“Gema The Curious Butterfly” Brings Gabriela Esquivel’s Artwork And Heartfelt Message To Children. Book Signings And Activities On August 10 And October 2

Gabriela Esquivel‘s artwork and story, “Gema The Curious Butterfly” shares universal messages of friendship, freedom, and love.  The colors will make you smile!  Meet Gabriela at a book signing event on Saturday, August 10 at Tommy Bahama on Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale.  Kids can color a Gema masquerade mask to take home.  On October 2, stop by the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale for a special program.  Gabriela is available for a children’s show, workshops, and will perform at learning centers, museums, elementary schools, private children’s parties, book fairs, and art fairs.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.





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Saturday, August  10

11 am

Tommy Bahama

1002 E Las Olas  Blvd   Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301








Wednesday, October 2

Time to be announced: Please contact Gabriela

Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale

401 SW 2nd St.   Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312  



Free Painting Activity with Gem’s Masquerade Mask 


Gabriela tells The Rickie Report, “Colorful forms, lines, women’s figures and textures are combined to create art pieces that express a constant search for freedom. The paintings, video animations and music transport the viewer/listener to spaces where the skies and times are endless. The artist invites him/her to “become one with nature, the Universe and the Light”.

She continues, ” I question the systems and traditional myths and am interested in finding the Divine without necessarily practicing the rituals stated by any specific doctrine. I defy the traditional roles of women in society, writing my own story — a new story — whereby the women in my paintings travel alone and unwrapped from traditional roles…”




Gabriela Esquivel

Gabriela is available for kid’s shows and workshops and can be hire to be performed at learning centers, museums, elementary schools, private kid’s parties, book fairs, etc. 




Gabriela Esquivel is a Costa Rican artist and author currently living in South Florida.  She has lived in Germany, Switzerland, United States and Puerto Rico. Her work has been featured in the 2015th Florence Biennale Catalogue (Italy), Go Riverwalk Magazine in Fort Lauderdale, Around Town News in Fort Lauderdale, Midtown Miami Magazine in South Florida, and in main journals in Puerto Rico.  Gabriela has participated in Art Fort Lauderdale Fair, exhibiting with ArtBox Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland)  and Contemporary Art Projects (Fort Lauderdale) during Art Basel Miami. She has also worked together with Business for the Arts of Broward and participated in their Art & Soul Annual exhibition at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (Fort Lauderdale). Gabriela had a SOLO show “Soul and Mysticism” at Artserve (2018). She presented her SOLO show “Gardens of Freedom” at 33rd St. Wine Bar where she combined art+music, exhibiting paintings and performing songs of her authorship.




Gabriela Esquivel at the 2015 Florence, Italy Biennale


Gabriela is part of the “Open Canvas Project”, a murals project organized by ArtServe; she is also part of “Genii Loci”, a road-tattoo/street mural on Rosemary Avenue (W. Palm Beach). She was part of “La Campechada” event, organized by the Puerto Rican Art Museum; and “Casa de los Contrafuertes” Art Project in Puerto Rico. Interested in bringing together art and philanthropy,  she was one of the artists of the “Redesign Bash” organized by Salvation Army of Broward County (Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale).





She is a committee member of Salvation Army of Broward and of the Neighbors Volunteer Office from the City of Fort Lauderdale. She is the founder of “Butterflies for Puerto Rico”, an artistic-musical-social project that has partnered with international musicians and organizations to help Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. Gabriela earned her BFA in Sculpture from the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico and her BA in Humanistic Studies with emphasis in Music from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. When she is not painting, Gabriela studies the piano and composes her own music. Gabriela’s award winning artwork is in several permanent private and corporate collections through the United States and the Caribbean.  



For more information or to contact Gabriela:

Facebook @gabrielaesquivele

Instagram @gabrielaesquivele


To reserve dates for the Gema’s Kids show and Workshop

  Call  (786) 582 9042



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From South Africa to the US, Berenice Michelow’s Artistry Calls to All of Us

Berenice Michelow has an unusual approach to social realism.  The tension she creates in her paintings, between the seen and the unseen, forces viewers to extrapolate and become participants in the discussion her artwork elicits.  A native of South Africa, Berenice now lives in the U.S.  She is represented by Artblend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale as well as other galleries around the country.  The Rickie Report is pleased to share her work.  Today is Veteran’s Day. A day of Remembrance.  A day of consideration for those who fought to protect our freedoms.  We hope you will spend it contemplating the “bigger picture”. Berenice gives us that opportunity.  See you at Artblend on November 15th.



