Mixed Media Fiber Artist, Andrea Huffman, Offers Classes And Workshops At Bailey Contemporary Arts

South Florida fiber artist Andrea Huffman is teaching some new classes at the Bailey Contemporary Arts (BaCA) in Pompano Beach, FL. An Artist in Residence at BaCA, Andrea offers a “Concept to Creation” multiple session workshop (begins April 16) and one-day workshops: Nature Print Notecards (May 4), Fabric covered mini journals (June 8), and Create your very own hand-painted canvas tote bag (June 29).  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Check out PENTA, an exhibit at BaCA, where Andrea’s artistry is featured through April 25.






Bailey Contemporary Arts

41 NE 1st Street      Pompano Beach, FL 33060.

954-786-7879     baileyarts.org

 Tuesday through Friday: 10 am – 6 pm Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm

Sundays & Mondays: CLOSED

Offering contemporary art exhibits, workshops & classes!



Bailey Contemporary Arts Presents:  

Workshops  & Classes With Andrea Huffman






Fiber artist Andrea Huffman received a Master’s degree in Art Education from Florida International University and taught art in Florida Public Schools for over 30 years. She has exhibited her art throughout Florida and nationally, receiving numerous awards and recognitions, including several grants and a Residency at the prestigious Hermitage Artist Retreat in Englewood, Florida. Although Andrea has retired from teaching in the public school system, she continues to share her passion for art, teaching classes and workshops in fiber art and mixed media at museums, guilds and community outreach venues.





Begins April 16, alternating Tuesdays  6  –  8 pm



• Creative but not sure where to start?
• Lost for new ideas or stuck in a rut?
• Not sure how to develop a meaningful series?
• Intimidated by the blank canvas (or page?)


Concept to Creation is a multiple session workshop to inspire artists to tap deeply into their creativity. Each week Creative exercises such as concept mapping, tapping into personal histories, or collage provide means to discover your unique artistic style, personal symbols, and imagery.

Students will work in a sketchbook along with other media of the student’s choosing. This class is geared toward artists of all levels, working in any medium.


Concept Art by Andrea Huffman


April 16: Abstraction from Realism; how far to alter reality.

April 30: Personal archaeology, digging for meaningful ideas.

May 14: Figure/ ground exploration: Altering positive/negative space for dynamic composition

May 28: Mind/ Concept mapping for developing a body of work.

Time allotment: 4 sessions/2 hours each | Age: teen through adults | |Class Fee: $30/student/session

Min. enrollment: 5 | Max. enrollment: 12



Concept Art by Andrea Huffman

One-Day Fun Saturday Workshops:



Nature Print Notecards        Saturday, May 4

10 AM to 1 PM


Nature print notecards by Andrea Huffman



 Nature print notecards- welcome summer with colorful printed notecards using locally sourced plants, stencils and found objects.

12 Person Maximum.  Cost $50 all supplies provided.







Fabric Covered Mini-Journal  

Saturday, June 8

11 AM to 3 PM




Fabric Covered Mini-Journal- begin your travels, real or imagined, with a journal filled with hand-painted pages and stamped fabric cover.   

Age: teen through adults | Min. enrollment: 5 | Max enrollment: 12 | Class Fee: $70



 It’s in the Bag   – Saturday, June 29



It’s in the Bag- Make a fashion statement at the beach, the farmer’s market or a picnic with your very own hand-painted canvas tote bag.





On view until April 25




For more information about these workshops, classes, exhibit or Andrea’s artwork:



on Facebook at Andrea Huffman Art Work

afhuffman on Instagram






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Center for Creative Education Presents ‘C4’ – After School Digital Media Arts Program Grades 3 Through 12

The Center for Creative Education presents ‘C4’ – After-School Programming: Explore – Connect – Create for 3rd through 12th grades.  The Rickie Report shares the innovative programing and hopes our readers will SHARE this information, even if it doesn’t apply to you.  If you don’t live nearby, take a moment to consider how this type of programming can impact YOUR community… This is the time to give…and give back. Sign-Up Now!! 10% Off Of Tuition Total For Referrals That Lead To Registration!  


425 24th Street   West Palm Beach, FL 33407
T: (561) 805-9927 ext. 106    F: (561) 805-9929
W: cceflorida.org


What does C4 stand for?

The four Cs of the 21st Century Learning Model which are the most important skills required for 21st century education:

Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.

C4 at CCE allows for our students to Explore, Connect and Create.




Explore: 3rd – 5th grade students will participate in weekly 90-minute classes (5:45-7:15 PM) throughout the 10-month school year.

Connect: 6th – 8th grade students will participate in weekly 90-minute classes (6:30-8:00 PM) throughout the 10-month school year.

Create: 9th – 12th grade students will participate in weekly 90-minute classes (6:30-8:00 PM) throughout the 10-month school year.




Students can begin their experience participating in the C4 Series at CCE in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade in C4 Explore, a 3-year multimedia storytelling program. In C4 Explore, students gain hands-on experience with a variety of art forms and learn about their expressive power to tell stories and communicate ideas in different ways. They learn the various strengths and challenges inherent in each art form to carry meaning and how they become even more impactful when combined. In C4 Explore, students will experience Theatre, Visual Arts, Sound Design, and Media Arts connected through the theme of storytelling. Students begin with Theatre during which they learn how to express themselves and interpret meaning through movement, body language and dialogue. Students create original stories and take them through the other art units to develop further. In Visual Arts, they refine key details of the characters and scenes of their stories using drawing, painting and sculpture. In Sound Design, students learn sound recording and editing software on iPads to create the soundtracks of their stories including narration, dialogue, sound effects and musical underscoring. In Media Arts, students learn video and image editing software to combine their stories, visual artwork and soundtracks into complete video projects.

