Artists’ Studio And Gallery Of Tequesta Invites Public To Holiday Open House Thursday, December 9. Artists Spaces Are Available In The Gallery.

The Artists’ Studio and Gallery of Tequesta offers original fine art in a relaxed setting in the Gallery North Plaza near the Lighthouse ArtCenter.  The public is welcome to the Holiday Open House on Thursday, December 9.  Meet the six core artists: Jeanine Baum, Marie Cardi Etherington, Suzanne Fico, Kathy Kauss, Jerry Oliver, and Joseph Bennet Pierre. Featured visiting artists include:  Kent Politsch, William Rodriguez, Bill Rose, and Susan Weinbrenner.  There are spaces available for more artists to display and sell their artworks.  The Rickie Report shares the details of the Open House and some sneak peeks of artworks worthy to set the tone in your home, office, or yacht.





Public   Is   Invited   To   A   Free



~ Holiday   Open   House ~



Thursday, December 9, 2021



 5 – 7:30  pm




Studio & Gallery Hours:

Tuesday  to  Friday 10 to 4           Saturday  &  Sunday    11  to  3



Gallery Square North  

385 Tequesta Drive  Tequesta, FL 33469

618.645.0151    or        561.339.3314



For information about hanging your artwork:  Call Suzanne Fico   561.339.3314




Jeanine   Baum



“Life  Boat 18”  by Jeanine Baum



Jeanine Baum creates with oils and pastels, focusing on landscapes and cityscapes which she encounters in her everyday life.  She enjoys painting wherever the journey takes her – from South Florida, rural Vermont, New York City, and the estuaries of the southern Jersey Shore.  Her work has exhibited in several galleries in each of those locations.  Jeanine’s paintings have been shown at serval venues: The Art Studio ( New York, NY), Paper Mill Playhouse (Millburn, NJ), Westfield Town Art Show (Westfield, NJ), East Coast Landscape Exhibit (Stone Harbor, NJ), Designer House Showcase (Cape May, NJ) and Sotheby’s Real Estate Collection (Ludlow, VT).  Jeanine’s artworks can be found in numerous private collections.


Jeanine tells The Rickie Report, “There is endless learning in painting and I am constantly challenged to try new mediums, new techniques, new ideas.  It is never boring!  Plein-air painting is what I enjoy most…the lighting and environment changes rapidly, so you have to paint fast!”  She also offers commissions.


Jeanine has a BS in Medical Technology from University of New Hampshire and an MBA from Seton Hall University.  After retiring from career and raising her family, she pursued her passion for art.  Jeanine has taken classes at the DuCret School of Art, the School of Visual Arts, the Alizarin Crimson Studio, as well as workshops in the US and abroad.  For more information



Marie   Cardi   Etherington




“Hiking Out” by Marie Cardi Etherington



Marie Cardi Etherington draws her inspiration from an early interest in textile, a passion for science and art of gardening, and explorations of exotic locations around the continents.  Her approach is expressionistic and invites the viewer to feel the mood as she, herself experienced it during the painting process. To Marie, “Color is form”.  An early interest in pre-Columbian art lead her to textiles and weaving.  Manipulating threads with a four-harness loom created a pathway for her to express herself with color.  Then she experienced the buttery movement of oil paints and switched from threads and loom to paint and canvas.


Marie tells The Rickie Report, “I paint for the moment.  My goal is to bring the viewer in, to look at the everyday world in a new way, because that is how I have painted it. Marie’s artworks can be found in public and private collections around the globe.  Marie studied with the late Terry Oakes Bourret (in CT), Hugh O’Neill ( FL and Ireland), and John Traynor (NH). She holds a degree from University of NH and continued her studies at Cornell University and Albertus Magnus College. Marie has exhibited at numerous juried shows including: The Lyme Art Association, the Clinton Art Society ( where she is an elected member), at Jupiter Medical Center, and Lighthouse ArtCenter.