Berenice Michelow








Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 15th

6 – 9 pm




 2736 East Oakland Park Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

954-817-4893     info@artblend.com

Hours: 11am – 5pm   Monday-Friday

Saturday by Appointment   Sunday Closed    Other times by appointment



"World at War" by Berenice Michelow

“World at War” by Berenice Michelow




Berenice Michelow was born and educated in South Africa. She obtained her Fine Art Diploma at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg, and studied further at London’s Central St. Martins College of Arts and Design. She taught for 20 years at the University of the Witwatersrand, External Studies Adult Education. Berenice currently lives and works in the United States.  her theme for 2014 is the “Strategic Moment in Time”.





"Pathways" by Berenice Michelow

“Pathways” by Berenice Michelow

Berenice Michelow’s emigration to the United States from her native South Africa in 2004 marked the beginning of the third phase in her career. The first featured her “protest” paintings, symbolic representations of Apartheid’s injustice. Works of the second phase were responses to the new South Africa’s evolving democracy. Her current phase features impressions of her adopted homeland and its “overwhelming patriotism.” Courtesy of http://www.blouinartinfo.com)




"Ladies in Waiting, The New South Africa"

“Ladies in Waiting, The New South Africa”



This overview doesn’t even hint at the versatility of Michelow’s artistry. Whether working on canvas or paper, with oils or pastels, in charcoal or 3D UV, Michelow’s technical mastery is self-evident, often evincing itself in an unfolding of photographic realism played out in the midst of otherworldly abstraction. Michelow has enjoyed decades of commercial success.




"Sibusisull, The New South Africa" by Berenice Michelow

“Sibusisull, The New South Africa” by Berenice Michelow



In 1979 she represented South Africa at the International Biennale in Valparaiso, Chile. To date she has had 27 private shows worldwide, and her work is held in such high-profile collections as that of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City.



"Free Spirits I" by Berenice Michelow

“Free Spirits I” by Berenice Michelow



"Free Spirits II" by Berenice Michelow

“Free Spirits II” by Berenice Michelow

"Free Spirits III" by Berenice Michelow

“Free Spirits III” by Berenice Michelow

“She has an unusual approach to social realism, customized for each subject. Unconventional perspectives, the silky application of the paint, charcoal and pastel, and the deletion of orienting details are characteristic of her style.  This latter  method creates a palpable tension between what is seen and unseen, forcing the audience to extrapolate the message and participate in the act of creation.  Her works deal with a variety of modern ills, including poverty and social injustice, but do not linger in despair but rather display a hope for the future”, says Joyce Asper of the Agora Gallery in New York City.
"Leather Landscape" by Berenice Michelow

“Leather Landscape” by Berenice Michelow

“Bright transparent incandescent colors” are the starting point for Berenice Michelow’s new works. Blending photorealism with elements of emotive expressionism, Michelow paints colorful images that offer insight into the perspective of children who are free of responsibility and as yet unaware of the larger realities we all ultimately face in the “real world.” Her subjects will often be slightly blurred, as if overexposed to the light around them. But just like a photographer with an ability to manipulate exposure, she knows exactly how to pull a person or object out from its surroundings by depicting it in sharp focus against that glowing background. While bright shades dominate, the artist also demonstrates a striking ability to use shadows and an underlying sense of darkness to balance out the sunnier hues, giving her images an added degree of depth.
"Competition"  by Berenice Michelow

“Competition” by Berenice Michelow

Whether she is exploring the dynamic evolving democracy in New South Africa or her thoughts on life and patriotism in the United States, she has an impressive ability to make the world she depicts seem to shine from within.
"Flight" by Berenice Michelow

“Flight” by Berenice Michelow


Berenice Michelow has exhibited throughout South Africa, Europe and the United States.  Her artwork is included in a number of important private, corporate, and museum collections


For more information about Berenice’s artwork, please contact:



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Susan Burke Exhibits at Broward Art Guild’s “Art Florida, 2014”

Susan Burke’s artwork is part of the prestigious Broward Art Guild’s “Art Florida, 2014” exhibit in Fort Lauderdale. The Gala Reception takes place on Saturday, April 12th.  The Rickie Report is keenly aware of how one desire, painting a portrait of her granddaughter, lead to an entirely new leg in Susan’s life’s journey!  We are pleased to share the details of Susan’s artistry with you here.


