Networking Brings Furry Friends Hang20 Surf Dog Classic, Art and Love Of Ocean Together

The Rickie Report believes that networking is a major key to success!  Pat Deshong, President of Furry Friends, is a fan of Ilene Gruber Adams’ photography and design work.  Pat asked Ilene to create a poster in her colorful photographic style and Ilene, a lover of four legged creatures and the ocean jumped right on it. That’s how Furry Friends Hang20 Surf Dog Classic© came to life!  The Rickie Report celebrates artists, artisans, art lovers and art patrons when they come together for a good cause.   What can be better than spending a day at the beach? Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic is presenting the Hang 20 Surf Dog Classic© on Saturday, August 29th from 8:00 am-2:30 pm at the Civic Center at Carlin Park in Jupiter, Florida. Sign up now! (free)!  Food, Furry Friends, Vendors, Live Music, Kids Activities, doggie yoga, Navy SEAL dog performance, dog demonstration by K9 Services Unlimited and more!  Volunteers needed!


FurryFriendsSurf DogPoster 9 x 12 CMYK reduced





Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic is presenting the Hang 20 Surf Dog Classic© on Saturday, August 29th from 8:00 am-2:30 pm at the Civic Center at Carlin Park in Jupiter, Florida. This end of summer event will be the talk of the town and a not-to-miss event.  For more information please visit




FurryfriendsPat beach


Imagine dogs on surfboards, catching the waves, enjoying the sunshine, and trying to win the coveted “Top Dog” surfing trophy! Don’t miss this fun-filled day at this beautiful beach venue complete with great food, vendors, live music, kid’s activities, doggie yoga, Navy SEAL dog performance, dog demonstration by K9 Services Unlimited and more!





Please sign up for

Furry Friends Hang 20 Surf Dog Classic!

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:

2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)

3. Sign up! Choose your spots – VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!

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"As Above So Below" by Ilene Adams

“As Above So Below” by Ilene Adams






The Hang 20 Dog Classic© image has been seen all over the internet and will be available as a poster, tee-shirts and stickers at the event, with proceeds going to benefit Furry Friends.


"Ferns and Fire" by Ilene Adams

“Ferns and Fire” by Ilene Adams





Ilene’s is a well-known local artist showing her work in several galleries and exhibitions.  ( as well as a marketing and graphic design guru, working with many small businesses and non-profits nation-wide. ( Ilene is a resident of Jupiter.


"Furry Friends...For the Love of Animals" T-Shirts

“Furry Friends…For the Love of Animals” T-Shirts

There will be lots of activities

for families, human or canine!


Photo Courtesy of Peggy Leach

Photo Courtesy of Peggy Leach

Schedule of Show



Beach Registration 7:45 am -8:30 am
Doggie Yoga 8:00am – 9:00 am
Small Dog Surf Heats 8:30 am -9:00 am
Medium Dog Surf Heats 9:00 am -9:30 am
Large Dog Surf Heats 9:30 am -10:00 am
SUP Dog Surf Heats 10:00 am -10:30 am
Navy SEAL Dog Show 10:30 am -10:45 am
K9 Services Unlimited Demonstration 10:45 am – 11:00 am
Awards Ceremony 11:00 am -11:30 am
Food & Music & Shopping 11:30 am – 2:30 pm


Music Schedule:

Band 1 11:00 am-12:45 pm
Band 2 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm


The event is FREE to the public and there is ample parking.



  • Registration for the dogs to participate is $45 with surf or paddleboards and life jacket provided, or $40 if participants bring their own boards, and $25 for registration only.
  • Lifejackets are required for your dog.
  • More information can be found at or on Hang 20 Surf Dog Classic Facebook page including volunteer opportunities and a contest to create the perfect Perfect Vodka Hang20 Drink!!


FurryfriendsDog Surfing


This event will benefit Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic, a 501c3 not for profit animal rescue organization located in Jupiter. Our operations consist of our full service veterinary clinic, thrift store, Jupiter adoption center, and 27 acre ranch in Palm City. We provide an invaluable service to the many homeless, voiceless animals throughout our community and beyond by giving them shelter, loving care and an opportunity to receive a better life in a forever home. We depend on the support from people and businesses in our area to continue our mission.