The C4 Connect and Create Media Arts program supports the academic success, social-emotional health and creative development of students by providing year-round project-based learning and work-study opportunities. C4 offers teens a transformative opportunity to master and apply skills in the areas of digital media production: digital cinema, graphic arts, and coding. The project-based curriculum teaches students to create persuasive, informative content and effectively communicate their stories and concepts through video projects (documentaries, PSAs, movies, etc.), digital animation, promotional campaigns, web design, and app development. Students receive expert instruction and guidance from industry professionals where they learn how to produce video projects, create animation, build promotional campaigns and design websites using industry-standard software and equipment in a facility mirroring professional creative spaces. These include a newly constructed and equipped 20-station iMac lab, recording studio and flexible theater space with 9’x16’ LED screen.

Sign-Up Now!! 10% Off Of Tuition Total For Referrals That Lead To Registration!

Sign-Up Contact:
Rebecca Gonzales, Manager of In-House Programs


Center for Creative Education
425 24th Street  West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
(in Northwood Village, North of downtown West Palm Beach East of Dixie Hwy.)

Empowering Students to Grow Academically, Creatively and Socially Through Arts-Based Education




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Artisans On The Ave Presents “BOXXED IN- BOXXED OUT”, Exploring Thinking Out Of The “Box”

How often do we use the phrase “thinking out of the box”?  For creatives, this is the norm! Appreciators of the arts of wonder “how did that person think of that?”  Artisans On The Ave in Lake Worth is filled with fine art and fine crafts, handmade by people who ignore the rules and follow their passions to explore beyond what most of us see.  “BOXXED IN-BOXXED OUT” explores this side of creativity with an Opening Public Reception on Friday, September 16th.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. All art purchased during this event will benefit the charity foundation of “Make A Wish” for children. A portion of the sales will be given to this wonderful organization to help a child’s wish come true.






Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue     Lake Worth, Florida 33460
561-582-3300   561-762-8162




Opening Reception:

Friday, September 16, 2016

6:00 – 9:00 PM

This is a free event, refreshments will be served





Inside Artisans On The Ave

A View through 3 rooms of Handmade art, fine crafts and wearable art pieces


Gallery Hours:
Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 7pm

An artist is always thinking outside of the box. When we were young children in school, our art teacher told us to “Color within the lines”. True artists never listened to the rules. They explored their creativity outside of the boundaries!

Artisans On The Ave is proud to showcase the talents of our artists who decided to think outside of the box. We are so glad they did. No matter what size a box is, an artist can fill it with their own handmade creations. As the old saying goes “Good things come in small packages”. We are proving that great art no matter what the medium or size, sometimes cannot be confined to a single box!



Handmade Wearable Art by Gabriele Kraus



The art can’t wait to jump out of the four walls of the box that holds it and become part of your space. Explore the 3 full showrooms of the gallery and find the boxed art. Each artist has chosen a piece of work for their representation of “filling the box”. Some of the art fits into the box and others are bursting out of the sides to show you how original and unique each piece is.



Edrian Thomidis



All art purchased during this event will benefit the charity foundation of “Make A Wish” for children. A portion of the sales will be given to this wonderful organization to help a child’s wish come true.




Linda Manganaro



When you visit the 3 showrooms within our gallery you will be amazed at the selection of the exquisite art of the 40 artists the gallery features.





Tracy Rosof-Petersen

Visit this Opening Night for an evening of fun!

Meet the artists!!!

Celebrate our wonderful art and enjoy yourself!






For more information please contact:

Artisans On The Ave
Betty Wilson
Linda Manganaro





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The Rickie Report



Award Winning Artist, Dr. Wilma Bulkin Siegel Combines Art and Medicine with Exhibits at Whitespace Collection and Tradition of the Palm Beaches

Combining medicine with painting, Dr. Wilma Bulkin Siegel is an award-winning artist recognized nationally for her portrait series of people living with AIDS, Survivors of AIDS, Breast Cancer Survivors, The Homeless, The Elderly and most recently Returning War Veterans.  She has exhibited throughout the United Sates, been featured on CNN and been elected into Who’s Who in American Art. Her work from the series “Returning Iraqi War Veterans”, currently showing at Whitespace Collection ‘Pushing Boundaries’, includes video and actual interviews with veterans. Her portraits and biographies of “Holocaust Survivors and Liberators” is being shown at Morse Life at the Tradition of the Palm Beaches. In 2009, she was awarded the highest honor for contributions to the field of arts in Healthcare – The Janice Palmer Award of Society of Arts in Healthcare.  The Rickie Report reminds you to visit Whitespace Collection before March 22nd, when it closes for the season. Dr. Siegel’s  works are at Morse Life through April 15th.  Please note: we share a few stories at the end of the article. The * in the photograph indicates the person’s story is included here.  We hope you will take the time to read them.  We found them compelling.





Whitespace  Collection

 Now Through March 22nd

Dr. Wilma Bulkin Siegel

“Portraits and Conversations with Veterans Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan”

Open every Saturday & Sunday 1-4

Small group tours on Sat. and Sun with a docent


2805 N. Australian Avenue     W.Palm Beach, FL 33407



"Roman Baca", Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD

*   “Roman Baca”, Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD

Dr. Siegel says, “I knew that I liked people and wanted to express the knowledge I had acquired about people as a physician. I came upon portraiture as a means of expressing the psychology of the person I was painting. As a physician and an artist I use my medical education and my art to find ways of healing people. It is my purpose in life to heal. In whatever way I can play a role, I wish to have people think about our place as individuals living amongst each other. Through my work as a doctor and a portrait artist I must address the ‘truth’ of the individual. I observe and listen to the person before me. As an artist, I paint individuals who have something to say about pertinent social issues, a kind of ‘social realism’”.

