Behind The Scenes With The Southern Handcraft Society: An Interview With Pam Warren

The Southern Handcraft Society (SHS) has five extremely active groups in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The Rickie Report asked Caren Hackman to investigate the history and current status of SHS.  We include her interview with Pam Warren, President of the Delray Beach Pineapple Grove Chapter and photos.  SHS is a wonderful arts organization to get involved with, be it the camaraderie, learning new techniques, or being able to sell your creations. SHS presents high quality crafted items, which often become family heirlooms, to be passed to the next generation.  Anyone interested in preserving, enriching, and trying creative crafts is welcome to attend a monthly meeting to see if this is the organization for you!







Behind the Scenes 

Southern Handcraft Society With Caren Hackman:






TRR:  Tell our readers how SHS came into being.


The Southern Handcraft Society was founded in January of 1985.  The founder, Laura Kluvo (also known as Laura “glue gun” Kluvo)* had envisioned fellow-minded crafters who would be educated through preserving and enriching creative crafts. Currently there are five groups in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, totaling about 190 members who meet once a month each. 


Rustic board and two examples of the fairy doors designed and painted by Pam Warren



TRR:  How did you get involved in crafting, and in particular with the Southern Handcraft Society?




Ever since I was a little kid I have enjoyed making things.  I would make paper dolls and their clothes as a gift for my younger sister.  Then, in Girl Scouts, my favorite badge to earn was “the dabbler”.  It included sewing, painting, gluing and miscellaneous other “skills”. As an adult, crafting primarily involved sewing.  I took a class at a quilt shop called “shadow quilting”.  The teacher was Laura Kluvo and she asked me to join a group of ladies she was organizing into a crafting “club”. This was 1985 and the beginning of the Southern Handcraft Society (SHS).



A woman who organized large craft shows contacted Laura. The woman needed help to run the shows. The first show was held in a model home in the newly developed Woodfield Hunt Club division in Boca Raton. We all had things (mostly Christmas ornaments) for sale in the show.  Within a couple of years that group of thirteen ladies had grown and totally assumed the running of the craft show. As it happened, I was the first chairman of our own show and by then we had moved the show to Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton.



Somewhere along the way I took a painting class and was totally hooked on painting. I have had a wonderful time learning and then sharing what I learned by teaching classes.  I made it a point that as each of my two grandchildren turn three years old, I would start teaching them to paint with me. This is a part of what S.H.S. is about…we want to enhance our various fields of crafts and our enthusiasm to be creative with others.



S.H.S. has grown to five chapters in the Broward and Palm Beach County areas.  Each of our chapters produces at least one large craft show annually; some have more than one show a year.  Chapter members, as well as outside artists are juried into the shows.  We are intent on presenting high quality crafted items.  Each chapter, through the shows, creates the opportunity for us to sell our crafts.  We, also enjoy social times and learning experiences at our meetings and at an annual retreat.



Witch doll and owl pot holders made by Judy Jensen; Ghosts on small gourds, designed and painted by Pam Warren




TRR:  Can you tell us some stories from the early days with SHS?



At the  first show SHS put on, so many of the ornaments sold that member Maureen Hitch and I sat on the floor in the inventory room  making more ornaments as quickly as we could in order to keep up with the demand!


Delray’s Pineapple Grove, the Delray chapter, took road trips during which members would work on crafts together. About 20-25 women went on one of our early trips to a hotel in Daytona Beach. The hotel welcomed the crafters and set up tables in the lobby for them. All of the SHS members plugged in their glue guns and began to work on projects. Apparently we over-taxed the electrical system in the hotel and all of the lights went out….but the hotel took this in stride and asked us  to stagger our use of the glue guns.




TRR:  Do you keep up with current style trends to keep your craft items relevant to today’s home décor?



Yes! As styles change, the Southern Handcraft Society keeps up with the popularity of interior and collectable trends.


Paintings of lighthouses and an orchid on wine bottles painted by Pam Warren





Caren: What is trending now? 