An accredited Federated Garden Club of America flower show master judge, Marie draws a sense of design and space from the world of gardening.  Her designs have been sold in such places as luxury retailer, Henri Bendel in New York. Marie enjoys painting outdoors in New England as well as Jupiter, FL.  For more information:



Suzanne   Fico


Suzanne Fico is from New York, where her interest in capturing the beauty of birds and nature began. She created her first oil painting at the age of 15, comes form a family of artists, and is inspired by her mother.  Suzanne, who has been painting for over a decade, is primarily self taught and she has furthered her studies at the Lighthouse ArtCenter.  Suzanne is currently an art instructor at Morselife and other senior facilities.  Her paintings have been included in juried exhibits at both the Lighthouse ArtCenter and Artist Studio and Gallery of Tequesta.  Suzanne tells The Rickie Report, “My medium of choice is oil and acrylic.  I paint a wide variety of subjects.”  She excels in capturing the beauty of birds, where she has her widest audience appeal.




“Soaring” by Suzanne Fico




Kathy   Kauss


“Beware of Falling Coconuts” by Kathy Kauss



Kathy Kauss is a well known Jupiter artist who paints primarily in oils.  She is a 40 year resident of the area and finds her inspiration in the rich, colorful, tropical landscapes of this unique area.  Kathy is a member of the Jupiter Lighthouse Gallery and her work can be found at her studio at The Artists’ Studio and Gallery of Tequesta.  Kathy tells The Rickie Report, “When I paint, I try to capture a moment in time as well as all the feelings and emotions. I strive to be creative, focusing on the narrative of each painting, while bringing them alive, as I pay attention to the lights and shadows.”



Jerry  Oliver



“Coral Cove” Original artwork by Jerry Oliver



Jerry Oliver was raised on a farm in Kentucky.  After marrying, she moved to southern Illinois where she and her husband, Charles, raised their daughter, Rae.  During those years, Jerry painted in oils and took workshops with several well-known artists.  Her earliest works were influenced by a group of artists from Paducah, KY.  The Paducah Area Painter’s Alliance embraces artists from the mid-west. Jerry’s artwork has been featured in three Solo Exhibits and she was commissioned by the Arts Council of Illinois to create a new work for their college campus. The City of Paducah chose Jerry as one of the main artists to paint a children’s alphabet and art book, “P’ is for Paducah”.


Jerry has moved her focus from scenes of the Kentucky Ohio River Valley to South Florida.  She tells The Rickie Report, “Every day is a new adventure as I paint my journey through life. I love my surroundings and gain inspiration from them. I am thankful for her God given talent and firmly believes that everything is possible through him.”  For more information:




Joseph  Bennett  Pierre



“In The Glen” by Joseph Bennett Pierre



Joseph Bennett Pierre enjoyed drawing since the early age of six.  In 1970, at a low point in his life, he returned to his art. In college, he pursued a BA and MA in Fine Arts at New Jersey City University.  Joseph joined a group of African American artists, who displayed their artworks at the Urban League Gallery in New York City.  He also displayed his art in various libraries and other venues in New Jersey, where he resided.  A long hiatus ensued as Joe’s energies were focused on his career in education. He won outstanding awards in both teaching and administration.  We can see how his philosophy of art is his life mantra: “Art is forever evolving and one always learns something new.”


In 1995, Joseph’s interest in art was reignited as he dealt with the stress of care taking his ill mother.  Painting, drawing, and sculpture proved again, to be positive outlets!  In 2004, Joseph moved to North Palm Beach, FL with his wife and mother.  He enrolled in the Armory Art Center and the Lighthouse ArtCenter, taking classes.  From 2005, his work has been exhibited at Lighthouse ArtCenter where “Tears of Haiti” won “Best Of Show”.  His painting, “Sharecropper” received Honorable Mention at a later exhibit there.  His artworks have shown in Sag Harbor, NY; Martha’s Vineyard, MA; and he is currently at the Sarasota Art Center in Sarasota, FL.  His Solo exhibit in 2011 at Art On Park Gallery in Lake Park,FL was a big success.



