Ray Gross’ Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains Are Gaining World-Wide Following

Ray Gross’ Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains are being celebrated world wide! His trip to Europe was a great success, first at Art Gallery Wiesbaden in Germany and later in Paris. Locally, Ray is being represented by Gallery Biba on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach and will have his work shown in upcoming international art fairs around the country, as well as other galleries nation-wide.  The Rickie Report shares some new photos and the details.





R  A  Y     G  R  O  S  S






Ray Gross is represented by Gallery Biba in Palm Beach, FL



At Art Hamptons, 2014, Ray celebrated his first Sell-Out show under the auspices of Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, Binghamton, NY. He repeated his success at Scope/Art Miami that same year and took part in the 11th Anniversary Show at Art Palm Springs, CA. Ray’s creations were also at Habatat Gallery (West Palm Beach, FL).



RayGrossTubes @ Habatat

Ray Gross’ Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains




The Bruce Lurie Gallery located in Los Angeles, CA represented Ray at Art Hamptons , 2015; Affordable Art Show, New York City, Art Aspen and Art Houston. Art-Gallery-Wiesbaden sold 5 pieces the first week of their “American Pop” Exhibition. Galerie Mark Hachem of Paris represented and sold Ray’s work at Art Southamptons, 2015, The Affordable Art Show in NYC and SOFA/Chicago.



Ray Gross and Gabriele Kraus in Palm Springs



Ray Gross’ Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains displayed and sold out at ArtPalmBeach last season! He will be showing at ArtPalmBeach January 20 – 24, 2016 and 13th Annual Palm Beach Fine Craft Show February 26 – 28, 2016. Both will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center located at 650 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL.  Ray’s work will also be available at Art Miami and Art Basel.






Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains by Ray Gross



Layout 1




Ray Gross' Pop Art Tubes after firing in Europe

Ray Gross’ Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains after the firing process, in Europe. Each one is unique!




Preliminary sketch by Ray Gross for Free-Standing Pop Art Tube at the request of Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris France

Preliminary sketch by Ray Gross for Free-Standing Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelain at the request of Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris France



You can find Ray Gross’

Fine Art Hyper-Realistic Porcelains:

In the United States:


Gallery Biba Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL

        www.gallerybiba.com  561-651-1371

Contessa Gallery Lyndhurst, OH

      contessagallery.com 216-382.7800

Greenhill Center For The Arts Greensboro, NC

       www.greenhill.org  336-333-7460

Habatat Galleries  West Palm Beach, FL  561.469-8587


Haen Gallery Asheville, NC  

       www.thehaengallery.com  828.883.3268

Haen Lumberyard  Brevard, NC   828-883-3268

Johnston & Gentithes  Seagrove, NC

    www.discoverseagrove.com  336-873-9176



In Europe:


Ray Gross at Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris France




 Mark Hachem Gallery  PARIS  28 Place des Vosges   75003    Paris, France   

 markhachem.com +331-42-76-9493

paris@markhachem.com    OPENING TIMES   everyday 10:30 am – 8 am


Art Gallery Wiesbaden, Germany

Art Gallery Wiesbaden, Germany



Häfnergasse 2  65183 Wiesbaden,DE    Tel: 0611/ 37 62 69

Fax: 0611/ 37 62 89    info@artgallery-wiesbaden.de



Ray is a member of the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County and serves on the faculty at the Armory Arts Center Complex in W. Palm Beach. 


For more information please contact:

Ray Gross Fine Art
561 951 4749
Euro 0170-5091840




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Wellington Art Society Invites You to an Artist Demo with Nancy Tilles

Nancy Tilles, a well known local artist and art teacher, will provide an oil painting demonstration at the upcoming meeting of the Wellington Art Society on October 8th. This is an opportunity for artists to meet other artists and for art lovers to see a demo in a small group setting.  The Rickie Report shares the details here.








Wellington Art Society


Invites You To


Opening Meeting


Wednesday, October  8th


Meet and Greet 6 – 7 pm


Demonstration by Nancy Tilles 7 pm


Wellington Community Center

12165 West Forest Hill Blvd. Wellington, FL





The Wellington Art Society meeting will be held Wednesday, October 8th at the Wellington Community Center, 12165 West Forest Hill Blvd. Members and guests are invited to the “Meet and Greet” from 6 – 7 pm. At 7 pm, there will be a demonstration by oil painter, Nancy Tilles. 



Nancy Tilles' "McKee Water Lilies"

Nancy Tilles’ “McKee Water Lilies”



Nancy Tilles is an award winning artist, well known for her paintings of sea life, portraits of people and flowers. Her paintings are joyful expressions brought to life through color and form. Influenced by living in South Florida for over 30 years, her images often reflect a tropical theme, rich in color.



