Wellington Art Society Invites You To City Hall Reception and Monthly Meeting

The Wellington Art Society (WAS) invites the public to the Opening Reception on Tuesday, October 13th at Wellington City Hall.  Enjoy the exhibit of 36 paintings and photographs by WAS artist members.  Lucy Keshavarz, founder of Art & Culture Group, Inc. will be the featured speaker for the Wellington Art Society meeting on October 14th, 2015 at Bootz Culture Camp in Royal Palm Beach. The meet and greet with refreshments begins at 6:30, followed by a member spotlight and a brief meeting. Lucy’s talk will be the highlight of the meeting. The last item on the agenda is a fabulous raffle. All artists and art lovers are welcome to join us, enjoy meeting fellow artists and learn about the Wellington Art Society.  The Rickie Report shares the details of both events and gives you a glimpse of Lucy’s artistic reach through art into the environment.

















Open To The Public

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

5:30 – 7 pm

12300 West Forest Hill Blvd.   Wellington, FL

561-791-4000    www.WellingtonFL.gov


The Wellington Art Society will host a reception on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 from 5:30 – 7 pm  to showcase their exciting new exhibit in the beautiful Wellington City Hall Gallery. The reception is free to the public and there will be fun door prizes for guests and light refreshments. The exhibit features thirty six paintings and photographs by thirteen of the Wellington Art Society’s artists.




Everyone Welcome!


Wednesday, October 14th

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Featuring  Lucy Keshavarz


Bootz Culture Camp

420 State Road 7         Royal Palm Beach, FL





“Environmentally Engaged”



Lucy Keshavarz, founder of Art & Culture Group, Inc. will be the featured speaker for the Wellington Art Society meeting on October 14th, 2015 at Bootz Culture Camp, 420 State Road 7, Royal Palm Beach. The meet and greet with refreshments begins at 6:30, followed by a member spotlight and a brief meeting. Lucy’s talk will be the highlight of the meeting. The last item on the agenda is a fabulous raffle. We invite all artists and art lovers to join us, enjoy meeting fellow artists and learn about the Wellington Art Society.




“Native Impressions” by Lucy Keshavarz

Lucy Keshavarz had a vision and passion to create a connection between art and communities. This passion led to the formation of the Art & Culture Group, Inc. in 1999. Since then they have completed arts projects in Palm Beach County and throughout the country. They specialize in bringing project-specific solutions based on the needs of the client and community. This leads to authentic and original results. The group has won two awards for EcoArt projects.




Lucy Keshavarz





The Art & Culture Group has worked with public, private and nonprofit organizations in facilitating Art in Public Places. They design, fabricate and install Public Art and EcoArt. They promote and manage two multi-media exhibitions by artist Michael Nye, traveling the United States. Lucy has written a guide book used with “Children of Children: Portraits of Teenage Parents”, by artist Michael Nye.  Lucy says that everything she does and all that she comes in contact with, adds to her artistic reservoir that she draws from. She is compelled to capture ideas and concepts that are often overlooked. She says, “My master is our natural world and the creative spirit that resides within”.



Babbling Brook Eco Art Project 

Above photo from Babbling Brook in Westgate Community Redevelopment Agency, Unincorporated Palm Beach County.  Materials: Soil, unite, Pebble Tec, recycled concrete sidewalk slabs and over 70 species of Florida native plants.  Dimensions: 500 ft. by 125 ft.  Commissioned by Westgate CRA.  Location: SW corner of Seminole Blvd & Chickamauga Ave in Westgate CRA.




Babbling Brook Eco Art Project



This was a collaborative project with CRA, civil engineers and native plant experts. Babbling Brook is a stormwater beautification EcoArt project that creates an aesthetically pleasing dry detention area and increases stormwater quality by circulating water from the Central Lake across the street through the Babbling Brook. The remaining portion of the dry detention area is landscaped with over 70 species of native Florida plant species that provide food and shelter for migrating birds and the opportunity for hands-on science (citizen scientist) for community members. This project has received “Urban Oasis Designation” from Audubon of Florida. Recycled concrete slabs taken during sewer renovations in another area of the CRA were used as sculptural pieces to line both sides of the brook channel and create the retaining wall at the head of the brook.






