OSGS Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Public Reception

It’s time to celebrate the 1st anniversary of OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery Studio! For this special milestone, The Rickie Report takes a close look at what makes this gallery such a beacon for art buyers, art lovers and artists alike. In this article we celebrate the artists and the initiatives of owners Evelyn and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla.  Stop by during their Open House! Details and interview are here.







Ortiz Smykla Gallery Studio


Invites You to Celebrate

Friday, March 28th   6-9 pm

500 Northwood Road   W.Palm Beach, FL






Currently on exhibit at OSGS are: Ilene Adams, Dianne Bernstein, Claudia Bloch, Sheree Blum, Marie-Claude Desorcy, Gail Erickson, Luke Gardner, Jeff Green, Henri Louis Hirschfeld, Irene Jalowayski, Helen Kagan, Robin Kimball, Ian Levinson, Lew Mayer, Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla, Molly Potter, John Rachell, Jim Rigg, Tim Rivers, Julie Roberts, Elayna Toby Singer, Ebba TinWin and Steve Wallace.



photo 1 (4)


TRR:   As OSGS celebrates its first anniversary opening in Northwood, can you take us through the process from your initial thoughts to actually opening?



It comes as a surprise to both Jonathon and me that the year has sped by so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday we were contemplating the thought of a gallery and working together on the project.  Where to begin, cost, location, and business plan were all questions we posed to each other and our spouses.  This was, after all, a family affair and one that would impact us all.  Evelyn just hit retirement and Jonathon was at a crossroads with his professional outlook.  This new venture seemed to fit our paths.

 photo 3 (2)


Months prior to my retirement from the 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals kept me very busy with the idea of a gallery.  With a masters degree in Library Science specializing in archives and conservation, I had already worked in a business library as well as corporate, special and university libraries.  I had researched the venture we would be undertaking and knew that selling art would not be easy.


We both knew that we had something special to contribute to the world of art.  Jonathon holds the masters degree in landscape architecture from Auburn and worked with firms in Montgomery, Atlanta and West Palm Beach.  He also created his own art (painting, rock posters, screen printing and photography), exhibited in several galleries, and accepted commissions (his art even appears on race cars!).   Before becoming a librarian I earned my undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Alabama.  I painted and created fiber arts.  My knowledge of modern art is so extensive that years ago on a visit to the Birmingham Museum of Art I even discovered that one of Rauschenberg’s works was hung the wrong way!




"Shape Shifter" mobile



Showing no fear and only enthusiasm we set forth the task of doing our research on what it takes to run a gallery in today’s market.  With tenacity, love of art, empathy, and courage mixed with fearless wonder we did our leg work.  We read such books as Making It in the Art World: New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money, by Brainard Carey.  We did our literature research by reading articles, looking at multiple business plans and contacting SCORE here in West Palm Beach.  We trained with a custom framer and attended workshops to learn and hone our skills in custom framing.  We visited several different locations, in particular, those that Jonathon felt had the most potential for creative arts and growth.  We joined the Chamber of Commerce and took advantage of the many workshops and lectures as well as opportunities for networking.


Dinner Set, handmade glass


Still, art is a hard sell, and takes a lot of creativity and working in tandem with artists and the art community.  So while we located our current location and went about the business of renovating the space, Jonathon went to work on our web page and social media.  I took on the arduous task of getting licenses, security, insurance and tax needs necessary to run a business, as well as teaching myself how to operate an online bookkeeping system.  We did our homework and researched different operating contracts for exhibiting artists before deciding on what we felt would be beneficial to both the artist and us.


Teacups by Robin Kimball

Art is not only a ‘hard sell’ but we opened our doors when the economy was (and is still is) suffering from the economic downturn.  The business model we developed has worked for us so far.  We are still a ‘new’ business and it will definitely take more time to establish our roots, but we are on the right path.


We started our space with an empty shell that needed a lot of work.  After making a number of renovations and improvements, we designed many floorplans before deciding on a one that worked best for our spatial experience.  Our end result matched our vision within the walls we had.

 photo 1


Eventually we got to a point where we needed to send out ‘calls to artists’  that may want to exhibit with us.  We have been very fortunate in having talented artists approach us and allow us to exhibit incredibly excellent diverse art.


The Rickie Report was crucial in shining a light on our new venture with artists across the Palm Beaches.  That was really an early cornerstone of our success.  Without The Rickie Report we would not have been able to bring talented artists into our gallery in such a short period of time. Those artists provided a lot of feedback and insight that we took seriously and used to help build our vision as well.



"Irish Beauty" by Diane Bernstein


TRR:  How have you integrated into the community?


The idea of giving back to others is not new to us because we are suddenly business owners.  Our family has always given back in many different ways.  The online art auction we sponsored in February with all proceeds benefitting Place of Hope is a recent example.  Our artists supported us and donated beautiful pieces to the auction.



Last summer we initiated Bring Your Own Chair Lecture Series (BYOC).  This initiative offers free lectures by our exhibiting artists to the community in order to learn more about art, different mediums/techniques, and what it takes to create, experiment, and have fun with art, either through educational training or self training.  Through BYOC we’ve made art more approachable and not so far fetched to the community.




ArtSynery was another way we integrated into the community in our first year of business.  Aside from our individual artists and exhibitions, ArtSynergy allowed us to reach beyond the Northwood Village corridor.  We cannot put into words how exciting it was for us to have been a direct part of ArtPalmBeach. That our gallery and our exhibited artists were awarded a prestigious opportunity to exhibit in that art fair!  That was followed by seeing more of our artists represented in the American International Fine Art Fair.





We worked very hard with the other gallery owners in Northwood to reach new goals and to establish Northwood as an art destination for West Palm Beach.   We helped establish the Second Saturday Art Walks as well as our own gallery exhibitions.  Essentially we’re not just juggling our own business affairs but also helping to see that Northwood turns the corner and becomes something better as well.


 red and black skewed bowl 72 use2

TRR:  What are the most important things we should know about OSGS?



  • We are here to share the experience of beauty, creativity and wonder.
  • We hope to bring joy and pride to the community.
  • We are neighbors and friends to all that enter or pass our doors.
  • We want OSGS to be a venue where artists can exhibit their works to further their exposure.
  • We want the community to know that we Custom Frame for the Public!!!  Yes, this is a priority for us as a business because it brings in critical funding for OSGS to stay afloat.  Persons have come in for framing and walked out with art from our gallery.
  • We work hard to find new ways to bring exposure to both OSGS and Northwood Village.  We are a young business and we are trying new things, most of them for the first time.
  • We encourage any artist looking for gallery representation to contact us.  We consider every artist that approaches us.


photo 2

TRR: What are your goals for the coming year?


