WITVA (Women In The Visual Arts) Starts Season Off With Zoom Seminar Focused On Good Business Practices For Artists Featuring Rickie Leiter

Women In The Visual Arts (WITVA) announces their kick off meeting on Friday, September 25 via Zoom.  Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report will present two topics: “Why You Need An Artist Statement” and “Marketing During A Pandemic”.  There will time for questions and answers from participants.  This event is Free but you must RSVP by September 22 to receive the Zoom link information.  WITVA grants art scholarships, holds an annual competitive exhibition with awards, offers educational forums relating to specific forms of art,  presents art exhibitions and competitions, and serves as a networking forum for members and guests.  WITVA also donates group art to other non-profits. Join WITVA today!











Rickie Leiter,  Publisher of The Rickie Report 




“Why You Need An Artist Statement”


“Marketing Art During A Pandemic”




1:00 pm

Via Zoom


RSVP to get the Zoom link:  KGHENKE@gmail.com







Rickie Leiter has always been fascinated by the creative process. A former art consultant in her native Massachusetts, her instinct to connect with creatives in her new Florida home led her to found The Rickie Report in 2011. This free online publication features artist stories, helpful tips for marketing, a calendar of upcoming art events, and calls to artists/artisans for both juried and non-juried shows. Rickie’s goal is to help artists, galleries, and visual arts-related organizations achieve their potential by connecting with other artists, art lovers, and patrons. Rickie’s mission is to help emerging artists achieve meaningful careers and to guide professional artists in finding their niches. She has juried exhibits, offered Art Marketing Seminars, and been a featured speaker at many art-related events. Rickie is an active member of numerous art coalitions in southeast Florida. She is always looking for a way to connect emerging artists, established artists, art promoters, and art patrons together, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.




Rickie earned an MSW and worked as a psychiatric social worker before changing professional paths as an art consultant. While her own creativity includes a successful career as a jewelry artist and a mosaicist, she is open to new knowledge, growth and experiences. Rickie has served as a long-time volunteer in national and international non-profits, providing her with a solid on-the-ground education for marketing, communication and leadership training. She and her husband, Jeff, publish The Rickie Report while enjoying the cultural bounties around them. Being involved with her community is important to Rickie, as she volunteers with the Ft. Pierce Jazz Society and co-chaired a juried art show in PGA Village Verano. She previously worked in Development with Dana Farber Cancer Institute and is a long- standing leader with Hadassah.





For more information on events, membership, or supporting WITVA, Inc. please visit:





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The Rickie Report Takes You On A Visit To The Art Gallery Of Delectable “Edible” Delights In Behind The Scenes Tour With Artist Stanford Slutsky And Gallery Director Kathy Slutsky

The Rickie Report takes you behind the scenes at the Stanford Slutsky Art Gallery. Need a half dozen donuts with no calories?  Stan can deliver!  Sharing a box of fancy chocolates with your sweetie?  Stan can personalize them for you! The Slutsky Gallery is now open by appointment and also offers FaceTime tours.  Welcome to the Gallery of Delectable “Edible” Delights!  Stan also demonstrates some of the proprietary techniques which he invented. Stan’s giant-sized hyper-realistic art which looks good enough to eat is sold world wide. 






Gallery Hours:

Tuesday thru Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

By Appointment Only

Now Offering FaceTime in the Gallery




9682 Cherry Blossom Ct.   Boynton Beach, FL 33437


We specialize in three dimensional mixed media giant-sized hyper-realistic fine art replica sculptures of Good Humor Dessert Pops.



We’ll show you the piece of artwork you are interested in and tell you more about it ~





Stanford Slutsky’s artwork is sold world wide, and in prestigious locales including the newest Stanford Slutsky Gallery.  His hyperrealistic sculptures remind me of my childhood and bring Pop Art to a new level!  Step into the Gallery and be transported to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory because the giant-sized hyper-realistic artworks on the walls look good enough to eat! The luscious box of chocolates is actually made of resins, plaster of Paris, rigid foam, adhesives, glitter, with Stan’s imagination and much, much more. Slutsky learned how to create these magical masterpieces by a higher power he calls “the art god”. This self-taught 78-year-old artist has been a full time working artist most of his life. Even in high school, he won many arts awards.