Cowabunga & See You There!!!©


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Free Watercolor Demonstration at Hand’s Art Supplies!

Hand’s Art Supplies is starting off their seasonal artist demonstrations with popular watercolorist, Karen Eskesen.  Her focus will be painting glass in traditional watercolor techniques.  The demonstration is free and open to the public, but reservations are a MUST!  The Rickie Report loves attending these events, not only to learn more techniques, but for the opportunity to watch an artist at work in a small setting. More details are in this article.






Free Watercolor Demonstration


Karen Eskesen


October 19th, 2013

10:00 – 11:30 am

325 E. Atlantic Avenue

Delray Beach Fl, 33483




"Hands Art Supplies" by Jessie O'Neil

“Hands Art Supplies” by Jessie O’Neil





Hand’s Art Supplies is offering their seasonal Artist Demonstrations – Back by Popular Demand!!!   Hand’s is more than an art supply store, as they also have a wonderful selection of greeting cards, locally made gift items, office furniture, supplies and so much more!  The Rickie Report suggests you take a virtual tour on their website!


Karen Eskesen will present the first demo, focusing on painting glass using traditional watercolor techniques.  In Karen’s watercolor painting, “Still Life with Swan Teapot” you see her glass bowl of strawberries. Karen will show step-by-step, how she accomplished this fabulous work of art.  


Watercolor by Karen

“Still Life with Swan Teapot” Watercolor by Karen Eskesen


Before the painting portion of the demonstration, there will be a slide show with examples from Karen’s own work showing the steps taken in painting specific items.  She will also incorporate slides of paintings by prominent American watercolor painters showing their treatment of glass.


Karen Eskesen has taught for over 30 years. Her artwork resides in collections around the United States and internationally. Hand’s is pleased to have her come back, for their loyal customers, this season 2013-2014 Season.


For more information about Hand’s Art Supplies and to take a virtual tour of their store, please visit:

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SAVING The ARTS We LOVE: Finding Resources When Economic and Public Support Falter

The staff of The Rickie Report has been involved in both the for-profit and the not-for-profit world.  Certainly, it is no surprise that the economics of our own area have affected changes in behavior, affiliation and support of our cultural institutions.  Recently, we met Wendy Weiler and had a frank discussion about some of these issues.  Because The Rickie Report sees challenges as new opportunities, we are pleased to share our discussion with Wendy and hope some of the local cultural and educational institutions will call her!



             Studies Show Art Audience Declining-

The Time is Now to bring back the LOVE OF ART

            Stop the doors from closing….

Art is here for a new generations



Consultant, Wendy Weiler

Consultant, Wendy Weiler


The National Endowment of the Arts began documenting participation in the arts in 1982.  An article written by 

Jacqueline Trescott, June 16, 2009, of The Washington Post, indicates,


Separate national surveys gauging youth and adult participation in the arts report that visits to art museums are declining.  

A study of nearly 4,000 eighth-grade students, part of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, found dwindling field trips over the past decade. ‘The percentage of eighth-graders who reported that they visited an art museum or gallery with their classes dropped from 22 percent in 1997 to 16 percent in 2008,’ said Stuart Kerachsky, the acting commissioner for the National Center for Education Statistics, which administers the assessment.

  • The National Endowment for the Arts also released new data showing that fewer adults were choosing an art museum or a visual arts festival as a leisure-time destination.
  • From 1992 to 2001, 26 percent of adults reported that they visited such attractions, but the number for 2008 dropped to 23 percent. The decrease is small, but it may portend coming declines as the most loyal part of the museum audience ages.
  • The exception, the NEA said, was in the D.C. metropolitan area, where 40 percent of adults said they had visited a museum in 2008 — reflecting tourism and free admission at most major museums.
  • In addition, the agency noted sizable declines between 1982 and 2008 in almost every performing arts field.
  • It reported double-digit rates of decline for classical music, jazz, opera, musical theater, ballet and dramatic plays.
  • The NEA survey “shows that audiences for the arts are changing,” said Patrice Walker Powell, the acting NEA chairman. “While many now participate in arts activities available through electronic media, the number of American adults who are participating in live performing and visual arts events is declining. The findings underscore the need for more arts education to foster the next generation of both artists and arts enthusiasts.”