  •  Slow and steady is our mantra.  We know baby steps is the best way to move forward.
  •  We would like to offer more receptions, continue with our BYOC summer lecture series, continue to offer our assistance to non-profits, and expand our framing business.
  •  We want to continue to work on our gallery and be proud of what we have accomplished together as a team.  
  • We want to connect art with other businesses in Northwood.  Merging food, art, fashion and the like will be the best way to ensure positive growth — make each and every day the best day to shop and dine Northwood.

 photo 3 (4)

TRR:  Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?


We come from a long line of service providers, dream makers, and putting others first, so keep an eye on us.

Something to keep an eye on – Our Website!  We are currently revamping our website and hope to launch the new version OSGS 2.0 within the next few weeks!  It will include all you need to know about OSGS and our exhibiting artists but we will also be offering purchasing options on all items currently on exhibit through the website.  www.OSGSart.com



As always, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow each and every step as we grow well into the future.  Stay up-to-date with all of OSGS events.
…And We Custom Frame for the Public!!

We are always looking for artists seeking representation.  Please email us if you are interested.  We have options for exhibition space and reception opportunities.


Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla
OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio
p: 561-833-2223   e: OSGSart@hotmail.com    www.OSGSart.com
Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart


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OSGS Gallery Offers Online Art Auction to Benefit Place of Hope

On Tuesday, February 4, OSGS|Ortiz-Smykla Gallery-Studio of West Palm Beach, FL, will launch an online charitable art auction to benefit Place of Hope.  Oil, pastel, plein air, giclee and acrylic paintings, ceramics, photography, jewelry, digital art, pigment-glass antique doily design dinner plates, mixed media on wood, silk screen prints, and mobiles were graciously donated by talented artists and the children at Place of Hope.  The Rickie Report urges you to go online and bid!  We share the details about the auction and an interview with SarahAnne Livoti from Place of HopeThe online auction opens on Tuesday, February 4 and closes on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14 at 6 pm.





OSGS Gallery in Northwood

Runs Online Art Auction



Place of Hope

Virtual Auction Opens Tuesday February 4, 2014



OSGS Charity Flyer




 On Tuesday, February 4, OSGS|Ortiz-Smykla Gallery-Studio of West Palm Beach, Florida, will launch an online charitable art auction to benefit Place of Hope Oil, pastel, plein air, giclee and acrylic paintings, ceramics, photography, jewelry, digital art, pigment-glass antique doily design dinner plates, mixed media on wood, silk screen prints, and mobiles were graciously donated by talented artists and the children at Place of Hope.  The online auction opens on Tuesday, February 4 and closes on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14 at 6 pm


Visit the online art auction now: biddingforgood.com/PlaceofHope for an early look at art for your home and/or workplace.



Dinner Set, handmade glass

Dinner Set, handmade glass




Place of Hope is a unique faith-based, state-licensed child welfare organization providing family-style foster care; family outreach and intervention; maternity care; safety for victims of domestic minor sex trafficking; transitional housing and support services; adoption and foster care recruitment and support; and hope and healing opportunities for children and families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect throughout our region.




"Newport Coast"

“Newport Coast”



The Rickie Report spoke with Sarah Anne Livoti about Place of Hope.  It is hard to imagine this large and extensive organization grew out of the desire of Christ Fellowship Church to reach out and help just one child.  While their program is faith-based, one does not need to be a believer to get involved.  








We noticed that at “Seven Stars”, craft projects are a regular part of the routine.  Sarah was excited at the idea of local artists volunteering a few hours of their time to feature a craft or art project for a group of children.  She stressed that this does not have to be a long-term commitment  (though Place of Hope welcomes those as well).




"Name That Tune"

“Name That Tune”



Since the children at Place of Hope range in 5 to 18 years of age, their needs vary.  Experiencing art with a community-cased artist would give them a new, inspiring experience. In addition, volunteers can speak about how to open a bank account, how to register to vote or share a beneficial skill that will make a difference in the lives for their future.  Sharing information about your career can ignite a spark that will take a child further into a positive life situation.



"Shape Shifter" mobile

“Shape Shifter” mobile



When asked about direct donations, Sarah referred to the exciting online auction being spearheaded by Evelyn Ortiz Smykla and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla of OSGS Gallery.  Offers of art materials are always welcome and they are most welcome with someone to lead an activity. 



"Born to Die"

“Born to Die”



For more information about volunteering, please go to  their website and click on “contact us” or “take action”.  Everyone is welcome to attend a tour and learn more.  The Rickie Report knows that helping a child now will make our communities better places in the future.



"Night Moves"

“Night Moves”


Place of Hope is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.  All winning bids are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.   To learn more about Place of Hope visit http://www.PlaceofHope.com.


SarahAnne Livoti    Special Projects Manager  Place of Hope
: 561.775.7195 I f: 561.775.1758 I 8www.placeofhope.com
9078 Isaiah Lane I Palm Beach Gardens I FL I 33418

“Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless…” Isaiah 1:17



"Tropical Garden Scene"

“Tropical Garden Scene”


For more information about art and custom framing at OSGS|Ortiz-Smykla Gallery-Studio, visit their website at http://www.OSGSArt.com,http://www.facebook.com/OSGSArt.







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You Are Invited to Robin Kimball’s Exhibit at OSGS

Robin Kimball’s paintings can best be described as “modern realism with a heavy influence of  Vermeer, Velasquez, the impressionists and contemporary realists”.  Her paintings and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are currently being featured at OSGS Gallery in Northwood Village. Robin’s artistic flair and conceptual creativity has been long-known to art lovers from New England.  We are happy to say she now has her home and studio in Palm Beach.  The public is invited to the opening reception on February 7th. The Rickie Report shares the details in this article.







OSGS Gallery


Robin Kimball

Opening Reception

Friday, February 7th

 6 – 8 pm

500 Northwood Road     W.Palm Beach, FL




Robin, originally from Massachusetts, studied fine arts at Boston University and worked as a graphic designer and then as a jewelry and home accessories designer. While living in Boston, Robin studied with many well-known painters and expanded her painting career while being represented by the Richard James Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina and the Charlestown Gallery in Rhode Island.





Robin now lives in Palm Beach and maintains a studio and studies with Miroslav Antic at the Armory Art Center. She says, “ My work can best be described as modern realism and is heavily influenced by artists such as Vermeer, Velasquez, the impressionists and contemporary realists”.


Robin Kimball in the studio

Robin Kimball in the studio





Robin has been drawn to antiquities and often uses objects and photographs from the 1800’s through the 1950’s as painting subjects.  This theme has carried through to her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.  She says, ” Both my paintings and jewelry showcase my love of color and pattern. They each rely on the reflection of light and color to achieve the results that I find most exciting! ”



Teacups by Robin Kimball

Teacups by Robin Kimball




Her whimsical series of paintings of vintage teacups, often juxtaposed against outdoor scenes will certainly catch your eye and are reminiscent of something from Alice in Wonderland.  Her figure paintings are nostalgic views painted from old black and white family photographs but are “colorized” with her own magic touch.