Intricate Box of Chocolates, 3D Sculpture by Stanford Slutsky





Today Slutsky is creating three dimensional mixed media sculptures of food, one of our most basic needs. It is a flashback to earlier days of good feelings, and nostalgia with his vivid memories of childhood days. He creates art that makes us smile and have that same sense of nostalgia. Stan accomplishes this by tasting and eating what he wants to create, which will look like the hyper-realistic chocolate bars, chocolates, ice cream bars, pops, doughnuts, pizza, hamburgers, French fries, sushi and more.  He creates these artworks in his studio, which happens to be in his perfectly organized studio/garage. 






What Is Pop Art?

The type of artwork that I create is Pop Art which began in the 1950s. It’s a style of art based on simple, bold images of everyday items, such as candy, ice cream dessert bars, soup cans, painted in bright colors. Pop artists created pictures of consumer product labels and packaging, photos of celebrities, comic strips, and animals. Pop art  in which commonplace objects ( candy, ice cream on a stick, comic strips, soup cans, road signs, and hamburgers) were used as subject matter and were often physically incorporated in the artwork.
The Pop Art movement represented a shift in what artists considered to be important source material. It was a movement which sought to connect fine art with the masses and involved using imagery that ordinary people could recognize and relate to in their life.
As the successor of modern art, the contemporary genre includes art produced today and dates back to a single, iconic movement. While Pop Art began in the 1950s and was popularized in the 1960s, several iconic artists today continue to keep it alive through their exciting and widely beloved works and to name a few artists. Keith Haring, Robert Indiana, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Stanford Slutsky, Tom Wesselmann, Jack Newman, Milton Avery, Romero Britto, Chuck Close, Peter Blake, Steve Kaufman, Damien Hirst, Terry Frost, Charles Fazzino, Doug Bloodworth, Yuroz, Wayne Thiebaud, Alexandra Nechita, Dan Meyer, Peter Max, Sol Lewitt, Paul Kostabi, Jeff Koons.  In addition, let’s not forget Banksy,  John Chamberlain,  George Condo, Willem de Kooning, Jim Dine, Helen Frankenthaler, Kaws, Yayoi Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein, Claude Monet, Robert Motherwell, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and many others.





Kathy Slutsky with a 3D Box of Donuts Sculpture by Stanford Slutsky


HOW    DOES    HE    DO    IT?

The Rickie Report takes you behind-the-scenes at Stan’s Studio




Stan Shares A Proprietary Technique~







Born in 1941 in Pittsburgh, PA. Stanford has created a plethora of artworks in various mediums.  In the summer of 1957, Slutsky drove a Good Humor Ice Cream Truck, where he was known as “Stan the Good Humor Man”.   He moved from his insanely detailed abstract optical illusion works, to his life long journey with food with an emphasis on sweet things. Prior to creating, he tells The Rickie Report, “I must sample the real thing and only then I begin the process to build, construct, sculpt, sand and paint”. Stan has an innate reverence for the things we eat.  He says, “Food brings people together and there is no better way to celebrate life. We take for granted the aesthetically pleasing and seductive look of food. I like to create art that can lure, charm, tease, disarm and surprise”. His sculptures bring viewers to a reminiscent state so that they can communicate with their inner selves in a more honest and direct way – all the way back to their youth. He activates the hunger people have for the things that give them pleasure and forces them to surrender to being nostalgic in a positive way. The sensual nature of his works stimulates basic human needs and desires that generate cravings and passion. He hopes to bring a little wistfulness to recall the sweet things in our lives.  Who is not getting just a little bit hungry while looking at these images?    





