Free Admission And Parking For Wellington Art Fest On The Green Offering Fine Art, Fine Crafts And Activities

The 11th Annual Art Fest on the Green Fine Art and Fine Craft Show produced by the Wellington Art Society brings new artists, both nationally acclaimed and local. Everyone is invited to stop by on Saturday, January 28th and Sunday, January 29th. The show’s profits  go to the Wellington Art Society’s Scholarship Fund and other Community Programs. Art Fest on the Green features artists, live music, demonstrations, Children’s Art Activity Tent, food trucks and activities for all ages in a beautiful setting on the green of the Amphitheater. The Rickie Report shares the details.











11th Annual Art Fest on the Green in Wellington


Saturday, January 28  9am-5pm

Sunday,  January 29 10am – 4pm

Wellington Amphitheater

12100 W. Forest Hill Blvd. in Wellington, FL







This juried fine art and fine craft show will feature artists from around the country showing their original artwork across many mediums including painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, leather, glass, mixed media, and photography. Many artists will be working on site. The juried fine artists participating in the festival were chosen for their creativity, mastery of the technique, and degree of excellence. Also, this year several artists will be presenting their latest art works exclusively at the Show, offering originals and limited editions for sale.



Art Fest- Jagoda1

Painting by Len Jagoda


Len Jagoda, elected member of the American Artists Professional League and Juried member of the American Academy of Equine Artists, will unveil his recently completed commissioned painting of “American Pharaoh “’




WASArt Fest Powell- OZ

Raku Vessel by Barbara Powell





WASArt Fest La Fogg2

Painting by Deborah LaFogg



Deborah La Fogg, award winning nature/animal artist recently won Best in Show at the National Park Art Exhibition and awards at the 16th annual Pastel 100 Competition. The artist will present her most recent work ” Three Amigos”.


WASArt Fest Cahue Cherry amber necklace

Cherry Amber Pendant by Cahue


Illustrator, educator, and award winning artist and top Art Show favorite, Laurie Snow Hein will feature her most recent oil paintings of the Southern Landscape-alive with sparkling light and vibrant color. Laurie’s work is published and licensed worldwide.



WASArt Fest Sorge- Loopy sculpture

Loopy Sculpture by Sorge



Children will have a great time creating their own work of art to take home at the Children’s Art Activity Tent. Live acoustic music featuring everyone’s favorite tunes will be performed by Bobby G. and his musician friends during the Show. Food trucks will be on site offering a variety of delicious food.


WASArt Fest Doyal Many waters

“Many Waters” 3D artwork by Lynn Doyle




For more information about WAS please visit:



The Wellington Art Society, a 501 c3 charitable organization, has over 100 members- artists and art enthusiasts. WAS provides a platform for artists of all mediums to share their work, learn more about their craft, and serve the community through their art. Proceeds from Art Fest help fund the Wellington Art Society’s scholarship awards program and other art outreach programs.





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ARTNADO Announces First “Director’s Discretion” Exhibitor, Laurietta Oakleaf Of Wellington, FL And Reminds Artists There Is Still Time To Apply

The ARTNADO Art Fair was conceived with the ultimate goal of helping artists showcase their work and themselves. This indoor event will take place at the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center on November 14th and 15th, 2015.  With double the normal exhibition space and the lowest price per square foot, Director, Jack Busa, has furthered the attempt to include artists who have financial and physical limitations through “The Director’s Discretion” category.    Please note that Artnado is sponsored by Artistic Synergy, not to be confused with Art Synergy. The Rickie Report is humbled to share the artwork of Laurietta Oakleaf, the first to achieve this honor.  We know you will be inspired by her artistry and story.






Jack Busa tells The Rickie Report, ” The first “Director’s Discretion” space has been awarded to Laurietta Oakleaf of Wellington, FL.  We are honored to help Laurietta exhibit her artwork, not only for her artistry itself, but for how she exemplifies hope and courage.  We met her at ArtiGras, 2015, at the “Emerging Artists” area.”




“….Learn to live life minute by minute, to take every
opportunity that you are given as a blessing, and reach
for your dreams…” Laurietta Oakleaf




"Crazy Friesian" Charcoal by Laurietta Oakleaf

“Crazy Friesian” Charcoal by Laurietta Oakleaf


Laurietta Oakleaf started riding horses when she was 13 years old.   She tells us, ” I have been drawing for over 25 years with no professional training. I have recently decided to start trying to promote and sell my drawings in hopes of getting a gallery to show my artwork.”