Painting by Robin Kimball

Painting by Robin Kimball



Robin’s jewelry, also with her vintage flair, will be on view and for sale. This is one show you won’t want to miss!  While in Northwood, you can browse through the many other galleries and shops and stop in on of the new restaurants that has arisen in historic area.




Bracelet by Robin Kimball

Bracelet by Robin Kimball



As for the gallery, art runs in the veins of gallery curators Evelyn and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla. OSGS, is the embodiment of their love of art, and for sharing the work of talented artists. On any given day, a visit to their gallery sends guests crossing paths with a variety of works in many mediums that include modern-art paintings, sculptures, and home wares. But the team also does their own creating inside the studio: custom framing is available with a large number of options for materials, glass, matting, and mounting. The gallery also brings in guest speakers for the Bring Your Own Chair lecture series, whose dates are published on the gallery’s website. The gallery is located at 500 Northwood Road in West Palm Beach.



For more information a hour Robin Kimball’s work please visit http://robinkimballartist.com/


For more information about OSGS:  Visit our website for more information about the gallery visit: http://www.osgsart.com/    Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla     OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio  p: 561-833-2223 OSGSart@hotmail.com      www.OSGSart.com        http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart




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Attached are photos to accompany a Reception Announcement for Robin Kimball that is happening on Feb. 7th.
Here is a link to her website:

Experience Art in a New Way With Art Synergy / Art Palm Beach!

The inauguration of Art Synergy, the first countywide gallery walk weekend taking place in 6 art districts and coinciding with Art Palm BeachSupported by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Mayor’s Offices, DDA and Community Redevelopment Agencies, Art Synergy will include gallery receptions, open artist studios, performances, museum openings, lectures, cutting edge fashion shows and special architectural tours. The Rickie Report is pleased to be an underwriter of Art Synergy and hopes you’ll attend these exciting events!  More details are in this article.








The inauguration of “Art Synergy”, the first countywide gallery walk weekend taking place in 6  art districts and coinciding with Art Palm Beach. Supported by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Mayor’s Offices, DDA and Community Redevelopment Agencies, Art Synergy will include gallery receptions, open artist studios, performances, museum openings, lectures and special architectural tours.  These events are focused on promoting contemporary galleries and emerging artists as well as established museums, not for profit art centers, university galleries and a growing number of international artists now drawn to these historic art community districts.






Art Synergy includes the following Palm Beach County Art Districts:

Continuum West Palm Beach

Continuum West Palm Beach

 312 Clematis Street, Downtown West Palm Beach, FL


Clematis Street is the historical heart of Downtown West Palm Beach. The Clematis flower ironically is known as the “traveler’s joy”. The vision for the Continuum location 312 Clematis is just that, the traveler’s joy in experiencing art in the Art & Entertainment location of central West Palm Beach.

Gallery on Clematis in Downtown West Palm Beach


Eight minutes away from the Palm Beach County Convention, Continuum is the quintessential core of where art and culture is flourishing in the Downtown District.  In partnership with the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, Continuum will have a diverse representation of artists of different disciplines partnered with music to keep the momentum of the DDA’s vision of being the arts & entertainment hub of Downtown WPB.

Full Schedule of Events for Continuum:


VIP Night: Black Tie & Sneakers
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 6pm-11pm
Sneakers from the public to donate to Divinity Dance’s the Souled Out Project shoe for charity

  • Silent auction of sneakers painted by artists and donated to charity.
  • Live Body Painting
  • Singer Raquel Williams
  • Fusion Fashion & Art show
  • My Face and Body Arts Studio
    • Charity recipient:  Faith’s Place Center For Education, Inc.
  • Food

Happy Hour with Bombay Sapphire
Thursday, January 23, 2014 7pm-10pm

  • Live Art in the window
  • Live cube painting
  • LS 1426 Fashion Show
  • Food & Music

Indigo Unplugged by Smooth Bounce Entertainment
Friday, January 24, 2014 12pm-12am

  • Open mic, singing, spoken word – Smooth Bounce Entertainment 7pm – 11pm
  • Student Symphony
  • Live Art in window

Saturday, January 25, 2014 12pm-12am

  • South Florida Symphony
  • Speaking Volumes
  • Live Art in window

Brunch and Lecture
Sunday, January 26, 2014 11am-6pm

  • Discussion Panel
  • Brunch
All food each night will be provided by restaurants located directly in the Downtown District of West Palm Beach, courtesy of the DDA of West Palm Beach.  Information subject to change.


Antique Row West Palm Beach



Antique Row Art Walk

January 23-25, 2014

South Dixie Highway (Between Belvedere and Southern Blvds)  West Palm Beach, FL


Galleries will be open all 4 days from 6-9pm.

The special art walk, South Dixie Antique Row Art Walk will take place on Sunday the 26th from 4-6 pm.

‘Art Synergy is a wonderful county wide celebration of art in Palm Beach County, our little niche on Antique Row between Belvedere and Southern Blvd is full of variety, powerful artwork and elegant settings, all with in walking distance of each other’ -Jamnea Finlayson

Participating Galleries

Sean Rush Atelier
3700 S. Dixie Hwy
classical figure drawings and Equine series paintings by Sean Rush.

Cashmere Buffalo
3709 S. Dixie Hwy
featuring the monochromatic works of Harlene Goldstein

Objects 20c
3611 S. Dixie Hwy

Mary Woerner Fine Arts
3700 S. Dixie Hwy #7
contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture, collage, photography and original graphics.

JF Gallery
3901 S. Dixie Hwy
Contemporary Gallery featuring mainly Abstract and Abstract Expressionism


Worth Avenue Art Walk

January 23-26, 2014    5pm – 8pm


Participating Galleries


Arcature Fine Art

318 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Ryan Ross

Holden Luntz Gallery
332 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Jodi

Mark Borghi Fine Art
255 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Mark Borghi

Gallery Biba
224A Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Biba

DTR Modern Galleries
440 South County Rd at Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Bryan Walsh

Wally Findlay Galleries International
165 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – lars

Taglialatella Galleries
313 ½ Worth Avenue
In the Via Bice
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – David Ginn

Russek Gallery
203 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Sloane Russek

Gavlak Gallery
249B Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact- Karene

Surovek Gallery
349 Worth Avenue
12 Via Parigi
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact- Clay Surovek

Gasiunasen Gallery
400 Worth Avenue at Peruvian Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Donna Tribby

Galleria of Sculpture
11 Via Parigi| Worth Avenue
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Cheryl Sundell

Liman Studio Gallery
139 N County Rd| in the historic Paramount Building
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Contact – Ellen Liman




Art al’Fresco

January 24, 2014

Boynton Beach Art District


404-422 West Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.