Items that are utilitarian. No dust collectors. People don’t want to just purchase items to decorate their home. They are looking for unique utilitarian items such as piggy banks, decorative plates…items that are practical and unique. I enjoy taking classes from other crafters to discover new creative ideas. The fun of it is hunting for new surfaces to convert to “something else.”



Many people can’t get to the beach, but like to bring the “beachy” feeling into their home. SHS keeps track of color trends. The paint company, Deco-Art Americana, offers one and two minute demonstrations of the newest trending colors being used.  



*Laura K taught a certain technique of quilting, but earned her name “glue gun” while showing how to put together ornaments. A touch of glue here, a touch of glue there and voila, the perfect ornament. She took great joy in spreading her love of crafts and hoped to share it with everyone.


Unfortunately, crafts “manufactured” in China are making inroads into the handcrafter work so the group makes an effort to stay one step ahead.





Nautical Santa with tree and shells created by Pam Warren






Caren: What sort of craft items are you currently working on?


I pretty much paint on anything that doesn’t move – wood, metal, glass and fabric. I have tried to paint on plastic, but am not happy with the current paints and how they bond to the plastic surfaces. There is such a broad spectrum of plastic compositions and not all paints work with all plastics. I’m working on items for holiday craft shows. I’m not sure how many people realize that Christmas preparation begins in April for items that sell in October and November!



Currently, I enjoy painting cigar boxes, lighthouses on wine bottles, fan blades that are painted like giraffes. I have also had a great response to decorative table-top containers that I make by painting small discarded drawers and adding feet.


I’ve had a great response to my painted wooden bowls. I like to add a few tiny bugs painted on the inside.  Flamingoes, nautical and beach themed items are all popular. Pam painted a 24” high Santa dressed in a rain slicker with a lobster coming out of a pocket, red crab on shoulder, holding a small X-mas tree decorated with seashells.





  Two snowmen on candlesticks crated by Judy Jensen and a Santa painted by Pam Warren



For more information about SHS activities and membership contact:



Pam Warren:




For more information about Caren Hackman:



Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice:

Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork – Caren is a talented artist in her own right! She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.





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“It’s A Dog’s Life!” Slated for December Exhibit At Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery. Call For Entries Begins.

Clay Glass Metal Stone is giving equal time to dog lovers!  Here is a Call To Artists for “It’s A Dog’s Life”.  The Opening Public Reception takes place on Friday, December 4th.  The Exhibit continues through Dec. 16th   This exhibit is limited to 40 artists!  Apply NOW!   The Rickie Report gives you the details and application here.





Call To Artists:

“It’s a Dog’s Life”


Friday, December 4th @ 6PM


15 South J Street      Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Show closes on December 16







  • Artists may enter up to 2 pieces of current work, conforming to the following criteria:
  • A completed application form
  • Up to 3 JPEG images in E-MAIL
  • $35.00 entry fee must be received by deadline of 3pm Tuesday December 1.
  • No late applications will be accepted. (We will accept the first 40 artists) (If you are entering 3 or more shows this year, your fee is $25 per show.)
  • Entry fee is non-refundable and may be paid by check made payable to Flamingo Clay Studio.
  • Images of artist work must be submitted by E-MAIL in JPEG format.  
  • All exhibited work MUST BE FOR SALE with 70% of the sale going directly to artist.
  • Event e-mail Cards will be provided to the artists to help co-promote the exhibitions.
  • Please send these out to your email lists. 
  • All works must be picked up within 3 days of close of show(unless special arrangements are made.)
  • After that, artists will be charged $5 a day for one month.
  • The works then become property of gallery to be sold for fund-raising. 
  • Notifications of acceptance will be by e-mailed upon receipt of application. 
  • Accepted Art Work will be dropped off on Tuesday,Wednesday & Thursday (December 1, 2,3) from 1pm to 6pm.  (Special delivery arrangements may be possible.
  • Delivered Art Work must be priced and titled on back of each piece and ready to display. 