Hamburg on a Gold Bun  3D Sculpture by Stanford Slutsky









For more information about The Stanford Slutsky Art Gallery



VISIT: www.stanfordslutsky.com 

EMAIL: mr-food@att.net

CALL: 561-789-4678







For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

Rickie@therickiereport.com   561-537-0291

17019 SW Sapri Way   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

ENDANGERED Art4Apes Fine Art & Photography Contest Announces Extension Through October 7. New On-Line Format Will Feature Every Entry And Is 2 Months Long!

The Rickie Report shares 4 Special Announcements about “ENDANGERED Art4Apes Fine Art & Photography Contest 2020!  Due to storms and wildfires in the USA over the past few weeks deadline has been extended to October 7th.  Due to the Covid-19 situation it will be an online exhibition only throughout November and December. More people will see the exhibit AND EVERY ENTRY will be featured. The Virtual Artist in Residence program will run to the end of the year. Would YOU like to take part?  We give you the details here. 










ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest


Wednesday October 7th midnight PST




November 1st to December 31st











Owing to storms and wildfires in the USA over the past few weeks we are extending our deadline.

The Virtual Artist in Residence program will run to the end of the year

Would YOU like to take part?

Due to the Covid-19 situation we will be moving to an online exhibition only throughout November and December.

Every entry will be featured!



Full details below:


Enter Now! Deadline Extended to 7th October

https://www.juriedartservices.com/index.php? content=event_info&event_id=1661




ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2020

This global, juried, online art contest focuses attention on the plight of endangered/threatened species/habitats. The challenge is to interpret or reflect ENDANGERED through either

Celebration of the beauty of endangered or threatened species/habitats

Illustration of the threats facing endangered species/habitats

Categories for Entry:

Fine Art (including sculpture, jewelry and wearable art) Fine Art Photography (digital manipulation accepted)

Young Artists (birthdays on or after October 1st, 2001). We will accept individual or class/group entries.)

Each entry of a single image must be accompanied by a donation of $25 USD that goes directly to the Center for Great Apes http:// www.CenterForGreatApes.org. Young Artists enter one image accompanied by a donation of $5 USD. There is no limit on the number of entries that may be made.



Cash prizes totaling $3,250 will be awarded in both Fine Art and Fine Art Photography categories. Cash prizes totaling $500 USD will be awarded in the Young Artists Contest.

Exciting Online Exhibition November 1st – December 31st

Planning an exhibition in the Covid-19 era presents significant issues. It seems clear that resurgence of the virus could possibly force last-minute cancellation or strict social distancing severely limiting visitor numbers. Such a last-minute cancellation would mean that artists would spend money sending work in to an exhibition that might not happen and that would likely have far less visitors. Having taken everything into account we have determined, sadly, that we must cancel the live exhibition this year.

We have developed an exciting virtual exhibition to run from November 1 to December 31, 2020. Prizewinners and Jury scores (and fit with the theme) will get the best positions. We will be able to feature 100 pieces in the virtual 2- month show rather than the 50 we can accommodate in the real-life show. Another great plus is that we will be able to feature EVERY entry as we will reserve an additional 25 places for a “rolling exhibition” so every piece will be featured for at least 5-7 days.

All pieces may be offered for sale (or not depending on preference) and we will be including links to artist websites and bios as well as full details on the piece.

We are planning interesting online events to run during the exhibition.
This will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the work of all entrants to the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest.

Questions? Lindsey@Art4Apes.com






Art4Apes wants to encourage those artists and photographers who are committed to and focused on using their talent to support wildlife and the environment. This program is designed to showcase their work and support their communication with audiences who appreciate their message.

The Virtual Artist in Residence Program is awarded monthly to the artist (or photographer) who has submitted 3 or more entries to the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest 2020 and has been selected by the Curatorial Committee as best interpreting the aims of the Contest.


The successful Artist will be featured and promoted by Art4Apes for one month and will receive the following opportunities:


Weekly social media posts featuring your artwork
You will be featured in our monthly newsletter
We will design an e-flyer for you to send out to clients and contacts We will set up a dedicated page for you on the Art4Apes website


o You will have the opportunity to craft a personal message about your art and commitment to wildlife and the environment.

o We will include your full bio and artist statement

o We will include a virtual gallery of up to 10 pieces of your work

o We will issue news updates featuring your current work, exhibitions, awards, direction of new work etc.

o We will feature your work in an article in The Rickie Report – South Florida’s most influential online arts report.

o We will offer up to 5 pieces of work for sale on our online website  (price to include a 30% donation to the Center for Great Apes).