ARTal’FRESCO 2014, is a one night fashion, art, and culture exhibition in Boynton Beach which will feature a unique art experiences at BBAD, recently recognized as the “Best Art Walk 2013.” Special presentations include: live painting in artists studio settings, plein air painting, contemporary sculpture installation, a glass blowing demonstration, painting and photography exhibitions, video projection and interactive BBAD studio visits. Entertainment is provided by the South Florida Symphony Brass Ensemble, illuminated performance by Philosiphiers, photo ops with Fusion: Fashion and Art’s living sculptures staged in front of the districts “ActivistArtistA Bay Gates” mural project wearing couture art inspired fashions. Graffiti artists who painted the doors and walls will be adding finishing touches to their murals to add to the many art experiences.



Art Palm Beach ticket holders will enjoy access a VIP catered area, sponsored by The Little House, where a meet and greet with some of the Art Palm Beach’s main speakers and presenters, as well as, a visit to the ActivistArtistA Gallery’s Exhibition “Sensibilities” featuring the work of Ali Miranda and Cheryl Maeder, Curator: Rolando Chang Barrero. DJ music provided by Audio Playground Entertainment will keep the action going into the late hours of the night.



A FREE luxury bus tour sponsored by The City of Boynton Beach will offer Art Palm Beach attendees an informative and entertaining tour to Boynton Beach. The four hour tour pick up time is 6:15pm at the Convention Center. The tour will travel to the Boynton Beach Art in Public Places, Avenue of the Arts out door exhibition of twelve sculptures set in an urban environment. At 7:40pm the bus will arrive at the BBAD, Boynton Beach Arts District for the ARTal’FRESCO exhibitions. The luxury busses will be boarded at 10:00 pm to travel back to the Convention Center. To register please visit this website or call Lori J. Durante, ARTalFRESCO Tour.






ArtX at Historic Northwood Village

January 25, 2014  6 – 11 pm

Historic Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, FL

Guided Art Walk of Galleries 6pm-9pm Artist demonstrations, lectures, and art exhibitions See below for participating galleries in the Historic Northwood Village art district. Grand Finale: Fashion Show by Fusion Fashion & Art 9pm Emerging from the galleries, models will appear on the catwalk for a marvelous fashion and art show. Over 50 artists will be presenting all new works of fashion and art on the runway.

Participating Galleries


Hennevelt’s Gallery  510 Northwood Rd.

  • Group Exhibition
  • Painting Demonstration


Northwood Glass Art & Gifts  524 Northwood Rd.

  • Student show of mosaic and fused glass.
  • Painting Demonstration


OSGS, Ortiz-Smykla Gallery-Studio 500 Northwood Rd.

  • Group Exhibition
  • Lecture/Demonstration


Bohemia AG 536 Northwood Rd.

  • Group Exhibition
  • Artist meet and greet


Suzanne Connors Fine Art Gallery  538 Northwood Rd.

  • Art to Wear Trunk Show Event


Harold’s Coffee Lounge   509 Northwood Rd.

  • Local artist painting exhibit


Jabo  437 Northwood Rd.

  • Group Exhibition


Christopher Gatelock Imagine Studios & Art Gallery  512 Northwood Rd.

  • Photographic Art Exhibit & Tour


RAW Gallery  508A Northwood Rd.

  • Collage Demonstration by owner/artist Dee Carnelli


Gallery 418  418 Northwood Rd.

  • This gallery offers a spontaneous mix of Mid century, modern, antiques, furnishings, lighting, fine art, rugs, one of a kind pieces for your home.


CCE (Creative Center for Creative Education)  425  24th Street

  • “Circus at the Center” event (Tuesday, January 28th, the day after Art Palm Beach weekend)



Lula’s Art Pop


January 26, 2014


LULA Lake Worth Arts District: Featuring a colorful, artistic, and vibrant cultural landscape along the main streets located west of Dixie Highway, Lake and Lucerne, visitors can find the energetic Urban Arts Lofts of Lake Worth. The eclectic mix of galleries, music venues and unique specialty studios means there is never a shortage of things to do.

The first art walk at the Urban Arts Lofts:   12:00pm to 7:00pm


Urban Arts Lofts & Participating Downtown Galleries located at Lucerne Avenue and F Street in Lake Worth, FL

The Artists and the Lofts invite you to come and experience a day of Art Loft living. The walk will include live art demonstrations, assemblage of an air sculpture, musical and dance performances, ceramic creations, handmade drums and custom built furniture. Art Pop’s main event will be featuring 11 different galleries open to the public located at 1204 Lucerne also known as the Urban Arts Lofts (UAL).


The Urban Arts Lofts (UAL) consists of 12, brand new, two-story live/work lofts in the heart of the City. The three essential elements of this federally funded project included: style, sustainability and affordability. The Urban Arts Lofts provides workspace along with affordable housing for artists. These lots were once blighted and underutilized but the development of energy efficient/green units has helped market the City and given a real focus on setting the standard for arts and culture.




Full Schedule of Events and Galleries participating



Celestial Hunter Drums
1202 Lake Avenue, Deco Building

  • Live drum exhibition
  • Drums are hand made by the owners

Antonio Designs
1205 Lucerne Avenue, Deco Building

  • Handmade semi precious stone jewelry
  • Jewelry demonstrations

Andrea Lambrakis
1204 Lucerne Avenue, Floridian Building

  • Ceramic Art & Paintings

Yury Darashkevich1204 Lucerne Avenue, Floridian Building

  • Open Exhibit

Unit 1
1202 Lucerne Avenue, Modern Building

  • Exhibit opening that day
  • Live music

Studio C
1205 Lucerne Avenue, Deco Building

  • Studio C is a creative furniture and home decor workshop. We artistically customize and design around each client’s vision.

Kristine Yeste
(1202 Lake Avenue, Deco Building)

  • Paintings, prints, and a few stuffed toys
  • Live art toy as people pass by
  • Live music

JaiStar Productions
1205 Lucerne Avenue, Deco Building

  • Ecstatic Dance event
  • Live Music
  • 12 minute Visionary ART Movie
  • Visionary art collection on canvas (Giclee’s; natural 3-D effects and I have 3-D glasses to view art with)

Louise Noakes
1202 Lucerne Avenue, Modern Building

  • Exhibition of work will include fine art photography and feature “the digital transfer process”.
  • Live demonstrations how this exciting process is done.

