Abstract Artist, Eileen Shaloum Is Featured In SOLO Exhibition At Benzaiten Center For Creative Arts Beginning March 23rd

Abstract artist, Eileen Shaloum‘s SOLO Exhibition at the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts opens Friday, March 23, 2018 through April 5, 2018.  Her latest body of work, “Invisible Cities,” is inspired by the book of the same title by Italo Calvino. Eileen was moved to interpret those descriptions into fantastic landscapes, which she calls  “Dreamscapes.” Get lost in the villages, climb the stairs and ladders to nowhere, and wind your way over the roads that bring you deep into these colorful works of art! In some of these pieces, there are thoughts, reflections, and musings with which the viewer might identify, as well.  The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and details here about two receptions on Friday, March 23rd and Saturday, March 24th and opportunities to meet the artist! 





1105 2nd Ave. South    Lake Worth, FL 33460          561-508-7315




The Benzaiten Center For Creative Arts



FEATURES  a  SOLO Exhibition BY:



Abstract Artist, Eileen Shaloum





6 – 10 PM

Live music, cocktail reception, art vendors, fashion show, live glassblowing




2 – 5 PM

Glassblowing demonstrations and refreshments.


Directions:  DO NOT USE GPS!

It will take you the wrong way. Instead, follow these easy directions:
Exit I-95 at 6th Ave. South and go East.
Take a Left at South F Street (at the Kwik Stop Store)
Take a Right on 3rd Ave. South to our Large Parking Lot
Enter in Rear of Building


Tuesday through Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Closed: Sundays and Mondays

Classes & Large Group Tours by appointment. Please call 561.508.7315 for more information.

This Exhibition is Available March 23, 2018 through April 5, 2018




“Threads” by Eileen Shaloum



Eileen Shaloum will be exhibiting her hangings, as well as some abstracts on stretched canvas at Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts from March 23, 2018 through April 5, 2018. Her exhibit coincides with the Center’s fundraiser, “The Wearable Art Show,” on Friday, March 23rd  6- 10 pm, which is an event with live music, cocktail reception, wearable art vendors, fashion show, and glassblowing demonstrations. The event raises money for children’s programs and scholarship funding. The cost for that event is $50 per person.   A second, FREE, Open to the Public Reception takes place on Saturday, March 24 from 2 – 5 PM. There will be glassblowing demonstrations and refreshments.


“Reflections” by Eileen Shaloum


Eileen is a painter and mixed media artist who finds the whimsical in her subject matter. Her latest body of work, a group of abstract compositions on un-stretched canvas, is an extension of her “Invisible Cities” series. These hangings, constructed by sewing and gluing canvas pieces together, are then layered with paint and textural components, such as fabric, papers, string, beads, and found objects. By using canvas in a variety of shapes, she is not limited to the confines of a square or rectangular picture plane. The joyful and imaginary quality of her style invites the viewer to interact with the themes of these spirited compositions. Her use of bright colors, mark making and layering paint with textural components, show great spontaneity and freedom.



“Dip in the Pool” by Eileen Shaloum




Eileen tells The Rickie Report, “I am an abstract painter and mixed media artist who enjoys working with a variety of  subjects,  real, surreal or pure abstraction.  I bury images under layers of paint, pastel, charcoal, found objects, cloth, photographs and collaged paper.  I frequently use written passages, which may include poetry, quotes or old letters, in support of my message.  I play with line, shape, texture and color trying to draw the viewer in to interact with the themes in my spirited compositions.  Reflection on life is what inspires me.  I base my themes on the world around me.  Whether it is women’s issues, the everyday trials and tribulations of humanity, or my travels to awe-inspiring and exotic locations, my work is a reflection of things that are important to me”.



“Zaira” by Eileen Shaloum



Eileen earned her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and her Masters in Art History at Hofstra University, Hempstead NY.  To further her knowledge and skills as an artist, she has participated in workshops in the United States and in Italy.  Eileen is an active member of numerous art-related organizations, including: Florida Artists Group (FLAG), National Association of Women Artists, ​National Association of Women Artists (Florida Chapter), Art League of Long Island, WITVA-Women in the Visual Arts, Boca Museum Artists’ Guild, and the Delray Beach Art League.