We regret that we cannot offer this to Young Artists at the moment. Artists can only be featured once a year.



Presenting the work of the ENDANGERED: Art4Apes





“Strength and Wisdom”. ©2020 Deborah Knowlson. All Rights Reserved.




“Savanna Skyline” © 2020 Kirsten Hines. All Rights Reserved. http://www.kirstennaturetravel.com




“Scratching Post” © 2020 Bud Root-Michels. All Rights Reserved.





“Soaking Up the Last Few Rays” © 2020 Katie Murray. All Rights Reserved. https://greeneyedgirl.org







Proceeds benefit the Center for Great Apes








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Vero Beach Art Club Offers Weekly Virtual Art Classes For All Levels On Thursdays. Learn With Judy Burgarella On Thursday, July 9. Non-Members Welcome!

The Vero Beach Art Club invites art students of all levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) to learn new tips and explore new techniques in their Virtual Art Classes on Thursdays.  Non-members are welcome! On Thursday, July 9, Judy Burgarella will take your artistry to new heights as she works with light and shadows, skin tones, painting clothing, mixing colors, and more tips than we can mention here! The Rickie Report shares the details about this class and about the Vero Beach Art Club. We urge you to review their offerings and point out, that since these are virtual classes… anyone can attend!  What a fabulous group to network with!













Judy Burgarella Teaches a Virtual Art Class




THURSDAY     JULY, 9, 2020

1 – 4 PM

REGISTER:  www.verobeachartclub.org








Judy Burgarella spends a lot of time designing her class so that people will not fail.  When they sign up, she sends them a lined pattern, and in class she shows them how to get that pattern onto the canvas.  She explains, “This is not a drawing class, it’s a painting class. Drawing takes years to learn.  Even if some of them do not have a “masterpiece,” they will have learned a lot of tips and tricks to add to their knowledge of painting”.  Many of her students have said that they have learned more in her class than any other class they have taken.  “For 3 hours, I never shut up.  I am hoping to get many other artists onboard to teach this class so that we have diversity and variety to offer”.




“Portrait on Palette” Private Commission by Judy Burgarella




Judy Burgarella tells The Rickie Report, “My career in business involved mostly administration/ secretarial work, and printing and editing. As my passion to pursue art became stronger I began writing and designing for arts & crafts magazines, in addition to running my own secretarial service. I eventually started an art club, the “Shoreline Plein Air Painters” in Connecticut”. 




“View From A Cottage Window” by Judy Burgarella

A view from through the window of an historic house in Rockport, Massachusetts.  In one of the graves rests the actual builder of the house who was the son of the founder of Rockport. 




In 2005, Judy and her husband Bob moved to Florida, and she soon joined the Vero Beach Art Club and other local arts organizations, where she became very active, helping out with shows and wherever her skills were needed. In 2012 her daughter Robin and family moved to Sebastian, and Judy currently helps her with her real estate business staging homes and using her own paintings in the décor.



“Heritage Center” by Judy Burgarella In A Private Collection




Judy has studied under renowned artists in Connecticut and Florida, and has taught painting and drawing for over 20 years. She currently teaches portrait painting at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, general art at Indian River Estates, and does free-lance classes and demonstrations for groups and individuals. Judy is constantly on the lookout for new creative opportunities, and ways to give back to the community.










About The Vero Beach Art Club:


The Vero Beach Art Club, formed in 1936, is an independent, non-profit organization serving its members and the Vero Beach art community through, education, exhibitions, social events and monthly meetings with special programs and guest artists.

The public is always welcome to attend our monthly meetings.

Our Events are free to attend and open to the public.

They feature many of our talented artists.

Also be sure to see our Artists Gallery with artwork for sale by our members.