1202 Lucerne Avenue, Modern Building

  • Visual artists in Lake Worth focusing on journalistic, real-life film and photography as well as art installations



Downtown Lake Worth, long known for its charming eccentricities in art deco architecture, culture and people has opened its arms to a rebirth of some of the finest visual arts, experimental music forms, dance and theater groups. This is reflected in the many locally-owned boutiques, art galleries, vintage shops, and specialty and jewelry stores. Flamingo Clay StudioLake Worth Art League Gallery Art Link International, Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery, Bruce Webber Galleries, Maryanne Webber Galleries, Margot Stein Gallery, Artefact Pardo Gallery, McMow Art Glass, Art Gallery Designs, Shoe String Designs, Local Smoking Domain,  and Artisans on the Ave. are just a few of the participating galleries.


For information on LULA’s Art Pop check out www.lakewortharts.com or call 561.493.2550

For more information about Art Synergy visit the Art Palm Beach Week website.




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OSGS Hosts Holiday Reception, Featuring Glass Artist, Irene Jalowayski

The Rickie Report has watched as people fall  in love with Irene Jalowayski’s glass art.  A relatively emerging artist, she is being featured at an open reception at OSGS in Northwood.  Irene takes her fused glass pieces and creates truly one-of-a-kind affordable jewelry, sushi dishes, menorahs, and a variety of Christmas serving pieces.  Stop by on November 22nd and then plan a nice dinner at one of the dining spots in the Northwood neighborhood!  More details are in this article.





Evelyn and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla invite everyone to their Holiday Reception on Friday, November 22nd  from 6 – 9 pm.  Ortiz-Smykla |Gallery Studio is located at 500 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL.  The Northwood neighborhood offers a wide variety of dining options for those who want to have dinner after the reception.  This reception will feature the glass art pieces created by Irene Jalowayski.





Irene Jalowayski  has always been an art lover and collector.  She began taking fused art glass classes six years ago.  


Bracelet with Round Silver Wave and Dichroic Glass Cabachon

Bracelet with Round Silver Wave and Dichroic Glass Cabachon



She has studied with Sidney Escowitz and taken classes at McMow Art Glass Center and at Art Glass Environments.  Irene now has her own studio and her hobby has become her passion.  


"Lady in Red"

“Lady in Red”

Irene was a featured, emerging artist at ArtiGras, 2013.   Working with glass has allowed her to express her creativity and love for color, shape and form. 


Christmas Tree Bowl

Christmas Tree Bowl


Irene gets lost in her work and experiences a thrill every time she opens the kiln.


"Green Face"

“Green Face”

Irene’s fused art glass pieces are full of color with lots of dichroic glass mixed with beautiful bright backgrounds.  Each piece is finished with a frame or stand, making it ready to show.


Red and Black Bowl

Red and Black Bowl


Some are sculptural and some functional objects for the home including large and small bowls, dishes, platters, salt and pepper shakers, olive oil bottles, sushi dishes and serving utensils.


"Faucet Table"

“Faucet Table”


Irene creates small accent tables with vintage or antique bases and art glass tops.

"Star Menorah"

“Star Menorah”

Irene also has Judaic pieces which include Shabbat sets, candlesticks, menorahs and mezuzahs.


Matzah Plate

Matzah Plate


Functional items include bowls, dishes, platters and many other fun pieces to showcase in your home.


"Shabbat Set"

“Shabbat Set”


Irene’s hand-made glass pieces make wonderful gifts.


Candle Holders

Candle Holders


For more information about OSGS:  Visit our website for more information about us:  http://www.osgsart.com/    Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla     OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio  p: 561-833-2223 OSGSart@hotmail.com      www.OSGSart.com       Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart


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For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

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The Rickie Report

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“Red Diamonds Grey Gold” Tells of Juan Plaza’s Experiences of the Gold Rush in the Amazon rainforest

The Rickie Report has written about Juan Plaza’s extraordinary artistry as “Dr. Wiggls”.  Now we share his experiences as a young surveyor in the gold and diamond open-pit mines in the Amazon Rainforest.  From early reviews, “Red Diamonds, Grey Gold” is about Juan’s adventures as well as a stark reminder of what gold mining with mercury pollution is doing to one of the last pristine environments on the planet.  OSGS, where Juan exhibits and sells his pointillist drawings, is hosting a Public Reception/ Lecture on Saturday, November 16th.  Juan will be selling his book at this Book Release at a discount and will also be signing his book!  Details are in this article.





Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery Studio




Juan Plaza


Public Reception/Book Release


“Red Diamonds, Grey  Gold”


Saturday, November 16th

4 – 6 pm

500 Northwood Road   W. Palm Beach, FL



Juan the Surveyor is a chronological narration of Juan B. Plaza’s adventures as a young surveyor in a gold and diamond open pit mine in the Amazon rainforest during the area gold rush of the early 80’s.


Book Context

The events take place in an area where the government of Venezuela was offering mining concessions to companies and/or individuals interested in exploring and exploiting gold and diamond concerns in the undeveloped southern portion of the country. Geologically speaking gold and diamonds have a very similar weight and in alluvium conditions tend to deposit in close proximity. This is why the purpose of mining in this area is to extract both minerals at the same time.


Red Diamonds, Grey Gold Cover-1


This region of the Amazon is inhabited mainly by the Pemon Indians, but in this particular sub-region some Yanomami men and women have established themselves attracted by the mining activity. Juan was assigned two members of the tribe as his guides, companions, translators and eventually invaluable teachers in the ways of the jungle.



“As it happened, one of my formal teachers at the university was tired of teaching and urban life and had decided to apply for one of these available concessions and therefore needed a surveyor to complete the legal delimitation. In a matter of weeks I was squarely in the middle of nowhere, confronted with a completely different world; a world of unlimited possibilities and countless dangers. My then recently acquired engineering knowledge and skills were quickly put to the test in an area where building materials and skilled labor were easily accessible but radically different from those I learned in college. Using only what was available in the jungle, my Yanomami assistants and I combined our knowledge and skills to design and build contraptions needed to carry out our work”, Juan shares.


Juan B. Plaza at the Mine Site

Juan B. Plaza at the Mine Site


The cover of National Geographic Magazine issue of August, 2003 is dedicated to the Hidden Tribes of the Amazon. For months, Juan lived with one of the largest tribes, the Yanomami while performing his surveying work, geological exploration and sampling.  More than once the Yanomami saved his life and once he was able to return the favor!



Juan tells us, “This book is about my adventures in a hostile environment, at 100% humidity for weeks on end; surrounded by unimaginable wealth, reflected in the thousands of raw diamonds and the pounds of gold that I was exposed to during my tenure in the mining areas.” (See Chapter 3, Gomes and the Concept of Honesty)



This book is also about the rudimentary techniques that miners are still using in this once pristine environment and how these techniques are not only polluting the Amazon but how they are slowly poisoning the Yanomami, the Pemones and the miners themselves.