For more information  Call:  

618.645.0151    or        561.339.3314

For information about hanging your artwork here:

Call 561.339.3314

Gallery Square North  

385 Tequesta Drive  Tequesta, FL 33469




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Jen Walls Shares “The Art Of Illustration” In A New Illuminated Novel, ‘The Storyteller’s Apprentice’. Opening Reception And Book Signing At ArtServe On November 8th

What happens when one artist invites another artist to collaborate?  Magical malarkey! “The Storytellers’s Apprentice” is an illuminated novel by Dana Kumerow, with illustrations by Brittany Tate and Jen Walls. Readers ages 6 – 99 will enjoy this book and its illustrations.   The Free Opening Reception and Book signing takes place on Thursday, November 8th.  Books and artwork will be available for purchase at ArtServe as well as on line.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. This family-friendly art and literary event features paintings of adventurous characters and whimsical creatures in vibrant settings in a gallery setting, along with illustrations nestled inside a beautiful, casebound book. Mixed media illustrations, pen and ink drawings and hand carved and stamped images give viewers a peek into the world of book illustration and children’s fantasy fiction.







I N T R O D U C I N G:








M E E T      T H E      C O L L A B O R A T O R S



6 – 8 PM

Refreshments served  

Exhibit Available  November 2 – 27, 2018

 At:   ArtServe 


1350 E Sunrise Blvd   Fort Lauderdale

ArtServe at 954-462-8190   Artist/illustrator Jen Walls at 704-771-9726



Astrid in “The Storyteller’s Apprentice”

The Art of Illustration:

Original illustrations from the illuminated novel, The Storyteller’s Apprentice, appear in a new exhibit at ArtServe from November 2 – 27. This family-friendly art and literary event features paintings of adventurous characters and whimsical creatures in vibrant settings in a gallery setting, along with illustrations nestled inside a beautiful, casebound book. Mixed media illustrations, pen and ink drawings and hand carved and stamped images give viewers a peek into the world of book illustration and children’s fantasy fiction.   The Storytellers’s Apprentice is an illuminated novel by Dana Kumerow, with illustrations by Brittany Tate and Jen Walls. For readers ages 6 – 99. Books and art will be available for purchase at ArtServe, or visit to buy online.




Scruffy Dog from “The Storyteller’s Apprentice”




The Storyteller’s Apprentice (An Illuminated Novel) and a New Exhibit at ArtServe:

Everything has a name. Everything has a story.

In Loden, coming of age means becoming an apprentice. Though all of the villagers expect Arella’s sister to become the storyteller’s apprentice, it is Arella who is chosen.

When Arella is forced to leave her childhood home and face her biggest fears, she follows an unexpected path of adventure, hardship, and enchantment. She learns to appreciate the power in a name and the importance of sharing stories. Along the way, Arella accepts her own talents and learns to see the beauty and the magic around her.

All she had to do was LISTEN.









Every story begins with…another story~

This adventure began with one artist inviting another to collaborate. “I’ll paint some backgrounds; you add characters,” said Brit. “Well sure, I’d be delighted,” replied Jen. A dozen boards and a nearly a year later, Brit and Jen decided the characters needed a story. In stepped Dana, who accepted the challenge of writing a story after the illustrations were already done—a backwards process. She took over like a mad queen and convinced the illustrators to provide more illustrations because, she said, the story demanded them. The illustrators, enchanted by the stories, bowed to her requests, although the thought of stuffing the author into an attic occurred to them more than once.


About the Author:









In her younger days, writer Dana Kumerow was a tree-climbing, frog-catching, star-gazing book worm who acted out her favorite stories in the playhouse in her backyard. Today she lives in a tiny log cabin in the North Carolina mountains and blogs about words, books, writing, and more at



About the Artists:










Upon receiving her degree in studio art, Brittany Tate set out with a fierce determination to set the world ablaze. After completing her first landscape in 2015, she began filling her world with colorful drama, exotic places, and playful pets. She’s hardly put down her brush since!













Artist and illustrator Jen Walls lives in a world of malarkey. Her studio is crammed with whimsical creatures, moody queens, and soulful girls. Walls has lived a backwards life, beginning with a grown-up job and all kinds of seriousness until she was nearly old—then SHAZAM! She fell headlong into the world of art and has been playing ever since. Follow her adventures at and at



Caravan from “The Storyteller’s Apprentice”

Available for Purchase:




~ The Book ~

~ Backpacks ~

~ Notecards  ~

Illustrations purchased online or at the exhibit will be reserved for the buyer, and shipped November 28th, immediately following the show closing.

For more information:








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Jupiter “Celebration Of The Arts” Offers Free Events, Workshops, Meet The Authors, Calls For Artists And More!