For more details about Eileen’s artistry please visit:




For more information about this event:

Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts:

1105 2nd Avenue South    Lake Worth, Florida 33460
561.508.7315 | aholmes@benzaitencenter.org







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Artisans On The Ave Presents “The Vanishing Series” Art Exhibit Featuring Toni G. Willey

Toni G. Willey considers herself an artist/activist and her paintings reflect her thoughts and world issues. She admires many of the “Street Artists” who express themselves as she does. She shares  feelings and passion in her art, revealing an everyday truth that is before everybody’s eyes… but how many keep walking by, missing the point?  Artisans On The Ave features Toni’s artwork through her “Vanishing Series”.  The Rickie Report shares details and some sneak peeks.  The Exhibit opens on Saturday, February 13th with a Free Public Reception.







Artisans On The Ave
630 Lake Avenue    Lake Worth, FL 33460
561-762-8162  or  561-582-3300






“The Vanishing Series” Art Exhibit


Toni G. Willey

Opening Reception:

Saturday, February 13, 2016



6:00 – 9:00 PM

Gallery Hours:  Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm





This is a free event, refreshments will be served






“Elephant” by Tony G. Willey




Toni G. Willey found that colored pencils and a tablet had been appendages as far back as she can remember, then one day, fate intervened and drawing turned to painting at the age of seven. Teachers said she painted the way Mozart played music; it just rolled off her fingers and made her compelled to paint.




“Monarch” by Toni G. Willey



She considers herself an artist/activist and her paintings reflect her thoughts and world issues. She admires many of the “Street Artists” who express themselves, as she does… with feeling and passion that shows their art revealing an everyday truth that is before everybody’s eyes, but people just keep walking by everyday… missing the point….




“Green Turtle” by Toni G. Willey



Her latest form of artistic activism happens on the canvas with “The Vanishing Series”, which uses those inhabitants of earth who are facing extinction. Toni paints with a style that brings her images to life with her choice of realistic colors and techniques. Her own rendition of the animals she paints remind us of the images that early man etched on the walls of a cave in past prehistoric times. When looking at her “African Animal Series”, it is as if you are actually walking through the depths of the jungle and seeing the massive strength and beauty of its inhabitants.



ArtisansToniWilleySEE HORSES

“See Horses” by Toni G. Willey




You get a true sense of being one with these wonderfully marvelous animals she portrays and paints on her canvas. Her paintings reveal the likeness of each of the animals she paints and when looking at and admiring her “Vanishing Series” you become aware of the tragedy of the loss and extinction of each one of these beautiful animals that are so important to us.




“Lion” by Toni G. Willey





Toni a vegan, states “I am an avid animal lover and rescuer and have two rescue dogs of my own”. With the knowledge and vision that Toni exposes to us in her art she hopes that each one of us can become aware of how important it is to try and save what is left of these beautiful creatures that we might not see on the earth one day. We are sure after seeing Toni G Willey’s meaningful art exhibit “Vanishing Series” you will hold a place in your heart for these rare and special creatures.


For more information please contact:

Artisans On The Ave
Betty Wilson 561-762-8162
Linda Manganaro 561-308-7263





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Yury “Lobo” (aka Slobodenyuk) Shares His Freedom Of Expression Through Abstract Art and Collage

For Yury “Lobo” (aka Slobodenuk), “freedom of expression” is a deeply personal lesson. Raised in Germany, Russia, and the Ukraine before coming to the United States in 1991, since his early childhood, Yury has been fascinated by color and collage.  His fearless style is evident as we look at his bold colors and strokes. We see how his life experiences (he fled the USSR due to political persecution) shine through in his satirical and political collage work.  Yury appreciates the freedom to express himself and The Rickie Report is pleased to share this emerging artist’s work.  The Singer Island Corporate Center located on Singer Island, FL. is featuring Yury’s artwork and a local film production company recently purchased the rights to produce a short film about Yury and Jackson Pollock’s influence on his life and art. 