6 Old Dixie EcoWalk at Seabourn Cove

Materials: Custom concrete butterfly stamps, Florida cap rock boulders, custom plant ID tiles and HDL interpretive panels.  Dimensions: One quarter mile by 50 ft. – on City utility easement.  Commissioned by FM Contract Services, LLC – developers of Seabourn Cove, luxury rental apartments in Boynton Beach, FL.  Location on Old Dixie Highway two blocks north of Gulfstream Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL.




“Native Impressions” by Lucy Keshavarz




An EcoArt project that reforests a quarter of a mile utility easement with over 60 species of Florida native plants interwoven with art elements that highlight native butterfly species. The public art elements are interspersed along the quarter of a mile pathway and include: five large rock sculptures, five small rock sculptures, five educational panels on large rock bases, fifty-five custom plant IDs on small rock bases and three butterfly watering holes. And intriguing and educational place that offer people the opportunity to reconnect with the important value natural systems bring to our urban areas. In collaboration with developer, landscape architect, three scientists and City of Boynton Beach.  For more information please visit: www.artculturegroup.com




The Wellington Art Society is a non-profit charitable organization In its 35th year. It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their art work in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community through their art.
For further information visit wellingtonartsociety.org



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“Rock-Paper-Scissors” Exhibit at Artisans On The Ave Shows Creativity With Fiber Arts, Wire and Hand Made Paper Arts

Rock-Paper-Scissors, a childhood game comes to life through the art of three very talented artists.  See Pauline Denson‘s lapidary artistry, Del Foxton‘s hand made papers from recycled materials, and Patricia Metcalf‘s magnificent contemporary and traditional quilts.  Walk through Artisans On The Ave and reflect on the happy memories of playing this game.  You’ll see a whole new perspective of how we never lose the child within us.  The Rickie Report shares the details of this exhibit which opens on Friday, October 2nd.  See how each one of these featured artists put a different spin on the meaning of Rock-Paper-Scissors.  Come to this Free event and enjoy!






Opening Reception:

“Rock- Paper- Scissors”




Friday, October 2, 2015

6 – 9 pm

Artisans On The Ave



630 Lake Avenue     Lake Worth, FL 33460
561-762-8162  or  561-582-3300




Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

Free event with refreshments 





"Papa Quilt" by Pat Metcalf

                        “Papa Quilt” by Pat Metcalf



Rock-Paper-Scissors a childhood game comes to life through the art of our three very talented artists. As you walk through the gallery and reflect on the happy memories of playing this game you will see a whole new perspective of how we never lose the child within us. See how each one of these featured artists put a different spin on the meaning of Rock-Paper-Scissors.


"Boba Fett" Quilt by Pat Metcalf

                 “Boba Fett” Quilt by Pat Metcalf






Patricia Metcalf uses scissors to create beautiful one-of-a-kind quilts to enhance your home. She loved sewing as a child and carried her talent through the years as a quilter. Her fabric choices are inspired by the South Florida lifestyle she so enjoys. Pretty colors of pinks, greens, flamingos and palm trees are carefully cut by hand with scissors. She then places each fabric block in a layout to achieve her finished picture. The quilt blocks are sewn by hand or sewing machine as each stitch is made to perfection with detail and finishing. The results are amazing as each quilt comes to life when completed. She has taken a very old tradition going back hundreds of years and created a very contemporary look. Her art quilts can be hung on a wall to admire or used in a functional way in a bedroom or living area.



Betty Wilson & Del Foxton

Del Foxton & Betty Wilson At Artisans On The Ave




Del Foxton is a contemporary eco-artist making handmade paper into an art form of her own style. She is very passionate about environmental issues and delighted she can lessen her carbon footprint while indulging in this passion. Her artistry wall hangings give a totally unique, environmentally conscious look. Her process starts with a plentiful supply of exotic materials from local trees, leaves, bushes and more that she gathers in her travels. Following the circa 105 AD Chinese technique, Del creates art that can sometimes be colorfully vivid or serene like the ocean embedded with seashells and vegetation.