Toribio Diver

Toribio Diver

Juan explains, “The techniques involving mercury used in the early 80’s have been “upgraded” by fly-by-night miners who are now using modern machinery to process even more quantities of material (sand) and therefore increasing exponentially the pollution. The current political climate in Venezuela has not helped the situation either. Confusion and corruption are contributing to less inspection and more informal mining than before.”


The situation is dire and a book raising awareness to this ever growing problem should be well received.


Early Reviews


Behind Plaza’s storyline you’re likely to find three traits merging into a compelling fusion:



First, you’ll run into the practical, resourceful and ingenious insights from his field engineering background. Then, a deep love and commitment toward the stewardship of earth’s environment; and lastly, the stimulating sense of adventure that has always been his trademark in life.


“Red Diamonds, Grey Gold” will transport you, with the realism of the true story it is, to the core of the day-to-day struggle of people forever adapting to the challenges of the unforgiving Amazon jungle, while at the same time facing the unscrupulous pillage and exploitation of this rich but vulnerable place.


Aviator, writer, explorer, astronomer, surfer, craftsman, photographer, cook, brewer, artist, child prodigy, and the list goes on. Juan Bautista Plaza has, since his youngest years, been receiving the admiring attention of world renowned intellectuals, astronauts, historians, billionaires, craftsmen, musicians, among many others in his multi-faceted life.  Juan has been called more than once a “21st Century Renaissance man”, by people who, like me, have had the luck of sharing in his always inspiring life.

Pablo K. Ramos, British Petroleum, Houston 2013



“Red Diamonds, Grey Gold” is a book about the adventures of a young surveyor in the Amazon rainforest of Venezuela but it is also a stark reminder of what gold mining with mercury pollution is doing to one of the last pristine environments on the planet.


Unfortunately since Juan was at the Amazon in the early 80s the situation has deteriorated significantly in this region, particularly due to rampant illegal mining, but also through the industrialization of what was then a rudimentary and artisanal process.


Today hundreds of professional grade barges continually pollute the rivers at an alarming rate under the apathetical eye of the authorities. Not only is mercury pollution an issue of great concern, but habitat destruction and excessively high water turbidity are a serious threat to the local ecology and the livelihood of indigenous people “.


Dr. Rudolf Jaffe,  George Barley Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Florida International University



Although his friends knew-and enjoyed- the extraordinary abilities of Juan Bautista Plaza as an artist, cook, craft and aircraft pilot, what we have discovered later is his second-to-none skills in the art of written narrative. In this first work, Juan Bautista delights us with his true stories in the inhospitable and savage Venezuelan Amazon, an exotic land whose everyday life is full of characters and situations that seem to emerge from a novel by García Márquez  “2.0.”. A fascinating read!

 Juan F Misle,  NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC)




For more information contact Juan at: juan.plaza@doctorwiggls.com   or http://www.behance.net/juanbplaza



Visit our website for more information about us:  http://www.osgsart.com/
Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla
OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio  p: 561-833-2223
e: OSGSart@hotmail.com      www.OSGSart.com       Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart


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Next Guided Art Walk in Northwood? We’ll Go Again!

The Rickie Report staff attended the premier of Northwood’s Art Walk a few weeks ago. The next Art Walk is Saturday November 9 at 6 PM. Why pay $15. 00 to walk through galleries that are already open to the public?  The Northwood Art Walk is much more than just a “gallery walk”!  Tour guides bring Art Walk attendees through the neighborhhod.  The galleries have special exhibits, artists speaking about their work, refreshments plus special sales. Let’s not forget the goody bags (this is better than Halloween)!    There are coupons for free glasses of wine, discounts at restaurants, special offers from artists and samples of food and baked goods.  It was so enjoyable, we all agreed that we will go again!  More details about the Northwood Art Walk  are in this article.  Group size is limited. RSVP so you don’t get shut out!

Tickets for the guided tour are $15 per person. To purchase tickets, use Artwalk’s secure PayPal service on their website: www.northwoodartwalk.com

Tickets are only for sale on the website. Space is limited to 16 people.  Attendants of the guided tour will participate in lectures and demonstrations and will be offered specials at our local restaurants, boutiques and more.




First Historic Northwood Village Art Walk

Big Hit!


Wall Hanging at CCE

Wall Hanging at CCE

A group of art-loving people gathered at the Center for Creative Education in Historic Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, Florida for the first Historic Northwood Village Art Walk.

Sculpture Garden at Arthouse 429

Sculpture Garden at Arthouse 429


The Center for Creative Education uses the arts to enrich and transform a child’s educational experience. Painting, music and dance are used to increase mastery of literacy, math and science.  It’s creative and it works!  CCE is looking for children and adults to take classes in this renovated building which used to house an indoor roller skating rink.


Bruce Helander explaining how he designed new mural across the street

William Halliday showing small version of mural across the street from Arthouse 429

The guided tour focused on the exhibited art within a number of galleries.


Northwood Gallery Tour 027

Mural Unveiling



All of the groups were present at the unveiling of the art fence mural from artist and gallery owner William Halliday.

Christopher Gatelock's Imagine Studios.  He is now hand embellishing some of his already amazing photography.

Christopher Gatelock’s Imagine Studios. He is now hand embellishing some of his already amazing photography.


They proceeded to a lecture at Christopher Gatelock’s “Imagine Studios and Art Gallery”. Christopher Gatelock spoke about how he converts his landscape, industrial and portrait photographs into his own special imaginary style. 

Jonathon Ortiz Smykla speaks about OSGS Gallery, celebrating its first anniversary in Northwood.

Jonathon Ortiz Smykla speaks about OSGS Gallery, celebrating its first anniversary in Northwood.

Eveyln and Jonathon, of OSGS spoek about some of the coomunity based artists whose work they show.  They also offer custom framing and offer discounts.


The four tour guides had their hands full with more than 60 people signed up for the guided tour.


A small area of Hennevelt' Gallery

A small area of Hennevelt’ Gallery


The tour guides, coordinated by Amy Weeks, started with a short intro on the history of Historic Northwood Village.  Freddy and Nicky Henenvelt’s Gallery offers a wide variety of art mediums.  They also have comic book  and drawing classes.


Northwood Gallery Tour 038

Our guide took the group into the heart of the vibrant art district.


Northwood Gallery Tour 046

Artist, Anthony Burks speaks about the art scene at Harold’s Coffee Shop

The aroma from Harold’s Coffee brings you inside.  After you order, walk around outside and take in the wall art!  Sit at a cafe table and relax…


Karen Campbell at Northwood Glass Art and Gifts

Karen Campbell at Northwood Glass Art and Gifts


Karen Campbell, at Northwood Glass Art and Gifts, shows us some of her own glass creations.  She also offers classes in ceramics, fused glass and mosaics.