Susan Burke


Exhibits at

 Broward Art Guild’s

Art Florida, 2014


JM Family Enterprise Gallery at ArtServe


1350 East Sunrise Boulevard       Fort Lauderdale, Fl


Gala Reception

 Saturday, April 12th   6-9 pm



"New Age Mona Lisa" by Susan Burke

“New Age Mona Lisa” by Susan Burke

Susan Burke is a finalist in the Broward Art Guild’s ” Art Florida, 2014″, which is being shown at the JM Family Enterprise Gallery at ArtServe located at 1350 East Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from April 7th to April 25th, 2014.  The public is welcome to the Gala Awards Reception on Saturday April 12th, 2014 from 6-9 PM.
"This is the Sea, My baby" by Susan Burke

“This is the Sea, My baby” by Susan Burke

Susan’s life is certainly an inspiration as we follow her journey as a Survivor of the Holocaust (quite a miracle!), to her arriving in the United States.  Susan lived and studied in Moscow, Russia where she attained her Master’s degree in Ceramic Art.  She came to the U.S.  from Budapest, Hungary in the mid-1980’s.
"Cornered" by Susan Burke

“Cornered” by Susan Burke

After coming to the U.S. she studied at F.I.T. in New York City and went into the field of high-end production pattern-making in the garment business.  Her husband, Bruce, tells us, ” I couldn’t believe the clothing she produced –  some of which she showed  me in the windows at Bergdorf Goodman”.  Eager to accomplish more, Susan then completed her certificate of graduation from the Sheffield School of Interior Design in 2010. Interior decorating is one of her inherent talents!
"Backyard Sunset" by Susan Burke

“Backyard Sunset” by Susan Burke

Susan is mostly self-taught, using oils as her medium for painting.  She is constantly studying and often takes individualized classes from other professional artists.  Her experience with painting began when she thought perhaps she could paint their granddaughter as a special birthday gift for their daughter-in-law in Budapest, Hungary.  She tells The Rickie Report, “My paintings are my form of communication. I am not attempting to reproduce nature; but I am interpreting the emotions that the subject spur in me”.
"Passion" by Susan Burke

“Passion” by Susan Burke

An emerging artist, Susan has since produced many paintings and began entering art contests and showing her work in exhibits.   Susan was featured in an article in the Hernando Star Magazine last year. The editor interviewed and included Susan  as a focus for “exceptional talent living in the county”.
"Cooling Off" by Susan Burke

“Cooling Off” by Susan Burke

For more information about Susan Burke please visit ARTBYZSUZSA.COM . (This is a nod  to her  Hungarian roots, as “Susan” is “Zsuzsa”)  or email    sburke1146@gmail.com  or call   1-917-476-3590.


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MaryEllen Dohrs Exhibit and PEEPS Application at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

The PEEPS Show is back and The Rickie Report has the application!  The deadline is March 21st and we’ve already seen PEEPS on grocery shelves…Cash prizes and Lots of Fun!  In addition, Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery will feature the stately work of Mary Ellen Dohrs.   Mary Ellen Dohrs, the first women engineer in the automobile industry in Detroit, designed the interiors of luxury cars for decades and was awarded The Rhoda Sherbell Sculpture Award for her sculpture “Payback”. Details are here!






MaryEllen Dohrs

Friday, March 21st

Wine and Cheese Reception

6 – 9 pm

15 South “J” Street        Lake Worth





On Friday, March 21, MaryEllen Dohrs will be exhibiting her extraordinarily crafted sculptures of sports figures.  The gallery will be filled with basketball, football and hockey players.  There will be children skating on thin ice.  This event will be a celebration of MaryEllen’s life and multiplicity of her accomplishments.  The wine and cheese reception takes place from 6-9 PM.


"Basketball in Nikes" by Maryellen Dohrs

“Basketball in Nikes” by Maryellen Dohrs



 MaryEllen is skilled enough to craft any of these players (custom commissions) and place the facial images of you or your children on them.  In addition, the gallery will be filled with her frogs, snails, owls and other natural critters.  MaryEllen was the first woman designer in the automobile industry.  She designed the inside of Hopalong Cassidy’s car as well as all of the old, vintage Packards. 
Hockey scene by MaryEllen Dohrs (Photo by Durga Garcia)

Hockey scene by MaryEllen Dohrs (Photo by Durga Garcia)

 MaryEllen is known for her intricate dramatic sculptures of basketball players wearing Nike sneakers.  Her ability to create anatomically accurate sculptures of both human and animal forms will be demonstrated outside the gallery.  


MaryEllen Dohrs

MaryEllen Dohrs


Her ability to anatomically nail any living species on the planet evokes commissions from those wanting sports figures to look like their children to those wanting an exact replica of a dog or a goat.  MaryEllen’s teaching abilities have a loyal following of students who have worked under her supervision for decades. 






Call to artists


Peeps Show Application


Each applicant MUST sign and complete this form and submit no later than 4 weeks before the event date.

Entries must be in by Friday, March 28

Peeps delivered to gallery by Tuesday, April 1

Please PRINT legibly!