Handmade Paper Eco-Art by Del Foxton


Del is now one of the global artisans keeping this ancient art form alive.  Del is delighted that in her small way she lessens her carbon footprint while indulging her passion for making beautiful paper that becomes sculptures and wall hangings.  Del’s works are online (delfoxton.com) and at selected South Florida Art galleries.To set an appointment or for more information on times and dates of events, contact delfoxton@gmail.com







Wire Wrapped Gemstone by Pauline Denson 



Pauline Denson is a lapidary artist using natural rocks, crystals, gems, and minerals in her jewelry. She learned to identify precious stones and mineral specimens and uses her knowledge as she hunts for various rock pieces to turn into artistic wearable jewelry. She sometimes takes slabs of stone and grinds them into interesting shapes, and then polishes the different gems on finer and fine grits. She especially likes to use agates in her jewelry making.




Handmade Jewelry By Pauline Denson


This is a labor-intensive process which is very satisfying when completed. Pauline uses different wires to complement her natural selection of stones and gems. The wires enhance the vivid colors and markings of each rock. Her selection includes 14-caret gold filled and sterling to copper and brass wirings that she has entwined around the precious rocks.




For more information about

Artisans On The Ave

please contact Betty Wilson
561-585-7744      www.ArtisansOnTheave.com



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Del Foxton, International Eco-Artist, Exhibits in Palm Beach County

Learn about “green art” from an expert!  Del Foxton has just returned from her Bahama Studio to share some of her newest artwork.  Del is a contemporary Eco Artist whose artistry in Handmade Paper began with her belief that “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. When taking garbage to the local dump, she saw an opportunity to turn paper and garden castoffs into artistic creations. Canadian by birth and Bahamian by choice, Del’s colorful and inventive artwork is on display in a few local galleries in Southeast Florida. The Rickie Report shares the information and gives you a preview and dates of her upcoming Shows at The Arts Arena (Delray Beach), Artisans On The Ave (Lake Worth) and OSGS (Northwood Village, W.Palm Beach). Here are some sneak peeks, but you REALLY have to see them in person!





D E L    F O X T O N:


Eco Artist

Handmade Paper Artistry





Open Public Receptions:


Artisans On The Ave:

Friday, October 2nd  6pm

The Arts Arena Gallery:

Friday, October 16  6pm


Gallery Hours (Closed Mondays) 

Gallery Phone: (561) 833-2223
Gallery email: OSGSart@hotmail.com


Del Foxton at Adagio Studio, Grand bahama Island

                        Del Foxton at Adagio Studio, Grand Bahama Island



Around 105 AD, the Chinese invented an amazing process to make paper. This invention changed history and Del Foxton’s life. Now more than 2000 years later, she follows a similar process to create her artistry. Her decorative artworks are contemporary pieces designed to beautify an existing space or to start a new room that will warm the heart and hearth. 
Del believes that many homes and offices, having already addressed environmental issues, may want to consider extending their plans to the artistry hanging on their walls.


"Serenity" by Del Foxton

                                      “Serenity” by Del Foxton


Del describes herself as a, “contemporary Eco artist. My artistry in Handmade Paper began with my belief in the saying that “if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. When having to take our garbage to the local dump, I saw an opportunity to turn our paper and garden castoffs into artistic creations.” In addition to Del finding her own recycled treasures, people are always dropping off leaves, plant clippings and other garden discards along with paper she can recycle.





"Butterfly" by Del Foxton

                       “Butterfly” by Del Foxton




Del has been doodling since childhood and began her handmade paper explosion ten years ago. Her bubbly personality compliments her outstanding, color-filled art pieces. Some of Del’s pieces are painted while others use the “au natural” pigments of her materials. Her corporate background with the Sara Lee Corporation gives her the teaching skills she employs during her demonstrations and workshops. Del is available to speak and demonstrate for local organizations.