"Working Service Dog" by Laurietta Oakleaf (Photo Courtesy Fine Art America)

“Working Service Dog” by Laurietta Oakleaf (Photo Courtesy Fine Art America)



She explains, ” I’ve suffered from epilepsy since I was 16 and developed Chronic Inflammatory Demylenating Polyneuropathy (AKA “CIDP”) in 2001. This disease started out as Guillian-Barre syndrome, knocking me down flat and giving me a wake-up call to slow down and enjoy life and my family/friends. I was completely paralyzed from the neck down for about a month and eventually got feeling back into my upper body, but was paralyzed from the hips down for 18 months. I eventually have been able to walk in leg braces, but I still have constant episodes and any one episode could put me back forever… but so far, I am walking and this is due to my riding and my horses! Most doctors have told me that I should not be walking or I would never walk again. I did surprise them because I believed that I would and never gave up!


Laurietta Oakleaf

Laurietta Oakleaf (Photo Courtey of Laurettia’s Website)




“Years later, I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma stage IV on the day that my grandfather died of Pancreatic Cancer. That was hard but I remembered how HARD my grandfather fought and he was someone that I looked up to. I now see that he is my angel and has been helping me fight and giving me strength on a daily basis. The lymphoma was a shock and led me to realize that life is good and to treasure everyone that has ever touched your life or been in it. When people hear the word, CANCER, they immediately think death. I came to realize that my two horses gave me a strength and helped to keep me here. Today, I am still fighting the pain from the cancer. I guess the fight will never go away, but I have found a strength within myself that I never knew I had.”



Drawing by Laurietta Oakleaf

Drawing by Laurietta Oakleaf


Laurietta has been training in Florida since 2011, when she moved here, so she could take her training seriously. Unfortunately, in October this year she had another GBS/CIDP Attack and was hospitalized for months. “I had to start rehab because of how hard it hit me this time and how hard it hit my legs. I finally was just about ready to come home when in January, I ended back in the hospital for surgery and was there for another month. Currently I am trying to get back to riding Nikki and working on my tests for this year’s events.  Since 2008, I have shown in many international competitions around the world for disabled equestrian dressage riders.”



Quimerico (Photo Courtesy of Mary White)


Laurietta explains, ” I hope you realize after reading this, that I want to touch ONE person and inspire MANY people to get out and live their dreams!  Dreams are hard to come by and so many people give up on them… my goal is to qualify for the 2016 Paralympics. Through hard work and determination, I made the selection trials for 2014 WEG last year. Unfortunately, due to complications, financial problems, and my illnesses last year, we just could not make the selection trials to try for the World Equestrian Games, so I decided to hold off and keep training and work for this year.”



"Fairy With Flute" by Laurietta Oakleaf

“Fairy With Flute” by Laurietta Oakleaf


“Paraequestrian dressage is dressage for the disabled, but we ride and train the same as any athlete, except we get to carry a card for dispensations to help us ride. For example, I carry 2 whips in place of my legs because of the weakness here.” Selling her artwork will help Laurietta continue to support her riding and working toward the Olympics in 2016.



"I See You" by Laurietta Oakleaf

“I See You” by Laurietta Oakleaf


Laurietta looks forward to participating in several CPEDI competitions this year, including:  California in June 2015; Texas in October 2015; The Paraequestrian Nationals; Local Clinics; Winter Dressage Circuit USDF level in Wellington, FL; USDF Regionals for Level 1; Try out for the Friesian Breed Award; Attend IFSHA World Champions in Las Vegas.  She is looking for hotel sponsors or people who will give their hotel points for her to use.  She also looks forward to a European Tour next spring. All monetary donations go into the USPEA account in my name which is 501c(3). “This way whether I use this money for the CPEDI shows or for Europe, it is all monitored by the USPEA and donors know exactly where the money goes. Plus I keep yearly accounting of exactly where all my money goes so please do not ever hesitate to call and ask.”


Why should you help Laurettia?


“This is a hard question for me to answer. I believe that I would be a good representative for the USA Paralympic Team. By helping me you are also helping people around me, the people that believe in me, and the people that still need to find their strength. And I will be able to pass on your kindness to someone else. These goals that I have set are very expensive for my family and friends to keep supporting and I need your help.”



"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Laurettia Oakleaf

“Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Laurettia Oakleaf





“My personal motto is “Live life to the fullest and live to every second that you are given. A disability is only a disability if you let it be, so if you take the “dis” out of disability, you have “ability” and this is what everyone needs to remember. That any dream is capable of achieving but you have to work and believe in it.”  Please consider joining me in my journey to these international shows and joining in my Parajourney with me.”


Please visit Laurettia’s website which will help you understand more about her at .  See the show pictures, results, and videos of her stallion, Nikki  and her first para horse, a PRE Andalusian Stallion.  Laurietta is available to speak to individuals and organizations.  See her  artwork on her website or  AND Meet her in person at ARTNADO on November 14th and 15th at the South Florida Fairgrounds and Expo Center.


For more information about ARTNADO, please visit :

or apply at:

Or Call  561-557-8741


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Pat Levey Has Gone to the Horse Races With Benefit Auction!

