Artisans On The Ave Presents “The Vanishing Series” Art Exhibit Featuring Toni G. Willey

Toni G. Willey considers herself an artist/activist and her paintings reflect her thoughts and world issues. She admires many of the “Street Artists” who express themselves as she does. She shares  feelings and passion in her art, revealing an everyday truth that is before everybody’s eyes… but how many keep walking by, missing the point?  Artisans On The Ave features Toni’s artwork through her “Vanishing Series”.  The Rickie Report shares details and some sneak peeks.  The Exhibit opens on Saturday, February 13th with a Free Public Reception.







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“The Vanishing Series” Art Exhibit


Toni G. Willey

Opening Reception:

Saturday, February 13, 2016



6:00 – 9:00 PM

Gallery Hours:  Open 7 days a week
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm





This is a free event, refreshments will be served






“Elephant” by Tony G. Willey




Toni G. Willey found that colored pencils and a tablet had been appendages as far back as she can remember, then one day, fate intervened and drawing turned to painting at the age of seven. Teachers said she painted the way Mozart played music; it just rolled off her fingers and made her compelled to paint.




“Monarch” by Toni G. Willey



She considers herself an artist/activist and her paintings reflect her thoughts and world issues. She admires many of the “Street Artists” who express themselves, as she does… with feeling and passion that shows their art revealing an everyday truth that is before everybody’s eyes, but people just keep walking by everyday… missing the point….




“Green Turtle” by Toni G. Willey



Her latest form of artistic activism happens on the canvas with “The Vanishing Series”, which uses those inhabitants of earth who are facing extinction. Toni paints with a style that brings her images to life with her choice of realistic colors and techniques. Her own rendition of the animals she paints remind us of the images that early man etched on the walls of a cave in past prehistoric times. When looking at her “African Animal Series”, it is as if you are actually walking through the depths of the jungle and seeing the massive strength and beauty of its inhabitants.



ArtisansToniWilleySEE HORSES

“See Horses” by Toni G. Willey




You get a true sense of being one with these wonderfully marvelous animals she portrays and paints on her canvas. Her paintings reveal the likeness of each of the animals she paints and when looking at and admiring her “Vanishing Series” you become aware of the tragedy of the loss and extinction of each one of these beautiful animals that are so important to us.




“Lion” by Toni G. Willey





Toni a vegan, states “I am an avid animal lover and rescuer and have two rescue dogs of my own”. With the knowledge and vision that Toni exposes to us in her art she hopes that each one of us can become aware of how important it is to try and save what is left of these beautiful creatures that we might not see on the earth one day. We are sure after seeing Toni G Willey’s meaningful art exhibit “Vanishing Series” you will hold a place in your heart for these rare and special creatures.


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