"Take Flight" by Del Foxton

                                                          “Take Flight” by Del Foxton







Del tells The Rickie Report, “For me, reusing nature is the source for my artistic inspiration. I experiment with different local leaves, flowers, seaweed and their combinations, mixed with recycled paper, to see what interesting paper will result. Being able to create a unique work of art from nature’s resources stirs my creative juices. I feel fortunate to have entered into this broad field of handmade paper that for over 500 years was a closely guarded secret. I have found an art form that speaks to my soul.”



"Color Me Happy" by Del Foxton

                            “Color Me Happy” by Del Foxton




Del’s artistry can be found at The Arts Arena (Delray Beach), Artisans On The Ave. (Lake Worth) and OSGS (Northwood Village, West Palm Beach). She welcomes the opportunity to work with you to create special artworks that reflects your commitment to the environment. “I’ll be happy to create unique Eco friendly artworks just for you”, she tells us. Visit her website and you will see happy art patrons and their accolades for Del’s artistry.





"Cool" buy Del Foxton

                                   “Cool” buy Del Foxton


For more information please contact:

Del Foxton at delfoxton.com or email delfoxton@gmail.com

Please view Del’s artistry at:

Artisans On The Ave.


630 Lake Avenue Lake Worth, FL


The Arts Arena Gallery


777 E. Atlantic Ave.   Delray Beach,FL




500 Northwood Road    W.Palm Beach, FL




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Getting Your Work Published Part II

The Rickie Report is waiting to hear from those of you who get the nod to be included in any of these publications!   Welcome to Getting Your Published Part II.  More to follow. 

Stampington Company


Stampington & Company offers anyone the opportunity to get their creations published in our standing or special publications. For all publications, please follow the General Artwork Submission Guidelines as follows:

All artwork must arrive at our offices on or before the published deadlines.  We prefer submissions of original art.  If original art is not available, our next preference is hi-res digital images (300 dpi at 8½” x 10″).  If hi-res digital images are not available, we will very rarely consider professional-quality transparencies or color slides.  Color-copy submissions are not accepted.

All artwork must be identified with the artist’s name, address, e-mail and phone number clearly printed on a label attached to each sample.  As artwork often gets separated from instructions during our selection process, we ask that you also inscribe your name and address somewhere on each piece of art.  If you desire acknowledgment of artwork receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped postcard.

For  collaborative projects, it is the responsibility of the submitting artist to obtain permission from each participant prior to submission.  In addition, each  piece of the collaborative must be labeled with contact information of the artist who created it.  Please be aware that the collaborative project in its entirety will only be returned to the submitting artist and must have sufficient return postage.

If the artwork is three-dimensional, please attach your identification with a removable string, or pack the sample in a plastic bag with your identification. Artwork without proper identification will not be considered

Depending on the publication, concise yet thorough instructions must accompany each art sample. Attach individual sample instructions to each piece of artwork and include credits for art stamp images used, as well as any other products of note. If you are able, please keep an electronic version of your instructions, as you may be requested to send those in if your work is selected for publication.  Please send submissions to: (Name of Magazine Title)   22992 Mill Creek, Suite B   Laguna Hills, CA 92653ARTWORK MANAGEMENT POLICY Sometimes, a piece of artwork submitted for one issue may be better suited for an upcoming issue. Other times, submissions are forwarded for consideration to the editors of our sister publications. For these reasons we may hold your sample for an extended period of time — 9-12 months is common.Rest assured that we will take excellent care of your artwork, but Stampington cannot be held responsible for damage or loss due to circumstances beyond our control. In the meantime, if you move, please send a postcard or e-mail to the editor with your new address.Due to the large volume of artwork we receive, Somerset Studio will return only those submissions accompanied by sufficient postage in the form of cash, check or money order made out to Stampington & Company.  We can not offer delivery confirmation; however, we are happy to put insurance on the submission. If you wish to have your artwork insured for the return journey, please include sufficient funds and indicate your preference in a postcard or letter enclosed with your submission. Please do not attach postage to packaging, and do not send loose postage stamps. Contributors from outside the US, please send cash, check, or money order in US funds to Stampington & Company.
For those titles that run feature articles, please see the following Writers’ Submission Guidelines:
WRITERS’ SUBMISSION GUIDELINESIf you have a unique artistic technique you’d like to share with others, please send samples of your artwork accompanied by a query letter outlining your article idea to the respective Managing Editor at:(Name of Magazine Title) 22992 Mill Creek, Suite B    Laguna Hills, CA 92653.  Managing editors also welcome brief e-mail queries. (E-mail address can be found on the masthead of each publication.)  No telephone calls, please.  Please note that the artwork itself often sells the article. Managing editors seek first-rate projects and encourage artists who have not published articles before to submit ideas, as editorial assistance will be provided. Competitive editorial compensation is provided for all published articles.Depending on which magazine you are most interested in submitting artwork to, you are encouraged to review any additional guidelines that are unique to each magazine, which are published in each issue of all standing titles.