The Town of Jupiter is offering a plethora of events, exhibits, workshops and opportunities for art lovers, book lovers and artists of all ages.  The Rickie Report shares a comprehensive list including: “Lacy Susan Basket Workshop” February 7th, “Meet the Authors” February 16th (numerous workshops), “Explore Watercolor” February 25th, “Discover Secrets of Jewelry Making” February 28th, ” Celebration of the Arts Exhibition”  Opening Reception on March 3rd (we include the Artist Applications which are due February 13th), and “Art in Nature Acrylic Painting March 18th.  May 5th marks the celebration of Drop Savers Annual Student Contest water conservation poster contest, Jupiter High School Partnership Program artwork and VSA, Very Special Arts, Florida – Palm Beach County artwork.  We also share the application for any artist or arts-related organization interested in Free exhibit space at Harbourside in Jupiter.  Jupiter residents will be granted preference, but this is Open to everyone.  Get your calendars out and sign up – while many of these events are FREE, you still should save your spot!



Town of Jupiter Art Committee • 561-741-2400

200 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458





 * Free Classes, Space Limited


Lacey Susan Basket


Tuesday, February  7  

Joan Stoneham  Basket Workshop, “Lacy Susan” Basket (supplies $65) 9 am -5 pm class free

Tuesday, February 16   6 – 7:30 pm


Meet The Authors (Free)

Jim Snyder, Marilyn Alcock, Cheryl Williams, Richard Brumer, Judy Lucas, Fred Lichtenberg, J. P. Ratto

Registration NOT Required – Come as you are!



Marilyn Alcock “Tuxedo and Friends” 1st in Series Young Child thru elementary

A book told by a Boston Terrier named Tuxedo. As he tells his story, the reader gets caught up in the lives of his friends and pack members, Bellino the Maltese, Lulu the Chihuahua, Bruno the English Mastiff, Allie the Lhaso Apso, and Snickers the baby brother.





Sherry Williams “Eyes of the Owl” Historical Fiction – Middle School & All Ages

If you remember Tales of Turtle River, this book set in the 1990’s puts Fritz the boy many years later as a grandfather (Pop Pop) to Missy.  Times have changed since the 1920’s and Pop Pop has a difficult time accepting Missy’s close friendship with an African American boy, Caleb. But there is a link tying Caleb to Pop Pop, and that is the mystical owls.



Richard Brumer “Love and Deception” Four Stories, Adult

Will the heroic action of two Air Force officers overcome the daunting obstacles…or will their Black Ops mission end in disaster?



Judy Lucas “Baron Rothmoore” Mystery Romance, Adult

Robert Fitzhugh, the second son of a noble though poor family, purchases a commission in His Majesty’s Army. Little did he know fate would make him a key player in Great Britain’s war with France, as Napoleon’s armies overrun Europe. Nor did he know a chance meeting would give him the love of his life, and almost losing her would give him the courage to change the course of history.


Jim Snyder “The Cross and the Mask” Historical History, Adult

How the Spanish “Discovered” Florida – and a Proud Native Nation. An historical novel




Fred Lichtenberg “Murder 1040: The Final Audit”” Suspense Thriller, Adult

When those in power attempt to shut down the murder investigation of a South Florida IRS agent, the hero, Frank Amato, risks everything, as he forges ahead to find the killer.



JP Ratto “Trust No One” 2nd in Lucas Holt Series Mystery Thriller, Suspense, Adult

Private Investigator Lucas Holt is caught between the FBI and terrorists when he investigates the kidnapping of a D.C. grad student. Hired by his former Delta Force commander, Holt and an ex-Delta comrade work to untangle the connection between the abduction and the theft of a bioweapon.