Please E-Mail completed application to


Mail to CGMS Gallery

15 South J Street- Lake Worth FL 33460

For more information call 215-205-9441

 Drop off Art Work at CLAY GLASS METAL STONE Gallery, 15 South J Street , Lake Worth. 
Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery will be open 7 days a week for the duration of the exhibit.  We will promote the exhibit through newspaper advertising and email Art Cards.
We want your Art to sell!!!! Please make sure that each piece is titled and priced. Please make sure that your submission includes an artist’s statement, your contact e-mail address, phone number and your web site address if you have one. 

15 South J Street
Lake Worth, Florida 33460
APPLICATION for“It’s A Dog’s Life”

All applications must be received by 3pm Tuesday. December 1, 2015

Phone 561 588-8344
or mail:

CGMS Gallery 15 South J Street Lake Worth 33460

   Please PRINT legibly!





E-mail address ________________________________

Web address__________________________ 


1. Title________________________________________________


2. Title_________________________________________________

WAIVER of LIABILITY: Submission of my application constitutes my agreement to comply with all of the conditions and terms set forth in the prospectus.  I release and discharge Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and its owners and employee’s from all responsibility for damage or loss of any kind on all works submitted for the exhibition named above.         



Additional entries listed on back of this application form.






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Artisans on the Ave Welcome you to: “heARTful Home”, From Our Hands to Your Heart

Home is where the heart is and what better way to express your love to that special someone in your life than with a piece of handmade art!  Artisans on the Ave boutique gallery represents  28 talented artists from the surrounding community.  On February 6th, celebrate “heARTful  Home” and choose from a vast array of  one of-a-kind works of art to decorate your home, condo, place of business or that wonderful yacht.  A percentage of the sales will benefit The American Heart Association, so you will be helping people all around!  The Rickie Report applauds galleries and art events who combine their love of art and love of community in this way.  Here are some sneak peeks and details about this FREE event.  Remember to wear red!



Artisans On The Ave

“heARTful Home”

From Our Hands to Your Heart

Friday February 6, 2015

6 – 9 pm

Free Event

Sales benefit  The American Heart Association

630 Lake Avenue     Lake Worth, FL 33460

561-582-3300   or   561-762-8162





Artisans on the Ave

Artisans on the Ave


Home is where the heart is … and what better way to express your love to that special someone in your life than with a piece of handmade art made by one of our 28 local talented artists! Choose from a vast array of special one of a kind works of art to decorate your home, condo, place of business or that wonderful yacht. Artisans On The Ave has something for every Art lover and Art collector. We offer personalized service from our artists in the gallery that will help you with your selection.





Artisans on the Ave

Artisans on the Ave

A contemporary painting will enhance the colors of your room. A beautiful hand woven natural basket can add warmth to your decor. Whatever your style is, Artisans On The Ave has a wonderful selection that will please. The fused glass fish, seashell art and nautical hand painted trays will bring charm to your beach house by the ocean.


Artisans on the Ave

Artisans on the Ave


A pop art sculpture that is a great conversation piece for your guests. A lovely bronze adds romance to any room. Select from ceramic, wood or metal art that can be either functional or “make the heart smile” decorative. The art of our photographers will take you to places you have never been but always wanted to travel to.


Handmade Wood Trays by Robert Hunter at Artisans on the Ave

Handmade Wood Trays by Robert Hunter at Artisans on the Ave



Select an original handcrafted piece of jewelry created by one of our many exquisite artists. The “heARTful Home” is always near with each individualized piece you wear.  Our various mixed media assemblage art and the vivid encaustic wax collages will bring a unique touch to your place.



Lori Axelrod's Multicolor Polymer Clay Bracelets at Artisans on the Ave

Lori Axelrod’s Multicolor Polymer Clay Bracelets at Artisans on the Ave

Handmade Metal Cuff with Cabachon by Deborah Kashdan at Artisans on the Ave

Handmade Metal Cuff with Cabachon by Deborah Kashdan at Artisans on the Ave




Artisans On The Ave has Gift Certificates for purchase, if you want that special someone to choose their own artwork. Please join us for this very special event. Refreshments will be served. A portion of the gallery sales will benefit The American Heart Association. Show your support and wear red. From our hands to your heart!  Please invite your friends and family to enjoy this free event!


For more information please visit:



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