"Wilfred Bedeau" Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD

  *       “Wilfred Bedeau” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD  


“A few years ago, I completed a series on Holocaust survivors and their World War II liberators. Many of these people were in the final stages of their lives, so it was more important than ever to capture their faces and the thoughts behind their eyes. Growing up in the late 1930s and 40s during World War II was a part of my history where the fear of the unknown was always present. Blackouts and the threat of an enemy attack were always in our thoughts. I remember the many windows where there were flags with varying stars for those service men in action or the Gold Star for those who had given their lives for our nation. There was a sense of the country coming together to fight a single enemy”.



"Dr. Heather Cereste", Portrait by Wilma BUlkin Seigel, MD

*    “Dr. Heather Cereste”, Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD


"Alison McKenzie" Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel,MD

*“Alison McKenzie” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel,MD





“Once again, in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I saw the flags in the windows. First was Operation Iraqi Freedom, which led to Operation Enduring Freedom. Certainly ‘enduring freedom’ is a worthy goal, but it comes at a very dear price. Once again, I turned to those who were there to help answer the question about the purpose of this war. These veterans say: “I did it because it was my duty” and “I’m serving my country and my people”. 


"Juan Fernandez" Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD

“Juan Fernandez” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD


“It is a conversation that I want to share with you so that we all,together, can better understand what the defenders of our country have gone through. We all need to see, hear and be part of their healing. This project was by far one of the most difficult, having them share their message”. 

whitespaceDSC_0873 (2)

“Emery Everhart” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Siegel, MD








"Jake Milkovic" Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD

*“Jake Milkovich” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD











“Currently my focus in art has been to bring Art-in-Medicine programs into the mainstream. I have been responsible for starting a medical school course to bring artists and medical students together to help the student have better visual acuity. I have a passion to start “Artists-in-residency” programs in the de-humanized medical settings to help in healing. I have made a motto for myself in art, which I call the three C’s-Communication,Compassion, and Creativity.”





Art Exhibit at Morse Life Health System:

“Survivors and Liberators: Portraits”

Wilma Bulkin Siegel,MD


The Tradition of the Palm Beaches

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

10:30 am – 1:00 pm or by invitation until April 15 or by calling: 561.242.4661

4920 Loring Drive     West Palm Beach

 Marilyn & Stanley M. Katz Seniors Campus of MorseLife Health System

Exhibit runs through April 15th


The year 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the Holocaust in Europe. It is also a time to recognize the men, women and children among those who perished, and survivors of the Holocaust, their families and their liberators. Dr. Wilma Siegel’s very touching exhibition “Survivors and Liberators”, to be on display at Morse Life’s The Tradition of the Palm Beaches from until April 15th, does just that, focusing on survivors, liberators and children of the Holocaust. The exhibit, which Siegel hopes will “instill strength of spirit through portraits and narratives,” exhibits grand-scale watercolors featuring bold but personal portraits of subjects the artist interviewed and painted in their own homes beginning in 2003.


"Abe Morgenstern" by Wilma Bulkin Siegel,MD

“Abe Morgenstern” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Siegel,MD



Dr. Siegel incorporates photographs and other mementos belonging to the subjects in their portraits, representing a casual intimacy while also serving as a record of life. A program book provides a short biography of each subject, retracing their route from Europe’s concentration camps to life in the U.S. With each narrative, the viewer has a chance to develop a deeper connection with the lives represented in each portrait.


"Regina Niven" by Wilma Bulkin Siegel MD

“Regina Niven” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Siegel MD



Keith A. Myers, President/CEO of MorseLife Health System, noted the organization is honored to sponsor and bring these extraordinary portraits of survivors and liberators of the Holocaust by Wilma Bulkin Siegel, M.D. “Survivors and Liberators presents us all with not merely portraits, but sobering and haunting stories behind beautiful faces,” he said. “The stories are hard to forget. And we should never forget. As an organization serving the health care, housing and supportive needs of seniors of our community, we are touched daily by the strength and perseverance that we see in them today,” Myers noted. “Some of the seniors we have served and serve today are survivors themselves. We dedicate this exhibit to them, the seniors we care for.”


"Morris Freibaum" by Wilma

“Morris Freibaum” Portrait by Wilma Bulkin Seigel, MD


For more information about Wilma Bulkin Seigel’s extraordinary and important views, please visit: http://wilmabulkinsiegel.com

Dr. Seigel wishes to thank the following organizations that helped her find the courageous people she portrays and shares with us: “SE FL. Chapter of the Red Cross, The Jewish Federation (Broward County), Ft. Lauderdale Vet Center of Dept. of Veteran Affairs, NYU Langone Medical Center, NOVA Southeastern University, Weill/Cornell Medical Center, Phillip Collins, David Spangler, Chris Coyne and Bill Kanatas of Pathways America, Neli and Brian Rowland of A Safe Haven shelters in Chicago, Richard Finkelstein, and Irvin Lippman”.


For more information about Whitespace Collection please contact:

Elayne Mordes, ASID AAA

Whitespace Art Adventures

2805 N. Australian Avenue  West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
T:561.842.4131   F:561.842.4132    E: 2805@mordes.net



For more information about the exhibit, “Survivors and Liberators” on the MorseLife Health System campus, call (561) 209-6103.