Y  U  R  Y      L O B O 



Since his early childhood, Yury Slobodenuk has been fascinated with the world of wild colors and the art of collage.  However, he never considered becoming a professional artist partly due to the lack of encouragement from his parents and partly due to the general disapproval of this “degenerate art” by the Soviet authorities.  What stands out in his memory is a visit to the first American National Exhibition with his mother in July, 1959, featuring among others, Jackson Pollock’s “Cathedral”.  Yury was shocked and amazed at the same time.  He tells The Rickie Report, “Most visitors considered it a joke..in bad taste. But the impact on my subconscious at the age of 12 was life changing. That is why my interests centered later on with more avant-garde artists.  I appreciate Van Gogh, Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich, Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Brague, Warhol, Rothko, Klimt, Shiele, Modigliani and of course, Pollock.”




“Composition #2” by Yury Lobo

Homage to Kasimir Malevich

Acrylic on Canvas

48″ x 60″




Yury created a few paintings for close friends and family, trusting his inner instincts.  Back then, in the USSR he didn’t have the courage to paint and share his passion for abstract expressionism and collage publicly.  Keeping his painting mostly to himself, he pursued a career that was more economically sound. He received a Masters degree in German and English, studied the history of art and worked as a licensed multilingual guide at the majors art museums in the former USSR.  He became a journalist, interpreter, German teacher, TV script writer.




YuriSlobodenukYellow Tulips after a violent snowstorm in May

“Yellow Tulips after a violent snowstorm in May” by Yury Lobo

Homage to Vincent Van Gogh

Acrylic on Board

24″ x 36″




Having fled the USSR in 1991 for political reasons, Yury first established himself in Miami and pursued his journalism career, working for several Russian-American newspapers.  Later, he started one of his own, but sold it in 2007 and moved to West Palm Beach, where he continues his career as a German teacher and now a contemporary artist. Yury’s artwork can be seen at Art on Park Gallery, home of the Artists of Palm Beach County, located in Lake Park, FL., in Artworks Gallery located in West Palm Beach, FL., and in private collections through the world.





YuriSlobodenukInfinity at My Fingertips -3

“Infinity At My Fingertips” by Yury Lobo

Homage to Jackson Pollock

Acrylic on Board 27″ x 32″



The freedom of expression in America has motivated and inspired Yury to fulfill the dream of his youth – sharing his creative side publicly.  His artistic name, “Lobo” is a shortened form of his long Ukrainian last name, “Slobodenyuk”, which translates to ” a free man”.  “Lobo” means “wolf”, the symbol of the tireless will, yearning for freedom.  





“Americana”  by Yury Lobo

Homage to Elvis and Marilyn

Mixed Media on Board

29″ x 35″



Yury tells The Rickie Report, ” My fellow countryman, Kasimir Malevich once said, ‘Comrades, arise, free yourselves from the tyranny of objects!’  In this sense, I, like him, consider myself an abstract artist and a revolutionary.  My battle cry is ‘Stop copying the world! Create a new one!’  Whoever is afraid of bright colors is afraid of life, which I am not”.  Furthermore, Yuri confesses, ” I know it sounds nuts, but I consider myself a kind of modern reincarnation of the late Jackson Pollock who, in his own words was a “cowboy” painter. Like him, I’m painting “from the hip”, creating huge abstract compositions within minutes, using brusque wild strokes of bold colors.  Some of my colleagues (part joking, part serious) are dubbing me “Jack The Whipper” for whipping that canvas with paint instead of dripping it as Jack The Dripper (Jackson Pollock) did”.





YuriSlobodenukKilling Oil Fields of Florida

“Killing Oil Fields of Florida” by Yury Lobo

Mixed Media on Board

36″ x 48″



Yury goes on to explain, “In the art of collage, I represent a completely different point of view.  My slightly distorted collages are pretty close to reality and filled with hidden ironies and sometimes tragic messages.  Being a history buff, I can’t help but act as the mocking bird, laughing at the human inability to learn from history…which of course sees that such ignorance is doomed to repeat itself.  Every collage is a “time capsule” with a message to future generations.  A true artist is about the inner energy which he or she tunnels to the public through the art. If there is no reaction at the receiving end, then the energy was either poor or lost in artistic translation”.