Belle Armoire Jewelry 

          If you’d like to share your inspiration and detailed how-to instruction for creating beautiful jewelry with readers, we want to hear from you. Belle Armoire Jewelry covers a broad range of mediums, from art clay to polymer clay to found object to fiber to wire to beads and much, much more. Whether you are a creator of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants, rings or other jewelry, we welcome you to submit your artwork for consideration of publication. Deadline for artwork to be received: Quarterly every October 15th, January 15th, April 15th, and July 15th.

Somerset Life

The Magic of Flour Sack Towels:  I’ve always been charmed by the timeless beauty of a simple flour sack  towel. I have a large stack of them under my sink to use in my kitchen,  and I’m sure many of you do too. For this challenge, we want to see you  take the flour sack out of the kitchen, and bring it into your everyday  life. They can easily be dyed, or ripped apart to make great fabric  strips. What can you do with them? We can’t wait to see. We’ll publish  our favorites in our Summer issue. Deadline: February 15, 2012

Celebrations of Life Summertime Fun:   This year, we’re looking for all things Summer. Do you have a creative  way to pack your beach towel? Do you make fun covers for all of your  summertime reads? Will you throw a party to celebrate the Fourth of  July? We hope you love Summer as much as we do, and will celebrate it  with us by sending in your best summertime ideas. Deadline: February 15, 2012

Welcome to Your Nest Kits:   We were so charmed by the kit Kristen Robinson developed for her new  neighbors that we thought it’d be fun to see what other items our  readers would include. Put your spin on Kristen’s idea and send us the  results. Deadline: February 15, 2012

Locales of Intrigue  This special department features stories about truly unique stores and boutiques across the globe. Stores that would like to be featured in this department are asked to submit digital images of the store with a brief written query to the Editor-in- Chief. If the submission is accepted, professional hi-resolution digital images (300 dpi at 8″ x10″) will need to be furnished by the store. Deadline: Ongoing.

Life Creative Spaces   Where do you create? Whether it’s a small table or breakfast nook, cleared-out closet, or an actual room dedicated as your creative studio, we want to peek inside. If you think your creative space is something that Somerset Life readers would like to learn more about, please submit digital images of your space with a brief written query to the Editor- in-Chief at someditor@somersetstudio.com. If the submission is accepted, you will be asked to furnish professional hi-resolution images (300 dpi at 8″ x 10″). Deadline: Ongoing.

Mood Boards   Artists frequently create mood boards that contain scraps of paper or fabric or other assorted elements that they like to display on a wall or a large piece of cardboard or foam core. These boards provide a ground from which ideas for projects come alive. Aside from their functionality, mood boards can become incorporated as part of the décor. Please submit digital images of your mood boards with a brief written query to the Editor-in-Chief. If the submission is accepted, you will be asked to either furnish the actual mood board or to provide professional hi-resolution images (300 dpi at 8″ x10″). Deadline: Ongoing.

