Pompano Beach Offers Series Of Workshops At Multiple Venues For Artists At All Levels

Artists of all levels will be engaged, educated, and delighted at this series of workshops at multiple venues in Pompano Beach:  “Streaming from the Studio” (Pompano Beach Cultural Center) on August 10, “Pen & Ink Illustration”  (Bailey Contemporary Arts) on September 14, and “Creative Workshops” (Blanche Ely House) on the 3rd Saturday of the month-September 21.  The Rickie Report shares the details and urges our readers to take advantage of these three outstanding upcoming opportunities.







   P  R  E  S  E  N  T  S:



L E T ‘S       G E T       C R E A T I V E !  









Pompano Beach Cultural Center


 50 W Atlantic Blvd.   Pompano Beach, FL


Streaming from the Studio at

The Pompano Beach Cultural Center





Presented by Dimitry Chamy, Designer

Saturday, AUGUST 10

1 – 4 PM

RSVP required for this FREE event at: streamfromthestudio.eventbrite.com



With today’s rapid advancement of technology, artists have access to a wide array of new tools to propel their professional careers. Creating video has become an integral part of captivating potential audiences and promoting art in the digital age.  Video Skills for Creatives, made possible by the PNC Foundation’s PNC Arts Alive and the Broward County Cultural Division, provides free workshops designed to lay the groundwork for artists to harness the power of video media and reach a wider audience.

In this FREE workshop, artists will learn how they can use their studio time to connect with others, share their expertise, build community and find buyers for their work — all while making art!  Join us for a 3-hour workshop lead by Dimitry Chamy, designer, artist and faculty mentor at FIU’s Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator.


Dimitry Chamy is a multidisciplinary designer and educator experienced in graphic design, coding, and animation who has a passion for pattern, 3D modeling & visualization, visual languages and systems, and creative workflows. He excels at directing projects from concept to completion while tying multiple strands and media into a unified experience.

Chamy has a long track record of creating exceptional branding and design work for new and established brands across many sectors including education, finance, fashion, technology, banking, law, and cultural non-profits. He has taught at six universities, mentors younger designers & developers, and trains his own clients while exploring new ways to use design as a force for good.








Bailey Contemporary Arts


41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060




Pen & Ink Illustration at Bailey Contemporary Arts

Saturday, September 14, 2019

11 am – 3 pm

Registration: $40, all supplies included


Learn techniques to combine drawing and painting in exciting ways. Explore the thrill of combining ink and water to produce intriguing translucent images. The workshop will demonstrate how to make and techniques on how to use ink wash along with sketch pen techniques to create texture. Participants will combine ink wash & pen to create a complete Pen & Ink Illustration. Work from your own or supplied photos. All supplies provided.  Instructor Kimberley Maxwell was born in Canada and resides in South Florida. She earned her MFA at Florida Atlantic University and was awarded the 2004 South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual and Media Artist Fellowship.






The Blanche Ely House



(Photo courtesy of lafamialdebroward.com)

1600 NW 6th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33060



Creative Workshops at The Blanche Ely House

3rd Saturdays

Saturday September 21

11 am 

$5 includes supplies


Explore your artistic side and build new friendships! Every month, our instructors will introduce guests to an exciting art form providing both introductory and intermediate techniques that will enhance your skills. Learn how exciting becoming a creative can be!






For more information visit, www.pompanobeacharts.org or call 954-545-7800.

Pompano Beach Cultural Center is located at  50 W Atlantic Blvd.   Pompano Beach, FL  33060


Bailey Contemporary Arts is located at 41 NE 1st Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

The Blanche Ely House is located at 1600 NW 6th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33060







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Behind The Scenes With The Southern Handcraft Society: An Interview With Pam Warren

The Southern Handcraft Society (SHS) has five extremely active groups in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The Rickie Report asked Caren Hackman to investigate the history and current status of SHS.  We include her interview with Pam Warren, President of the Delray Beach Pineapple Grove Chapter and photos.  SHS is a wonderful arts organization to get involved with, be it the camaraderie, learning new techniques, or being able to sell your creations. SHS presents high quality crafted items, which often become family heirlooms, to be passed to the next generation.  Anyone interested in preserving, enriching, and trying creative crafts is welcome to attend a monthly meeting to see if this is the organization for you!







Behind the Scenes 

Southern Handcraft Society With Caren Hackman:






TRR:  Tell our readers how SHS came into being.


The Southern Handcraft Society was founded in January of 1985.  The founder, Laura Kluvo (also known as Laura “glue gun” Kluvo)* had envisioned fellow-minded crafters who would be educated through preserving and enriching creative crafts. Currently there are five groups in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, totaling about 190 members who meet once a month each. 


Rustic board and two examples of the fairy doors designed and painted by Pam Warren



TRR:  How did you get involved in crafting, and in particular with the Southern Handcraft Society?




Ever since I was a little kid I have enjoyed making things.  I would make paper dolls and their clothes as a gift for my younger sister.  Then, in Girl Scouts, my favorite badge to earn was “the dabbler”.  It included sewing, painting, gluing and miscellaneous other “skills”. As an adult, crafting primarily involved sewing.  I took a class at a quilt shop called “shadow quilting”.  The teacher was Laura Kluvo and she asked me to join a group of ladies she was organizing into a crafting “club”. This was 1985 and the beginning of the Southern Handcraft Society (SHS).



A woman who organized large craft shows contacted Laura. The woman needed help to run the shows. The first show was held in a model home in the newly developed Woodfield Hunt Club division in Boca Raton. We all had things (mostly Christmas ornaments) for sale in the show.  Within a couple of years that group of thirteen ladies had grown and totally assumed the running of the craft show. As it happened, I was the first chairman of our own show and by then we had moved the show to Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton.



Somewhere along the way I took a painting class and was totally hooked on painting. I have had a wonderful time learning and then sharing what I learned by teaching classes.  I made it a point that as each of my two grandchildren turn three years old, I would start teaching them to paint with me. This is a part of what S.H.S. is about…we want to enhance our various fields of crafts and our enthusiasm to be creative with others.



S.H.S. has grown to five chapters in the Broward and Palm Beach County areas.  Each of our chapters produces at least one large craft show annually; some have more than one show a year.  Chapter members, as well as outside artists are juried into the shows.  We are intent on presenting high quality crafted items.  Each chapter, through the shows, creates the opportunity for us to sell our crafts.  We, also enjoy social times and learning experiences at our meetings and at an annual retreat.