YuriAmerican Mosaic

“American Mosaic” by Yury Lobo


21″ x 36″





Yury’s artwork is currently being featured at:

The Singer Island Corporate Center

2655 North Ocean Drive

Singer Island, FL


Art On Park Gallery

800 Park Avenue  Lake Park, FL







For more information about Yury’s artwork and up coming exhibits, please email:


Visit Yury’s website:


(Currently Under Construction)


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OSGS Presents Ilene Adams’ Free Lecture And Update On Northwood’s Newest Mural

 OSGS Gallery is keeping the summer hopping and the arts alive with their BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) Lecture Series. OSGS Works of Art and Custom Framing, located in the heart of Northwood Village, offers these lectures in conjunction with the free Northwood Village ArtWalk Gallery Tours on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Stop by on Saturday, July 13 to meet Ilene Gruber Adams; July 11th with Pamela Acheson and August 8th with John Rachell. The Rickie Report is pleased to share the details about Ilene Adam’s newest artwork and show our readers the progress of Tiffany Beasi’s mural, the newest addition to Northwood Village! You don’t have sign up for the Free ArtWalk tour to attend the Free Lecture. Although, we encourage you to not miss the Free VIP Guided Tour through the many art spaces in Northwood Village!  To take the tour, sign up at http://www.northwoodartwalk.com/. The OSGS Lectures will begin at the end of the first ArtWalk tour, around 7pm.   There are many fabulous restaurants in the area with many of them offering live music, so plan to have a bite to eat or enjoy a glass of wine before or after the lecture.





BYOC Lecture*

*Bring Your Own Chair


Ilene  Adams

Saturday, June 13th

7:00 pm (following FREE Art Walk)









Ilene Adams works in both mixed media painting and in photography. Her paintings are a mixture of various mediums including photo transfers, plaster, gold leaf and thread. She often uses vintage family photos or old collectable postcards and the colors are often muted. Her photos, on the other hard, are bold, bright colors, pushing the limits on saturation and manipulating reality.


"Multipad" by Ilene Adams

“Multipad” by Ilene Adams



Ilene says about her art, “The artists that influenced me the most are Robert Rauschenberg and Maxfield Parish. Rauschenberg’s influence is apparent in my paintings that incorporate paint, collage, photographic images and artifacts. They evoke a feeling of nostalgia or of imaginary places. My photographs deal mostly with nature, but nature through an intense filter.  Images are put under a microscope and colors are heightened. Ordinary images are enhanced to create painterly new images that leave the viewer wondering if they are paintings or photographs? Abstract or realistic?”



"Devil's Mill Hopper" by Ilene Adams

“Devil’s Millhopper” by Ilene Adams


Ilene Adams has over 35 years professional experience in various businesses in the art field.  It began when she studied graphic design at Tyler School of Art, Temple University and then continued on to study printmaking and fine art at Tyler School of Art in Rome.  After completing college, Ilene worked in New York City in advertising, illustration and fabric design. She has continued studying many art disciplines throughout her career at schools such as Harvard, The School of Visual Arts and faux finishing schools.



"Little Green Leaves" by Ilene Adams

“Little Green Leaves” by Ilene Adams



Ilene has worked in many different art related field, including textile design, graphic design, faux finishes and murals. While her children were young, she had a thriving business in New Jersey creating wonderful, warm environments for homes and businesses from New York to Miami.  Ilene has been featured in many design magazines in the New York metropolitan area and the Palm Beaches, as well as winning several awards for her art.


"Part Of The Whole" by Ilene Adams

“Part Of The Whole” by Ilene Adams


For many years, Ilene was wrapped up in the corporate world as owner/CEO of a national broadcast marketing located in Boston and later in New Jersey. After moving to Florida 12 years ago, Ilene continued her marketing company, The Marketing Works, bringing her marketing and design talents to small businesses, non-profits and artists.




