ADL’s Art Exhibit: Imagine a World Without Hate…Be Seen. Make a STATEMENT. Make a DIFFERENCE!

As the Anti-Defimation League turns 100, the FL Chapter reached out to the entire community to create art based on its mission statement.  The Rickie Report was privileged to send out a Call to Artists for this exhibit.  In recent years, the ADL has sponsored Art Contests with a focus on Anti-Bullying as well as other discrimination issues.  This article shares the names of the 36 artists whose work has been accepted and will be auctioned off to benefit the programs ADL offers.  We hope you will learn more about ADL’s mission and read the details of this exhibit at the Armory Art Center.  This promises to be a powerful exhibit! 

ArtWorks is the first Florida annual art exhibition, fundraiser and silent auction highlighting the mission and impact of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).  Presented by ADL Florida’s Wolff Leadership, ArtWorks is an art exhibition, fundraiser and silent auction that will highlight the impact of ADL as seen through the eyes of today’s leading and emerging artists.

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Each piece of art work – painting, photography, mixed media or sculpture – focuses on one or more aspects of ADL’s mission. Each artist was chosen to create a piece of art that shares their perspective on the mission of ADL. All artwork will be included in a silent auction where guests can bid on the work.

The respectable panel of judges included:  Arthur H. Jaffe, Ph.D.  Professor Emeritus, Jaffe Center for Book Arts;  Talya Lerman Director of  Education, Armory Arts Center;  Ellen E. Roberts, Ph.D., Harold and Anne Berkley Smith Curator of American Art Norton Museum of Art.

The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” Now the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all.

A leader in the development of materials, programs and services, ADL builds bridges of communication, understanding and respect among diverse groups, carrying out its mission through a network of 27 Regional and Satellite Offices in the United States and an office in Israel.


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry in the U.S. and abroad through information, education, legislation, and advocacy. ADL serves as a resource for government, media, law enforcement, educators and the public. The League:

  • scrutinizes and exposes extremists and hate groups
  • monitors hate on the Internet
  • provides expertise on domestic and international terrorism
  • probes the roots of hatred
  • develops and delivers educational programs
  • fosters interfaith/intergroup relations
  • mobilizes communities to stand up against bigotry
  • defends the security of Israel and Jews worldwide
  • maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date Web site

Anti-Semitism, Racism And Bigotry

  • In the forefront of the fight against anti-Semitism, challenges American and world leaders and the United Nations to take action against anti-Jewish bigotry and violence, and exposes and condemns attacks on Jews
  • Through a comprehensive Web site and publications, provides the knowledge and tools to counteract anti-Semitism, hatred and intolerance
  • America’s prime resource for information on and responses to bigotry
  • Collects and carefully evaluates a vast amount of information on anti-Semites, racists and extremists and provides a yearly analysis of anti-Jewish activities in an annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents
  • Through the polling of American and other nations’ attitudes toward Jews, remains in the forefront of gauging anti-Semitism at home and abroad


  • Monitors, analyzes and exposes an entire range of extremists from the obscure to the more prominent.  Issues Extremism in America: A Guide, an encyclopedia of American extremists that is continually updated
  • Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network is a comprehensive, frequently updated informational resource for law enforcement personnel engaged in combating hate groups, hate crimes and hate symbols

Identifying And Combating Hate

Leading the efforts to deter and counter hate-motivated crimes, the League drafted model hate crimes legislation in 1981, covering all hate crimes.  Forty-five states have since enacted laws based on or similar to the model, which was unanimously deemed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1993.

For more than 13 years, ADL led a broad coalition of groups working in Washington, DC, to enact the federal Matthew Shepard James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA), which was signed into law in October 2009.

  • As part of a joint effort, formed Partners Against Hate to provide outreach, education and training in techniques to prevent juvenile hate-related behavior
  • Maintains an extensive online visual database of extremist symbols, logos and tattoos


  • Works to further the mission of combating hate through education.  Its award-winning A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programs provide anti-bias education and training with curriculums and materials available for pre-K through university students, community groups, corporations, civic associations, religious organizations and law enforcement agencies
  • Supports Holocaust awareness and education through its Braun Holocaust Institute and the Hidden Child Foundation/ADL®

Religious Freedom

  • Regards the separation of church and state as essential to preserving religious freedom in our increasingly pluralistic society.  Engaged in action to safeguard religious liberty throughout society, including in the workplace and classroom