Northwood Gallery Tour 051


Suzanne Connors gallery space was still under construction, but she welcomed everyone and looks forward to being part of Northwood’s creative energy!


Jaboo Gallery artist and owner, Javier

Jabo Gallery artist and owner, Javier



We look forward to Paul Klov’s Bohemia AG to open soon.  Who can resist art and gelato?   Thanks to Creme de la Creme Bakery for yummy baked goods and all of the merchants for discount coupons! 


Northwood Gallery Tour 065

Gallery 418



Gallery 418 offers signed art pieces by notable artist as well as designer sculpture and Old Masters.  There is new artwork arriving weekly!     After the Art Walk the new restaurant Garage VV offered an after party with free drinks and a DJ.

“Art X”


After a lot of preparations, “ArtX” , a collaboration of 11 galleries, is proud to announce the Second Saturday HistoricNorthwood Village ArtWalk.   You can sign up online at www.NorthwoodArtWalk.com.  Private group tours can be arranged by calling 561.506.4108.

ArtX presents the Historical Northwood Art Walk. ArtX is the collaboration of Galleries located in West Palm Beach’s Art District, Northwood Village. The Historic Northwood Art Walk will feature Art Galleries in Northwood Village Events with guided tours & more.


The Art Walk is an opportunity to see the latest in art trends and each visit is sure to offer something different and something for everyone. While you sip a taste of wine en enjoy appetizers our artists will present live demonstrations and lectures on art related topics and more. You can explore the artistic side of Historic Northwood Village by taking our guided tour or just stroll through the Village and discover the Art Walk on your own.


Tickets for the guided tour are $15 per person. To purchase tickets, use our secure PayPal service on our website: www.northwoodartwalk.com Tickets only for sale on the website. Space is limited to 16 people.  Attendants of the guided tour will participate in lectures and demonstrations and will be offered specials at our local restaurants, boutiques and more.

Premier Art Walk Participants:

  • CCE Building
  •  Arthouse 429
  • Bohemia AG
  • Christopher Gatelock Photoart
  • Gallery 418
  • Harold’s Coffee Lounge Art
  • Hennevelt’s Gallery
  • Northwood Glass Art and Gifts
  • OSGS
  • Suzanne Connors Fine Art Gallery
  • The Garage VV
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Clay Artist Gail Erickson Speaks at OSGS

Hearing an artist explain how a piece of artwork comes into being is fascinating.  The Rickie Report urges you to stop by OSGS for their September, 14th  BYOC ( Bring Your Own Chair) to meet and hear Gail Erickson.  Gail is the recipient of the Passion for the Arts Award and Three-Dimensional Design at the Palm Beach Community College Eissey Campus Gallery. Her human forms show a wide range of emotion.  Details are in this article.










Ortiz-Smykla Gallery | Studio


(Bring Your Own Chair Lecture


Meet the Artist:

Gail Erickson

Saturday, September 14th

6:00 – 7:00 pm

500 Northwood Road

West Palm Beach, FL




“My work is but a perception of a moment once reflected.”It is inspired by nature and the human form, and a product of my feelings, emotions and passion for the tactile nature of clay.  It is my desire to evoke these feelings in the viewer as well.”



Gail Erickson is a ceramic artist, sculptor, and instructor.  She was Artist in Residence at UB Kinsey School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, from 2005-2007.   Presently Ms. Erickson teaches ceramic classes as well as creating art in her home studio.  She is currently a member of Wellington Art Society, Ceramic League of the Palm Beaches, and Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery.


"The Voice"

“The Voice”


An observer says of Gail’s work, “You feel that you can relate to this sculpture.  You want to touch it, feel it and at the same time, You feel like you are interacting with it. And then you remind yourself that it is a piece of sculpture. I love that!”


Gail explains, “For some works I construct a mould from an original piece.  By using multiple works this creates unity and allows me to show the same piece from different perspectives. Although my interests in clay are varied, at present I am drawn to portrait and hybrid figure/bird sculptures.   Working with clay fills my soul as well as gives me serenity and clarity.  My intent is to reveal, yet conceal; allowing the viewer to develop a personal connection to a piece.”



"I Heard"

“I Heard”


Gail is the recipient of the Passion for the Arts Award and Three-Dimensional Design at the Palm Beach Community College Eissey Campus Gallery in 2005, as well as awards from The Lighthouse Art Center,  A Unique Art Gallery, and Fine Art At West Best Studio Gallery in 2012.  Publications include The Palm Beach Post,  the Lighthouse Art Center’s Multiple Sins, and  Peace On Earth 2010, and The Sun Sentinel/Live Wellington May 2012.



"I Wish"

“I Wish”



For more information about Gail’s sculpture or other events at OSGS, please contact  Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla  OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio  p: 561-833-2223  OSGSart@hotmail.com  www.OSGSart.com    Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart 



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“The Frame is the Reward of the Artist” (Edgar Degas)

The Rickie Report enjoys sharing information about artwork and the artists who create it.  In this column, we will look at the elements of framing, to not only showcase the artwork but protect it as well. Framing is truly a craft unto itself.  Evelyn Ortiz Smykla of OSGS|Gallery Studio at 500 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach answers our questions.



OSGS | Gallery Studio


Ortiz Smykla | Gallery Studio offers custom framing services.  We spoke with Evelyn Ortiz Smykla to answer some frequently asked questions and explain more about this aspect of art ownership.


Evelyn shares, “Picture frames date back to Roman times but examples of the craft is extremely rare in that period. It’s believed that they were probably rare then as well. Not until the Renaissance period when artists, patrons and craftsmen began working together to produce what exist even today as a tribute to man’s capabilities did frames begin to take the stage. The importance the great masters placed on the integrity of a properly finished work and the value the patrons of those artists had in the image they were portraying influenced in no small way the direction and inspiration of the artisan/craftsman picture framer.  Since then the craft blossomed.”


She explains, “We at OSGS (Ortiz|Smykla|Gallery|Studio) Works of Art and Custom Framing strive for the same professional approach to all the framing opportunities that come our way.  We have interned and trained with professional framers and attended advanced framing classes.  We pride ourselves in keeping up with the newest techniques, design styles and conservation methods available.”

TRR:  What is the advantage of custom framing?


So why custom framing instead of ready-made frames or frames from large franchises or art supply stores?  Attention to detail and the needs of our customer are foremost.  We work directly with the customer; ask their preferences, their décor and color schemes, life and value (price versus emotional connection to…) of the piece or item to be framed.


TRR:  Most people think of a “frame” and consider how it looks facing us.