"Lilies" by Ilene Adams

“Lilies” by Ilene Adams


When time permits, Ilene works on her paintings and photographs and shows her work in galleries and exhibitions, winning many awards for her art.  Ilene’s work can be found at www.ileneadamsinc.com and www.ileneadamsfineart.com.



Ilene’ s involvement in the community’s art scene has made quite an impact.  She has served as a member of organization boards, including Wellington Art Society, Artists of Palm Beach County, the Cultural Affairs Committee for West Palm Beach, Jonathan Dickinson State Park and Furry Friends and continues to be an active leader in Art Synergy/Art Palm Beach.



"My Gauguin" by Ilene Adams

“My Gauguin” by Ilene Adams


During the Summer Lecture Series, each speaker will share their passion for the arts and their identity as an artist.  You will discover how each began their incredible artistic journey, their background, techniques, mentors, what drives and/or motivates them and where they see their work taking them into the future.  If you have not attended one of our lectures prior to now you are in for a fabulous treat and will, at the same time, learn something new in the process.





Northwood Village Mural Project

Expands to OSGS Gallery!

Artist Tiffany Beasi Wins Bid to Create a Unique Mural


The Northwood Village Mural Project was conceived in early 2014 with Northwood Village Merchants and Proponents Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla, Billy Manthy, William Halliday, Craig McInnis, Eduardo Mendieta and the West Palm Beach CRA.  The West Palm Beach CRA and Edaurdo Mendieta spearheaded the initial Artist search and saw the first three murals in Northwood Village through to completion. Currently, there are several completed murals adorning the walls of various buildings in Northwood Village.These murals were created by Eduardo Mendieta, Amanda Valdes, Craig McInnis and now Tiffany Beasi.


Tiffany mural

Tiffany Beasi working on the newest mural in Northwood Village


This Mural at OSGS by Tiffany is part of the Northwood Village Mural Project but was produced solely by the owners of OSGS Gallery (as opposed to the initial murals funded by the CRA). Tiffany has painted murals in other Palm Beach County locations (Downtown Lake Worth at Dave’s Last Resort) as well.



The Northwood Village Mural Project is now in the hands of the Village Merchants and future growth will depend on merchant follow-through, sponsorships, and overall exposure to generate Northwood Village as a Mural Destination. Murals projects have thrived in many cities and create a fabulous environment for all to enjoy.


OSGS Mural Project by Tiffany Beasi Continues

OSGS Mural Project by Tiffany Beasi Continues



Tiffany Beasi is a professional painter and a freelance graphic designer located in Florida. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. As an award-winning international artist, she has created commercial art for clients across the world including Walt Disney World, Core Communities, Orlando Magic, Hard Rock International, Roadhouse Grill and Cafe Tu Tu Tango. In recent years, Tiffany has exhibited her work in several group art shows including House of Blues Folk Art Festival, Sun Fest, Gibson Guitar Town and Hard Rock Hotels Velvet Lounge. In 2011, she was commissioned by Hard Rock International to paint 3 Les Paul Guitars for their Top of The Rock Project.



Beasi’s paintings are drowned in lush vibrant colors and were published in two books, Beatles Art: The Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four and Marilyn in Art. Beasi has been the Featured Artist in Industry Magazine, Axis Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel, MetroWest Magazine, Fox 35 and Jacksonville’s BUZZ Magazine. 



For more information about this program or other exhibits at OSGS please contact:
Evelyn Ortiz-Smykla/Jonathan Ortiz-Smykla, OSGS Gallery 561-833-2223; OSGSArt@hotmail.com




Art runs in the veins of gallery curators Evelyn and Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla. OSGS is the embodiment of their love of art and for sharing the work of talented artists. On any given day, a visit to their gallery sees guests crossing paths with a variety of works in many mediums that include modern-art paintings, sculptures, and home wares. The team also does their own creating inside the studio: custom framing is available with a large number of options for materials, glass, matting, and mounting. The gallery also brings in guest speakers for the Bring Your Own Chair lecture series, whose dates are published on the gallery’s website. The gallery is located at 500 Northwood Road in West Palm Beach.