Witch doll and owl pot holders made by Judy Jensen; Ghosts on small gourds, designed and painted by Pam Warren




TRR:  Can you tell us some stories from the early days with SHS?



At the  first show SHS put on, so many of the ornaments sold that member Maureen Hitch and I sat on the floor in the inventory room  making more ornaments as quickly as we could in order to keep up with the demand!


Delray’s Pineapple Grove, the Delray chapter, took road trips during which members would work on crafts together. About 20-25 women went on one of our early trips to a hotel in Daytona Beach. The hotel welcomed the crafters and set up tables in the lobby for them. All of the SHS members plugged in their glue guns and began to work on projects. Apparently we over-taxed the electrical system in the hotel and all of the lights went out….but the hotel took this in stride and asked us  to stagger our use of the glue guns.




TRR:  Do you keep up with current style trends to keep your craft items relevant to today’s home décor?



Yes! As styles change, the Southern Handcraft Society keeps up with the popularity of interior and collectable trends.


Paintings of lighthouses and an orchid on wine bottles painted by Pam Warren





Caren: What is trending now? 


Items that are utilitarian. No dust collectors. People don’t want to just purchase items to decorate their home. They are looking for unique utilitarian items such as piggy banks, decorative plates…items that are practical and unique. I enjoy taking classes from other crafters to discover new creative ideas. The fun of it is hunting for new surfaces to convert to “something else.”



Many people can’t get to the beach, but like to bring the “beachy” feeling into their home. SHS keeps track of color trends. The paint company, Deco-Art Americana, offers one and two minute demonstrations of the newest trending colors being used.  



*Laura K taught a certain technique of quilting, but earned her name “glue gun” while showing how to put together ornaments. A touch of glue here, a touch of glue there and voila, the perfect ornament. She took great joy in spreading her love of crafts and hoped to share it with everyone.


Unfortunately, crafts “manufactured” in China are making inroads into the handcrafter work so the group makes an effort to stay one step ahead.





Nautical Santa with tree and shells created by Pam Warren






Caren: What sort of craft items are you currently working on?


I pretty much paint on anything that doesn’t move – wood, metal, glass and fabric. I have tried to paint on plastic, but am not happy with the current paints and how they bond to the plastic surfaces. There is such a broad spectrum of plastic compositions and not all paints work with all plastics. I’m working on items for holiday craft shows. I’m not sure how many people realize that Christmas preparation begins in April for items that sell in October and November!



Currently, I enjoy painting cigar boxes, lighthouses on wine bottles, fan blades that are painted like giraffes. I have also had a great response to decorative table-top containers that I make by painting small discarded drawers and adding feet.


I’ve had a great response to my painted wooden bowls. I like to add a few tiny bugs painted on the inside.  Flamingoes, nautical and beach themed items are all popular. Pam painted a 24” high Santa dressed in a rain slicker with a lobster coming out of a pocket, red crab on shoulder, holding a small X-mas tree decorated with seashells.





  Two snowmen on candlesticks crated by Judy Jensen and a Santa painted by Pam Warren



For more information about SHS activities and membership contact:



Pam Warren: pjrawarren@msn.com




For more information about Caren Hackman:



Caren Hackman is a graphic designer and fine artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. and author of a book about Graphic Design and Good Business practice: http://www.carenhackman.com/book/.

Be sure to check out Caren’s wonderful artwork – Caren is a talented artist in her own right! She is a founding member of the Artists of Palm Beach County.







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As “Season” Slows Down, What Happens To Our Local “Art Scene”? Hint: It Doesn’t Stop!

Less traffic on the road and less waiting for dining reservations is a sure sign that “season” is winding down. What happens to the “art scene”, which has had you trying to find a way to see three opening receptions on the same date for the past few months?  This Rickie Report article looks at the situation and shares some thoughts for artists AND art lovers!




“The Art Scene” After “Season”

As “Season” slows down:

  • Artists continue to create

  • Galleries still exhibit

  • Arts organizations continue to program

  • Museums remain open

  • Classes To Learn Art Techniques are being taught 

  • Original Art and Handmade Fine Crafts Are Still Available!


A Word To Art Lovers and Art Patrons:


Stop by galleries and art exhibits in “off season”.

They’ll be less crowded with visitors – and you’ll have a chance to linger!

This is a terrific time to hone your own art skills, learn a new technique or make a creative play date with friends!

Check The Rickie Report and search for “classes”, “workshops”, “meet the artists” and remember to look at our interactive Calendar of Events!  If you see something that interests you, click on the event. You’ll be brought to the original article for all of the details.  

We might not be publishing daily, but we still have the information you need to stay active in the art scene!


Sharing Some Thoughts With Artists:


NOW is a good time for artists who have been scurrying to meet too many overlapping deadlines for the past six months to organize themselves!

Calls For Entries To Artists continue to appear and now is the time to prepare for the annual events for next “season” 


Business Cards:  

It is time to revisit the wording, font size or photos on them.

Do you have enough cards to get you through the next 12 months? (NO ONE wants to run out in the middle of their busy time…Do it now)!

I make notes on business card ( galleries, exhibits, or organizations I’ll recommend the artist connect with; what is exceptional about their artwork)…

So, consider this before choosing shiny paper and having too many words/photos on your business cards.



Staying organized is one of the hardest parts of returning to your studio after an exhibit or show and putting everything away.

Staying organized for the next event is KEY!

Check your written files to make sure they are up to date.

Mark pieces “SOLD” from your inventory (it makes paying taxes easier for next year).

Is a piece of artwork missing?  Find it now, before the exhibitor or gallery takes possession of it.  (Read the fine print whenever you enter to see what their policy is for work that is left)


Wear And Tear:

Bringing artwork of any kind to exhibits, shows, and galleries produces wear and tear.
Check all frames for nicks and marks that need repair.
Check mats and glass to be sure everything is in proper position and in good condition.
Check all hanging devices.


Update your inventory list.

Take a moment for a mental inventory.

Are you happy with what you are creating?

Is it time to try a new technique that you just haven’t had time for?

Now is a perfect time to take a short-term class or workshop!

Schedule some networking time with other artists.

Talk about how this “season” has been for you. Sharing insights can be helpful, if you don’t get into a round of grousing. If something didn’t “work”, now you have time to reflect on what you can control – how can you react and plan differently?


Outline your business goals – YES! If you are selling your artwork, you are “in business”!