Interfaith Affairs

  • Builds and maintains relationships and dialogue with international, national and local religious leaders of all faiths. Monitors and attempts to resolve interfaith issues, and helps educate non-Jewish religious leaders about Jewish history, theology and philosophy
  • Through the Bearing Witness™ program, a partnership with The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Archdiocese of Washington, provides Catholic school educators with the training and resources necessary to teach their students about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust


  • Supports the Jewish state by advocating for Israel, and explaining political and security issues and the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian/Israel-Arab conflict with U.S. policymakers, the media and the public through programs, publications and contact with officials
  • Jerusalem Office hosts fact-finding missions to Israel and provides expertise on anti-bias training for Israeli educational, military and law enforcement institutions

International Affairs

  • Monitors and combats global anti-Semitism and extremism and promotes the security and well-being of Jewish communities around the world.  Provides expertise to governments and non-government institutions worldwide
  • A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute anti-bias training programs exist in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands, reaching educators, and law enforcement professionals.  Youth in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Austria and the United Kingdom have participated in peer-training programs
  • Maintains an office in Israel


 For more information about the event and register go to the web site:  or contact Patricia Gottenger 561-512-0073

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Brigitte Balbinot SOLO Exhibit: “On Higher Grounds”

The Rickie Report is looking forward to seeing internationally known artist, Brigitte Balbinot’s newest body of work at her upcoming SOLO Exhibit at A Unique Art Gallery in Jupiter!   A percentage of sales will benefit the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League of West Palm Beach.  Come for the art, refreshments, camaraderie and the good cause!  Details in this article!  What better day to see the unveiling of Brigitte’s exhibit, “On Higher Grounds”!


Brigitte Balbinot



“On Higher Grounds”

Wine and Cheese Reception


Wednesday, September 11th


6:30 – 9:00 pm



A Unique Art Gallery

226 Center St #8, Jupiter, FL

Public is Welcome

Please RSVP  561-529- 2748

The Artists Association of Jupiter proudly presents International Artist Brigitte Balbinot, A One Woman Show titled “On higher grounds”.  In the Artist’s words, the ultimate question remains… Is there something bigger than us and how does it translate into my work? During this exhibit, Brigitte Balbinot will introduce her newest work, large and medium size oil abstracts that will transport the viewer into another dimension.
The opening Reception will be held on Wednesday September 11, 2013 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at A Unique Art Gallery. Show will run through October 4th.   Proceeds from the sale of artwork will benefit the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is a limited-admission humane society and provides services to over 20,000 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens each year. Operating continuously since 1925, it has been positively impacting animal welfare and addressing overpopulation in Palm Beach County through a variety of services.


According to their website, “Our Vision is to create a community where 100% of the adoptable animals find loving homes and no animals will be euthanized because of pet overpopulation.”


Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, Humane Society of the Palm Beaches, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and does not receive funding from city, county, state, or the federal government, or local organizations with similar names. We rely solely on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations to provide quality programs and services to the community. Your donations directly support the services and programs in place to help animals in need.



“Our mission is to provide shelter to lost, homeless and unwanted animals; to furnish medical and other services for the care of companion animals; to care for, protect, and find quality homes for homeless and neglected animals; to advocate animal welfare, community involvement and education to further the bond between people and animals, for the mutual benefit of both”. For more information contact:


"Humanity, Missing Link"

“Granite II”


Brigitte shares with us, “ Art cleanses our souls. It provoques our senses and thoughts.  We are living in difficult times surrounded by violence and ugliness. Our World is in desperate need of  added beauty, peace and harmony. Art is a conduit to the soul, with these collections I strive to inspire you… I want my art to make you think,  feel, and sometimes question… If I touch a nerve, provoque a reaction or stimulate your senses in any way,  I have succeeded.”


In a review by Carrie Turner, editor of Fine Art Views ( March, 2013), art critic Brian Sherwin is cited, “The compositional structure and use of raw texture in Balbinot’s paintings allow the imagination of the viewer to decipher meaning based on what he or she brings, psychologically speaking, to the viewing experience”.


“ I AM… therefore I PAINT! With an unquenched thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world around me, the canvas is my playground”… is one of the Artist’s famous statements. Each of her paintings may comprise up to 50 layers of oil paint using various mediums. Some pieces can take weeks and even months to be completed. She usually works on several canvases at the same time. She says, “I know my work is done when after several passes I can look at it and feel that it needs nothing more from me to be alive.”









Do not miss a chance to meet with the Artist and become acquainted with her unique vision. Also part of the event will be The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League of West Palm Beach to whom 10% of all proceeds that night will be donated.


