Art in The Gardens Brings Artists and Creativity to Downtown at the Gardens! Meet Sarah LaPierre!

It’s that time of year!  Stop by Art in The Gardens and see some wonderful art and meet the artists!  This free, two-day event is sponsored by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce which also produces The ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival. It takes place at Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens.  Besides the art, there are plenty of family-fun activities and grown-up spots as well.  This Rickie Report is featuring artist Sarah LaPierre.  For more details about this Nov. 2nd -3rd event read this article!










NOVEMBER 2-3, 2013

11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Art in the Gardens, presented by Downtown at the Gardens, is a free two-day event which showcases over 70 regional artists and includes family-friendly entertainment with live music, plenty of kids activities and delicious food from Downtown restaurants.
Sarah LaPierre's "Paradise"

Sarah LaPierre’s “Paradise”

The event takes place on Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3  from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. on both days.  Downtown at the Gardens is located at   11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue   Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.    Admission is free to Art in the Gardens and complimentary parking is available onsite.
Art in the Gardens is produced by the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce which also produces The ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival. The Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization whose nearly 800 members represent all aspects of business and industry. Their continuing mission is to be the unified voice of business driving sustainable growth and prosperity. The Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce focuses on the development and retention of businesses, taking an active role in business, providing meaningful member services and improving the quality of life for all residents in their community.

Sarah LaPierre Bio send

 Sarah tells The Rickie Report, “Art making is a process and a style of living that I treasure like a member of my own family. It has always had a strong presence in my life and has become ingrained in who I am as a person. I create art because the act itself brings me happiness and fulfillment. Sharing that happiness with others through my painting is likewise an incentive to create.”

Sarah LaPierre's "Jupiter Light"

Sarah LaPierre’s “Jupiter Light”


 I give unique qualities to my art by using a palette knife and heavy full-bodied acrylic paints, which create the thick texture and the vibrant uplifting colors that are characteristics of my work. I am inspired by everyday life and by the beautiful sceneries throughout my home state of Florida. My late father, artist Joseph LaPierre remains the strongest influence in my work.”


Sarah LaPierre's "Surf Shack"

Sarah LaPierre’s “Surf Shack”

Downtown at the Gardens is among the most visited destinations in Palm Beach County averaging well over 150,000 visitors per month. Downtown appeals to the broadest demographic of any retail center in the area combining a Whole Foods Market, a 16 screen Cobb Theatres and dozens of restaurant and retail options. Additionally, no other venue in the Palm Beaches caters to families like Downtown. With numerous retail, dining and entertainment options tailored specifically to moms, dads and kids – Downtown at the Gardens is your Destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.
Sarah LaPierre's "Cloud Beach"

Sarah LaPierre’s “Cloud Beach”

For additional information on Art in the Gardens or ArtiGras, visit or contact the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce at (561) 746-7111.   For more information about Sarah LaPierre’s artwork, please visit:


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“Keys to the Cities”: Carla Golembe Shows Her Piano Design

 Six months ago, Kathi Kretzer, founder of the Kretzer Piano Music Foundation, announced a new Call to Artists.  “Keys to the Cities” has brought 18 pianos, 18 pianists, 17 artists and 1,584 keys to Palm Beach County!  The Rickie Report sent out the Call to Artists.  This article details the events and celebration for the kick-off of “Keys to the City” and shares the experiences of one of the artists, Carla Golembe.  We hope you will go to see the pianos – the public is welcome to play them, too!




18 Pianos, 18 Pianists, 17 Artists, 1,584 Keys

A Unique Unveiling of

Sight & Sound, Song & Sensation


Kick-Off Party



After six long months of colorful creativity, a unique collaboration of sight and sound will be unveiled at last – so let the eye-dazzling and ear-pleasing harmonies begin.  Kathi Kretzer, founder of the Kretzer Piano Music Foundation,  announced that the much-anticipated KEYS TO THE CITIES Kick-Off Party will be held on Friday, November 1, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Waterfront Lake Pavilion in downtown West Palm Beach.



At the fun-filled event, the Foundation will unveil 18 different baby grand and upright pianos, all of which have been whimsically designed, each with its own unique theme, by 17 extraordinary local artists.



A piano owned by the late baseball great Gary Carter has been redone by artist Frank Navarrete in all too fitting Mets motif and dubbed “The Kid.” Artist Sharon Koskoff has reimagined a jazzy-style Grand that she is calling “Knockin’ at Heaven’s Door,” while Nadia Utto‘s piano has an intergalactic look that would float perfectly through the new Sandra Bullock flick, Gravity.




The art students at Watson B. Duncan Middle School and their teacher Courtney Hess have produced a funky “Zentangle Piano,” artist Julie Beaumont‘s Spinet has a recognizable theme of Florida Wildlife, and Eduardo Mendieta‘s Console now sports a child’s face and is titled, “Overlook.”



Additional piano-painting artists include Liz Brice, Caron Bowman, Karen Chandler, Joseph Dzwill, Silvana Frontera, Carla Golembe, Emmanuel Gonzales, Eric Kucera, Holly Rutchey, Alicia Stamm and Amanda Turner, whose colorful creations run the visual gamut from traditional beauty to wildly offbeat.


