9th Annual Hot Works Boca Raton Fine Art Show™ Announces Professional Artists And Budding Artists Winners

The 9th Annual Boca Raton Fine Art Show™ was held January 27 & 28th in downtown Boca Raton. This Fine Art and Fine Craft fair, juried by art professionals, is voted one of the top art fairs in the U.S. All artwork was original and personally handmade by the 160 artists who participated in the show.  Sponsored by Hot Works, LLC. and The Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc., it focuses on visual arts, diversity, fostering art education among young students, and community enrichment.  The Rickie Report shares the outstanding winners of both the Fine Art Show and the Budding Artist Competition for students in grades 6-12 or ages 9-19.  KUDOS to Patty Narozny’s team!  



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9th annual
Hot Works Boca Raton Fine Art Show™
January 27 & 28, 2018
Downtown Boca Raton
Announcing Professional Artist Award Winners





Best of Show  Gail Markewicz, Clay


The 9th annual Hot Works Boca Raton Fine Art Show was held on January 27 & 28, 2018 in downtown Boca Raton, in Sanborn Square Park, on N.E. 1st Avenue and on East Boca Raton Road. Voted in the top 100 art shows in the nation for three years, this juried fine art and fine craft art show included 140 juried artists whose art work was original and personally handmade. To recognize great talent, there was $1,500 in Professional Artist Awards – criteria was based on originality, technique/execution, and booth appearance.



Best of Show, Kent Euler, Sculpture


Tema Kissin of Palm Coast, Florida was the Artist Judge. As a graduate from Philadelphia College of art, she continued on to University of New Mexico, where she worked at Tamarind, helping artists print their work. Receiving a teaching scholarship at Montclair State, NJ, she finished her Masters in Art and taught printmaking. Some of the corporate collections her work is in include Bank of America, NY, I.B.M, Fl, Campbells, NJ, Citibank, NY, Zales Corp, TX, Haagen Das, NY, Northern Trust, IL, to name a few. Exhibitions include: Newark Museum, NJ, Kathryn Markel Gallery, NY, Addison Ripley Gallery, D.C., as well as group shows in the metropolitan area.  


City of Boca Raton Council Member & CRA Chair Scott Singer joined Patty Narozny, Executive Producer for “Prize Patrol”, in which the awards were presented to the winners below. Photos are available upon request and are posted on the website, www.hotworks.org.

$500 Best of Show (2)

Kent Epler, Sculpture, New Albany, IN
Gail Markewicz, Clay, Woodbridge, CT

$100 Awards of Excellence

Orna & Ami Amrani, Mixed Media, Tamarac, FL
Marilyn Endres, Wood, Driftwood, TX
Dana & David Melnick, Jewelry, New York, NY
Nancy Ney, Photography, Miami, FL
Robbie Robinson, Fiber, Chicago, IL

Awards of Distinction

Alexis Barbeau, Jewelry, Boca Raton, FL
Heidi Hess, Fiber, Chicago, IL
Kue King, Sculpture, Woodbury, TN
Dewey James, Digital, Minneapolis, MN
Ed Loedding, Digital, Brandon, VT
Jo Nelson, Mixed Media, Hastings, NE
Reza Pishgahi, Sculpture, Bloomington, IN
Don Tran, Fiber, St. Louis, MO
Sip-Tshun Ng, Pompano Beach, FL
Jerry Yang, Fiber, Dublin, OH

Best Budding Artist 2018, Daniel Pan, Drawing

Announcing Budding Artist Award Winners

As part of our commitment to bring art education into the community, a Budding Artist Competition is integrated into the show within a 10’x20’ area. Sponsored by Institute for the Arts & Education, students in grades 6-12 or ages 9-19 were encouraged to enter his/her original and personally handmade art that was publicly displayed in the art show the entire weekend.

There was $250 in Budding Artist Awards as students are exposed to the rules and entrepreneurship opportunity of doing something they love for a living – creating their art. The program brings families to the art show and exposes them to great art. Students are encouraged to speak with the professional artists in the show and ask them what inspires him/her.

City of Boca Raton Council Members Andrea Levine O’Rourke and Robert Weinroth were part of the Budding Artists Awards Presentation held on Sunday, January 28 at 3pm. Special recognition was given to local art teachers including Hope Campbell and Shelley Weiss of North Broward Preparatory School, Jennifer Schultz of Grandview Preparatory School, and Heather Schumulian of Hebrew Academy School in Margate who entered their students into this art-education program.

