Chips Off The Old Block! See Wood Craftsmen in Action!

Woodturning is fascinating.  How does the artist choose the type of wood for a project?  Are some types better than others for specific uses?  The Rickie Report knows you will find the answers at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery’s next exhibit: “Chips Off the Old Block”!  

Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery


Chips Off the Old Block

Friday, June 7- 6:00-9:00 PM

15 South J Street- Downtown, Lake Worth Florida

Wood nymph, Teri Salomoni, gathers her friends, their wood lathes and chain saws to fling chips in all directions as they demonstrate their considerable woodturning skills. Teri brings with her the master craftsmen of the Palm Beach County Woodturners.  They will be setting up their lathes and turning chunks of harvested and rare woods into finely crafted masterpieces before your very eyes.  
Teri at the Lathe

Teri at the Lathe

These Chips Off the Old Block work their wonders on Friday, June 7 from 6-9 PM at the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, 15 South J. Street in Downtown Lake Worth.
Teri at Work

Teri at Work

Teri Salomoni, gallery artist and Boynton Beach resident, is the only young woman wood turner among a pantheon of well seasoned male master woodworkers.  She grabs her chainsaw, responding to “wood alerts,” and travels to the sites of fallen or felled trees.  Taking both the inflorescence of the palms and the precious woods of the forests, she brings them home and cures them.  Weaving the fluorescents into baskets and turning the woods into finials, bowls and works of abstract art, Teri has reached a depth of fine art perfection that crosses the boundary of the “craft” dilemma.  Her precious wood inlays and resin fills allow for intricate textural design then enhanced by carving, cutting and burning. Teri paints her gouges and tools pink so that the men in the PBCWoodturners group will leave them alone.  She no longer loses her tools.
Wood Bowl by Teri

Wood Bowl by Teri

Among the master craftsmen joining Teri are Gerhard Schewnke, Carl Schneider, Lee Sky, Tim Rowe and Tim Carter.  Each is a recognized artist in his own right with works spanning the gamut of wood artistry and ingenuity. 

Bottle Brush Burl by Lee Sky

Bottle Brush Burl by Lee Sky

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