Lives Beyond the Portraits


ROMAN BACA was at Walter Reed Medical Center at a conference about the healing arts for Returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a Marine/ballet choreographer and director of Exit 12 Dance Company of NYC. The piece he choreographed was his experience of the ethnicity of Americans and Iraqi, the war and was descriptive of war, but in the end they joined together in peace. His experience as a dancer was imbedded, but he had a desire to conquer his fears and entered the Marines. The Marines taught him to redirect his fears and use the adrenalin rush to survive, “using the fear to keep going”. He was deployed in 2005-2006 in Iraq. He subsequently had great PTSD and relies on his wife who is the only one who can help him understand it. Unable to focus on what to do with his life, he  formed the troupe whose purpose is to use the art of dance as a communicator. He returned with the troupe to Iraq, meeting with diverse ethnic groups (Kurds and Arabs) and then helped them all to interact through dance (even between men and women). The two groups performed bringing the different families together in the audience and in the end the audience and performers as a group. They picked flowers as a ‘thank you offering’ to the troupe for having given them a better understanding of each other. His statement is that art is the better way to conquer than violence through weapons of destruction. He hopes that his company will have a national tour. He states: “Art gives veterans this vehicle to communicate their experiences in an abstract way, where they’re not being sensationalist or overly shocking”.




WILFRED BEDEAU  served in combat in Iraq with Desert Storm for eight months in 1990-91 after enlisting for six years in the Army. He continued in the reserves and does casualty assistance. He did not immediately recognize his own need for counseling following Desert Storm. Suffering from PTSD, he went to the Department of Veterans Affairs of Broward County and now goes weekly for counseling, which helps in his work of talking with the families of suicide casualties. Wilfred is a very mature and wise 46 year old who now has two sons, a 17 year-old and a 24 year-old to whom he has taught “suicide is not an option”. 



DR. HEATHER CERESTE was at a book signing and mentioned that she was taking the MS program of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University, with which I’m involved. I invited her to be part of the series. It took a year until I was able to paint her since she was ill from a condition of Hypothyroidism, which brought on her PTSD profoundly. She could’t focus in her work as a physician. She questions why she developed this after her deployment in Iraq on the front lines in the hospital setting, in which she was thrust into immediate trauma surgery and care of the injured. The hospital had severe air pollution because of ‘burning pits’ where they burned all the detritus including machines and refrigerators, etc. After 9/11 she wanted to make a difference and joined the Air Force. Her specialty as an internist, was geriatrics and palliative care, and ethics became her main expertise. She joined in 2004, deployed in 2006 and it took 4 years for the PTSD to set in profoundly while employed at Cornell campus Medical School. She still has her credentials but can’t work and is considering changing her focus to writing. She describes an episode when she was in group therapy for PTSD and expressed all her feelings which she did not think was so courageous, but all the men that she was with came up to her to thank her for expressing so well all that they were going through but were unable to address. She is applying to Wounded Warriors to help direct her in perhaps a counseling job.




COLONEL JUAN FERNANDEZ suffers from Keratoconus of his eyes which labels him blind. He had corneal transplant surgery without benefit. He found a physician who gave him prosthetic lenses, correcting his vision immediately by reshaping the cornea. He works for the Red Cross as a volunteer to help homeless vets. He is of Cuban descent, raised by grandmother in California. He served 2003-4 to combat tour in Afghanistan. He noted his disability in 2008 when he could not see gun firing and retired in 2008. He now helps in ROTC for recruiting.. He says he suffers from PTSD often thinking of the ‘body bags’. He states “Freedom isn’t free because someone has died for it”. The Red Cross is planning Transition Reintegration Program and he advises the warriors that “It is o.k. to need help!”



TREESE KIMMONS is 28 and entered the army after high school. She was deployed twice 2005-2006 and 2007-2008 to Iraq. She never wanted to be a ‘weekend warrior’ but wanted to ‘do it all’. Her job was in the supply and armor unit. She was shot at the first day and realized the reality of where she was. She experienced nine deaths. Upon discharge, she couldn’t cope with adult life and not being told what to do. She is going to school for Forensics and Criminal Analysis but has experienced severe PTSD for which she is in therapy. I met her at A Safe Haven Foundation, a homeless shelter in Chicago. In the background I have put a photo of her cherished dog tag.



ALISON MCKENZIE  has been a nurse for 27 years and in the military for past 20 years. She is now a Major in the Army and works as a nurse manager of surgical intensive care unit at New York University Medical Center. She was deployed as head nurse to Abu Ghraib after the scandal that occurred there. The flag of Abu Ghraib is in the background of her portrait. Because of the scandal, she had to be specially trained to protect her patients including the terrorist enemies. She contended with the negative reactions of United States Military personnel and their anger about her caring for the enemy. She describes the fears she had when she accompanied a critically ill soldier by helicopter at dusk to the green zone. The helicopter was always a target for the enemy, and there could not be any light to watch the IV or to take blood pressure. The helicopter pilot understood her anxiety and found a special light that could not be seen from the ground. It saved her patient’s life and most likely her own. This 24-7  “paranoid keeping track” has taken its toll on Alison who gets counseling for PTSD. 


JAKE MILKOVICH  is 23 years old and he grew up “playing army”. His father gave him the movie “Top Gun” when he was 7 years old and he dreamed that he too would fly jets and be a fighter pilot. At 17 he wanted to be the “best of the best” so he joined the Marines. Once at Paris Island, it was a great shock but he always wanted to achieve. He became a squad leader and then was chosen to infantry school, learning basic security and was picked to serve at Camp David to be part of security for President Obama. His leadership led him to be deployed as platoon leader in Afghanistan in April 2011. He observed many casualties with many amputees. He is spiritual and learned of death early while there, when a mentor of his was killed in the shower by a grenade. His mentor said, “When it is your time – it is your time to go”. He was deployed for 7 months. He learned the respect for life here where we can breathe free. He has PTSD and believes it helps to keep in touch with his buddies. He is studying to get his college degree at NOVA Southeastern University with his significant other Kelsey, who is a martial arts instructor for the Marines. They are creating NOVA Students Veterans Association because Florida will have a large population of returning veterans and they are planning a major function throughout the campus for Veteran’s Day. 