Participating artist in the show, Mixed Media Artist Zaki of Antwerp, Belgium was the Budding Artist Judge. Similar to the judging of the professional artist awards, the budding artists were judged based on originality, technique, and execution. Zaki provided an explanation as to why each student won his/her prize which provided an educational learning experience about art.


2018 Budding Artist Award Winners:

One – $100 Best Budding Artist:
Daniel Pan, Drawing,  Westglades Middle School


Three – $50 Budding Artist Awards of Excellence:

Savannah Carpenter, Painting,  Boca Raton Middle School
Rebecca Fazio, Photography,  Grandview Preparatory School
Sophia Vigne, Painting,  Home-Schooled, Boca Raton


Budding Artists 2018




JANUARY 26, & 27, 2019







For more information please contact Patty Narozny, Executive Producer, Boca Raton Fine Art Show
Hot Works, LLC Fine Art & Fine Craft Shows™
President, Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc.

Event Hot Line: 941-755-3088
Event Website: www.HotWorks.org
Event Email: Info@HotWorks.org
Email: Patty@HotWorks.org





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Coral Springs Welcomes Back Premier Arts Festival March 19 & 20

Join the excitement on March 19 – 20, 2016 to celebrate the 12th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts! The Walk, on University Drive in Coral Springs, will be transformed into an outdoor art and craft gallery with original artwork, handmade crafts, and affordable gift items by more than 200 artists from the United States. Enjoy eclectic art and craft displays, live music, literary workshops, children’s activities, a Green Market, and much more. The Event takes place on Saturday & Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free admission. Partial proceeds from the festival will benefit the Coral Springs Museum of Art and the city’s other non-profit qualifying artistic endeavors within the community.  The Rickie Report shares the details and highlights 3 Featured Artists:  Robin Focht (Glass), Bill & Staci McLauchlan (Digital Art/Mixed Media) and Don Tran (Silk Embroidery Art).  







12th Annual

 Coral Springs Festival of the Arts 





March 19 – 20, Saturday & Sunday

10:00 am – 5:00 pm







The Walk on University Drive in Coral Springs

Navigational address:

2874 North University Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065



Support the Arts, Coral Springs Museum of Art and the Local Community



Free and open to the public




Free Trolley & Parking at the Center for the Arts

29th Street and Coral Springs Drive












Coral Springs’ Signature Celebration of the Arts returns to The Walk on March 19 – 20, 2016. This popular two-day juried event features eclectic exhibits of original fine art, handmade crafts, unique affordable gift items, theatrical performances, literary workshops, a children’s area, a Green Market and a full line-up of live music. Partial proceeds from the Festival will benefit the Coral Springs Museum of Art and the city’s other non-profit qualifying artistic endeavors within the community. Admission is free and open to the public.  Festival patrons will have the opportunity to leisurely explore  and engage the artists and crafters to gain a better understanding of their work and techniques. All exhibitors will be on site for the duration of the art show and welcome the opportunity to meet potential investors and art enthusiasts.







Meet the Artists:





Don Tran – Silk Embroidery Art


 HAEDontran1Silk Embroidery by Don Tran



Don Tran is a native of Vietnam and has a MBA degree from Webster University (St. Louis, MO).  Hand-Sewn Silk Embroidery is a traditional within the Tran family that has been passed down for generations. Mr. Tran inherited these precious skills and raised his work to a high level of expertise to meet the taste and expectations of his clients. The artwork is stitched into black linen fabric (Nylon, Satin, Cotton, Silk) so that the vibrant colors of the silk threads stand out.  Mr. Tran starts with simple light chalk lines, then with his imagination, patience and skills creates true works of art. Vietnamese embroidery is a tradition folk art with time honored themes. Each village has common designs that reflect their culture and daily life. Each home and person has particular designs and motifs they use in their work. The skill and technique of the individual is what pushes it to the level of arts. Some of Mr. Tran’s signature pieces are created from masters’ traditional designs that are used in his native village. In addition, he also creates new designs reflecting his personal style. 