Saturday, February 25

Jackie Gaines Explore Watercolor Painting (Free) 9:30am – 11:30

Tuesday, February 28

Lou Ann Berkley Discover Secrets of Jewelry Making (Free) 9:30am-12:30

March Celebration of the Arts 2017 Exhibit
“Exotic and Native Animals: Land, Air, Aquatic”




March 3, Friday,

Opening Reception, 6:00 – 7:30 pm



Special Guest Amanda a Crested Carcara with Rebecca Reid
Courtesy of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, Jupiter

 Exhibition is Available March 3 – April 28, 2017


Artists and Photographers or 561-329-5007







E-MAIL IMAGE OF EACH at 72 dpi longest side is 1200 PIXELS Max TO: faye.schrecengost@att. net

NAME______________________________E-MAIL_____________________ ADDRESS_____________________CITY___________ZIP________PHONE_________

(1)TITLE_______________________________MEDIA______________PRICE_______ (2)TITLE_______________________________MEDIA______________PRICE_______


Visit the Art Committee on line:




Sat. March 18  

Brenda Nickolaus  Art in Nature Acrylic Painting (Free) 10:00am– 12:00

To Register : or call 561.329-5007



May 5, Friday, Opening Reception

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Drop Savers Annual Student Contest water conservation poster contest

Jupiter High School Partnership Program artwork

VSA, Very Special Arts, Florida – Palm Beach County artwork


Free and Open to the Public




Harbourside Place Display Opportunities

Application Procedures and Guidelines for Submissions


Submissions for all 2D (drawing, painting, photography, prints, mixed media, etc…) and 3D artwork (sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, etc…) are accepted provided they fit within the size parameters. No free standing pedestals or free hanging wall art are permitted outside the display cases. The display cases are located in the hallway of the parking garage to the left as you enter Harbourside. Go around the circle and make the first left by Another Broken Egg Café. From any level of the garage, the elevator will bring you down to the first floor where you will see the cases in the hallway that leads you out to Harbourside.

Dimensions of each case – there are four (4) locked cases with glass shelving. Each case is 54” high, 8’ wide and 12” deep. 1⁄2 case – 54” x 4’ x 12”.

Who can apply – any artist can submit an application to display his or her work. Jupiter artists (living and working in the Jupiter area) will be given preference. Work by local students will also be considered and may be submitted by either the student or the art teacher.

Members of the Town of Jupiter Art Committee will review all applications, make the decisions on what will be displayed, and contact those artists that have been selected to exhibit their work

Artwork is chosen based on quality, appropriateness, appeal, and availability. You may submit as many pieces as you believe will fit in the case. Keep in mind that they all may not be selected.

Application packet should include (in addition to the application) – a typed list of each piece (including: Title, Date Created, Size and Media, Price or NFS) and photo of the piece (72dpi) JPEG files.

Artwork chosen for exhibit – when brought in, must be labeled with name of artist, title of work and contact info (phone, email or website info). No prices shall be included on the label, however you may put NFS on the label if it is not for sale.

Additional Information:

• All purchases negotiations are to be directly conducted between artist and client. The Town of Jupiter Art Committee does not take any commissions for artwork sold. However, when a sale is made, a donation to the Art Committee is greatly appreciated.

• Artwork chosen for exhibit should be available for the full length of the exhibition time, approximately 1-2 months.

• If an artist needs to remove a piece before the timeframe is completed, it should be noted on the Artist Application form, if possible. The artist must contact Nina Fusco at 561.908.3556 to arrange the logistics of retrieving the artwork.

• The Town of Jupiter will provide insurance coverage. if the exhibit contains items valued at not more than $1,000 per item and $50,000 per exhibition. If the artist feels this is not sufficient for their work, he/she is encouraged to provide additional insurance.

• By signing the Artist Application, the artist grants the Town of Jupiter Art Committee permission to reproduce images of accepted artwork for promotional purposes.

Town of Jupiter Art Committee  200 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458 561-741-2400

Town of Jupiter – Artist Application Harbourside Place Display

Artist Contact Information: Please Type or Print Clearly

Artist Name: ___________________________________________________________

If Artist is a student, name of teacher; if artist is under 18, please also include name and or parent or guardian.

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: _______

Email: __________________________________

Website: ________________________________
Day Phone: _______________________ Evening Phone: _______________________

Cell Phone: _____________________________
Work Locally: Y N Where: _______________________________________________

Submission Information:

Dates artworks are available for exhibition: _________________________________

Number of Pieces Submitted: __________
Please email your submission to: 561-908.3556

Artist Signature: _________________________________________ Date: ____________


For more information about these programs, upcoming classes, workshops and events please visit:

Town of Jupiter Art Committee • 561-741-2400

200 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458





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