Experience Miami Beach With A Special Docent Led Tour From Mandel JCC

The Mandel JCC of Palm Beach Gardens invites you to spend the day exploring the Jewish heritage of Miami Beach on Monday, March 9th.  This bus trip is open to non-members and members.  The morning begins with a walking tour highlighting the Jewish history as well as the Art Deco style of the area. Included is a visit to the Jewish Museum of Florida. The Museum’s mission is to “collect, preserve and interpret the material evidence of the Florida Jewish experience from when Jews were first allowed to settle in 1763 and up to the present and to interpret this history in the context of the American Jewish experience.”  The Rickie Report shares the details and suggests you register early!



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5221 Hood Rd. Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418





Bus Trip:

The Jewish Experience in Miami Beach



 Wednesday, March 9th

Two Departure Spots:



Palm Beach Gardens:

  8:00am Departure/ 5:30pm


Boynton Beach:

8:45 am – 4:45 pm



$64/Member; $74/Guest



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jew museum

Jewish Museum of Florida




The Jewish Museum’s Core Exhibit “MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida,” opened in the fall of 1996, and while it’s continuously updated, the main features of the exhibit include: a Time Line Wall of Jewish history, a film about the history of Jews in Florida and a Research Center that grows daily. According to its website, it is the “only museum dedicated to telling the story of 250 years of Florida Jewish life, history, arts and culture as well as the generic immigration experience of everyone’s family.”




In order to provide a more personalized experience, the tour will be split into two smaller groups. While one group is inside exploring the museum with a docent, the other group will be outside taking a narrated walking tour with a guide. Both groups will then meet for lunch at the museum, then the morning inside group will tour outside and the morning outside group will explore the museum.  The cost for this trip includes lunch, admission to the museum and tours.



For more information on the Mandel JCC or this day tour visit our website at www.jcconline.com. Feel free to contact us at 561-712-5232.



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Boynton Beach Celebrates The Artistry And Vision Of Conrad Pickel, Master of Stained Glass

Who designed and created the world’s largest stained glass window?  Conrad Pickel, the resident and designer of numerous buildings in Boynton Beach, FL! Come and celebrate the legacy of Conrad Pickel on Saturday, May 23rd.  A major influence within the stained glass industry in the United States, he was a gifted painter, wood carver and mosaic artist.  The Rickie Report is excited to share the details about this event.  There will be bus tours, lectures, and demonstrations by experts in glass making and stained glass. Meet the family living in one of the homes he designed! Be part of Florida’s heritage-tourism and be proud!  These events are Free to the public, but you must register for the bus tour.








Conrad Pickel (1906 – 1994) learned the art of stained glass with the renown  Mayer Studio in Munich, Germany. He opened his own studio in 1947 in Milwaukee, WI, which quickly grew into one of the leading studios in the United States. In 1956, Mr. Pickel opened a branch in Vero Beach, Florida and transferred the complete operation there in 1977. Mr. Pickel lived in Pompano Beach, FL. and moved to Boynton Beach, FL in 1956 until his death. He designed five buildings in Boynton Beach.






The tour will depart at the Boynton Beach City Library, 208 S. Seacrest Blvd. at 8 a.m. The tour, which will be narrated by City of Boynton Beach Historic Preservation Planner, Warren Adams, and President of the Boynton Beach Historical Society, Janet DeVries, will visit 5 locations that highlight Conrad Pickel’s stain glass pieces: Boynton Beach Memorial Park Mausoleum, Ascension Lutheran Church, St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church, Former Gallery Fantasia, and St. Mark’s Church. The tour is free. However, interested attendees must call 561.742.6066 to register.


On completion of the bus tour, at approximately 10:30 a.m., the program will begin at the Boynton Beach City Library, 208 S. Seacrest Blvd. with a series of lectures on Conrad Pickel by Janet DeVries, President, Boynton Beach Historical Society; Shanon Materio, President, McMow Art Glass; Paul Pickel, President, Conrad Pickel Studio; Rick Eggert, Creative Director, Benzaiten Center for the Creative Arts and the Jacarusos, owners of a Conrad Pickel designed house. In addition, there will be glass art demonstrations and an exhibit of Conrad Pickel’s art, vision and dreams.