Look at a 2018 Calendar:

Start by marking the dates of all exhibit and show deadlines you are applying to in RED.

NOW: Mark the dates of those acceptance announcements and drop offs in BLUE.


The Rickie Report is interested in sharing your good news!

As soon as you get the acceptance notice, send us an email about the event!

The Rickie Report is already booking dates through December, 2017, so don’t hesitate to contact us!
You may not have all of the details, but we can save you a spot in the publication queue.
To get your article published, let us know 3-6 weeks before the Exhibition or Opening Reception.
Last minute openings are possible, but please do not plan on that, especially during “season”.
Giving us 6 weeks advance notice in “season” gives you more opportunities to choose a timely date for your publication.

An article includes: Who (you/art organization), What (Type of Event), When ( Dates of exhibit and specific dates and time of Receptions, including Hours of Operation), Where (Street address, contact name and phone number to ask more questions), Why ( if this is a fundraiser or for a charity, we will highlight the organization and include their website and social media addresses). Also: 5 jpegs, artist statement, brief bio, website address, social media addresses and anything else you want our readers to know about your artwork and creative process.


It is FREE to subscribe to The Rickie Report.

We will bill you for articles. There is no word maximum. Call for current rates.
Invest in your art business and take a monthly ad. With 3 rotations of jpegs (change them out at no charge monthly), you bring more readers (art lovers and art patrons, gallerists, museum personnel, show directors world wide) to your website. Your ad is seen with every article we publish. Call for current rates.


Not Sure Where To Go From Here?

Rickie Leiter and Ilene Adams regularly lead “Art Marketing Seminars”. We’re preparing for our next one soon.
Our “graduates” have a high rate of new acceptances to exhibits, shows and awards, plus SALES.
We book these seminars with arts organizations or galleries, so please contact Rickie if you are interested.


Individual Consulting:

Rickie is available for individual consultation on an hourly basis. Topics can include, but are not restricted to: Refining your particular marketing tools, Pricing your artwork, Where to network with other artists, Find exhibits and galleries specific for your artistry, Edit your artist statement, and Polish your website presence.




For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

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Armory Art Salon Features Pip Brant And Duane Brant “Our Back Yard”

Featured Armory Art Salon Artists, Pip Brant and Duane Brant work independently and collaboratively on socially provocative installations and works in many media. Both grew up in the West and Mid-west and say that their experiences have profoundly influenced their work.  Armory ART SALONS offer stimulating conversations with other artists, in a relaxed setting. The discussions cover the gamut of contemporary art themes, including conceptual, cultural, socio/political, environmental, race and gender focused and aesthetic practices, the materials and techniques used to convey these ideas, and where we fit into the world of contemporary conceptual art. This is an opportunity to explore the practical side of being an artist, of professional development and sharing useful resources. The Rickie Report shares more details and some photos of Pip and Duane’s work. We applaud Art Salon facilitator, Elle Schorr, and urge you to attend this learning/networking opportunity.







Armory Art Center Presents


Pip Brant and Duane Brant:

“Our Back Yard”

Tuesday, November 3

6:30 -8:30 pm

$10. to Attend, Pay at the Door

Armory Art Center Library

1700 Parker Avenue W. Palm Beach, FL 33401




The Armory Art Center hosts a variety of Art Salon groups. These groups hold meetings to discuss, display, and share the work of the participants and / or invited guests. All salons are $10 payable at the door and meet in the Armory Library. Enjoy stimulating conversations with other artists, in a relaxed setting. As a springboard to each of our explorations, professional artists from South Florida are invited to present their work, talk about what influenced them, and examine the work of influential artists showing in museums and galleries.  The Art Salon is curated by Elle Schorr.






Pip and Duane Brant work independently and collaboratively on socially provocative installations and works in many media. Both grew up in the West and Mid-west and say that experiences there have profoundly influenced their work.




Pip Brant  “Cavalry Stitch”



Pip Brant is primarily a fiber artist, and usually works on themes regarding social and environmental issues. Her works have been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. Her Battlefield Re-enactment Series are embroideries that she says are a stage in a process of distancing the memories of battles fought in the 19th century, and now are full of suppositions and decomposed histories.  In her Hasenblut Series, (German for rabbit blood), Pip says she is “trying to honor the rabbit’s life with images made with its life-blood to create images of longing and perhaps a memorial to the animals that lent their life to mine.”




“The Flying Carpet” by Pip Brant and Duane Brant



Pip has a BFA from University of Montana and a MFA from University of Wyoming. Since 1999, she has been Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art History, Florida International University, Miami. She grew up and was educated in five different American Indian reservations, mostly Sioux, in the Dakotas and Montana, where her father worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. She states “They have a disconnection unlike any other place in the United States. They are vestiges of American Manifest Destiny and other bad deals”. She says “My summers on a German Immigrant Family farm, in South East North Dakota, also did their best to seek out a recreation of the connections of life and death and absurdity… Growing up there did result in a close relationship with the cycles of life. These include raising my own food. Art production and farming have been strong links in my work.”




“Pink Lady” by Pip Brant and Duane Brant




Duane Brant has a BA degree in ceramics and metal smithing from the University of Montana and an MFA in printmaking, sculpture, and performance at the University of Wyoming. Duane has lived and worked in Ohio, Montana, Wyoming, and London, England, and since 1999 has been an adjunct teacher at Barry University and Florida International University, in addition to his studio time. He has exhibited nationally, and internationally. In 1993 his collaborative work was awarded a New Forms Regional Initiative program with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller and Andy Warhol Foundations He’s been awarded the Wyoming Visual Arts Fellowship, the Florida Follies purchase award by the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art, and Fulbright fellowships to England and Japan, studying contemporary art, performance art and pedagogy. Since 2002, he has worked with bonsai trees, and designs and creates all the pots for the trees in his collection.






Art Salons offer stimulating conversations with other artists, in a relaxed setting. As a springboard to each of our explorations, professional artists from South Florida are invited to present their work, talk about what influenced them, and examine the work of influential artists showing in museums and galleries. Our discussions cover the gamut of contemporary art themes, including conceptual, cultural, socio/political, environmental, race and gender focused and aesthetic practices, the materials and techniques used to convey these ideas, and where we fit into the world of contemporary conceptual art. They’re also an opportunity to explore the practical side of being an artist, of professional development and the sharing of useful resources. Salons are facilitated by Elle Schorr.