Dire predictions?  Looking at our local Palm Beach County cultural landscape, how many attend not-so-filled audiences of musical and theatrical events?  Do you have trouble finding a parking space at other cultural institutions and are they so filled that you wonder when might be a better, less crowded time to visit?  Wendy Weiler shares her observations, concerns and offers some solutions here in this interview.

The article written by Jacqueline Trescor, June 16, 2009, highlights a growing national problem.  Without the support of communities, individuals and the next generation of art lovers, museums and other educational/cultural institutions around the country will be forced to close their doors.  Membership numbers are down due to economic issues and the decline of art supporters.  As the Baby Boomer generation and their parents age, there needs to be a new generation that embraces and supports the public arts. 

TRR:   Given this crises,  what would you suggest as a call to action?


A strategic plan of action is necessary to draw the public back to museums and make them community friendly.   Families, seniors, singles, children and teenagers need to feel at home when they experience art.  Creating events, classes and exhibits that speak to each niche market brings them closer to wanting to be a part of this inviting circle of patrons.  

Education is crucial for the next generation to feel involved and the best way to create that bond is by building a program with the schools and early childhood centers.  This way children grow up with the love of art and don’t look at art museums as a place where only adults go to learn.  It would be a normal part of their milieu.  Some unique programs that could be developed such as parent/child events.  This would be for young children to go to the art museum during the day with a parent, while other siblings are away at school, giving special time for a child and their parent.  Special hands on exhibits and classes would give parents and their children ways to express themselves together and see the venue as a “fun” place to be.  In addition, families with different cultural values will have the ability to connect with the tradition of venerating the arts and cultures of our past. 

TRR:  There are a number of places in Palm Beach County that do offer these types of programs.


The Art Museums that have been successful understand how to maximize their facility by giving back to their community. They have developed programs that integrate art, music, dance, food and fun and sharing all of those experiences with their members/visitors. The museum then becomes transformed into a place to be involved in culture and not a place to visit once every couple of years.  It becomes a  “happening place” where corporations, Chambers of Commerce members, visitors and the public could join and make a difference by sharing the types of exhibits and programs they would like to support.


TRR: Tell our readers about your experience in this field, before your recent move to Florida



As one of the creators of the first privately owned convention center in the country, my background in launching and maintaining a public facility has given me a wealth of knowledge in marketing and sales strategies.  The Meadowlands Convention Center was conceived by my colleagues and I and we pitched it to Harts Mountain who then built the center.  My role was to ensure occupancy and I did so by building an aggressive marketing campaign to promoters from around the country.  We also developed in-house events and had national entertainers.  That experience and those skills have enable me to develop promising strategies to meet the needs of  the art and cultural world we’ve been discussing.  Art Museums, galleries and other attractions are just like building attendance at a convention center.  Know your market and give them what they want and build customer loyalty for renewable revenues.
TRR:  What is EduStrategies’ mission?
As founder of EduStrategies, a marketing and sales strategy consulting firm for education, our mission is to capture a larger market share for each client.  By knowing your competitors and creating your own niche market we develop a marketing plan that ties into your sales goals to ensure success.  This formula can be transformed to any industry.  Because of my passion for art and culture,  I have chosen to divert my path from education to the art world.
TRR:  If I have a venue and am interested in hearing what you have to suggest, how would we work together?
The first step is to do an evaluation of the organization’s goals and initiatives:   to see what is working and what is not. Then we would work together to create a strategic plan with milestones and deliverables.  My role could be as an out-sourced resource or I could come into the organization and take role as Director of Business Development.
TRR:  It sounds like you have a lot to offer not only to educational institutions, museums or art-related constituents.  This is a model that can be extrapolated into any business field.  Most often, artists do not see themselves as business people.  They focus on their creative energies and find consumerism difficult to deal with. The Rickie Report believes that we need to help find a balance between the two, in order to make a living at being an artist.

If you would like to learn more about turning around your art museum, gallery or art retail store then feel free to contact: Wendy Weiler – President of, phone:508-320-4710.  This consulting firm can create a road map of marketing strategies to drive membership, secure corporate partnerships and build a branding campaign to create the buzz regionally as well as nationally.


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