The official unveiling on November 1 will also include an unforgettable performance by a one-time-only 18 Piano Orchestra with 18 distinguished pianists all playing together: Dr. Robin Arrigo, Ruo Balko, Sandra Baran, Shawn Berry, Jerry Crank, Susan Dahlberg, Copeland Davis, Terrence Dwarika, Jan Fulford, Linda Johnson, Pat Johnson, Linda Jordan, Kathi Kretzer, Monte Lambert, Laurie McDonald, Betsy McHugh, Janet Owens and Michael Yanette.



Tickets to attend are $100 each, and can be purchased by calling Kretzer Piano Music Foundation at 561.748.0036. The festive event will include Keys To The Cities Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a chance to meet and mingle with the artists, the pianists and other music-loving supporters.



Public Display & Play in Palm Beach County

From November 2-17, the 18 gorgeous pianos will be on public display throughout the county. Among the various locations where visitors can see – and even play! – the “artified” instruments are Arts Garage in Delray Beach, on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, the Cultural Council headquarters in Lake Worth, Downtown At The Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens, Kretzer Piano in Jupiter, and at assorted spots in West Palm Beach, including City Center, CityPlace, Clematis Street by Palm Beach Dramaworks, the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium and the Waterfront.


“Professional pianists and music groups are scheduled to perform concerts on the pianos while they are on display, but the most fun will be in children (up to age 94) sitting down and plunking away. Our main message is that everyone is invited and everyone can play,” says Kretzer, who developed the program after learning of similar successful campaigns in London and New York City.


“This KEYS TO THE CITIES campaign fits perfectly with the mission of the Kretzer Piano Music Foundation, which is to provide music lessons and performing opportunities to everyone, especially underprivileged children,” she adds.


A “piano buddy” at each site will cover the instruments at night and during inclement weather. At the conclusion of the public display period, all of the pianos will be donated to local children’s charities and community organizations where they will continue to enrich the lives of people for years to come.


The 18 used pianos were donated for this campaign by the Kretzer Piano Music Foundation and by Carlos Aquino, Jackie Badome (in memory of her husband Frank), the family of Gary Carter, Cheryl Harrigan, Nancy Sale Johnson, the Lighthouse for the Blind, Opportunity, Inc., Sheryl Purcell, Paula Rodgers, Jamie Romeo, Karen Sade, Tony Tamaccio and Jan Young.


Sponsors of the first annual KEYS TO THE CITIES promotion include the City of West Palm Beach, Jerry’s Artarama, D.C. Moore Piano Movers, Arts Garage, Pete Bozetarnik, CPA, Guia Brown (Raymond James, Palm Beach), CityPlace, Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Downtown At The Gardens, Burt Handelsman (Love Realty), Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Kretzer Piano, Janet and Bob Nakushian, Northern Palm Beach County Youth Foundation and Palm Beach Dramaworks.



Carla Golembe is an award winning artist, illustrator, author and teacher.  Her work is shown at galleries throughout the United States.

Collections include Hyatt Corp, Pan Pacific Hotels, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Worcester Art Museum (Worcester, MA), Academy Art Museum (Easton, MD), Boston Public Library, University College of University of Maryland, Montgomery County MD Art in Public Places and others.  She has received artist residencies from the Hambidge Center (Rabun Gap, GA); Altos de Chavon (Dominican Republic) and Kalani Honua (Hawaii).  


Carla teaches at  The Art School of the Boca Raton Museum of Art (561 392-2503) and  Delray Beach Center for the Arts (561 243-7922 (x 317 or x478).


TRR:  The Rickie Report spoke to Carla about her design:


I have three bird feeders in my backyard, outside my studio.   These birds have captured my imagination and have wound up in a number of my arwork pieces.    I had just finished working on a “Tree of Life series” for Kolbo, a Judaica Gallery in Boston.  I was inspired to create something with my “friends”, the birds.   I  wanted the design to be joyous and beautiful because it is going to be shared with a charity and the public.


TRR:    The imagery came from her Trees of Life and the bird feeders’ visitors. She included angel heads to give a sense of love, peace and beauty.   The final piano is quite different from the sketch although it follows the same theme.

"Piano of Joy" Design

“Piano of Joy” Original Design


The shape of the piano that is different from the original sketch and Carla realized that it needed a background color.  So, there were some changes made, but she stayed with her original theme.



Just delivered!



The piano’s surface had to be cleaned of all dust, especially in the back where there is a lattice work. Then, Carla sanded the entire piano and applied two coats of primer.


3 Primer Coats

Two Primer Coats


Carla applied a few coats of paint to suggest sky and clouds. She used different techniques such as scumbling, blending and layering to produce the background for her artwork.


Layering the Background

Layering the Background


Once the background was dry, Carla was able to sketch out her design with chalk.


Sketching With Chalk

Sketching With Chalk


When Carla paints the imagery, she does so with numerous layers of paint, starting with dark underpainting.