All Salons meet in Library on Belvedere Blvd. Turn left at the light on to Parker Avenue. Continue north to Park Place, just before the fire station. The entrance and main parking lot of the Armory Art Center is halfway up the block on the left side.

If you’re driving South on I-95, turn left / east on Okeechobee Blvd. Turn right on Parker Ave, just before the Convention Center. Continue south past the fire station and turn left on Park Place. The entrance and main parking lot of the Armory Art Center is halfway up the block on the left side.


For more information:

Please visit www.armoryart.org for more information about classes, workshops, lectures and exhibits.




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Wellington Art Society And Whole Foods Feature Lynn Doyal

Wellington Art Society invites you to a Public Reception for artist, Lynn Doyal. It will be held on Friday, October 30, 2015 in the Cafe Gallery of the Whole Foods Market in Wellington. This SOLO Exhibition will feature Lynn’s detailed mixed media art work, which from experience, you must see in person! You will be astonished at her pieces, which include paint, hand-stitched canvas, beads and threads.  There is usually a $5. fee associated with this Reception, which raises funds for WAS Scholarships. If you RSVP before Oct. 29th, Lynn will pay your fee!  The Rickie Report shares the details with some sneak peeks and urges you to stop by. All of Lynn’s paintings are for sale and the Reception benefits the WAS Scholarship Fund. Stop by any time before and see Lynn’s amazingly complex artistry!


















Friday, October 30, 2015

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Whole Foods Market Cafe

2635 SR7 Wellington, FL


$5. Covers Music, Wine, Food and Donation to WAS Scholarship Fund

If you RSVP by October 29, Lynn will place you the guest list and the fee will be waived!

Exhibit Is Available At This Time



WASLynndoyalVisible and Invisible

“Visible and Invisible” by Lynn Doyal





The Wellington Art Society will host an art reception on Friday, October 30, 2015 from 6:30-8 PM at Whole Foods Market in Wellington. The reception is hosted by Whole Foods with live music, delicious food and door prizes. There is a fee of $5 collected at the door which helps to fund the Wellington Art Society Scholarship Fund.  The Featured Artist is Lynn Doyal. If you RSVP to Lynn before Oct. 29th, she will pay the fee for you! 





“Straight Paths” by Lynn Doyal



Lynn Doyal is showcasing her unique, beautiful and contemporary work for at this  exhibit. Lynn combines hand stitching, beading, oil and acrylic paint all done on canvas. Due to the intricate number of details in each painting, her work is best viewed up close in order to appreciate the fine workmanship. Many of her works are scanned, enlarged and digitalized allowing for a more abstract and dramatic component. She delights in the different impact the same image can have when size is introduced as an additional element.






WASLynndoyalYour Words Give Light

“Your Words Give Light” by Lynn Doyal 



Lynn was born and raised in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. She received a Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida.  She worked for Exxon at their New York headquarters and then transferred to Florida.  Working in corporate sales, she then moved to Xerox before starting her own company, “Signature Chocolates”.  Lynn specialized in providing premiums and incentives to corporations, hotels and cruise lines, around the globe.






“This Line of Scarlet Cord” by Lynn Doyal




After raising her family, Lynn returned to her artistic roots and began developing her unique and distinctive style in 2009.  Only two years, later, Lynn began exhibiting in art festival, juried exhibits and galleries, as an award-winning artist.



Lynn’s art pieces live most happily in contemporary settings.  They especially delight interior designers, complimenting the  spaces they design with appreciative clients in mind.  Lynn’s painstaking technique of painting and embellishing the canvas with hand-stitched beads and colorful threads make each piece one-of-a-kind.




For more information about Lynn’s artistry please visit:  
www.mixedmediabylynn.com  or call 561.251.0806  or email lynnmdoyal@gmail.com



The Wellington Art Society is a non-profit charitable organization in its 34th year. It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their art work in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community through their art.

For more information visit WellingtonArtSociety.org




For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

The Rickie Report

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Delray Art League Offers Art Exhibits, Networking While The Jack Feinberg Art Education Fund Helps Non-Profits

On Monday, October 12th, the Delray Art League (DAL) kicks off its season with Deb LaFogg Docherty presenting “How to Paint Animals Realistically”.  DAL ‘s Autumn Showcase Exhibit of Fine Art will be displayed at the Delray Beach City Hall. DAL is a group of professional and emerging artists dedicated to the development of excellence in visual arts and art education in South Florida. Through the sale of member art, DAL provides scholarships for art students, grants to non-profit organizations for art supplies and donations to support community visual art programs. In the last 10 years we have donated over $100,000 to the advancement of visual arts.  The Rickie Report shares the details of their upcoming monthly meeting, Indoor and Outdoor Exhibits, The City Hall Exhibit and more information about the  Jack Feinberg Art Education Fund.  This is a great networking group for artists!  Non-members are invited to all of the activities.









Monthly Meeting:    Monday October 12th, 2015
7:00 – 9:00 PM

Program: Painting Animals Realistically
By Deb LaFogg Docherty



General Meetings are always held the 2nd Monday of the month at 7 p.m. from October through April in the Chambers room at Delray Beach City Hall.


Non-members are invited to attend. No fee is associated however a $5.00 donation at the door to the Jack Feinberg Art Education Fund would be greatly appreciated.




“Follow The Leader” by Deb LaFogg Docherty




Deborah LaFogg Docherty combines two great loves: nature and painting.  Most of what she paints is from life experiences. Her use of light, color, composition, texture, and atmosphere help bring the viewer into the secret world of how animals live, raise their young, court and survive in the wild. Deb is also an instructor at Delray Center for the Arts.
AFFILIATIONS: Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation, Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, Elected member of the Audubon Artists, Associate Member of the Society of Animal Artists
Learn more about Deb’s beautiful art at http://www.lafogg.com





DAL Fine Art Exhibitions:


The Autumn Showcase Exhibit 2015
Friday, October 23rd to Friday, December 4th
Delray Beach City Hall Gallery


You are invited to visit the Delray Art League’s Autumn Showcase Exhibit of Fine Art being displayed at the Delray Beach City Hall. It is the first of 3 DAL member juried exhibits at City Hall this season. Come see and enjoy some of the Delray Art League’s best artist’s creative work. Open to the public, 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday at Delray City Hall, 100 NW First Avenue, Delray Beach, FL






DAL Members Around Town:



DAL members, Carolyn Barth, Patricia Maguire, Ralph Papa, Vicki Siegel, Lorrie Turner and Donna Walsh have been invited to participate in the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County Exhibition, “Made in Delray Beach” through Oct 31, 2015, at the Montgomery Building in Lake Worth.