Click HERE for more Information ~



The Art Club Annex

1791 Old Dixie Highway, Vero Beach, FL.

Annex Phone Number: 772-217-3345





For information about classes, workshops, virtual events, exhibits, membership opportunities please visit:







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The Florida Watercolor Society’s “Creative Confinement Challenge” Online Exhibition – Original And Affordable Art For Everyone

What happens when 100 watercolor artists are cooped-up and concerned about shows, sales, and funding for not-for-profit arts organizations like the Florida Watercolor Society? FWS came up with the “Creative Confinement 64-Inch Challenge”! Members were challenged to “confine” their work to 64-square inches (8″ x 8″), creating an original water media artwork to express their feelings or experiences during the “safer-at-home mandate”. The Challenge gave the artists inspiration to create, a place to show and now, sell their work, and the entry fees raised money for the FWS Healing Arts Award for the 49th Annual Exhibition.  This virtual exhibit is showing now through August 15, 2020. The Rickie Report gives you a sneak-peek of some of the images and urges you to hurry to make a purchase! The prices are affordable and the images offer diverse subject matter! We also include information about the FWS 49th Annual Exhibition and upcoming virtual workshops, demonstrations, Convention & Trade Show. There will be an online Exhibition Review by Michael Reardon, judge & juror for the 49th Annual Exhibition. The Rickie Report includes the details.







About the Florida Watercolor Society:


The Florida Watercolor Society is the largest State society in the United States with nearly 1000 members. Our mission is to promote the art of watercolor and to educate the public as to the importance of watercolor as a creative and permanent painting medium while contributing to the cultural atmosphere of the state of Florida.



FWS’ Annual Awards are among the most outstanding of the major state water media organizations in the country. They are made possible by sponsors including individuals, businesses, and memorial gifts from the estates of members who have passed. The annual cash and merchandise awards usually total over $20,000, including two $1500 purchase awards. One of these is sponsored by Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, a major sponsor and great friend of FWS. The other is the Healing Arts Award given by FWS to purchase a painting from the Annual Exhibition to be donated to a medical facility of the current President’s choosing. This year, the painting is going to Bay Pines VA Hospital in St. Petersburg where the annual events were to be held before COVID-19 came into the picture. Since their live annual Fall events were canceled, FWS came up with the Creative Confinement Challenge to raise funds for the Healing Arts Award!



FWS’ main events each year are an Annual Exhibition, Convention & Trade Show every fall in various locations throughout Florida. FWS also hosts an Online Show for our Non-Signature members. At our Convention, we host two 4-day workshops and at least one 1-day workshop taught by invited internationally-known artists. During Convention weekend, demonstrations by noted artists are presented hourly, as well as critiques, silent auctions, raffles, and a host of other wonderful activities. There are Member and Non-Member rates to register for the Convention, however, the Trade Show is free and open to the public.


Since the cancellation of 2020 fall events, the FWS board has been working very hard to create virtual offerings during the week the Convention & Trade Show would have taken place.  While this could never substitute for a live gathering, there will still be a Convention featuring demonstrations by noted artists, workshops, interviews, and even opportunities to purchase art supplies from our Trade Show vendors! 

There will even be an online Exhibition Review by Michael Reardon, judge & juror for the 49th Annual Exhibition. 

The schedule is on the FWS website

Work is being accepted from FWS Members for the 49th Annual Exhibition through August 15, 2020  



 To see the Prospectus for rules and details visit the FWS website:




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St. Lucie Cultural Alliance Welcomes New Executive Director, Alyona Ushe

St. Lucie Cultural Alliance has named its new executive director, Alyona Ushe after a lengthy national search.  Ushe began her career by founding Classika-Synetic Theater in the Washington DC Metro area. In South Florida, as President and CEO of Creative City Collaborative (CCC),  she grew the organizational budget to over $3 million. She founded the critically acclaimed Arts Garage, where she presented over 500 performances by both regional and international artists and launched numerous signature series and educational and outreach initiatives. Under her leadership, CCC won highly competitive bids in Pompano Beach to revitalize, program, and operate a 3,000-seat dormant amphitheater, and to open a new $20 million Cultural Center. The Rickie Report welcomes Alyona and looks forward to working with her and the St Lucie Cultural Alliance team!