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Keith Kanouse’s Artistic Journey: Nationally Renown Lawyer Exhibits Paintings in Boca Raton

While Keith Kanouse has a national reputation as a franchise attorney, most of his colleagues, acquaintances and clients do not know that he also paints! The Rickie Report is pleased to share an invitation to his first SOLO Exhibition,  August 27th through September 29, 2014 at the Art Gallery in the downtown Boca Raton Library.  The public is invited to a Reception on Friday, September 12th.  More details and a sneak peek are here.






Painting by Keith

Kollection by Keith



The Kollection by Keith



Your are cordially invited


Meet the Artist Reception


Keith J. Kanouse

Friday, September 12, 2014

6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Art Gallery of the Downtown Boca Raton Library


Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

Please e-mail your RSVP: Keith@Kanouse.com


400 N.W. 2nd Avenue  Boca Raton, FL 33432




Keith Kanouse tells The Rickie Report, ” Though have no formal training in art and have never taken an art class, I have always loved art. One of my favorite courses in college was Art History. As one of the audience, my favorite period of art is French Impressionism. As an artist, my favorite paintings have the combination of geometry and various colors of the light prism giving a painting movement and 3 dimensionality.”



“My artistic journey began after graduating from the University of Notre Dame School of Law in 1974, when I moved to Buffalo, New York. While visiting the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and their modern art exhibits and was inspired. I went to an art store and bought a canvas and some acrylic paint and began. That artistic journey continues, after significant periods of inactivity, to this day with renewed intensity, confidence, and creativity.”


The Kollection

 Kollection by Keith



Keith’s paintings bring the viewer in, with his depth of colors and dimensionality of design.  Most often, his inspirations come from objects or events in every day life. A favorite silk tie or commemorating of our country’s Bi-Centennial in 1976.   At this point, Keith put his paint brushes down and focused on work and his family.


Kollection by Keith

Kollection by Keith



In 1988, a new home with barren walls beckoned.  A space over the fireplace turned to inspire another new painting for the dining room.  He shares, ” My inspiration was my wife’s, Susan’s limited edition Dior fine china called “Dior Rose” having a pattern of pinks and blues being the primary colors. Using these colors and others,  I used 14 equal squares at each side with the 14 squares becoming smaller and smaller until appearing to reach infinity in the center of the painting. “Whirlpool to Infinity” still hangs in our dining room and is my wife’s favorite. By starting your eye at the clue colors on the top of the painting and following the circular pattern round and round, you get the feeling of the whirlpool and falling into infinity.




Kollection by Keith

Kollection by Keith




When Keith’s daughter, Laura moved to Gainesville as a freshman at the University of Florida, she asked him to paint a painting for her dormitory room as a birthday present to her. “Her only instructions were to paint something in pink and orange.  That painting, “Laura’s 19th – Golden Sunset on Lake”  is shown above.  The photo does not do the painting justice as to the brilliancy of the colors, the setting sun and the waves below the golden shimmer, he explains.” 


Kollection by Keith

Kollection by Keith



Keith relates, ” Now that I had more time as an “empty nester, my creative juices began running and I am creating a new painting on a regular basis. I like to get a feel of the place where the painting will hang to give me inspiration of its design and colors. There were 2 areas in our family room, left and right of the bay window, that could use paintings sized 24” x 48”. One of the areas was next to our large main stone wall in the family room that gave me inspiration for my painting “Stacked Stones.” I also back-lit it, giving a nice effect in the evening.”





Everyone knows that moving out of your “comfort zone” takes courage.  Keith has done just that, with a more impressionistic painting.  He says, ” I dreaded beginning to paint my next painting because it was, as you see, well outside of my comfort zone. My inspiration was a scene on Lake Oconee near Reynolds Plantation, Georgia at sunset. This was my first venture into post-impressionism painting.”