Deb La Fogg Docherty’s painting “Marsh Morning” was accepted into the Degas Pastel Society’s member show.

Mark Allen has paintings hanging at OSGS Gallery in Northwood and Artisans on the Ave in Lake Worth.

Mary Taylor has 4 pieces hanging in the Delray Library and 2 pieces in the Boynton Beach Library as a participant in the Artists in Florida exhibit. Mary’s piece in PBI as part of the Art in Public Places Exhibit, sold during the show.
James Rabidoux has a Solo show through October at the Weisman Delray Community Center located at 7091 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray.

Manny Jomok will be teaching a six week, intermediate level watercolor class at the Delray Community Center, Oct. 26th – Nov. 30th.
Ellen Pollack‘s artwork is being exhibited and sold at MONDANA GALLERY at Delray Marketplace on Atlantic Avenue.

Wendy Jones recently received an honorable mention and a blue ribbon for her painting “Sailing” that was on exhibit at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County located in Lake Worth.

John Bowen’s watercolor paintings will be at the Coral Springs Museum of Art through November 21st and his painting “Carriage Ride” will be in the Florida Watercolor Society’s Annual Exhibition. John will be doing a book talk at the Coral springs Museum on Saturday, October 24th at 2 pm about his book “Eleven Months and Nineteen Days” which was awarded a Silver Medal by the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. He will also be speaking at the Vietnam Memorial “Traveling Wall” on Saturday, October 24th at 6:30 pm.

Reed Dixon was accepted into the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood 2015 All Media Juried Biennial. The show runs thru Sun., Nov. 1st. Reed is also showing at the Arts Arena Gallery in Delray and at the OSGS Gallery in the Northwood district of WPB.

Eileen Lovre will be exhibiting in the Boca Raton Arts & Crafts Festival Oct 10th & 11th in downtown Boca Raton.

Lynn Doyal is featured at The Oak Bistro in Wellington. Lynn also recently received an Honorable Mention in the Artists of Palm Beach County “Abstract Only 2015 Exhibit”.

Vicki Siegel has been chosen by Golden Paint to become a Golden Paint Artist Educator and will be conducting acrylic workshops and classes at Delray Center for the Arts and the Armory Art Center.

Deb LaFogg Docherty, Manny Jomok, Patricia Maguire, Ralph Papa, Dimitri Saginov and Vicki Siegel are teaching at the Delray Center for the Arts.  For more information see www.delrayarts.org




DAL2015 sized Banner (2)






DAL Overview


The Delray Art League (DAL) is a group of professional and emerging artists dedicated to the development of excellence in visual arts and art education in South Florida. Through the sale of member art at our fine art exhibitions and shows, we provide scholarships for art students, grants to non-profit organizations for art supplies and donations to support community visual art programs. In the last 10 years we have donated over $100,000 to the advancement of visual arts.





DAL Officers for the 2015-16 year:

President – Tim Vaum
Vice President – Deb LaFogg-Docherty
Treasurer – Kathi Stamm
Secretary – Dimitri Sagatov







Jack Feinberg Art Education Fund

Each year Delray Art League donates to deserving groups such as the Delray Beach Center for the Arts, Florida Atlantic University, Milagro Center, Palm Beach Habilitation Center, Pluosa School of the Arts Foundation and Sister Cities Young Art Competition. This year’s awards will be donated in the name of long time DAL member and dear friend, Jack Feinberg who we lost this year at the youthful age of 96.











Invitation for New Members

To become a Delray Art League exhibiting member, you must submit three pieces of your original artwork at one of our monthly general meetings. Artwork should be presented to the Jurying Committee between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m. before the start of the General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. Please bring a check or cash. You will be notified by mail of your acceptance. If not accepted, your check will be returned.
 Exhibiting Member $40.00
 Family members (exhibiting} $50.00
 Friend membership (non-exhibiting) $20.00
Accepted Artwork:
2 D ART – watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, etc.
SCULPTURE – stone, wood, metal, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHY – At this time the photography category is filled. 
Not Accepted: (except if grandfathered in): computer generated art, crafts, glass, pottery, fiber art, jewelry, bead-stringing, poured molds, flowers, shell craft, etc. Categories not listed will be decided at the discretion of the Jurying Committee, with final determination by the Board of Directors.
Art should be signed by the artist and ready for hanging. Art done on paper should be matted and framed with Plexiglas (no glass). Canvas must be framed or gallery wrapped (no staples showing) with sides painted.

For more information: www.delrayartleague.com




Delray Art League “Artists in the Park” Outdoor
Fine Art Exhibitions & Shows

New Season! New Artists! New Artwork!
Award winning Artists offer a variety of original wall art, sculpture, photography and more. A portion of all sales are donated to an Art Education Fund to promote the development of the visual arts.






Veterans Park @ Atlantic Avenue and the Intracoastal
Old School Square @ Delray Center for the Arts @ Atlantic & Swinton Ave.





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Aya Fiber Studio Dyehouse Shares August Offerings And Upcoming Specialty Workshops

Aya Fiber Studio Dyehouse’s Suzanne Connors has brought new classes and techniques to share with you! The Rickie Report shares the August Workshop Schedule, studio time and group visits. Indicate your interest in a future Felting Workshop. Sign up now for Kathy Hay’s Eco Print Workshop in October. NOTE TO FIBER ARTISTS/INSTRUCTORS: Suzanne is putting together the Fall and Winter Schedule. Contact Suzanne if you are interested in being an instructor. NOTE to Indigo Lovers – Aya Studios offers ready made tote bags, clothing, bedding and more! Click here for details.







Aya Fiber Studio

Fish House Art Center

4745 SE Desoto Ave

Port Salerno, Florida 34997

STUDIO and BOUTIQUE OPEN: Tuesday- Saturday

and by appointment: 336-693-4606


Suzanne Connors tells The Rickie Report, “I can hardly believe summer is going by so fast, My 2 weeks at Arrowmont were wonderful and I learned so much new information! I’m putting together some really exciting workshops and I hope you will join us at The Dyehouse.”


Interested in a September Felting workshop with Robin Firth of Heartfelt Silks?  This would be held on Sat or Sunday, September 19th or 20th. Before committing I would like to see if there are enough people interested. Please email ayafiberstudio@gmail.com if you are interested or to let me know things you might be interested in.