“We are thrilled that Alyona Ushe will be putting her energy, creativity, and extensive experience to move St. Lucie County’s Alliance to an entirely new level of commitment to the community it serves,” said Rebecca Miller, Chair of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance Board of Directors.


Ushe brings over twenty years of leadership experience in launching and growing distinctly different organizations for both nonprofit institutions and municipalities. As the Alliance’s Executive Director, Ushe will lead the implementation of the SLCA strategic plan, establish and cultivate strong partnerships with artists, organizations, events, and groups in St. Lucie County, and work towards engaging compelling arts and education experiences for residents and visitors alike.


“SLCA’s overwhelming success since its reincarnation is remarkable. Neil Levine, SLCA Interim Executive Director, has done an outstanding job in developing a powerful road map for the vision and direction of the organization,” said Ushe. “I am honored to take over the reins and continue to build on the great accomplishments while developing new initiatives to strengthen St. Lucie County’s cultural economy and support the local creative community.”



St. Lucie Cultural Alliance’s new executive director, Alyona Ushe





With Ushe’s expertise and years of experience, it is foreseen that she will have no problem filling the big shoes of Dr. Neil Levine, who has been the interim director since the organization reestablished in 2018.  “I’ve been delighted to have had the opportunity to assist the cultural alliance by developing organizational structure and strategic development, resulting in significant momentum. And I am pleased that foundational work is to be built upon by a true professional. I feel sure that Alyona will further develop the alliance into a benchmark organization we can all be proud of,” said Dr. Levine.


Ushe began her career in the arts by founding Classika-Synetic Theater in the Washington DC Metro area. There she produced over 100 original productions and organized the company’s participation at numerous festivals, including the International New York Fringe Festival, The Kennedy Center Prelude Festival, and the Shakespeare Festival in Washington, DC. She created and implemented extensive education outreach programs, praised on the floor of the US House of Representatives, resulting in significant Federal Appropriation funding.


In South Florida, she was the President and CEO of Creative City Collaborative (CCC), where she grew the organizational budget from $250,000 to over three million in under five years. She founded the critically acclaimed Arts Garage, where she presented over 500 performances by both regional and international artists and launched numerous signature series and educational and outreach initiatives. Under her leadership, CCC won highly competitive bids in Pompano Beach to revitalize, program, and operate a 3,000-seat dormant amphitheater, and to open a new $20 million cultural center. Previously, Ushe was the Executive Director of the New Orleans Opera Association.


About St. Lucie Cultural Alliance:

St. Lucie Cultural Alliance (SLCA) is the professional organization representing the arts and cultural sector in St. Lucie County. SLCA’s mission is to better position the arts and cultural sector as a significant contributor to the vibrancy, and educational and economic wellbeing of St. Lucie County. SLCA is a proud partner of The City of Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County, St. Lucie County Tourism Division, and Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County.


St. Lucie Cultural Alliance

2300 Virginia Avenue  Fort Pierce, FL 34982






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NSVA Announces New Virtual Classes, Workshops, And Video On Demand Demos, Plus Physically Distanced Plein Air Excursions

The New Studio for the Visual Arts announces a new series of Virtual Classes, Workshops, and Demos! In addition Ted Matz will be leading physically distanced Plein Air local Excursions in the Jupiter/ Tequesta area.  All levels of students are welcome. Kudos to NSVA as they announce a new $50,000 Gift Matching Campaign!  The Rickie Report shares all of the details and some sneak peeks. 






























PLEIN         AIR

JUNE 5, 12, 19, 26

9 am – Noon

Locations will change from week to week.  You will be notified prior to the scheduled dates where the class will take place.  Physical distancing according to CDC Guidelines will be observed.

