Nancy Tilles' "Cliffs of Moher"

Nancy Tilles’ “Cliffs of Moher”




Nancy enjoys exhibiting her work at art festivals where she can meet people and exchange ideas. She has appeared in festivals throughout Florida including Artigras, Sunfest, Naples Art Fair, and Jupiter Art Fest by the Sea and has been the featured artist at both the Jupiter Art Fest and Artsfest in Stuart.




Nancy Tilles' "Twin Waterlilies"

Nancy Tilles’ “Twin Waterlilies”


Originally from New York, Nancy earned her BFA from the University of Miami in 1977. She currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens and spends her time working on commissions and teaching adults who are interested in perfecting their painting skills or learning how to paint for the first time.




Nancy Tilles' "Fantastic Journey Mermaid"

Nancy Tilles’ “Fantastic Journey Mermaid”



To view the more of Nancy’s paintings visit: www.nancytilles.com



WAS at Wellington City Hall



Congratulations to these WAS Members who have their paintings exhibited at City Hall!

Sandra Barbieri, Betty Brodie, Mimi Delgado, Donna Donelan, Ursula Fernandez, 
Marie Lentine, Joanne MacLeod, Nicole McPherson, Kathryn Morlock, Leslie Pfeiffer, 
Phyllis Silk, Franklin Weiss and Betty Jane Zedonek.


Emerging artists, new residents of the area or any artist are welcome to attend the Wellington Art Society meetings. WAS offers a wide variety of venues for members to show and sell their work in the community. For more information about WAS please visit: www.wellingtonartsociety.org   or  http://wellingtonartsociety.blogspot.com




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Roxanne Lewis SOLO Exhibit Opens in Lake Park

The Rickie Report is excited to invite you to Roxanne Lewis’ premiere SOLO exhibit!  While meeting her at the Artists of Palm Beach County and seeing her work, we encouraged her to seek additional avenues to show and sell her work.  More information about her public reception in April is in this article!




Lake Park Library

529 Park Avenue    Lake Park, FL 33403

Public Reception

April 4, 2013

6 – 8 pm  

Exhibit Continues through April 30th


Roxanne Lewis tells The Rickie Report, “My first experience in the art world was in high school, with a teacher who coached me in my love of art, along with my Mother, who worked with oil on canvas as a hobby also.  After graduating from high school, I got married and had 3 children.  I got some time to work with oils on canvas and loved it, but was working and busy with raising my children, which took up much of my time”

Roxanne Lewis

Roxanne Lewis


In her 20’s,  she met Lawrence Russo, an artist of  international renown, both for his sculptures and oils of canvas.  He won numerous awards, plus gold and silver medals in NYC in international art competitions there.   She shares, “He liked my art work and said he would take me under his wing and teach me.  It was my honor to be his student for two years, along side the one and only other student he mentored.  During this time, he worked with me on my own paintings and I collaborated with him on a large mural in Scranton, PA.”

 Mail Attachment

A few years later, Roxanne completed three scenes for the Robertson Ballet Co. and the New York City Ballet Companies.   She exhibited and sold some of her paintings in the Robertson Art Gallery, Binghampton, NY.   To further her experience, Roxanne took drawing lessons at College Misericordia, Dallas, PA.  She displayed her art in various shows in Shavertown, PA. and sold commissioned work as well.


Mail Attachment-2
In the early 1980’s, Roxanne  worked with an artist colleague and created a large mural in the Assembly of God Church in Trucksville, PA.  After many years of owning and running her own real estate company and raising her family, Roxanne retired.   She takes art courses at Kings Point, Delray Beach, FL, and finds herself ” back in my beloved creative art element.  I believe gifts are meant to be shared.  I am pleased to share my gifts with all who Iove art.”  Roxanne is a member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.


To reach Roxanne Lewis call 561-242-2386.  For more information about the Lake Park Library hours, please call” 561-881-3330.  Roxanne’s exhibit will be on display through April 30, 2013.


Mail Attachment-1

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Turtles of Sunrise-The Creation Of A Work Of Art by Guest Writer Vandy

Terry Molina, the artist also known as “Vandy”, is a Rickie Report reader who has been accepted to many of the Calls to Artists we publish.  When The Rickie Report sends out Calls to Artists, we always ask you to let us know when you’ve been accepted.  We ask for a lot of reasons.  We really want to share in your success!  That is why we asked Terry Molina, the artist known as “Vandy”, to write about her experience.


We first met Vandy at a Palm Beach International Airport during the artists’ reception. The excitement at these events is palpable as artists, relatives, and friends come to celebrate their acceptance to these shows. Did you know that a large portion of the artwork shown at the airport venue is sold?  Vandy became a subscriber to The Rickie Report and when we sent out the call to artists for the City of Sunrise, she applied. Vandy emailed us when she was accepted and we were excited to share in her accomplishment.  We want to share how this turtle emerged from Vandy’s initial drawings to the finished product.

