Frank Baer’s Abstract Photography Is A Show Stopper, Capturing Light And Color In The Most Imaginative Ways! Meet Him February 23 & 24 At The Stuart Art Festival

When we saw Frank Baer‘s artwork, we stopped in our tracks!  This abstract photographer captures light and color in ways in the most astonishing way!  A lifelong creator, Frank will be at the Stuart Fine Art Festival on February 23 & 24 locally.  The Rickie Report shares an interview with Frank, some sneak peeks, and his schedule, as he continues to exhibit around the country.








M  E  E  T        T  H  E      A  R  T  I  S  T:


February 23 &  24            Stuart Arts Festival    Stuart, FL

March 2 & 3                      Bonita Springs National Art Festival              

                                                                                   Bonita Springs, FL

March 9 & 10                    Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival                          

                                                                                  Albuquerque, NM

March 29 – 31                    Tempe Festival of the Arts     Tempe, AZ




“There’s Evidence” by Frank Baer



Frank Baer tells The Rickie Report, “I am an abstract photographer based in Denver, CO.   While I started composing and selling my photographs in 2016, my career in art started much earlier.  I began creating art when I was young, selling two multicolored tie-dyed pillows when I was 6.  I sold them to my mother’s best friend and those pillows lived for years in their pool house.  Now, the pillows have been handed down to their grandchildren and they are still around.  That was just the beginning of my creative endeavors”.   




He explains, “I’ve always liked color and organic shapes in nature.  I loved cutting out odd and abstract shapes from colored construction paper and making collages as a youngster.  Whenever I worked with clay, I invariably assembled some oddly multi-colored coiled clay cups and bowls that reminded me of snakes.  When I was 10, I tried to learn to use a potter’s wheel and the only thing I made was a vase that resembled a coiled cobra and I made a separate head for the stopper.  My mother kept that for me, (and all my other art projects), which I still display it in my home”.   



“Ring of Fire” by Frank Baer




Frank speaks about the importance of exposing children to art at an early age, including visiting art museums. He was encouraged to create in school and at home. ” I started collecting coffee table art books in high school and still do.  I learned about art and art history in college for my electives.  I’ve traveled extensively all over the world and I always seek out the art museums and art attractions where ever I go.  Art has always been and will always be a large part of my life”.   Frank is inspired by a wide range of styles and mediums, including:  Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Andrew Goldsworthy, Dale Chihuly, Victor Vasarely, Rene Magritte, Yaacov Agam, Pieter Breugel, Peter Paul Rubens, and especially Hieronymus Bosch.  He says, “Don’t get me started on my favorites of classical art and architecture of France and Italy.  I appreciate all art, but the more modern and contemporary resonates with me strongly”.




He has worked with many types of media.  In addition to the tie dye, Frank has created through textile weavings, pottery, fused glass and painted frames embellished with polymer clay canes and stamped tiles.  He generated a 35 square foot mosaic “made to look like a river running through cracked earth in my back yard and incorporated this mosaic into a larger stone patio and into the entire back yard”.




“Curvaceous Undulation” by Frank Baer




Frank’s favorite creative medium is the camera, as it allows him to capture light and colors in a way that is unique and inspiring.  “I started taking pictures with a Kodak Instamatic with the square flash bulbs in the ’70s.  I still have some of those old pictures.  I always had a camera with me on any travels or adventures.  While I’ve always enjoyed taking landscapes and sunsets and nature shots, I most enjoy taking abstract photographs of colored lights at night.  I developed proprietary techniques using the camera to enhance what my eyes see, and this has been the focus of my passion”.  




The focus of Frank’s photography is all about capturing and displaying light and colors.  “I showcase the colors and movement and bring attention to various shapes and patterns that I capture in a moment of ‘color brilliance’.  The streaks and patches of color are chaotic, ordered, patterned and calming.  These images are an expression of how I see color and light.  I imagine that if my thoughts were colors, they would look like this”. 



“Wild Iris” by Frank Baer




 His photographs also include contrast:  the contrast of the colors, light and dark, smooth and textured, the different shapes and intensities of color, the thicknesses of the lines and the sharpness of the curves in contrast to the black background.  The continuous movement in his work, with a variety of visual texture, and flowing patterns, give his work an organic and natural feel.  The textures provide depth and movement while the color transformations are mesmerizing.  The viewer feels the energy, dynamic movement, and flow, as if he or she were part of it.  One of my early water images, ‘There’s Evidence,’ was named because I immediately knew that I was meant to develop these techniques and capture these incredible images! I now travel all over looking for sources for my images.  When I find colored lights, I am happy and when I find light reflected on water, I am ecstatic.” 





Though art has always been a part of Frank’s life,  he wasn’t expecting it to be his career.  He studied business, worked in Information Technology for 35 years, and been a part of a dynamic nonprofit organization in Denver. ” I had taken these great new photographs and I had them printed and mounted on wood.  I was excited to show them to friends and family.  While I was displaying them all over the kitchen at my mother’s house for her to see, one of her friends dropped by to say,’ hello’.  She asked if I would be interested in a one man show, introduced me to a curator, and I had my first SOLO exhibit at the Church Health Center in Memphis!  I knew then I was not going back into IT and since then I’ve shown all over the country.  My art has been on display in California at Stanford University School of Medicine, private homes, and corporations.” 





“Monet Today” by Frank Baer




An outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, some of Frank’s favorite activities are hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, scuba diving, fly fishing, geocaching and zip lining.  In the winter he telemark skis and snow bikes in Colorado.  He’s happy to chat about any of these activities as well as his artwork. 