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OSGS Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Public Reception

It’s time to celebrate the 1st anniversary of OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery Studio! For this special milestone, The Rickie Report takes a close look at what makes this gallery such a beacon for art buyers, art lovers and artists alike. In this article we celebrate the artists and the initiatives of owners Evelyn and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla.  Stop by during their Open House! Details and interview are here.







Ortiz Smykla Gallery Studio


Invites You to Celebrate

Friday, March 28th   6-9 pm

500 Northwood Road   W.Palm Beach, FL






Currently on exhibit at OSGS are: Ilene Adams, Dianne Bernstein, Claudia Bloch, Sheree Blum, Marie-Claude Desorcy, Gail Erickson, Luke Gardner, Jeff Green, Henri Louis Hirschfeld, Irene Jalowayski, Helen Kagan, Robin Kimball, Ian Levinson, Lew Mayer, Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla, Molly Potter, John Rachell, Jim Rigg, Tim Rivers, Julie Roberts, Elayna Toby Singer, Ebba TinWin and Steve Wallace.



photo 1 (4)


TRR:   As OSGS celebrates its first anniversary opening in Northwood, can you take us through the process from your initial thoughts to actually opening?



It comes as a surprise to both Jonathon and me that the year has sped by so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday we were contemplating the thought of a gallery and working together on the project.  Where to begin, cost, location, and business plan were all questions we posed to each other and our spouses.  This was, after all, a family affair and one that would impact us all.  Evelyn just hit retirement and Jonathon was at a crossroads with his professional outlook.  This new venture seemed to fit our paths.

 photo 3 (2)


Months prior to my retirement from the 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals kept me very busy with the idea of a gallery.  With a masters degree in Library Science specializing in archives and conservation, I had already worked in a business library as well as corporate, special and university libraries.  I had researched the venture we would be undertaking and knew that selling art would not be easy.


We both knew that we had something special to contribute to the world of art.  Jonathon holds the masters degree in landscape architecture from Auburn and worked with firms in Montgomery, Atlanta and West Palm Beach.  He also created his own art (painting, rock posters, screen printing and photography), exhibited in several galleries, and accepted commissions (his art even appears on race cars!).   Before becoming a librarian I earned my undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Alabama.  I painted and created fiber arts.  My knowledge of modern art is so extensive that years ago on a visit to the Birmingham Museum of Art I even discovered that one of Rauschenberg’s works was hung the wrong way!




"Shape Shifter" mobile



Showing no fear and only enthusiasm we set forth the task of doing our research on what it takes to run a gallery in today’s market.  With tenacity, love of art, empathy, and courage mixed with fearless wonder we did our leg work.  We read such books as Making It in the Art World: New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money, by Brainard Carey.  We did our literature research by reading articles, looking at multiple business plans and contacting SCORE here in West Palm Beach.  We trained with a custom framer and attended workshops to learn and hone our skills in custom framing.  We visited several different locations, in particular, those that Jonathon felt had the most potential for creative arts and growth.  We joined the Chamber of Commerce and took advantage of the many workshops and lectures as well as opportunities for networking.


Dinner Set, handmade glass


Still, art is a hard sell, and takes a lot of creativity and working in tandem with artists and the art community.  So while we located our current location and went about the business of renovating the space, Jonathon went to work on our web page and social media.  I took on the arduous task of getting licenses, security, insurance and tax needs necessary to run a business, as well as teaching myself how to operate an online bookkeeping system.  We did our homework and researched different operating contracts for exhibiting artists before deciding on what we felt would be beneficial to both the artist and us.


Teacups by Robin Kimball

Art is not only a ‘hard sell’ but we opened our doors when the economy was (and is still is) suffering from the economic downturn.  The business model we developed has worked for us so far.  We are still a ‘new’ business and it will definitely take more time to establish our roots, but we are on the right path.


We started our space with an empty shell that needed a lot of work.  After making a number of renovations and improvements, we designed many floorplans before deciding on a one that worked best for our spatial experience.  Our end result matched our vision within the walls we had.

 photo 1


Eventually we got to a point where we needed to send out ‘calls to artists’  that may want to exhibit with us.  We have been very fortunate in having talented artists approach us and allow us to exhibit incredibly excellent diverse art.


The Rickie Report was crucial in shining a light on our new venture with artists across the Palm Beaches.  That was really an early cornerstone of our success.  Without The Rickie Report we would not have been able to bring talented artists into our gallery in such a short period of time. Those artists provided a lot of feedback and insight that we took seriously and used to help build our vision as well.



"Irish Beauty" by Diane Bernstein


TRR:  How have you integrated into the community?


The idea of giving back to others is not new to us because we are suddenly business owners.  Our family has always given back in many different ways.  The online art auction we sponsored in February with all proceeds benefitting Place of Hope is a recent example.  Our artists supported us and donated beautiful pieces to the auction.



Last summer we initiated Bring Your Own Chair Lecture Series (BYOC).  This initiative offers free lectures by our exhibiting artists to the community in order to learn more about art, different mediums/techniques, and what it takes to create, experiment, and have fun with art, either through educational training or self training.  Through BYOC we’ve made art more approachable and not so far fetched to the community.




ArtSynery was another way we integrated into the community in our first year of business.  Aside from our individual artists and exhibitions, ArtSynergy allowed us to reach beyond the Northwood Village corridor.  We cannot put into words how exciting it was for us to have been a direct part of ArtPalmBeach. That our gallery and our exhibited artists were awarded a prestigious opportunity to exhibit in that art fair!  That was followed by seeing more of our artists represented in the American International Fine Art Fair.