Hand Dyed Mobius Shawl

Hand Dyed Mobius Shawl


Suzanne will be adding new workshops monthly! I have received some very exciting proposals from some of the best fiber artisans I know and I am excited to see what this season will bring. Eco- Printing , basketry, felting, dyeing with lichen; these are just a few! In order to help me with this could you take 3 minutes to fill out a survey? http://questionpro.com/t/ALh1lZSuW9




Marbling on Fabric
Monday  August 17, 2015
10:00- 3:00



Shibori Dyeing – Silk Scarf

Wednesday, August 20, 2015

10:00 -1:00




Intro To Shibori Stitching on Raw Silk

 August 23, 24, 2015

10:00 – 3:00




Select DeGumming on Raw Silk

Thursday, August 27  10:00 – 3:00




Indigo Play Date!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

10:00 – 3:00



Come enjoy an early morning cup of coffee on the dock, gather and mingle with like minded fiber artists, learn new techniques. Call Suzanne at (336) 693-4606 for more information
In addition you can rent studio space by the hour, day, week or month to practice your new skills. Purchase a Studio Pass! It is a great opportunity to create in an intimate fully furnished waterfront studio environment in South Florida!



Eco-Printing Workshop With Kathy Hays


Eco-Printing workshop with Kathy Hays

October 16, 17, 18, 2015

Eco Printing is contact printing of plants onto fabric. In this 3 Day Eco Print workshop intensive you will learn about plants, fabrics, equipment, processes and bundling techniques. Silk and wool fabrics have an affinity for plants and create fantastic prints. This workshop is perfect for fiber artist, feltmakers, dyers and art quilters. No experience necessary, just a willingness to experiment and enjoy the bounties of nature. Some hand strength is needed to create bundles. This workshop is designed to learn essentials to carry printing at home.




  • Day 1 Introduction – A discussion about what is Eco printing, what type of fabrics necessary, the equipment, materials, solutions and processes that are used for successful prints. A demonstration of how to make a bundle is given and balance of the day students make bundles. An indigo vat will be available, some fabrics are dipped for printing on day 2




  • Day 2 First bundles are processed in the morning with results and discussion in afternoon of results. In the a.m. different bundling techniques are demonstrated and students allowed to explore those techniques. Those morning bundles will be processed in p.m. (if indigo vat available students may use their fabric from previous day)



  • Day 3 Bundles will be opened from previous day and results discussed. (Fabrics from day 1 can be dipped into indigo vat .) Final bundling technique to produce high definition prints will be demonstrated. The balance of the day if finishing up all bundling processes and discussion of results.


$150 Deposit will hold your place in class; Balance of $300 due 1st day of class (cash/check) payable to Kathy Hays. Cancellation before 9/25/2015 will credit toward another workshop at Aya Fiber Dyehouse.

Materials List will be supplied September

LIMIT 10 persons

Weekly and monthly WORKSHOPS are available for all ages and all levels from absolute beginners to experienced craftspeople looking to hone their skills. Teachers and speakers include local artists as well as experienced “visiting artists” from the Fiber world!
Rent studio space by the hour, day, week or month to practice your new skills. It is a great opportunity to create in an intimate fully furnished waterfront studio environment in South Florida! Use onion skins and beets for natural dyes!

REGISTER TODAY: http://www.ayafiberstudio.com/indigo-workshops/

Studio equipped with:

sewing machines
large cutting and work tables
irons/ironing boards
dress forms
wet area with sinks
dye equipment
drying rack and indoor lines
silk and batik frames
4 harness Leclerc floor loom
Tapestry Loom
Marbling equipment
Reference library
Computer and printer
Wi-fi also available




New Arashi Fabric

New Arashi Fabric

Suzanne explains to The Rickie Report, “What I love about fiber art is the surprise element – the mixture of the fabric, the dye and the resist create different combinations of results that are only revealed at the final step…the magic when the freshly dyed indigo comes out of the vat and turns from green to blue right before your eyes! It is always a surprise when I unwrap a freshly dyed piece of fabric! I currently specialize in Shibori and Batik. For me, these art forms are an excuse to use vibrant colors and simple shapes to produce designs, without having to worry too much about the details –just as in life, there are no “mistakes” with fiber, and everything is always subject to change. The imperfections are all part of the creative process. I’m always learning new techniques and experimenting so I can share them with my students. Every piece created is a unique one of a kind original!”



For more information please contact Suzanne Connors at:(336) 693-4606

or visit www.ayafiberstudio.com

or visit:




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Gold Coast Watercolor Society Announces Monthly Meetings and 3 Special Workshops

The Gold Coast Watercolor Society (GCWS) is a wonderful resource for artists, both new and experienced. It is the largest watercolor group in Florida with over 200 members and was founded by Jerry McClish, a noted watercolorist. GCWS meets October through May on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale. The Rickie Report announces 3 workshops:  “Design and Personal Style” with Alex Powers, January 19-23, 2015.  Powers was most recently featured in January 2014 International Artist magazine. “Figurative Design Watercolor Workshop” with renown watercolorist, Jeannie McGuire February 16-20, 2015.  “Color and How to Use it Effectively” with Nancy Frost Begin, NWS and Susan Frost Hanssen, NWS, March 16-19, 2015. This workshop is being led by the sister-duo and National Watercolor Signature Artists. All events are open to members and non-members.  The workshop is a great gift idea, for the artist in your life or yourself!


GCWS logo color


GCWS logo color


GCWSsplash logo


Please Join Us!

Meetings are held October through May on the

Third Tuesday of each month

at 7:00 p.m. at ArtServe

1350 E. Sunrise Blvd.   Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33304







The Gold Coast Watercolor Society (GCWS) is a resource for artists, both new and experienced. We are proud to be the largest watercolor group in Florida with over 200 members. Incorporated in February, 1976,  its founder and first President was Jerry McClish, a noted watercolorist.

GCWS offers:


· Opportunities to learn, paint and sketch

· Workshops taught by nationally recognized artists

· An annual membership show

· Juried shows in venues such as museums, galleries and local businesses

· Paint-ins with live models

· Lectures and demonstrations, showing “how it’s done” by selected artists

· Non-juried group shows in local libraries and other public venues

· Plein air painting opportunities






GCWSpage1workshop 2015 gcws




GCWSpage2workshop 2015 gcws








"Pink Lady" by

“Pink Lady” by Alex Powers


Alex Powers

January 19-23, 2015

GCWS Member Rate: $410    Non-member Rate: $445

Design and Personal Style

This workshop is more about personal painting style and design than it is about technique and subject matter. The workshop will include demonstration, PowerPoint lectures, design lecture with illustrations and private consultations of work from home. You will receive individual critiques along with being involved in group critiques. This class is appropriate for advanced-beginners to advanced artists. There is no wrong style of painting; this class will focus on finding the correct style for you. You will work hard but have fun doing it.