For more information about these classes, workshops, or events:  www.thenewstudiova.net






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The Rickie Report






“Keep Art Alive” St.Lucie Cultural Alliance Transcends Counties, Cities Or Countries. Real Resources, New Art Activities Are Available

The newest edition of “Keep Art Alive” from the St.Lucie Cultural Alliance transcends counties, cities or countries.  Anyone can use this information to continue to bring culture to their lives, as we make our way into a new world.  Learn new art techniques, find financial forums for help, discover new art resources, enjoy art activities for adults and children.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some photos here.  We are proud to be a Media Sponsor of this organization.















With school remaining closed, and summer coming with must of us still in quarantine, what is a better way to keep the family entertained than a creative art project?! Recycled art is an inexpensive and fun way to explore creativity. Plus, we all know, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Let’s recycle and pile up on inexpensive art supplies right from home.

In this edition of “Keep Art Alive”, we will learn recycled art tips and tricks, and how to get creative on a low budget or no budget.






Found any treasures around the house? Let your imagination run wild! Create the most eye-opening recycled artwork and let us see it on social media using hashtags #artstlucie #stayhome #withartstlucie #keepartalive #jointhemovement #recycledart, and tag us, @artstlucie . We will repost it on all our digital platforms, including our website. 1. 2. 3. Treasure hunt





We will continue to use our platform as a hub to bring free resources, opportunities and financial relief information to you during the adversities of COVID-19.

Resources are updated weekly          Get the latest updates







We would also like to extend a private invitation to you to join our exclusive Facebook group, Join the Movement, created for our members, partners and friends. There, feel free to lead discussions about the arts, including sharing, teaching, learning, asking questions, providing feedback, making suggestions, and getting and sharing resources. Have you visited our online marketplace? Start a discussion about one of your favorite pieces in the Facebook group.

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For more information:


St. Lucie Cultural Alliance

2300 Virginia Ave     Fort Pierce, FL 34982-5632






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Caryl Pomales Invites You To Free, Live Demo Thursday, April 16 With Instagram And Zoom

Caryl Pomales is presenting free, weekly painting sessions, offering creatives a place to gather!  Her next demo is Thursday, April 16.  You will be able to ask questions and have real-time interaction with Caryl, who brings us some positivity and some joy.  In addition to her abstract expressionist paintings, Caryl is offering a $50 discount on her on-line workshops!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some peeks of Caryl’s artistry.




Caryl   Pomales   Fine   Art



Fine artist, Caryl Pomales




2:30 pm







To  receive the link for zoom sign up: www.carylfineart.com/artsy-tips-inspiration




“Tropical Essence” by Caryl Pomales



Caryl Pomales tells The Rickie Report, “I know that our lives are feeling unsettled now, and I want to remind you that you’re not alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to talk, whether via this email, Instagram, or Facebook. I’m here for you!  My goal for this week is to bring you some positivity, some joy, and some resources to stay optimistic, productive, and fulfilled. I’m sharing online learning opportunities, a chance to connect live, and some of my tips for keeping a joyful attitude”!


Abstract Expressionist painting by Caryl Pomales




Caryl tells our readers, “Last week, I hosted an Instagram Live Painting Party, and this week, I’m continuing the fun! Join me on Instagram on Thursday, April 16 at 2:30 PM ET. I’ll be working on a painting of my own, so bring any of your own art supplies to paint with me, ask any questions you may have, or just watch my painting process! Let’s connect together, stay social, and enjoy some creative time together”!




Abstract Expressionist painting by Caryl Pomales



“It’s no secret that the world is looking a little different right now. We’re living through unprecedented times, and we’re all in the same boat: our typical routines have been upended, and we’re all finding ourselves at home with far more time to ourselves. This time can feel a little bit isolating and scary – trust me, I know how you feel! – but there is plenty that we can all do to make the most out of our personal situations, and stay in a positive headspace. I’m sharing a few of my suggestions to maintain productivity, a sense of routine, and make the most of this down time.