"Sacred Space"

“Sacred Space”

The Artists Association of Jupiter is a collaboration of artists who work together to promote the awareness of art and education to the community and surrounding counties. Its venue, A Unique Art Gallery, opened its doors in June of 2010. Learn more about the organization, its artists and programs on the Association’s website,   For additional information call the Gallery at 561-529-2748 or email 
"Lost at Sea"

“Lost at Sea”

To reach Brigitte for more information about her art or this show, please contact:  or visit her website:


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Brigitte Balbinot Unveils New Paintings

The Rickie Report is pleased to share artwork by a community-based artist, Brigitte Balbinot.  Her style is abstract with wonderful textural marks.  Read this article to learn more about Brigitte and her paintings.


Brigitte Balbinot

Brigitte Balbinot



Brigitte Balbinot was born in Lausanne, Switzerland.  As a child, she  traveled extensively with her family to various places in Europe and Asia and even lived for a time in Africa. These childhood experiences have contributed to define her as an Artist.


Self-taught, she used to draw and sketch as a child and began painting on board panels with the recurrent theme of space and far away galaxies which fascinated her. Her passion for science still comes into play today as she loves to experiment with new techniques and mediums to further develop her artistry.



At age 22, during a visit at the Pompidou museum in Paris where she participated in a guided tour of Salvador Dali’s collection, she was particularly moved by “The Persistence of Memory”, painted in 1931, in which these melting watches rest in an eerily calm landscape. In this other dimension, time is of no relevance. Inspired by the significance of Dali’s message, she felt inspired and compelled to create larger artworks that convey self-reflection and inspiration.



Today, she divides her time between her two studios located in South Florida and the province of Quebec. That way, she says, she has the best of both worlds and can feel a different kind of vibration depending on the location and the season.


Prior to 2010, Brigitte focused on drawing, painting, modeling and photography.  For the next two years, she gave a great deal of attention to her painting, experimenting with new mediums and techniques.  In 2011, Brigitte starting painting with oils, alkyds, waxes and resin.  Her work became progressively larger.   


Brigitte was part of the  Group Exhibit and the Art of Wine in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl in 2012,  Group Exhibit at Agora Gallery in New York City;  Group Exhibit at Art Fusion in Miami; All year exhibit at Artists Association of Jupiter, FL Coop; All year exhibit at private studio in Miami and Montreal; Solo exhibit at Artists Association of Jupiter, Fl – Fall 2012; Group exhibit at the Lighthouse Museum of Jupiter, Fl; Group exhibit at Glass, Clay, Metal and Stone Gallery in Lake Worth, Fl; Online Group Exhibit – Elements of Art: Texture – Still Point Gallery, Brunswick, ME; 2013  Exhibit at “L’Espace Contemporain” in Montreal, CA and  All year exhibit at private studio in Miami and Montreal.


She tells The Rickie Report, “When I begin a new painting, I try to let go of the intellectual side and the ego, the part of us that allows for judgment and egotistic behaviors, and channel the inspiration that may be brought by humanity in its organized as well as in its chaotic state. Art to me is a link that connects each and every one of us. With each of my creations, I try to create work that represents the depth of life that brings the viewer to not necessarily think but wonder, question and feel. I aim for an emotional rather than an intellectual response to the work I create. Trying to capture the very thing that connects us all is mystical, but is the essence of life itself. A combination of silence, meditation and music are a part of my creating process. It helps me either calm or energize the energy within to achieve balance.”



Noting that her paintings are large, for the most part, Brigitte tells our readers, ” I usually start with basic concept of color visualization, basic shapes’ structure, which I would refer to as “organized energy”. I favor the use of oil paints, resins, waxes and alkyds as to speed up the long process of drying. I generally work on several pieces at a time for that very same reason. The tools I use can be anything from pallet knives, to brushes, spatulas, sanders and even q-tips. The motions can range from rough and energized to really detailed and soft.”


Working on such large pieces  as well as numerous canvases at the same time, Balbinot points out, ” It may take days, weeks and sometimes months for a painting to be completed. I know my work is done when after several passes I can look at it and feel that it needs nothing more from me to be alive.”


The Rickie Report is pleased to bring Brigitte’s art and creativity to our readers.  In addition to her original paintings, Brigitte offers limited edition prints and cards of her meaningful images.  Look for information about future shows, exhibits and awards from this wonderful artist!  For more information    contact:  Brigitte Balbinot   561.324.8744

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