Workshop at Gold Coast Watercolor Society

Lecture at Gold Coast Watercolor Society

Alex Powers, author of “Painting People in Watercolor”, “A Design Approach” and many articles. He was most recently featured in January 2014 International Artist magazine. He exhibits in numerous galleries. Among his many national juried exhibition awards is the Gold Medal in the 1997 American Watercolor Society Exhibition.  www.alexpowersart.com




"Kenneth 600" by Jeannue McGuire

“Kenneth 600” by Jeannie McGuire


Jeannie McGuire

February 16-20, 2015

GCWS Member Rate: $410    Non-member Rate: $445


Figurative Design Watercolor Workshop

In this workshop, Jeannie will share many aspects of her art through versatile projects and extended experimentation. As a student you are encouraged to be inspired by the instructor’s style rather than copy it; to find your own unique signature/style or improve upon your drawing and painting skills; discover the freedom of intuitive painting and go beyond illustration and create paintings worthy of exhibition. Students will explore the interplay between the figurative subject(s) and their backgrounds, natural design in reference materials, cropping impact, pigment maintenance, using a higher ration of pigment to water, intentional and spontaneous marks and the freedom to change one’s mind. Artists receive plenty of personal attention and painting time.  Jeannie is the winner of the 2011 Gold Medal of Honor from the American Watercolor Society.  www.jeanniemcguire.com





Susan Hanssen

“Sheep Series” by Susan Frost Hanssen

"What Lies Beneath the Frost" by

“What Lies Beneath the Frost” by Nancy Frost Begin



Nancy Frost Begin, NWS and Susan Frost Hanssen, NWS

March 16-19, 2015

GCWS Member Rate: $395     Non-member Rate: $430

This four-day workshop offers you the opportunity to work with not one but two National Watercolor Signature Artists. These exceptional artists will work with you in the field of color and how to use it effectively. Once a color concept is in place you find an imaginative and unique painting, which is only a collage away. Nancy and Susan working hand in hand will share with you avenues in which to take your art to a new level. You will reap the benefits of two sisters who have encouraged and supported each other on their artistic journey. This workshop is for Intermediate to Advanced students to grow in a direction that suits them individually.  www.nancyfrostbegin.net  www.susanhanssen.com



Demonstration at Gold Coast Watercolor Society

Demonstration at Gold Coast Watercolor Society



For more information about the Gold Coast Watercolor Society please contact President, Tammy Seymour at tseymour53@comcast.net  or visit: www.goldcoastwatercolorsociety.com




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Boca Pen Women Present “Learn The Art of Marketing” with Rickie Leiter, Publisher of The Rickie Report

Join the Boca Raton Pen Women for a delicious luncheon and an informative program on getting your brand out to the public. Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report, will be speaking about “The Art of Marketing”.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their business cards, which will be used during the interactive session.  At the end of the program, one person’s business card will be picked for a FREE article in a future Rickie Report.  Boca Pen Women is an organization of artists, composers and authors.  Their monthly events offer opportunities to network and connect with other professionals in the area.  Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend.  RSVP for lunch and lecture information is in this article.







” Art of Marketing”

Rickie Leiter – Marketing Master



Thursday, December 18, 2014

12:00 Noon


Guests are welcome!



Members: $25 ~ Non-members: $30


Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11

Delray Golf Club

2200 Highland Avenue      Delray Beach, FL  33445




What are the basic tools needed to successfully promote your creative work and increase sales? Rickie Leiter, publisher of The Rickie Report, an online arts magazine, will answer this question and many others in an exciting interactive program. Rickie will share her marketing strategies with Pen Women.






Rickie has always been involved with the arts and creativity, as a child, first expressing herself with fabric creations and needlework.  After working in a rural Massachusetts public school system as their social worker and family therapy coordinator, she followed her passions as an art consultant.  In addition, Rickie served as a volunteer for a number of varied non-profit organizations and worked for the “Jimmy Fund”, the fundraising arm of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Rickie also coordinated the Marketing and Communications Department of an international not-for-profit.  As an artist, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, which she sells at Artisans on the Ave in Lake Worth. 


Rickie Headshot


The Rickie Report will celebrate its 4th year of publicizing art events and opportunities to both artists and art patrons.  Rickie believes the key to success is to understand yourself and your potential buyer.  Networking and marketing are essential tools to reach your goals for success.  She is an original team member of the Palm Beach County Think Tank, which founded Art Synergy.  In addition to writing about and attending art-related functions, Rickie offers seminars and lectures about marketing.



Everyone is requested to bring their Business Cards to share. Rickie will be conducting an interactive session using the cards.  At the end of the presentation, there will be a drawing for a FREE article in The Rickie Report.




Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11

(clip below form and mail with check)

12 Noon ~ Delray Beach Golf Club  ~ 2200 Highland Avenue ~ Delray Beach


Please circle one Entrée and one Dessert

(1) Shrimp Caesar Salad – Crispy romaine lettuce tossed with classic homemade Caesar dressing, fresh Parmesan cheese, crunchy croutons and Shrimp.
(2) Chicken Francaise – Parmesan egg battered chicken breast sautéed to a golden brown and finished with a lemon butter sauce, chef’s choice rice or potato, seasonal vegetables.
(3) Poached Filet of Salmon – Court bouillon poached salmon finished with creamy dill sauce.
(4) Fresh Veggie Platter


Dessert Choice: Lemon Layer Cake or Fruit Cup

Members: $25  ~  Non-members: $30

Checks payable to: Boca Raton Branch NLAPW
Send to: Barbara Bixon, 9674 Harbour Lake Circle, Boynton Beach FL 33437
Or email for more information: Bbcarter2@aol.com
Reservations MUST be made by Thursday, December 11



NAME: (Print) ________________________________________Email/Phone______________________


GUEST’S MENU CHOICES:_______________________________________________________
Guests : How did you hear about us ?_______________________________________




The Boca Raton Branch of the National League of American Pen Women is a prestigious organization of professional women in the Arts – Published Writers, Authors, Poets, Musical Composers and Award winning Artists.