The Turtles Are Coming!  Turtles waiting to be delivered to the artists


 A Turtle’s Journey thru My Studio


A truck arrived with a large white turtle standing tall in the bed. It took two men to get it into the house.  We sat it on a movers’ dolly so it could be rotated for easier access. I set up my 600 watt work light, and that evening when I turned it on, the light radiated out through the windows as if aliens had landed in the house.


I sat looking at it for a while, the approved design in hand. As I studied the turtles patterns and shapes I could already begin to see the finished piece. There would be a lot of work between the vision and the reality! The edges of the back shell will be painted in the colors of the rainbow with a silhouette on each of a life form the earth supports.

Vandy working on the turtle

When it arrived I was in the middle of a large project in Miami Beach. I told myself it would have to wait until that job was done. That decision didn’t last long!  No artist can be around a great white canvas (regardless of size or composition) and not be drawn to add color. By the end of the first day I was working on the body.  Surrounded by art, the process of creation is made easier! 

The project regulations wanted us to use heavy body acrylic paint. I had always used soft body paint, but was not about to ignore a challenge. Opening a jar, I dipped the brush in. Letting go of the handle, the brush stood upright by itself!   This paint was going to require using the brush like a miniature shovel. So I dug in and transferred a healthy blob onto the turtle’s arm. It takes a lot of brushwork to get a smooth, even finish with this paint. Good thing I have all the patience in the world for my art (not that I can always say the same about people!)


Turtle’s Underbelly

I worked out the skin colors to my satisfaction.  It was a process of elimination to get exactly what I wanted, but with heavy body paint, coverage of a mistake is easy!  Here you can see some of the life represented in silhouette.  From the top is a deer, horse, bird, star fish, woman, man and young boy.


In between trips to Miami Beach, I have been painting the turtle and watching the creature I envisioned emerge. The chest was done in a molted dark blue so the addition of stars would make it look like the galaxy. The Universe is filled with countless stars- and when I started painting them- dot by dot- I began to get a real feeling for the term countless. It took about ten hours of dots to make it look right. But in the end, with the addition of some color and Paynes gray, I had the feeling of depth and vastness I sought.  Paynes Gray is the name of a shade of gray that is the best to use for mixing with other colors to gray them down without deadening their brightness. If you mix in black with paint, you can achieve the same greying down but the color looses all its glow. This turtle indeed carries our spiral galaxy on its chest.

She is emerging!

I had great fun, and increased my geographic knowledge as I did the back. Making the land masses recognizable was a challenge. When it was done, with the passing from day to night across the land, it gave me a peaceful feeling about this blue-green orb. With her heart glowing on her chest, I start on the back of the shell, leaving the eyes for last. It is a tradition from my days as a puppeteer- the eyes are the last thing to be painted as they give life to the creation.


The edges of the back shell are painted in the colors of the rainbow, the spectrum of light. On each, in Lumiere Metallic Bronze, are silhouettes 0f the various life forms supported on our planet. Since I had only 24 spaces, it was impossible to delineate them all. So I chose a random sampling. I even included the humble ragweed- because so many are keenly aware of its existence!


Stepping back and viewing the turtle as a whole, I was very happy to see it had met, and even surpassed, my initial vision. She is a marvelous creature and, I believe, a good representation of the Native American legend.


Turtle Front

The chest is a spiral galaxy, like the one in which our solar system resides.  She will soon be wrapped in blankets, picked up, and taken to a place where she will be thoroughly clear coated to help her retain her intensity of color as she sits on display on the streets of the City of Sunrise. It is a project I am glad to have had the opportunity to do!



Turtle Back


Bright sun shines on our planet and the daylight darkens to night as we look east. The back of the turtle shows the Earth as it passes from day to night. The Native Americans view the turtle as keeper of the Earth who gives living beings a safe place to ride on as they journey through the stars. The scalloped edges surrounding the back shell are colored in rainbow colors and each features a silhouette of the many kinds of life our planet supports. The turtle itself is a blend of water and earthen colors, as this creature functions in both realms.  Standing on swirling cosmic color, she looks upward as she carries the world on her back. 

The front of the shell features the spiral galaxy in which our small blue-green planet spins. All the elements that form our world come from the stars and we will always share connection with our Universe.


The Rickie Report appreciates Vandy sharing her experience with us.  She is a multi-talented artist.  Recently, at a boutique, we saw her fun and colorful wind chimes made of all natural materials she found in her yard. Her paintings have been seen in juried shows at Lighthouse ArtCenter, Local Treasures, Palm Beach International Airport Competition, and more. She is well known for her commissioned wall decor pieces. For more information about her work and to reach Vandy:facebook.com/vandyart   or call:561-478-8928 .


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