Contact Frank:

Phone: 720 985-8436







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Nicole Galluccio’s Pop:U:Lux SOLO Exhibit

Nicole Galluccio is an emerging artist from South Florida focused on creating acrylic and paper on canvas works. Her bright and energetic paintings are heavily influenced by pop culture, media tabloids, fashion, vintage patterns, comic art, and illustration. Her passion for art tends to navigate toward street art, graffiti artists, and 80’s pop artists.  The Rickie Report is pleased to announce her Pop:U:Lux SOLO Exhibit at South Shores in Lake Worth. There will also be a fundraising raffle to benefit Blooming With Autism.  Read more here.


 Nicole Galluccio


Pop:U:Lux Solo exhibition

South Shores

502 Lucerne Avenue    Lake Worth FL 33460

Opening Reception

Saturday June 7th 6-9 PM

Nicole’s work will be on exhibit now through June 23rd


Nicolepopulux promo



Nicole Galluccio has a BFA in Studio Art/Painting from Florida Atlantic University and has been painting for 19 years now. Her style is clearly unique and she feels grateful to have opportunities to share it within the local art community. Over the years, many people have relayed that her work makes them feel happy and has an energizing effect. She feels that may stem from her own enthusiasm shining through in her creative work.



The management at South Shores is launching a series of 6 week SOLO exhibitions by a number of local artists in the Lake Worth Community.   There will be a Fundraiser, as Nicole will be raffling an original 20″ x 20″ piece of art with 100% of the proceeds to benefit a local charity, Blooming With Autism. They assist families by providing grants to families whose children need therapies not covered by insurance, such as art and music therapy. You can learn more at
"Joy" by Nicole G

“Joy” by Nicole Galluccio

Nicole shares, “I find inspiration for my floral pieces from nature as well as vintage fabrics.  I spin them into a heavily exaggerated illustrative pop version. Often my work evolves through the process and takes on a slightly different direction than initially planned. I can be influenced by a new vibrant fabric I have found, where I can employ certain color combinations that intrigue me. Color theory was always my favorite class, I actually enjoyed mixing every shade of grey known to mankind and it is the one class I can say that has truly lent to my constantly evolving color palette”.
"Sentient Creature" by Nicole Galluccio

“Sentient Creature” by Nicole Galluccio

She explains, “After graduating in 1998, I needed to find better ways to hone my personal style plus create depth and contrast to my more flat illustrative works. In school, I had dabbled in using different media including paper and textural pieces. I utilized the definitive contrast of a black and white background against the vibrant colors. I have always been fascinated with the outrageous headlines in tabloid magazines.  I felt what better use of the exploitation of celebrity and America’s obsession with it!  In turn, I contrast it against something so beautiful in nature vs. something so, well garish and absurd, in our culture. Something beautiful, vibrant and inviting vs. something dark, which we are drawn to as a culture as the background. Along the way, I started filtering in some headlines and wording that struck me in positive ways as well”.
"Now" by Nicole Galluccio

“Now” by Nicole Galluccio

Nicole tells The Rickie Report, “My process is constantly in transition.   I create to evoke emotion (hopefully positive), sometimes a laugh  and sometimes deeper thought provocation. I maintain my creativity level by exposing myself to art as much as possible, networking with other artists, and exploring our local art scene and the world around me. We have so many interesting artists in our local art scene and everybody has a story….that keeps me engaged…like minded people give me inspiration”.  

For more information about Nicole’s art work please visit:  or  or or  561.901.9072.




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The Importance of Art Work in Interior Design

Can anyone imagine decorating a room without art work?  Gary McBournie Inc. is a residential interior design firm which works with an exclusive clientele on design projects around the globe.  McBournie’s interiors are regularly featured in major design publications such as House Beautiful and Traditional Home.  The Rickie Report is pleased to invite you to a book signing at JF Gallery to celebrate his newest book and William Finlayson’s inclusion!




A Designer Works Magic with Traditional Interiors

Book Signing

Thursday, February 6th

5 – 7 pm

JF Gallery

3901 South Dixie Highway         West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Gary McBournie's "Living Color"

Gary McBournie’s “Living Color”

Gary McBournie Inc., is a residential, interior design firm with offices in Boston, Nantucket and Palm Beach working with an exclusive clientele on design projects around the globe. McBournie strategically employs a hand-selected cache of outside resources to provide site-appropriate architecture, inspired backgrounds and luxurious custom upholstery. Each project is finished with a final layer of art and unique decorative objects, which results in a home that is a personal reflection of the client.
McBournie’s study of design, painting and art history is clearly evident in his warm and elegant style. He strives to provide his clients with what can best be described as classic American design with a subtle twist on tradition.
Painting Local Artist, William Finlayson of JF Gallery

Painting by Local Artist, William Finlayson of JF Gallery

“In the salmon-colored twin-bedded guest room, the headboards have been covered in a blue grid pattern and paired with duvet covers in a floral chintz, both from Rose Tarlow Melrose House. The contemporary horizontal geometric painting by Florida artist William Finlayson provides a colorful contrast and a sense of youthfulness.”
McBournie’s interiors are regularly featured in major design publications such as House Beautiful and Traditional Home. A number of his projects, as well as several of his own homes have been featured in various design stylebooks. In 2009, he was inducted into the New England Design Hall of Fame.
To See more about this publication on Facebook:



For more information about William Finlayson’s art work, please contact JF Gallery at 3901 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL  or call 561.478.8281 fax 561.478.7660 or email



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