We worked very hard with the other gallery owners in Northwood to reach new goals and to establish Northwood as an art destination for West Palm Beach.   We helped establish the Second Saturday Art Walks as well as our own gallery exhibitions.  Essentially we’re not just juggling our own business affairs but also helping to see that Northwood turns the corner and becomes something better as well.


 red and black skewed bowl 72 use2

TRR:  What are the most important things we should know about OSGS?



  • We are here to share the experience of beauty, creativity and wonder.
  • We hope to bring joy and pride to the community.
  • We are neighbors and friends to all that enter or pass our doors.
  • We want OSGS to be a venue where artists can exhibit their works to further their exposure.
  • We want the community to know that we Custom Frame for the Public!!!  Yes, this is a priority for us as a business because it brings in critical funding for OSGS to stay afloat.  Persons have come in for framing and walked out with art from our gallery.
  • We work hard to find new ways to bring exposure to both OSGS and Northwood Village.  We are a young business and we are trying new things, most of them for the first time.
  • We encourage any artist looking for gallery representation to contact us.  We consider every artist that approaches us.


photo 2

TRR: What are your goals for the coming year?


  •  Slow and steady is our mantra.  We know baby steps is the best way to move forward.
  •  We would like to offer more receptions, continue with our BYOC summer lecture series, continue to offer our assistance to non-profits, and expand our framing business.
  •  We want to continue to work on our gallery and be proud of what we have accomplished together as a team.  
  • We want to connect art with other businesses in Northwood.  Merging food, art, fashion and the like will be the best way to ensure positive growth — make each and every day the best day to shop and dine Northwood.

 photo 3 (4)

TRR:  Is there anything else you want to share with our readers?


We come from a long line of service providers, dream makers, and putting others first, so keep an eye on us.

Something to keep an eye on – Our Website!  We are currently revamping our website and hope to launch the new version OSGS 2.0 within the next few weeks!  It will include all you need to know about OSGS and our exhibiting artists but we will also be offering purchasing options on all items currently on exhibit through the website.  www.OSGSart.com



As always, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow each and every step as we grow well into the future.  Stay up-to-date with all of OSGS events.
…And We Custom Frame for the Public!!

We are always looking for artists seeking representation.  Please email us if you are interested.  We have options for exhibition space and reception opportunities.


Evelyn Ortiz Smykla & Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla
OSGS Ortiz-Smykla|Gallery-Studio
p: 561-833-2223   e: OSGSart@hotmail.com    www.OSGSart.com
Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OSGSart


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Jean Williams Makes Creativity a Family Experience

Jean “Notewell” Williams’ latest book “A Little More Cream and Sugar” featuring Naliyah, Nana’s Little Angel speaks to the camaraderie of coffee drinkers, faith walkers and creative dreamers.  Williams is the maestro behind It’zzz Our Time, LLC.  The company carries the couture-inspired “Exclusively by Jeannie” ©Handbag Line, Bespoke parfum© as well as artful photography.  She and her husband Haywood have been married for over thirty-five years. Jean is the mother of five and Nana to fifteen engaging grandchildren. The Rickie Report has been waiting for Jean’s book to be published so we can share the details with you!  We know you will be enchanted.  Jean has several book signings scheduled locally.



“A Little More Cream and Sugar”

by Jean “Notewell” Williams







Jean “Notewell” Williams is an inspiring entrepreneur, whose public platform is “Walking out your Dream” ©.  Williams’ latest book, ” A Little More Cream and Sugar” featuring Naliyah, Nana’s Little Angel speaks to the camaraderie of coffee drinkers, faith walkers and creative dreamers. The book trailer may be viewed on YOU Tube and has been featured on National cable television sites such as Bravo TV, Entertainment, MSNBC and DISH in Chicago, IL reaching over three million viewers!



Follow the story of how the warmth and fragrance of coffee, a drink most of us take for granted, brings a family together through many generations.  At the heart of this book is Naliyah, a youngster battling a childhood syndrome.  While coffee exudes energy and zest, Naliyah’s  personality brings those same qualities to everyone who meets her.


Please click here to see a short, 60 second video overview:

Go to www.youtube.com and type in “A Little More Cream and Sugar”





Jean’s book is a family affair, reaching beyond this inspiring child.  Jean tells The Rickie Report, “All the art work in the book is by me except for a few crafts and designed apparel by Liyah.  There is a painting by her father. My other granddaughter Destiny, who is 14 years old, has an acrylic painting and an illustration in the book.  My eldest did the layout and text formatting”. 



Destiny Williams Acrylic painting

Destiny Williams Acrylic Painting. It took first Place for Watson Duncan Middle School  at ArtiGras, 2013




The author of several books, is also a world traveled missionary-artist who has captured some “Million Dollar” shots as quoted by the Palm Beach Post. Williams is the MGM of It’zzz Our Time, LLC, the company carries Couture inspired “Exclusively by Jeannie” © Handbag Line, Bespoke  Parfum © and stunning photography. She and her husband Haywood have been in the covenant of marriage for over thirty-years, the mother of five and Nana to fifteen engaging grandchildren. 


Jean will be available for Book Signings locally:


  • Sunday, February 2nd  at  12 noon Tabernacle of Deliverance & Praise in Miami, FL


  • Wednesday, Feb. 12th 9:00-2:00pm  Herbal Life   630 Northlake Blvd.   North Palm Beach, FL


  • Saturday, February 22nd   4:00pm   Hotel Jacaranda in the Ward Room, Avon Park, FL


  • March – To Be Announced – New York City and North Carolina


At a Recent Book Signing in Palm Beach Gardens, Prosecco Cafe

At a Recent Book Signing in Palm Beach Gardens, Prosecco Cafe


 For more information about Jean’s purses, parfum, photography or book please call 561-723-9328  or email NeWine03@aol.com

 She is available to attend a meeting of your organization for a Book Signing!