Conrad Pickel Mausoleum Stained Glass in Boynton Beach, FL

Conrad Pickel Mausoleum Stained Glass in Boynton Beach, FL




A major influence in the stained glass industry in the U.S., Pickel invented decralite block.  His appreciation for how glass could transform  simple concrete blocks can be seen at his most well-known structure in Boynton Beach, Gallery Fantasia.   He incorporated faceted glass in the blocks which were then used as structural elements in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.




Example of Conrad Pickel's  Decralite Block

Example of Conrad Pickel’s Decralite Block


Mr. Pickel’s designs to make a simple water tower a piece of public art were embraced by the City Of Boynton Beach. We share one of the images here.  Their construction was unable to be completed due to budget issues.


Drawing of Conrad Pickel Water Tower Surround

Drawing of Conrad Pickel Water Tower Surround



Mr. Pickel, known throughout the world for his expressionistic stained-glass creations, built the Gallery Fantasia in Boynton Beach in 1974. The artistic gathering place, to which Mr. Pickel charged no admission, closed in 1983 after expenses continued to outpace donations.  The Sun Sentinel reported his quote: “When we closed it, you wouldn’t have believed the complaints,” he said at the time. “A city without art is a city without a soul.”


Museum of Stained Glass Concept of Conrad Pickel Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

Museum of Stained Glass Concept of Conrad Pickel Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website



Under the direction of Mr. Pickel’s son, Paul, the studio continues to develop new techniques and applications for stained glass and mosaic. In addition to a presentation by Paul, the community will meet the Jacaruso family, who lives in the home constructed by Conrad Pickel located in Pompano Beach, FL.



Conrad Pickel, Self Portrait. Image courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

Conrad Pickel, Self Portrait. Image courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

We share an excerpt from his son, Paul, who wrote about the stained glass window in Our Lady of Lourdes:


 “Stained glass without light would of course be nothing. Conrad Pickel became his own master in using light and a master of controlling light to strengthen his designs. He was never afraid to use black and preached this lesson to me constantly. There is always a halation of certain colors as light passes through stained glass. Painted line work and lead lines become smaller with the halation of light. He brings out the richness of color and was aware of how light affected his line work and facial details realizing his line work would become smaller as the light passed through the glass. He selected glass that has beautiful shading and he sought out glass that was not perfect. He wanted glass that showed its handmade characteristics. He wanted glass that had natural lines and bubbles all to alter and enhance the rays of light as they passed through the glass.”

Conrad Pickel at work, Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website

Conrad Pickel at work, Photo Courtesy of Conrad Pickel Studio Website


“Wherever I go to see my father’s work, the color of glass is the key to his design, is his selection of a beautiful cobalt blue. It has a bit of gray in it, a bit of purple but it is mainly soft, peaceful and yes, spiritual. Many times it is referred to as the Pickel Blue. People generally love stained glass as the morning light pours through the colored glass but also one of the most spiritual times to appreciate a Pickel Window with its special Pickel Blues is to be by oneself, in a darkening church, as the sun is receding. As light enters through, the striking blues and darkening rich colors, that special experience of stained glass cannot help but move one’s soul.  The designs by Conrad Pickel for the stained glass windows of Our Lady of Lourdes are timeless and should undoubtedly be appreciated by many generations to come. This is the true genius and beauty of his work.”







The Pickel Studio with more than a half-century of commissions to its credit, continues to create innovative stained glass, mosaic and sculpture for religious, secular and public projects throughout North America.