HAEDontran2Silk Embroidery by Don Tran 



Bill & Staci McLauchlan – Digital Art/Mixed Media







Artwork by Bill & Staci McLauchlan




Staci was raised in a house surrounded by fabric. Her mother was a home economics teacher who tried everything to get her interested in sewing. Of course, being the independent, freewheeling teenager she was, Staci would have none of it.  It wasn’t until later, Staci realized that in spite of her efforts to ignore the wisdom her Mom tried to impart, some of it actually took. She came to love fabric and the art of fabric composition!   Staci says, “I work exclusively with batiks. The richness and variation of the colors makes it possible to “paint” with fabric in a way that permits the whimsical as well as the formal. Whether its contemporary curve and line compositions, tropical island scenery, or abstract textile designs, I have a vision that fabric art should always be alive and always inspire the viewer to wonder: Is it really fabric?”




 Bill has been doing digital work practically since the personal computer was invented. He started with an Apple II computer in 1980. He has a strong eye for color, design and digital transformation. Together, Staci and Bill create contemporary works of art that have their roots in fabric composition but are digitally metamorphosed into designs that are abstract or grounded.




HAEmclauchlan2Artwork by Bill & Staci McLauchlan






Robin Focht – Glass





This all began while on vacation visiting friends in Ashville, NC. My very artistic friend, Margaret, got me started on Pinterest and Etsy. While perusing these sites I came across some beautiful glass flowers and thought to myself, “I would love to do that.” The next day Margaret and I searched through Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity for glass to make our first flowers. My life has not been the same since!! I can no longer look at a piece of glass without seeing it becoming a flower.





Glass Flowers by Robin Focht



Robin shares,”I know that some of you may look at my name and think, ‘this woman doesn’t use spellcheck’. Yes, I realize that Sweetpea, under normal circumstances, would be two words. I was very lucky to be married to a wonderful man, Gary, who never called me by my given name. I had more pet names than my dog Molly, a/k/a, Moo Moo, Molly Tamale, Mooshie Girl, well, you get the picture. Gary always would use ‘Sweetpea’ as one word. With his passing I have chosen to honor his memory in this small way”.




Original Fine Art – Functional Art – Handmade Crafts – Unique Gift Items
Live Music – Literary Workshops – Children’s Activities – Green Market




Additional Information At-A-Glance:




  • Juried first-class outdoor gallery showcasing local and national artists & crafters
  • Fine Art Show
  • Contemporary Craft Show
  • Hosted by the Coral Springs Festival Committee, Inc. & the City of Coral Springs
  • Produced by Howard Alan Events
  • Original Artwork
  • Handmade in America
  • 200 artists and crafters from 30 different states
  • Prices set to suit all budgets – ranging from as little as $3 to $30,000
  • Artists hand-selected by independent panel of expert judges from hundreds of applicants
  • All artists and crafters on site for duration of festival
  • Vast array of artistic media including paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, glass, wood, handmade jewelry, collage, mixed media, folk art, pottery, personalized gifts, handmade clothing, basket weaving, beaded utensils, candles, cork assemblage, fabric design, fiber quilts, fused glass, hair accessories, handbags & accessories, handmade cards, leather, mosaic, wood, painted wood, plaster craft, stained glass
  • Green Market featuring unique plants and gourmet dips
  • Theatrical performances
  • Literary workshops
  • Children’s activity area
  • Full line-up of live music




About American Craft Endeavors:

American Craft Endeavors (ACE) produces some of the nation’s most exciting high-end juried craft shows in many of Florida’s vibrant downtown areas and popular tourist destinations including the Lauderdale by the Sea Craft Festival (Fort Lauderdale, FL), the Holiday Craft Festival on the Ocean (Jupiter/Juno Beach, FL), the Downtown Stuart Craft Fairs (Stuart, FL), the Siesta Fiesta Craft Festival (Sarasota, FL) and the Downtown Sarasota Craft Festivals (Sarasota, FL) among others. The group’s founders personally select unique, culture rich cities for their show locations providing a complete outdoor experience unmatched by other festivals.  All crafters are hand-selected from hundreds of applicants in order to ensure a superior event featuring diverse art media and the highest quality of original handmade crafts.  




For additional information on the 12th Annual Coral Springs Festival of the Arts and other Howard Alan Events festivals visit www.artfestival.com or info@artfestival.com or call 561-746-6615.




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