There are 4 major components to a custom frame:  the backing for support, the mat board(s), glass, and the frame itself. There are several methods and materials used to protect special items and memorabilia.  Making sure the materials used are acid free is the first step and keeping those precious items out of drafty or damp locations is the second.  Choice of glass can preserve or destroy a fine piece of art.  Fortunately the cost of these materials has gone down with the increased interest in the ‘greening’ of the globe and our environment.


 TRR: The choices of different types of glass can be very confusing.


Here are examples of the different types of glass available for your framing needs and reasons for their use.

MUSEUM GLASS ® Anti-reflective technology with UV blocking properties

CONSERVATION PERFECT VUE, Proprietary technology improves transmission and clarity;

CONSERVATION REFLECTION CONTROL ® Single-sided etched non-glare

CONSERVATION CLEAR ® Essential for conservation framing.

Perhaps you have a very bright room in which you will display your artwork, or you intend to hang the piece opposite a window or lamp. Anytime you think reflection may become a distraction from the enjoyment of your artwork, you may want to ask for Conservation Reflection Control® Glass. (This “soft focus” actually enhances some images such as portrait photography and impressionist landscapes, where an atmospheric effort is desirable.)  The best way to preserve your art is to protect it from exposure to UV light from the outset.  Museum Glass effectively blocks a minimum of 98% of the dangerous UV light – protecting your artwork without affecting the visible light spectrum so your colors show truly as nice in a year as they do the first day you frame them.


If you are concerned about keeping costs down,  glass is one way to do this.  Keep in mind if you do not care to preserve your items or worry about glare then regular glass may be the route you prefer to take.  We strongly urge anyone interested in preserving any item to consider conservation glass.   You will  want to take into account the size of your piece, where it is to be hung, amount of light and humidity in the room, and with whom you may want to share it generations to come.

TRR:  What about using plexiglass?


Plexiglas, a light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic is an alternative to glass.  It is best to use plexiglas when the item to be framed is oversized to reduce the weight, therefore making it easier to hang and move from one location to another.  It is also used many times over posters or prints of  that size.  The only drawback to this material may be the need to take special care in using only ‘plexiglas’ specific cleaning agents so not to discolor or create a film over the surface.  Plexiglas is not necessarily a less costly alternative to using regular or conservation glass so we recommend the customer always inquire and ask for price comparisons.


TRR:  We’ve seen some family heirlooms framed in dramatic ways.


Three dimensional items can be framed in what is referred to as shadow boxes; they are referred to as such due to the depth of the box not because it necessarily allows for shadows or shadowing. Objects such as vintage clothing, eye-glasses, guitars, etc., are all candidates for framing.  Using the correct materials, these frames will help to preserve the item and keep it free from dust mites, mold spores, and fading depending on the glass chosen.

TRR: Tell us more about staying on a budget.


There are many ways one can keep costs down.  The first step to defray cost is to communicate with the framer by letting us know what kind of budget you’re working with.  Do you want to keep an old frame, does it matter to you whether museum quality glass versus regular or anti-glare glass matters to you?  Where is the piece going to hang?  If your piece is going to be the focal point of your living space then you might want to spend more on your frame but perhaps choose less expensive options for your mat.  Perhaps one strong mat rather than two or three will do the trick.  If in a dark room, then no need for non-glare glass. 


Floating objects, pictures, etc., in a frame is also another less expensive approach to framing multiple items in a frame without the use of cut outs.  There are so many ways we can work with the customer and still give them a beautifully finished piece. 



TRR: Do you recommend that the frames in one room all match?


Not all frames in a room or mat colors need to match, but through consulting efforts of a professional custom framer a collection of different frames and mat color choices can be made to work well within any room or décor.


TRR: How does someone become a trained framer?


The only special training required to become a custom framer is the desire to create and please others. Of course it helps to have some knowledge of color, texture, and design.  And, most important, custom framing also requires math skills; just 1/8 of an inch can make a difference on the ability to bring all components of an entire job together.


Fortunately today there are several framing schools available throughout the country whereby one can go for training and/or certification.   Framing4Yourself, ABCFrames, The Frame Shop, PPFA (27 Chapters throughout the US) are just a few locations that offer training.  Like many others these schools offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced training techniques from introduction of materials and equipment, hands on training from measuring and cutting mat boards, glass, and frames (chops) to professionally finishing a frame request.  Some schools also offer business training and advice as well as marketing tools to assist with promoting one’s business.  The desire to learn is your best advocate and determination to excel is your best teaching tool.


The Rickie Report knows that the proper framing not only serves to preserve artwork, photos, or three dimensional objects. From our experience, the right mat and frame can help enhance that art piece.  We hope our readers will take the time to consider all of the elements Evelyn shared with us.  Buying a piece of artwork is only the first step to enjoying it.


For more information about OSGS|Studio Gallery or custom framing call  561-833-2223 or email  OSGSart@hotmail.com and visit www.OSGSart.com.   Or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart

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Writing Pictures. Drawing Words.

When The Rickie Report first met Juan Plaza, his loyal fans were crowded into his tent.  We could hardly get near enough to see his framed artwork.  Now that his work is being exhibited at Ortiz Smykla|Gallery Studio on Northwood in West Palm Beach, there is more room to not only appreciate his fine work, but a chance to really watch him as he works on March 29.  We promise you a phenomenal experience!  Read this article for more information about Juan Plaza and Dr. Wiggls!

– March 29th

– You’re invited

– 6pm – 9pm 

Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery-Studio

500 Northwood  Village  West Palm Beach, FL


It has only been one month since Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery-Studio opened in the Northwood neighborhood, but it has been a busy one!  The response has been overwhelming, making exhibiting artists and gallery owners very pleased.




Come to the monthly Promenade and stop by OSGS to hear and see the origins of Juan Plaza’s drawings portraying his character Dr.Wiggls’ Ph.D. through a combination of words and images.


My Melancholic Diatribe by Juan Plaza, Mr. Wiggls

My Melancholic Diatribe by Juan Plaza, Dr. Wiggls

Calling it ‘”Witty Illustrations, Intelligent Art’ through Life, Love, Music and Business”, Juan will captivate you with his detailed and imaginative images.



Being held at Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery-Studio (OSGS) during Northwood’s Art&Wine Promenade on Friday, March 29th from 6pm to 9pm.  Stop into the gallery to see and hear Juan Plaza communicate how Dr. Wiggl’s portrays Life, Love, Music and Business. 



OSGS offers affordable custom framing with professional results and is currently exhibiting works of art by local, emerging and established artists that include paintings, sculpture, jewelry, pottery and prints to list a few.

For more information please contact Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla  OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio  p: 561-833-2223  or e: OSGSart@hotmail.com
Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart


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