Artist/Participant Name________________________Phone__________________


E-mail address _________________________________Web address___________________________

 There will be Five prizes awarded to non-gallery members for this event: 

First Prize:  $100

Second-Fifth Prizes come from the PEEPS Company


1. Title____________________________________________


 2. Title____________________________________________


3. Title____________________________________________

$25 entry for up to three (3) PEEPS displays.  Make checks payable to Flamingo Clay Studio- deliver or mail to:

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery- 15 South J Street, Lake Worth Fl, 33460


WAIVER of LIABILITY: By submitting this application form, you give your permission to Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, Flamingo Clay Studio   to publish the contact information provided above in order to promote individual artists and CGMS/FCS. This will include publications and documents such as press releases, digital invitations, web site, blog and FaceBook postings, etc. Submission of this application constitutes an agreement to comply with all of the conditions and terms set forth in the approved proposal.   Under no circumstances will your contact information be sold.




Flamingo Clay Studio

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery   15 South J Street   Lake Worth FL 33460   561.588.8344



ClayGlassMetalStone Cooperative Gallery is sponsored by the Flamingo Clay Studio, a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide affordable studio and gallery space for three-dimensional artists.  The gallery is located at 15 South J Street in downtown Lake Worth.


Hours are Sunday thru Tuesday, 10AM-5PM. Wednesday thru Saturday, 10AM-10PM.   Gallery openings are the first and third Friday of each month from 6-9 PM with many special events in-between.  For information call Joyce Brown-215-205-9441 or   JCLay6@aol.com.  Gallery phone: 561-588-8344.


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Personal and Professional Opportunities at Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach

The Rickie Report is excited to share just a FEW of the MANY classes anyone can take at the Mandel West Palm Beach Public Library.  Is it time for you to upgrade your computer skills or do you need a refresher on those steps of the Argentine Tango?    This article explores some of the diverse options.  The message?  CHECK it OUT!  There really is something for everyone here!





411 Clematis Street  

West Palm Beach, FL






Personal Enhancement starts at the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach!   Here are a few of the classes and workshops available (many are free but registration is required due to space):



Exploring Websites for Baby Boomers @ your City Library 


Description: This 5-part series will explore a variety of websites that will interest Baby Boomers! Computer Lab. registration required.
Date: Tuesday – October 1 2013
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: 2nd Floor – Computer Lab
Program Type: Computer Classes
Public Note: Oct. 1 – AARP Oct. 15 – Medicare Oct 29 – Blogs Nov. 12 – Games Nov. 26 – Dating for Seniors
  24 Seats Remaining




Pilates @ your City Library! 


Bring your mat and practice your pilates at the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach. Classes are held each Thursday morning from 10:30-11:30am in the library’s Auditorium. Optional donation can be made to the instructor at the time of class. No registration required. For more information please call 561-868-7701.

Date:     Thursday – October 3 2013

Time:     10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Location:    3rd Floor – Auditorium

Program Type:   Adults

Public Note:   No registration required.




tai chi-1

Try it Out!  Find the Artist in You




Saturdays October 5 to October 26

1:30 – 3:30 pm

Come try out a variety of mediums with the professional art instructors of Jerry’s Artarama: acrylics, water color, oils, and pastels.  Make a piece of artwork to bring home.  Clematis Room. Space is limited – call 561-868-7701 to register for the program.







Life Support Workshops @ your City Library


Description: Get help with government websites (unemployment, food stamps, Immigration, etc.), resumes, and job-searching. Librarians will be available to assist. Computer Lab, no registration required.
Date: Monday – October 7 2013
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: 2nd Floor – Computer Lab
Program Type: Computer Classes
  No Registration Required




eBook Training Workshop for iPad & Nook @ your City Library

Description: Learn how to use your iPad & to download free eBooks from the library. We will show you how to find, check out and download books from our digital collection. Registration is required. Participants will need an iPad user ID and password. Also bring your device (if you have one) and your library card # and PIN. Please call 561-868-7701.
Date: Tuesday – October 8 2013
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: 3rd Floor – Hibiscus Room (16-18 people)
Program Type: Computer Classes
  10 Seats Remaining

hispanic heritage with flags



leila alson-1

The Rickie Report suggests you get a FREE library card, be placed on the email list and start planning your calendars!   Here are a few more classes you won’t want to miss – and that’s just the month of October!



  • Salsa in the Morning Dance Lessons
  • Latin Cardio @ your City Library
  • Friday with the FRIENDS Book Club: A Brown-Bag Lunch Event
  • Yoga @ your City Library
  • Navigating Your Computer @ your City Library
  • French Conversation Group for Beginners
  • SCORE: 7 Myths about Starting a Small Business and more!
  • Conversando Sobre Libros
  • Saturday Craftastic Family Movie
  • Just for Mystery Lovers Book Club
  • Family Opera Story Hour
  • Preschool Halloween Play & Party!



 For more information:

Foundation for the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach

411 Clematis Street  – 3rd Floor



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