Imagine, Create, Relax, Enjoy, And Escape With Haydee Ullfig’s Classes For Children, Bak Prep, And Adults. Art Lovers Can Browse Her Studio Gallery

Imagine, Create, Relax, Enjoy, Escape……Haydee Ullfig Art Studio offers you all this. Your experience begins as you walk from the garden to the studio door, surrounded by flowers and butterflies. Adults, youth, and children will each find themselves transformed into a more accomplished artist as well as a happier individual. The Rickie Report shares the details about painting and drawing classes for adults and children.  Haydee also offers Prep Classes for Bak Middle School.  Classes begin in June, so register nowArt lovers can check out Haydee’s Studio/Gallery. This award-winning artist is known for her children’s book illustrations, commissioned art for interior designers, commissioned portraits, and murals. Haydee holds a School District of Palm Beach County badge and is certified to meet the screening standards of 1012467 Florida Statutes.







I   M   A   G   I   N   E,      R  E  L  A  X,     C  R  E  A  T  E            



W I T H  



     H  A  Y  D  E  E       U  L  L  F  I  G





“Imagine” by Haydee Ullfig and Steve Brouse








Haydee tells The Rickie Report, “My style of teaching is to encourage confidence, self-expression and individuality while adventuring into the basics of art and developing the student’s power of observation and decision making.  Classes are kept small offering more individual attention to each student. Along with relaxing and having fun, creating a beautiful painting will increase confidence and self-esteem as well as the freedom to think flexibly and solve problems. This is especially important for the healthy development of any child as well as a stress release for any adult”. Inside the studio itself the depth of her talent is evident in her work exhibited on the walls; expressions of her powerful artistic statement reflecting her unique vision. Some classes, weather permitting, will be taught outside in the garden.  





 Fine Artist, Haydee Ullfig



Haydee emigrated with her family from Argentina to Chicago as a young child. While in primary school she already showed a strong natural aptitude for art. Haydee continued studying art through High School in Chicago, IL and was awarded a scholarship for classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. She graduated with a major in Fine Arts in 1972 from William Rainey Harper College, Palatine, IL.  Her subsequent degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami, has strengthened her entrepreneurial spirit. Her creativity, versatility and professionalism is reflected not only through her fine art paintings, but in various projects such as children’s book illustrations, commissioned art for interior designers, commissioned portraits and murals. 




If you can imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can achieve it, You can become it. –  William Arthur Ward




Haydee says, “Teaching children art, or more specifically creativity, is not only for teaching them to become our future fine artists. Teaching children creativity means teaching them observation and divergent thinking.  Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions.  With divergent thinking children learn to go beyond the mundane towards originality, inventiveness, inside-out thinking, resourcefulness and productivity”.




STARTS June 15







STARTS June 15

Little Masters


Visual Arts for Youth (ages 11 to 17)




She continues, “Our world needs these future creative visionaries…..and who knows….they may become the next “Einstein or Jane Goodall” that will save our environment”.  Will they become the next researchers that will allow us to continue living quality and healthy lives in this wonderful world?  They may become our future artists who will l sustain our hope in the future, enhance our world with beauty, and keep our eyes open so that we may conscious of our actions”.





“Claire De Lune” by Haydee Ullfig




Haydee’s commitment to give back to the community is  exemplified by her volunteerism creating art for various benefits and non-profit events throughout Palm Beach County, including the Hobe Sound Mural Project, Art in the Alley, and a large mural at Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Wellington, FL, to name a few. Her extensive travels throughout Europe and South America, visiting cultural and artistic centers, her keen observation of the world around her, her love of children, animals and nature, as well as her capacity to see “outside the box” continue to enhance her creative development.  She considers herself an “artist in transition” with her best work still to be created.













As an artist and art educator, Haydee Ullfig knows that it’s never too late to get into art or even to re-invent your creative talents. Our classes designed for adults will guide you through the techniques and principles of various fine art and craft mediums. Class sizes are limited, which ensures you’ll be receiving plenty of individualized guidance from the instructor.  






“Ride A Wild Horse” by Haydee Ullfig





Probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of fine arts, painting is a wonderful gateway into the expansive world of art.  We offer lessons in acrylic, watercolor, gouache and mixed media. Our lessons focus on color mixing, brush technique, composition and theory, but we make sure to emphasize in self-expression.


If you want to start with a basis before starting painting, drawing fundamentals including observational drawing is what you need.  Who knows, you may just decide to focus only on drawing which is an art in itself.   Our lessons emphasize on seeing, using right-brain techniques, line contours, shading and perspective. Lessons available in a wide array of drawing materials; learn to draw in charcoal, pencil (graphite and colored), pastels, oil pastels, pen and ink.

Other Creative Expressions                                                                                                

Other media specific classes may be added to our schedule, such as mosaics and sculpture and these will be posted on our website.  


For more information about classes, gallery visits, exhibits:









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Lori Axelrod Teaches Polymer Workshops At Bootz Culture Camp

Lori Axelrod spends most of her day working in the technology field, but once she is ready to create, Polymer Clay has become her go-to medium. Polymer clay is plastic, but until it is cured, it is a very malleable plastic.  Lori uses polymer clay as only part of her mixed media approach.  The layers and intricacies you see in her jewelry are not painted! Each color, dot and line is a different color of the clay she manipulates and forms.  Lori will be offering  a 6 week course at Bootz Culture Camp. Supplies and baking are included! The Rickie Report shares the details and urges you to sign up quickly, as the Opening Workshop begins Nov. 2nd!