Artful Kits    We all love to collect papers, ribbons, embellishments, and other bits and bobs. More fun than collecting specific elements is finding creative ways to juxtapose the pieces together to create unique kits. Whether you create them to give away or to sell or offer to students in a workshop setting, we’d like to see your favorite kits. Please send in kit samples directly to the Editor-in-Chief as outlined in the Submission Guidelines. Deadline: Ongoing.

Miscellany    Sometimes, an image of something lovely is all we need to feel inspired. Have you taken a photo of something that makes you feel inspired? Perhaps it is a photo of your collection of vintage handkerchiefs. Or an old stack of books. Or your treasured stash of ribbons. Please submit your favorite digital images (5″ x 7″ @ 300 dpi) to be considered for Somerset Life’s special Miscellany department to the Editor-in-Chief.

Seasonal: We also encourage general submissions centered around the seasons.

  • Submissions for New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and other winter-related celebrations need to arrive every August 15th.
  • Submissions for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other spring-related celebrations need to arrive every November 15th.
  • Submissions for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other autumn/winter-related celebrations need to arrive every May 15th.

Take 10

We are looking for quick and easy stamped cards for this best-selling magazine. Send us your “ten minutes or less” artwork in any style, theme or color and we’ll send you a free issue if your artwork is published. (Due to the volume of submissions, artwork submitted to Take Ten will not be returned.) Deadline: Ongoing.

Quick & Easy Stamped Projects   Here at Take Ten, we are always on the lookout for quick and easy stamping techniques — but that’s not limited to cards! We’d love to see what you can create when you go beyond cards. Pick up your stamps, give yourself 10 minutes, and see what interesting stamped projects you can come up with. From tags and boxes to frames and gift bags, we want to see it all! Send us your best for a chance to be published in an upcoming issue of this quarterly publication. Deadline: Ongoing.

Artful Journaling

In every semi-annual issue of Art Journaling, artists open their journals and share creative techniques for capturing their emotions. From stamping and collage art to painting and sketching, each journal is filled with innovative techniques and inspirational stories. If you have an art journal that you would like to share with our readers, we would love to hear from you.

Create With Me

Experience the joy of bringing art into a child’s life with Create With Me. Create With Me is raising the bar by featuring Somerset-quality artwork made by both adults and children. Through easy-to-follow techniques, helpful tips and resources for artistic parents, this magazine is sure to inspire artists of all ages. If you would like to share your love of art with a child in your life, we would love to see the results. Whether you create a piece together, or create coordinating projects side-by-side, please send in your artwork for possible publication. Stitched, painted or altered, we want to see it all! Deadline for artwork to be received: Semiannually every February 15th and August 15th.

Haute Handbag

How do you carry it? That’s the question Somerset Studio would like to help answer through our new and exciting special publication titled Haute Handbags. Whether we use purses, clutches, totes, portfolios, sacks, bags, or attachés, there are many styles made with an astounding array of materials emerging from all corners of the creative world – all vying to be carried and used with style. You are welcome to construct a bag from scratch, or to purchase one that you embellish and alter with paints, beads, rubber stamps, ribbons, buttons, transparencies, and more. No medium or material is ruled out so use your imagination to make bags of leather, wool, fabric, paper, plastic, wood, glass, or any other materials that you love. Deadline for artwork to be received: Semi-annually every November 15th, and May 15th.

Green Craft

Finding creative uses for old items is nothing new to artists, but the spirit of preserving the planet is more important than ever before and GreenCraft Magazine is here to honor and inspire those who find artistic applications for normally discarded resources. GreenCraft will provide ideas for repurposing trash to treasure by showcasing projects where waste is repurposed into ecologically chic creations. So … have you found a use for cardboard rolls left over from paper towels? Have you cut up an old T-shirt and knitted it into a purse? Have you taken a burned-out light bulb and made it into a beautiful flower vase? Have you transformed old board games into notebooks? Then we want to hear from you! Submit your recycled, reused and repurposed items to GreenCraft Magazine today! Deadline for artwork to be received: Semi-Annually every September 15th & March 15th.

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