9/19/2013  Back of Piano

9/19/2013 Back of Piano


Now Carla adds more layers, using brighter colors.


9/26/2013  Back of Piano

9/26/2013 Back of Piano


This view shows the  two painted male buntings and an interpretive cardinal – all from her back yard.  The eyes are actually Swarovski crystals!



Side Detail

Side Detail



Carla paints a final glaze, which will help maintain the design and painting.

Carla Painting

Carla Painting Final Glaze



Here is Carla’s guard cat, Vinny, making sure no one touches the piano.  Even though there were birds nearby on the piano, Vinny never tried to attack them!

Vinny Guards the Piano

Vinny Guards the Piano



Carla tells The Rickie Report, “This has been a fun and interesting journey.  I like projects with deadlines and was able to immerse myself in the process, which took two and a half weeks.  I loved the process and especially love that I’ll get to see what the other artists have done!  Not only will the pianos be in public spaces where people can play them, but ultimately will end up in a children’s charity or a community center, where others will truly appreciate them.


TRR:  We are not showing you the finished piano – you will need to go and see it!  Enjoy!!!


For ore information about Carla’s artwork or classes:, 561 498-9185,


For more information and a chance to glimpse some of the 18 designed pianos, check out “Keys to the Cities” on Facebook.  Kathi Kretzer    Kretzer Piano & Kretzer Piano Music Foundation   561.748.0036


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You’re Invited to “Evening For Earth” by Resource Depot: Support Creative REUSE!

Artists need materials to create their work and The Rickie Report knows that for many, recycling has become the norm when it comes to frames, glass and some other materials.  We hope you’re aware of Resource Depot and will check out their terrific supplies and stock.

Read this article to find out more about their services and “Evening for the Earth”.  Resource Depot’s annual silent auction/cocktail event, will be held on Friday, April 19th at the Lake Pavilion and Terrace in downtown West Palm Beach. This event directly supports Resource Depot and our mission to divert reusable materials (hundreds of thousands of pounds each year!) from Palm Beach County’s landfills to benefit students and teachers through arts and environmental education.


Resource Depot’s

6th Annual Evening for the Earth


Friday, April 19th 2013

6:00 – 9:00 pm


resource depotimage001



At Resource Depot, every day is Earth Day…but there is one day in particular where they invite you to celebrate our Earth, and the ways we can all help protect it. That day is “Evening for the Earth”, taking place this year on April 19th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the Lake Pavilion in Downtown West Palm Beach.


Andrea Creating

Andrea Creating

You may have seen Resource Depot at events around Palm Beach County. They can be found at the ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival, City Place’s Free Family Fun Fest, the South Florida Fair and at events at Downtown at the Gardens, to name a few. Or you may know them because you have a teacher friend who “shops” for classroom materials there, or have a child who did a creative project during one of their field trips.

Scouts Creating, 2012

Scouts Creating, 2012


You may not know, though, exactly what it is Resource Depot does.  Resource Depot is a nonprofit center for creative reuse.  Resource Depot is a place where businesses and individuals can donate high-quality, unwanted materials to be reused for creative play and learning by teachers, schools and other non-profits in the local community. A place where kids, and the teachers who teach them, can go to learn techniques for creative reuse that positively impact education as well as the environment. The items they collect would normally end up in the landfill—but through creative reuse are given a second…or even third life!

 One Pager Eco Art

For the past five years, always around Earth Day, Resource Depot has held its annual fundraising event, “Evening for the Earth”, where supporters of education, the arts and the environment gather to enjoy an evening of cocktails, entertainment, and silent auction.

Volunteer with Auction item

Volunteer with Auction item


“Last year, nearly 200 people…city commissioners, radio personalities, local cultural organizations and individuals who support us because they believe in what we do, all came out to support Resource Depot’s Evening for the Earth,” says Executive Director Jennifer O’Brien. “This just goes to show how pervasive the belief that environmental stewardship is every sector’s responsibility has become.”


Guerilla ART ArtiGras, 2013

Guerilla ART ArtiGras, 2013

This year, Resource Depot hopes to win over even more people to the idea that you can take one problem…namely, the pounds of landfill waste created in Palm Beach County alone – and work towards solving that problem in a way that helps alleviate another – the number of dollars that teachers pay out of pocket each year for classroom supplies.”


Resource Depot’s 6th Annual Evening for the Earth is presented by Emerald Green Sponsor, The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, and sponsored by Florida Power & Light, Southern Waste Systems, Berkowitz & Huff, P.A., Ronnye Sands on behalf of Shaklee Corporation, and Paymaster, Inc.


The night features refreshments by Café Joshua, live entertainment, and of course, some amazing auction items…everything from a firefighter for a day to VIP event tickets, original artwork, and fun themed gift baskets. Ticket sales and more event information can be found at or by calling (561) 882-0090.  Or visit:  

Location: The Lake Pavilion & Terrace in Downtown West Palm Beach, site info at

Tickets: $45.00 each or $75.00 per couple, available at
Parking: West Palm Beach DDA parking locations can be found here


Event on Facebook:!/events/152141154942429/

Organization Social,


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