Bootz’ Culture Camp, Inc.





6 Mondays:

Nov. 2nd

Nov. 9  

Nov. 23

 Nov. 30


  Dec. 14th

NOTE:  No class on Nov. 16th




6 – 9 pm

$270. Includes all supplies and baking

420 South SR 7    Suite 120      

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33414


​Explore the world through the arts!






Lori Axelrod will be leading 6 workshops to teach polymer clay, beginning Nov. 2nd at Bootz’ Culture Camp in Royal Palm Beach.  The workshops take place from 6 – 9 pm and all levels are welcome.  The workshops include all of your supplies and baking your creations!  They take place from November 2nd through December 14th.  Lori is a member of the International Polymer Clay Association and the 
Southeast Florida Polymer Clay Guild.




LoriAxelrodgraphic multi color pins - necklace

Polymer Clay, Multi-colored pins/pendants by Lori Axelrod



Artists and hobbyists alike love polymer clay for its brilliant colors, its ease of use, and the incredible range of possibilities it offers. The clay can be formed into any shape imaginable-from detailed miniatures for doll houses, to striking vessels and wall hangings, to beads of every description.




Lori Axelrod tell The Rickie Report, “There are no boundaries, no limit to what you can use to tell your story. I used the polymer clay flowers and fiber as my focal point and then I layered with gauze, gelato pens, acrylic paint, stamped images, pigment ink, embossing powder and probably some additional media”.





LoriAxelrodred flowers two pictures 2

Mixed Media Flowers using Polymer Clay by Lori Axelrod




Polymer clay is essentially PVC, polyvinyl chloride. It is plastic, but until it is cured, it is a very malleable plastic. It can be shaped and reshaped a multitude of times without deterioration. As long as it is stored away from excessive heat and direct sunlight, polymer clay can sit unused for years and still be workable (though it may require softening additives if left for very long).
Unlike earthen clay, it doesn’t have to be fired in a kiln, nor will it dry out at room temperature, like other clays will do. Polymer clay cures at significantly lower temperatures than earthen clays, so it can be easily hardened in a home oven or toaster oven. (In fact, the high temperatures in a kiln would ruin polymer clay and release potentially dangerous fumes.) Though it varies slightly by brand, most polymer clay must be cured at 265°F to 275°F (129°C to 135°C) for at least 15 minutes per ¼ inch (6mm) of thickness.




LoriAxelrodflower red and yellow triple 3

Polymer Clay Flowers by Lori Axelrod

Polymer clay is available in a variety of brands (each with its own characteristics) and a rainbow of colors. There are several specialty clays, as well, including liquid clays. Different brands of clays can be mixed together to create a limitless palette of colors.




Lori was born and raised in South Florida and has found her creative spirit and voice thru Polymer Clay. As her children grew up and went off to college she found that she had some time and energy for herself.  She shares, “I started to read magazines, poked around the internet and then I went to the craft store and bought some colored pencils and paper. Next I started to sign up for local workshops and classes. But I still couldn’t find the media that caught me. Somehow or another I found polymer clay and bought a few bars. That was it, I was hooked, I finally found my media to work in! Finding my artistic voice however, came much later… I look back at those beginning pieces and I smile at how much my art has developed. I’ve learned so much from the many artists who have shared their talent and knowledge”.





LoriAxelrodnecklace - multi color oblong shape 1

Multi-Color Polymer Clay Necklace by Lori Axelrod 





Lori tells The Rickie Report, “My weekdays are spent working in a technical field so it is in my  free time that my imagination is given full reign. I love exploring new color palettes, but usually find myself going back to the colors that speak to me. I hope that others will experience the same delight that I get when they see my work.  My polymer clay canes are created by combining custom made colors and shaping them into sheets or rods of clay to make patterns or images. When the cane is sliced, the image or pattern is revealed and it is such a pleasant surprise”.






Lori explains, “It is my connection with color and pattern that drew me to polymer clay as the perfect medium for my creative outlet. The intensely saturated colors and the details that I can achieve with polymer clay, combined with the wonderful tactile experience of the clay has me hooked”.



LoriAxelrodflower red grow where you are planted 3

“Red Flower, Grow Where You Are Planted”

Polymer Clay by Lori Axelrod




“I started to experiment with all of the mixed media products that I was reading about and found my rhythm by telling myself to conquer my apprehensions and doubts and allocate lots of time to play.  I love mixed media because there are no boundaries, no limit to what you can use to tell your story. I used the polymer clay flowers and fiber as my focal point and then layered with gauze, gelato pens, acrylic paint, stamped images, pigment ink, embossing powder and probably some additional media. There are pieces of fiber which adds the dreamy iridescence near the center of the flowers”.







For more information about Lori’s Polymer Clay creations, please email:

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Artisans On The Ave, where her artistry is on display

630 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460




Broward Art Guild 3280 NE 32nd Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 
(In the North Beach Restaurants and Shoppes Plaza)


For more information about Bootz’ Culture Camp:

Jeanne Bootz Brown, Chief Creative Officer 

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