NLAPW’s corporate headquarters is based in Washington, D.C. in an historic building, once the residence of Robert Todd Lincoln, son of President Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. It oversees branches all over the United States. The league boasts membership of such prominent women as Eleanor Roosevelt, Erma Bombeck, and local well-known artist Edna Hibel. Vinnie Ream, the only woman to sculpt President Lincoln from life, was an early member of NLAPW. Her statue of Lincoln now stands in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.

The Boca Raton branch is one of the largest in the country and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2015. As a qualified member of Art, Letters or Music, each member is exposed to participation in Art Exhibits, Author Talks and various workshops. On the third Thursday of the month – from November to May – luncheons are held with interesting, informative and entertaining speakers featuring the three Muses ~ Art – Literature – Music!




For more information about Boca Raton Branch National League of American Pen Women please visit:






Barbara Bixon: Bbcarter2@aol.com
Phone: 561 732-3577




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Trina Slade-Burks SOLO Exhibit at Harold’s

Trina Slade-Burks has been curating art shows alongside her husband Anthony Burks Sr. for close to a decade. While her focus previously has been the creativity of others, it is time to celebrate a SOLO Exhibit of her own artistry!  Already on display, “Women Unite” runs through May 28th.  There will be a public reception on Saturday, May 24th, so check it out at Harold’s Coffee Lounge.  The Rickie Report shares the details and a sneak peek.

Trina Slade-Burks

SOLO Exhibit:

“Women Unite”

Public Reception:


Saturday,  May 24th  6- 9 pm

Harold’s Coffee Lounge

509 Northwood Road

West Palm Beach,  FL 33407

Exhibit runs  April 24-May 28

*There will be light refreshments  (samples from Trina’s up-coming 2nd cookbook), however please support the venue by purchasing coffee, tea, and other things that Harold’s provide. The mission is to support local arts and local businesses.



Trina Slade-Burks has been curating art shows alongside her husband Anthony Burks Sr. for close to a decade. Some of the exhibitions’ include Collaboration: The Florida Endangered Species Exhibition at the Paul Fisher Gallery, Collaboration: African Diaspora Exhibition at the Armory Art Center, CONTINUUM in the Downtown District of West Palm Beach under the direction of ArtSynergy and co-curated BACKGROUND: Cultural Inspiration in Contemporary Art at ArtHouse 429 Gallery. Trina has also self-published 5 books since 2009 with a new cookbook due to be launched the winter of 2014.




Though Trina has exhibited in collaborative shows in the past, she has never had a SOLO exhibition.   This show, Women Unite”  is a tribute to women empowerment.   Born in Harlem, NY. , raised in Marble Hill Projects in the Bronx, Trina Slade-Burks is from an artistic lineage. Her multimedia influences have included creative writing, visual arts, music and theatrical arts disciplines.



Trina Slade-Burks

Trina Slade-Burks


After graduating from college in Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Visual Communications in the late 80’s, Trina felt the strong need to work creatively. She moved back to New York City and re-exposed herself to the creative flow she was longing for.  Trina later married a fellow artist Anthony Burks and together they have journeyed on to the next level of exposing people to what makes the world a better place: ART.



Trina Burks, Magnets

Trina Burks, Magnets


In 1993 Trina and Anthony created A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers (formerly A.T.B Graphic Designers); offering image-building  and branding for artists and companies. They also connect artists to clients and act as mentors to young artists by offering training for the professional art world. In 2009 their company was registered as an LLC in West Palm Beach, FL.


Trina Burks

Trina Burks, Mixed Media


With artists Barbara Cheives & Lea Jefferson, Trina and Anthony created  and launched a traveling art exhibition called “Collaboration” in 2007 which showcases art of different disciplines in alternative spaces. “Collaboration” is a new concept in art presentation.  Being in homes or businesses, allows artwork to be viewed by clients in a more realistic environment rather than a gallery or museum. It gives the artists an opportunity to interact with buyers on a one-to-one basis and develop a personal relationship without a third party facilitator.


Trina Burks

Trina Burks


Besides nurturing other innovative souls the couple is raising their two sons Anthony Jr. and Raymond who are equally as artistic as their parents.  Trina has been a major player in the development of art and culture for programs in Palm Beach County, FL.  Her groundbreaking projects  focus on the goal of developing the artistic souls of youth and adults alike, through creativity.



Trina Burks, "Understand Me"

Trina Burks, “Understand Me”


Trina published her first book, ” What is My Priority?”  in June 2009 which is a collaborative of poetry, affirmations & art.  She previously wrote articles, interviews and acted as the ghostwriter for the blog “Afro Boy” (with musician/writer Alexie F formerly of online hip-hop radio show The Zro Hour both found on Blogspot.com.)  The collaboration ended in February 2014.  This art educator and art activist has also worked for a number of art programs and organizations including the Center for Creative Education and The Armory Art Center.



In 2010 Trina, self published her second book, ” 2Faced: The Devil’s Advocate”, referencing her traits as a true Gemini; playing the devil’s advocate in life.  In November 2011, she self-published her 4th book which is her first cook book.  It is a mixture of friends’ and family recipes called “Soul Much More from Scratch”. It contains recipes from her childhood memories as well as recipes created by Trina in her adulthood.





In March 2012, Trina & Anthony curated an art event called “Endangered Florida Species Art Exhibition”.  The event benefited Florida Environmental charities. (Loggerhead Marine, Busch Wildlife & the Arthur R Marshall Foundation).  The next year, Trina co-curated  “Collaboration: African Diaspora Exhibition” and published the collaborative book, ” The Mighty 9″ at the Armory Art Center. This show broke the record for the largest attended opening exhibit at the Armory to date.




At the same time, Trina was honored by the Delta Heritage Foundation, in partnership with the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as a 2013 Woman Of Excellence at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. It was a  celebration of  Trina’s ongoing contributions to the arts community. The featured speaker was Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King.




January 2014,  in partnership with Craig McInnis, ArtSynergy & ArtPalmBeach and with sponsorship of Downtown Development Authority of West Palm Beach, Trina’s company A.T.B. managed “CONTINUUM”,  the downtown West Palm Beach popup art fair during ArtPalmBeach Weekend.


For more information about Trina Burks latest artwork, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/470252716408429/?ref=br_tf     https://www.facebook.com/dizeimagetsb     https://www.facebook.com/dizeimageart


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