact:

 And Visit



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