Carol has a gift for you: $50.00 off the price of my online courses, with the code MARCH2020!  This offer is good through the end of April,2020.  She explains, “I’ve been taking my own share of streamed workshops and classes during this time, and have found them to be incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. Not only do I walk away feeling like I’ve accomplished something and made productive use of my time, but I really enjoy connecting with other artists in this learning setting! I’m hoping to spread some of this positivity to you by offering you this discount code. You can apply this towards Dazzling Daisies and Vibrant Tui Bird! Each of these courses include a bonus painting (of a silly sheep that stuck his tongue out at me during a trip to New Zealand!), so you get demonstration sessions for two full paintings”!






These courses also include one-on-one feedback time with me, as well as an invitation to the Caryl Fine Art workshop participants Facebook group to connect with other artists, if you’re craving some additional social time like I have been. This discount code will be active through the end of April, and I would love to welcome you in to one of these courses! You can get more info and sign up at www.carylfineart.com/online-workshops. Let me know if you have any questions, and I’d be absolutely thrilled to have you for some painting fun!






Read on at www.carylfineart.com/blog for my suggestions to keep your days bright and happy, feeling productive and creative, and maintaining your smile! (Plus, I’m sharing some added fun resources for online museum tours and other entertaining activities!)








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Lake Worth Art League Calls On Artists To Create While Physically Distanced And To View New Exhibit When Artists Eye Gallery Reopens

The Lake Worth Art League announces “It’s A Time For Art”!  The Artist’s Eye Gallery is temporarily closed, but we are looking at the bright side. We remind artists that this is an unprecedented time to create art!  All receptions are free and open to the public. The Rickie Report shares the details and will let you know when the Gallery reopens.









Spend time with yourself! Tune into your inner creative. Suggestions: Rework a piece that you were dissatisfied with, try out a new medium, or make something new. Challenge yourself! Low on materials? Dig thru your art supplies and make a mixed media piece on any surface. The possibilities are endless. We all know that creating art takes us to a happy place. Go to that place and make happy, colorful, joyful, beautiful, uplifting art. Relieve your anxiety by listening to the news just once in the morning; not all day. Get off the couch and stay away from those extra trips to the fridge. Cabin fever? Try a plein air piece from the balcony or in your own backyard. A dose of fresh air and a commune with nature is healthy respite from the studio.



Did you know that art lovers and artists alike can still see beautiful art with a visual museum tour of the world’s finest museums?


When our galley reopens it will be brimming with new art to share and we will invite you to view these works at no charge, and to attend our Opening Receptions.


Mellilo-Featured Artist_RR2.jpg

Artists, would you like to show your work in our gallery?

We are proud to offer an unprecedented equal opportunity for all artists! We are unique in the fact that we accept the work of ALL artists, from emerging to professional, to show, sell and compete for awards in our Artist’s Eye Gallery and Boutique in downtown Lake Worth. 



The Artist’s Eye Gallery is operated by the Lake Worth Art League, the oldest non-profit art organization in Palm Beach County, founded in 1941. The league is comprised of very talented artists from all disciplines. More good news… it is very inexpensive to join and show. First, become a member for just $75. per year. You then have the opportunity to show up to 5 pieces of work in each one of our 8 judged “season” shows. Each show is judged by a qualified judge that is not affiliated with the League. The league offers cash prizes and ribbons for first, second, third, and honorable mention award winners. A Recognition ribbon is also awarded.  Entry fee for each show is $25. for the first entry and $15. for the second. Summer exhibitions continue with reduced prices for entry. The league retains 20% of all sales, which along with membership, entry fees and our volunteers, helps keep the gallery open and your work visible to the public. A reception with light refreshment is held for each show. All shows are advertised. Membership offers meetings, discounted classes, social events and the opportunity to sell your work in our Boutique.


For more information  about this exhibit, future exhibits, classes, workshops, or membership:

604 Lucerne Avenue    Lake Worth, FL  33460

561.586.6666     lwartleague.org


Gallery Hours:   Tuesday thru Sunday    Noon – 4 pm

Meet the Artists Reception 1st Friday of each month  6-8 pm

Bringing art to the community from the community, since 1941





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