Jean’s book, ” A Little More Cream and Sugar” can be purchased through  Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million , Authorhouse.comAmazon.com 


Jean is always growing and expanding her horizons.  She ends every email with the phrase “My Direction Has Purpose” and we believe it does!  The Rickie Report is humbled at being mentioned in this book’s acknowledgements….


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See Art * Love Art * Buy Art * at Hot Works™ Boca Raton Fine Art Show™

When is an Art Show more than just a outdoor gallery?  When Patty Narozny includes an education component for emerging artists – the children of the community!   Hot Works™, LLC and Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc produces  The Boca Raton Fine Art Show™  which is ranked #68 nationwide with 2012 Art Fair Source Book.   The Rickie Report has shared Calls to Artists not only for adults but also for children in the Boca area.  We hope you will stop by  and see a wide range of creativity  January 25th and 26th!  More details are in this article.



Hot Works™ Presents:


Boca Raton Fine Art Show™

January 25 & 26, 2014


10 am – 5 pm Each Day

Downtown Boca Raton, on Federal Hwy./US-1 at Palmetto Park Road

Why Buy Original Art?


See YOU There!






There is something for everyone, with all price ranges,

plus free entertainment, great food and children’s art activities!


Kids! Join JM Lexus and help paint a car! Get your hands dirty and see what it is like to have some fun painting a Lexus with your hands! It will be your chance to be an artist at the show!

The Boca Raton Fine Art Show™  will take place  in downtown Boca Raton; on Federal Highway/Historic US-1, between N.E. 2nd Street and Palmetto Park Road, adjacent to Sanborn Square Park. For GPS purpose, please use address 71 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33432. 


Federal Highway/US-1 will be closed on Friday, January 24, 1:00pm until Sunday, January 26, 10:00pm, between N.E. 2nd St to Palmetto Park Road. Traffic will be diverted to Dixie Highway for this short period of time that Federal Hwy./US-1 will be closed.




Art lovers are invited to attend the event on Saturday, January 25 & Sunday, January 26 from 10 am-5pm daily. Free admission.  There is plenty of patron parking at various metered street spots, 1st United Bank, HSBC Bank, First United Methodist Church, or St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church.




The Institute for the Arts and Education, Inc. (IA&E), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Its mission is dedicated to enhance artistry and community enrichment through promoting and educating fine arts and crafts among artists and students, of all age groups and diversity, and the general public.  IA&E implements ways to enrich lives and strengthen our community through the power of arts.  We help teach communities how art work is made, and further enhance the involvement of the community with our events.





The Hot Works Boca Raton Fine Art Show™ is juried by art professionals who have an art education and art fair artists back ground. Patrons can expect all work to be original and personally handmade by the artist in the show. There are all forms of discipline for sale to the public including sculpture, paintings, clay, glass, fiber, wood, photography, jewelry, and more. There is something for everyone, with all price ranges. In order to attract the best artists, there is $1,500 in artist awards.



On Saturday, January 25, Mark Forman will judge the event based on technique/execution, originality, and booth presentation. IA&E works nationwide to keep the buy/sell/import out of the Boca Raton Fine Art Show™, as this is creeping into many of the best juried fine art and fine craft shows on a nationwide level.



Youth Art Best Of $100 Prize Maggie Boswell, Drawing


A critical component of the IA&E is the invitation to encourage young artists from surrounding area to compete to have their art work displayed in the community. Invitations for the Budding Artist Competition are sent to numerous local grades 6-12 programs. Participants have the opportunity for the public to view their work as well as having it judged by professional artists in the show.  There is $250 in Budding Artist Art Awards.




To help educate the community, there are ongoing art demonstrations by artists at the shows who exhibit their specialized mediums that develop into fine art. This interaction between professional artists and the community provides an invaluable experience for everyone involved. The Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc. works to encourage creative expression and artistic excellence, and to expand public awareness, appreciation and acquisition of fine art and crafts.




For more information about Hot Works Boca Raton Fine Art Show™, email info@hotworks.org, visit the website at www.hotworks.org, or call 941-755-3088.



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Wellington Art Society Welcomes Public to Meeting: Exploring “The Artist’s Way”: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

The Wellington Art Society’s meeting promises to be helpful.  The Rickie Report urges you to attend this event.  Meet some friendly artists who are happy to nurture those with less experience and share with everyone.   A presentation by Lynzie Kronheim will follow a short business meeting and sharing time. Lynzie has over 20 years experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Healer, Life & Grief Coach and Art Teacher.  Lynzie will speak about “The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”.  If you have ever had a creative block or wondered if you are on the right path, this is a meeting not to miss!


In addition, there is a Call to Artists for anyone who is a member of Wellington Art Society.  WAS has partnered with the City of Wellington to exhibit artwork in their space  is now outside the Greenview Room at the Wellington Community Center. For a three-month period, art is rotated.  About 12 pieces can be included in each exhibit.  More information is in this article.  If you are not a member yet, this is the time to join!

Plus, applications are still being accepted for Artfest 2014 -open to members and non-members of WAS and a great showcase for emerging artists as well as seasoned artists.   The Wellington Art Society’s 8th Annual ArtFest on the Green at the Wellington Amphitheater will be January 25 – 26, 2014. The Wellington Amphitheater is located at 12100 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington, Florida.  Applications are due November 1, 2013.   For more details check out the WAS website listed below.