Boynton beachHistoricpreservation_I.jpg

The City of Boynton Beach recognizes the importance of preserving its historic resources and has adopted a preservation ordinance as the foundation for a comprehensive preservation program. The program is to include a Historic Resources Preservation Board for program oversight; a property tax exemption component; and guidelines, standards, and procedures for the maintenance and modification of historic properties.
The City has also initiated a community education campaign to inform the public of the value of historic preservation, the aforementioned tax exception program, and how historic preservation can be a tool for stabilizing aging neighborhoods, fostering community cohesiveness and furthering civic pride.

For more information, call Debby Coles-Dobay, Public Art Manager, at 561-742-6026 or Warren Adams, Historic Preservation Planner, at 561-742-6757


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Join Whitespace Collection For An Art Adventure to Miami! Three Trips Available

The Rickie Report knows how much our readers love the destination but not the drive. Let Elayne and Marvin Mordes of  Whitespace Collection take you on any or all three carefree trips that will highlight the Miami Art Scene in style.  RSVP before all the spaces are taken!



 Join Us For an Art Adventure

    Miami trip and tour programs

     Hosted by Elayne and Marvin Mordes


 A new and exciting program of  guided art tours with Elayne and Marvin Mordes,  continuing  the Whitespace mission of creating new and exciting art venues, for enriching and enlarging the viewing audience for Contemporary Art.


One  program:    $155 each

Two programs:    $145 each

Three programs:  $135  each

Call to confirm your place: 561.842.4131 or Email: 2805@mordes.net


  • Round trip transportation from Whitespace on deluxe Motorcoach with bathroom, video, and comfort seating.
  • Pick-up and drop off locations will be available in Jupiter, West Palm and Boca Raton
  • Travel to Miami while enjoying an art video and breakfast snack
  • A schedule of the days programming
  • Complimentary entrance and catalogs to Art Miami, Context,  Art Wynwood and all foundation collections programmed on each tour
  • Greetings  by owners or curators of each Fair and/or private collection
  • Guided tour of venues presented by either the gallery owner/director or curator
  • Lunch at specified locations included
  • Bubbly wine and sweets on the return trip with an art video for your  viewing pleasure
  • Free Claudia Alvarez Format 18×24 project courtesy of Whitespace


Program #1            Friday, December 7, 2012    9:30am – 6:30 pm

Sponsored by Art Miami and Context


Greeting by Director/Partner – Nick Korniloff

Lunch at the VIP lounge

Art Miami maintains a preeminent position in America’s contemporary art fair market. It is the original and longest-running contemporary art fair in Miami and continues to receive praise for the variety of unparalleled art that it offers. It is the “can’t miss” event for all serious collectors, curators and museum directors, providing an intimate look at some of the most important work at the forefront of the international contemporary art movement.


CONTEXT will feature a curated group of 50 galleries representing exceptional emerging and mid-career artists, including solo artist installations, immersive environments, curated projects and multimedia exhibits.

Art Miami


www.art-miami.comwww.contextartmiami.com                                                                                                                   Itinerary subject to change  No refunds – exchange may be possible



Program #2               Sunday, February 17, 2013  9:30am – 6:30pm

Sponsored by Art Wynwood

Art Wynwood

Greeting at Art Wynwood by Director/Partner:  Nick Korniloff

Lunch at the Sagamore Art Hotel

Greeting and guided tour by Cricket Taplin,  owner and curator of the Sagamore Art Collection



 www.sagamorehotel.comwww.art-wynwood.comItinerary subject to change  No refunds-exchange may be possible



 Program #3              Saturday , March 16, 2012        9am – 6:30pm

     Private/Public Spaces – Miami

The Warehouse – the Martin Z. Margulis Collection

The Rosa de la Cruz Collection

The Rubell Family Collection


Margulies Collection

Meet each of these collectors and hear their personal stories about their collections and mission.

de la Cruz Collection

 See how each collector has installed their collections and how they select each seasons programs.


de la Cruz Collection




Rubell Collection

Itinerary subject to change  No refunds–exchange may be possible



For more information about Whitespace THE MORDES COLLECTION go to: www.whitespacecollection.com  email: 2805@mordes.net  or  561.842.4131.


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