Artist Patricia Levey confirms her ability to create a wide range of artwork with her latest piece! She teamed up with Polo America and brings us a whimsical 3D polo pony and rider. The Rickie Report shares photos of the process and the finished piece, which will be auctioned off to benefit the injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.  Kudos to Pat!


Pat Levey


Equine Art





To celebrate Polo America’s 25th Anniversary in 2014, the organization hosted an original art exhibition.  Renowned artists from around the world painted a limited number of fiberglass polo players on horseback. The statues measure 5 feet 6 inches and were displayed at a number of art exhibitions around the country.  The artists had the option of showing the horse and rider as realistic team or they could be painted at the artist’s discretion, while keeping the structural integrity of the form intact.  Patricia Levey’s agent, Jeanne Chisolm suggested Pat answer a “call for entries” for a 3D polo pony and rider.





patChisholm Paintings Jan[1]



Pat tells The Rickie Report, ‘I answered a ‘Call to Artists’ and was accepted to paint a whimsical horse shopping on Worth Avenue and Rodeo Drive. He was shown on April 19th at a Large Polo Exhibition game and party in Wellington,FL, traveled to Georgia for 45 days, and then on to San Diego where he will be auctioned off. As an artist I get a % of the proceeds and the rest goes to the Marines “Semper Fi” charity for their wounded warriors.”


Pat takes The Rickie Report readers through the process of her creation:


Pat started planning the placement of the images she has chosen

Pat Levey starts planning the placement of the images she has chosen






Close-Up of Pat's design

Close-Up of Pat Levey’s design


Pat painted the horse gold.  The leather is copper, while the polo player ‘s skin and boots are silver.  Using bronze to accent his clothing lets the colors of the ladies  shopping and the shopping bags themselves stand out.





Close-up of the Polo Player

Close-up of the Polo Player by Pat Levey



The polo player’s helmet is a bright blue and the buttons on his clothing is gold.  Pat used red for an accent color. She integrated the clocks on Worth Avenue in her design as well.




Pat Levey's Polo Player

Pat Levey’s Polo Player



The Rickie Report spoke with Mr. Randy Russell, Director of Polo America. He shared, “Pat’s horse is whimsical! Her concept to use actual shopping bags from stores on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach,FL  plus Rodeo Drive in CA was brilliant. We look forward to the auction, where people from around the world will bid on all of the entries.”



Pat Levey's Polo Player on display at Augusta International Airport

Pat Levey’s Polo Player on display at Augusta International Airport


For more information about placing a bid on this or other entries, please visit: or call (803) 652-1181


For more information about Pat Levey’s artwork and jewelry please call (561) 844-8904 or  or visit:


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David McEwen Offering Classes, Workshops and Demos

Delightful David McEwen is back in town!  He is offering a number of classes, workshops and demos while he and Sally are in Florida for a few months.  David’s teaching style is infectious – humor, wit and artistic technique all in one!  Sign up now because David’s classes are quite popular! The Rickie Report is pleased to share the details in this article.




David McEwen



Sally and David McEwen

Sally and David McEwen


Classes for All Levels at the home of Jean Hutchinson, 811 NW3rd Ave, Delray Beach
Thursday 23rd January 10am – 1pm
Wednesday 5th February 10am – 1pm
Friday 7th February 10am – 1pm
Thursday 20th Febuary 10am- 1pm
Phone Jean on 561-278-4479 to book your place
"Dry Dock"

“Dry Dock”

FREE demonstration workshop in drawing methods
Easel Art Supply Palm Beach – Friday 24th January 2pm – 5pm
810 Park Ave, Lake Park  
Phone Alexis on 561-844-3111 to book your place 
"January Expedition"

“January Expedition”

FREE demonstration in Watercolor Pencils
Hand’s Office and Art Supply    Saturday, January 25th  
325 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach FL
561-276-4194   or
Workshop on drawing “From 1st Sketch to Finished Work”
Easel Art Supply Palm Beach –  810 Park Ave, Lake Park  

Saturday 1st February and Saturday 22nd February – 9.30am to 12.30pm

Phone Alexis on 561-844-3111 to book your place




"Daughter and Grandson in the Shadows" by David McEwen

Daughter and Grandson in the Shadows” by David McEwen


When David and Sally moved to Southern France, they  set up a Painting Holiday Centre. David tells The Rickie Report that since then, “we’ve met people who have arranged painting and teaching trips to The Falkland Islands, teaching and exhibiting trips to San Diego and Delray Beach, painting trips to Venice, Barcelona, Jerez, Paris and, well………. basically, all over Europe.  So apart from saying I love Sal to bits; am seriously proud of my grandchildren, I think that painting is the best job in the world…”.

In 2012 David was elected to be an Associate Member of The Society of Equestrian Painters. He is represented by Jaynie Spector of The Dog and Horse Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina and by Dan and Carol Lynne at Forms, Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida. His work has been included in several magazines and The International Artist named him as a “master painter of the world”. 


For more information:   or email Sally McEwen at  


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