Wellington Art Society

Welcomes You

Wednesday, October  9th

6:30 pm  Refreshments


7:00 pm

Presentation  by Lynzie Kronheim

“The Artist’s Way:

A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”



Greenview Room at the Wellington



12150 West Forest Hill Blvd.

Wellington, FL



 The W.A.S. meeting will be held Wednesday, October 9th, at 6:30pm, in the Greenview Room at the Wellington Community Center, 12150 West Forest Hill Blvd. Refreshments will be served beginning at 6:30pm when we will feature our Member Spotlight and have an opportunity to view their work. There will a raffle with fabulous items perfect for artists and art lovers, which is open to all attendees.


Lynzie Kronheim

Lynzie Kronheim

The 2013-2014 year promises to be a great one with many new members, exciting exhibitions and information monthly presentations or demonstrations. Fabulous artwork is on display in the Society’s exhibit space at the Wellington City Hall and the Wellington Community Center. These original works are available for sale and are rotated quarterly. The art society also has ongoing exhibitions at the Wellington Whole Foods that feature art society members for a three-month long show. The current artist is Adrianne Hetherington of Royal Palm Beach.


Once again, WAS will also present ArtFest on the Green, a 2-day event with artist and vendors from around the county.  The event will be held January 25 and 26, 2013 at the Wellington Amphitheater.  More information and applications are available at wellingtonartsociety.blogspot.com. Applications are due November 1, 2013.


Artwork by Lynzie Kronheim

Artwork by Lynzie Kronheim


The general meeting begins at 7:00PM followed by a presentation by Lynzie Kronheim. Lynzie has over 20 years experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Healer, Life & Grief Coach, and Art Teacher.. She has spent years teaching spiritual and creative classes to all walks of life including babies, teens, couples, elders both individually and in large groups. Lynzie teaches classes in The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity based on a self-help book by American author Julia Cameron. The book was written to help people with artistic creative recovery, which teaches techniques and exercises to assist people in gaining self-confidence in harnessing their creative talents and skills.


Lynzie helps people find their passion, develop their creativity and look at blocks an artist might have in their artistic process.   She states, “Self expression though painting nature plain-air inspires energy, light and color. Each painting presses me to see how I will interpret each moment of light.” She paints in pastels, oil and watercolor. Her work has shown in California, Oregon and Florida.


Artwork by Lynzie Kronheim

Artwork by Lynzie Kronheim



Wellington Community Center Card Room Art

Exhibit Application 

Rotating Art Gallery ApplicationForm


Applications and photos of your work should be sent to:

Wellington Art Society   P.O. Box 212943     Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421



Founded in 1981, The Wellington Art Society is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, providing both local and regional artists the platform to share their work, learn more about their craft and serve the community through their art. The Wellington Art Society is open to any resident in Palm Beach County. Membership forms will be available at the Open House if you would like to become a member.  A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, its mission is to educate and encourage originality and productivity among its members and area youth through programs designed to further the advancement of cultural endeavors in the western communities.


For more information, visit their website, www.wellingtonartsociety.orgwellingtonartsociety.blogspot.com .



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Why Is Networking Important to An Artist? Ask Mikki Vicoli

The Rickie Report is an extraordinary networking tool – just ask the artists whose work have been showcased!  A few weeks ago, Mikki Vicoli, a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County, contacted The Rickie Report regarding press releases for the organization.   Our conversation led to a meeting where Mikki shared her vision and goals, which include networking in the Palm Beach County area with other artists like herself.

The Rickie Report has been told that some artists are concerned that if they become involved in guilds or associations, someone else will steal their ideas and techniques.  We  know of some cases where this has occured, especially in jewelry design.  An artist, who shall remain anonymous, had to go to court to stop  production by a former employee.  This is business side of the art world.  One should have a contract and take precautions.  At the same time, one cannot live like a hermit and not expect other people to see their artwork.  Isn’t that why you are interested in selling it and showing it?


The Rickie Report advised one artist who was eager to share her “secret technique” that she might want to keep it a true secret.  The artist felt that by sharing her secret, she would impress other artists and critics with her prowess.  We urged her to share her impressive creative genius by saying “this is a special technique I developed.”  Enough said.  If someone asks more details, it is alright to defer and ask why they need to know.  Does someone else want to learn that new technique?  Maybe the original artist should consider offering classes for a fee  to others who want to learn that special technique!

New York Rock

When The Rickie Report met Mikki, it was obvious that she has a creative sparkle and we were fascinated to hear about her artistic journey.   “Looking at the world through an artist’s eye is an extraordinary gift.  Being able to feel texture, see color, composition, a never-ending perception of boundless ideas that flow with the imagination and the ability to combine them thus creating a piece of art is a liberating freedom providing an indescribable joy.  Utilizing skills that have developed inside oneself and translating them into illustrations or illusions to delight the mind’s eye is a lifetime journey.  Achieving success is a lifetime goal,” Mikki tells us.


Mikki understands that she is in the ever evolving process of challenging herself to produce artwork by incorporating numerous techniques she has learned over the years to achieve this purpose.  ” At times I will work with photographs, paints, inks and glazes on a variety of canvases, glass, wood and am open to any suggestions that exude from my mind.”

Zebra Girl

Mikki is an artist who easily finds different mediums to express herself – and helps others to express themselves.  Mikki is currently utilizing cake-decorating techniques as a form of art therapy creating unique treasure boxes and yummy photo frames.  She was inducted into the Wilton Cake Decorating Hall of Fame for Excellence in Teaching.

Mikki has worked as a mayoral speech writer, college curriculum coordinator, media specialist, graphic artist, and art therapist.  She also holds a licence as a Florida notary public, is a certified Florida substitute teacher and a certified Florida continuing education teacher.  Additionally, Mikki is a member of  the Photographic Society of America,  Artists of Palm Beach County, and Wellington Artists Society.  The Rickie Report thinks Mikki Vicoli is someone you want to sit down with to network – because you never know where you will be going next!


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