From South Africa to the US, Berenice Michelow’s Artistry Calls to All of Us

Berenice Michelow has an unusual approach to social realism.  The tension she creates in her paintings, between the seen and the unseen, forces viewers to extrapolate and become participants in the discussion her artwork elicits.  A native of South Africa, Berenice now lives in the U.S.  She is represented by Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale as well as other galleries around the country.  The Rickie Report is pleased to share her work.  Today is Veteran’s Day. A day of Remembrance.  A day of consideration for those who fought to protect our freedoms.  We hope you will spend it contemplating the “bigger picture”. Berenice gives us that opportunity.  See you at Artblend on November 15th.



Berenice Michelow








Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 15th

6 – 9 pm




 2736 East Oakland Park Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306


Hours: 11am – 5pm   Monday-Friday

Saturday by Appointment   Sunday Closed    Other times by appointment



"World at War" by Berenice Michelow

“World at War” by Berenice Michelow




Berenice Michelow was born and educated in South Africa. She obtained her Fine Art Diploma at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, and studied further at London’s Central St. Martins College of Arts and Design. She taught for 20 years at the University of the Witwatersrand, External Studies Adult Education. Berenice currently lives and works in the United States.  her theme for 2014 is the “Strategic Moment in Time”.





"Pathways" by Berenice Michelow

“Pathways” by Berenice Michelow

Berenice Michelow’s emigration to the United States from her native South Africa in 2004 marked the beginning of the third phase in her career. The first featured her “protest” paintings, symbolic representations of Apartheid’s injustice. Works of the second phase were responses to the new South Africa’s evolving democracy. Her current phase features impressions of her adopted homeland and its “overwhelming patriotism.” Courtesy of




"Ladies in Waiting, The New South Africa"

“Ladies in Waiting, The New South Africa”



This overview doesn’t even hint at the versatility of Michelow’s artistry. Whether working on canvas or paper, with oils or pastels, in charcoal or 3D UV, Michelow’s technical mastery is self-evident, often evincing itself in an unfolding of photographic realism played out in the midst of otherworldly abstraction. Michelow has enjoyed decades of commercial success.




"Sibusisull, The New South Africa" by Berenice Michelow

“Sibusisull, The New South Africa” by Berenice Michelow



In 1979 she represented South Africa at the International Biennale in Valparaiso, Chile. To date she has had 27 private shows worldwide, and her work is held in such high-profile collections as that of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City.



"Free Spirits I" by Berenice Michelow

“Free Spirits I” by Berenice Michelow



"Free Spirits II" by Berenice Michelow

“Free Spirits II” by Berenice Michelow

"Free Spirits III" by Berenice Michelow

“Free Spirits III” by Berenice Michelow

“She has an unusual approach to social realism, customized for each subject. Unconventional perspectives, the silky application of the paint, charcoal and pastel, and the deletion of orienting details are characteristic of her style.  This latter  method creates a palpable tension between what is seen and unseen, forcing the audience to extrapolate the message and participate in the act of creation.  Her works deal with a variety of modern ills, including poverty and social injustice, but do not linger in despair but rather display a hope for the future”, says Joyce Asper of the Agora Gallery in New York City.
"Leather Landscape" by Berenice Michelow

“Leather Landscape” by Berenice Michelow

“Bright transparent incandescent colors” are the starting point for Berenice Michelow’s new works. Blending photorealism with elements of emotive expressionism, Michelow paints colorful images that offer insight into the perspective of children who are free of responsibility and as yet unaware of the larger realities we all ultimately face in the “real world.” Her subjects will often be slightly blurred, as if overexposed to the light around them. But just like a photographer with an ability to manipulate exposure, she knows exactly how to pull a person or object out from its surroundings by depicting it in sharp focus against that glowing background. While bright shades dominate, the artist also demonstrates a striking ability to use shadows and an underlying sense of darkness to balance out the sunnier hues, giving her images an added degree of depth.
"Competition"  by Berenice Michelow

“Competition” by Berenice Michelow

Whether she is exploring the dynamic evolving democracy in New South Africa or her thoughts on life and patriotism in the United States, she has an impressive ability to make the world she depicts seem to shine from within.
"Flight" by Berenice Michelow

“Flight” by Berenice Michelow


Berenice Michelow has exhibited throughout South Africa, Europe and the United States.  Her artwork is included in a number of important private, corporate, and museum collections


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