Kollection by Keith

Kollection by Keith



For more information about this exhibit or other paintings by Keith Kanouse, please email Keith@Kanouse.com    or visit   www.Kanouse.com

or call   561-451-8090 x 1




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Pat Kaufman Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Her Studio with Special Offers

Pat Kaufman’s paintings are full of color and lively – just like she is!  This article celebrates the 1st Anniversary of her studio in Artists’ Alley.  In addition to special discounts, Pat is also offering some fun craft classes for adults and children.   What a great idea for a small group or a party!  The Rickie Report shares the details and congratulates Pat on this milestone.






Celebrating 1st Anniversary

at Artists’ Alley

Open House

Thursday, July 17th

6 – 9 pm


20% discount on all sales


Delray Beach, FL




This third Thursday is Pat Kaufman’s one year aniversary at Artists’ Alley.  She tells The Rickie Report, “I can not believe it is one year already. I would like to invite everyone to come help me celebrate. I’m offering a 20% discount on all sales of my artwork this week and there will be wine and goodies. Some of my new pieces will be unveiled at this opening.  It will be fun!”


"Joyful Morning" by Pat Kaufman

“Joyful Morning” by Pat Kaufman



An award winning watercolor artist, Pat is known for her bright tropical, Key West style of paintings. She lives in a renovated cottage, built in the 1930s, in Pineapple Grove one of the historical districts of Delray Beach, with her son Trey, a disabled veteran.  In 2014, Pat was Featured Artist at the 25th Annual Delray Beach Festival of the Arts. One of her paintings was offered as the free give-away, a promotion by Howard Alan Events.




"Sea Cottage V" by Pat Kaufman

“Sea Cottage V” by Pat Kaufman



In addition to a special 20% discount on purchases to celebrate her anniversary, Pat offers fun craft classes for adults and children running all summer.  They are on different days and times.  She tells us that in her most recent class, “We are doing fish and mermaids.  All of my classes are small.  We have no more than 6 in a class.  This is a perfect place to bring a group of friends together or have some creative time with children.  Painting and embellishing is always fun!”  Contact Pat for more information and booking arrangements.




"Sea Window" by Pat Kaufman

“Sea Window” by Pat Kaufman



Pat tells us, “I am inspired by the wonder of color. The transparency and spontaneity of watercolors gives life to my paintings. Here in Florida and other places I have visited, there is so much color all around you. When I observe the trees blowing in the breeze, the sunlight dancing off the leaves or the light shining through blossom petals, it inspires me to paint them and see if I can capture this dance of light.”   We love seeing her work on pillows, cutting boards, tiles and table tops as well as on walls!



Summer Crafts with Pat Kaufman

Summer Crafts with Pat Kaufman



Born and raised in Buffalo, NY as Pat Vincent, Pat relocated to Florida in 1976. Pat is an accomplished artist whose works has been displayed at Delray Beach City Hall, American Orchid Society, Cadillac Headquarters and Cornell Museum. She is a member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society, the Delray Art League, Artists of Palm Beach County and the Wellington Art Society.




ARTISTS ALLEY is an independent group of accomplished artists collaborating to establish a grass roots working colony with a vibrant marketplace for “Art created in Delray Beach”. This exciting new, warehouse arts area is in the Pineapple Grove Arts District in downtown Delray Beach. Check out our new website- ArtistsAlleyDelray.com


LOCATION – The alley runs north and south between NE 3rd and 4th Streets, east of 3rd Avenue and west of the RR tracks.

EASY DIRECTIONS – From Atlantic Ave. go north on Federal Hwy., go west on NE 4th St., cross the RR tracks, go 80 feet and make a left into Artists Alley. Make your second or third left into the warehouses. You can print a map at www.CacaceArt.com

FREE PARKING – in the city lot on NE 3rd Avenue just south of NE 4th St. This is the best parking for our events. It’s a well lit parking lot a half a block away.



To make arrangements for Pat’s small summer classes

 please contact her at:

   pakaufman@earthlink.net or call  561-271-0128


 You can read more about Pat at www.patkaufmanart.com.




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