ARTHOUSE 429 Invites You To CANVAS Local Showdown Mural Event And New Exhibit

Seven community-based artists will paint outdoor murals in a competition to win a coveted position on the CANVAS, 2016 line-up!  Attendees will vote for their favorite CANVAS Local Showdown Mural. The excitement takes place on Friday, November 13th in Northwood Village.  During the event, ARTHOUSE 429 will host a Cocktail Reception, featuring new works of art.  Valet parking will be available.  The Rickie Report shares the details and knows that the artists, Amanda Valdes, Eduardo Mendieta, Amauri Torezan, Diana Contreras, Mark Rupprecht, Jay Bellicchi and Paul Hughes will appreciate your support!





ArtHouse429 CANVAS Local 1


ArtHouse429 CANVAS local 2





Seven local artists have been selected to paint outdoor murals on seven overhead doors on an active warehouse in Northwood Village as part of  CANVAS, a two-week outdoor museum experience, running November 8-22 in West Palm Beach. The competition, known as CANVAS Local Showdown will have one winner that will receive a coveted position on the official lineup for CANVAS 2016.

The competition, conceived by ArtHouse429 in collaboration with CANVAS and the Community Redevelopment Agency, will take place directly across the street from the ArtHouse429 contemporary art gallery on 25th street. The event is open to the public, and all attendees will be able to cast their vote for their favorite CANVAS Local Showdown mural by using the official CANVAS Art App. The murals will be completed during the event on the evening of Friday November 13th, and voting will continue through November 21st. The winner of CANVAS Local Showdown will be announced at the CANVAS Closing Brunch event on Sunday, November 22.

In addition to the Mural Competition, ArtHouse429 will host a Cocktail Reception throughout the evening where guests can mingle with the local artists, luminaries and world-renowned muralists from CANVAS WPB. Arthouse429 will also debut an all new group exhibition of contemporary fine art to celebrate the start of the coming season.

“We are very excited that CANVAS has selected Northwood Village to host the CANVAS Local Showdown. We conceived this event to connect the vibrant local art scene to the internationally recognized CANVAS Outdoor Museum Show. This is a wonderful acknowledgement to the artists and galleries that have worked so hard to build this area into a world class center for the arts.”  William Halliday, Owner ArtHouse429.

The CANVAS Local Showdown will also feature a modern dance performance by the Demetrius Klein Dance Factory, and DJ Cole of C-Keys Recording and Vinyl will be providing the Soundtrack for the Showdown.



For more information please contact:

429 25th Street       W. Palm Beach, FL 33407
561 231 0429


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Amauri Torezan’s Paintings are Featured at Arthouse 429

Amauri Torezan had been hiding his artwork in plain sight…until now!  When The Rickie Report shares opportunities for artists and crafters to network, we honestly hope you will take advantage of them.  Amauri is a perfect example, as he attended one of Arthouse 429’s Marketing Seminars with Raquel Williams, Ilene Adams and Rickie Leiter.  While Amauri had been selling artwork on his own previously, he did not have gallery representation.  This interview with Amauri explores the process he went through and shares some of his colorful artistry that is now being shown at Arthouse 429. His colorful acrylic abstracts will make you happy!





Amauri Torezan with "To

Amauri Torezan with “Tourada”



TRR:  What specific types of art experiences influenced you while growing up?


I grew up in the big city of São Paulo,Brazil.  I always had access to many sources of art such as public art workshops, museums, street art and so on. Cartoons also played important role in my artistic formation.



TRR:  Why did you keep your abstract art at a personal level when you moved to the US. ?


I was just making art to please myself, without any intentions to show it to anybody.  I have been creating art since was born, I guess. It got more intense as a teenager, but I began painting bigger pieces in 2011.



"City Lights" by Amauri Torezan

“City Lights” by Amauri Torezan



TRR:  What are your favorite mediums? (Are there mediums you tried but prefer others?)


 My main medium is Acrylic paint. I also like to work with collage, which I haven’t done much of lately. Photo collage is something that pleases me a lot.



"Sparkling Wheel" by Amauri Torezan

“Sparkling Wheel” by Amauri Torezan

TRR: What helps keep you inspired to create?


What helps me to keep inspired is the audience feedback, which is always related with the happiness that the colors of my work transmit to them. It’s always a great feeling to know that my artwork is bringing moments of happiness to people . It feels like my contribution to a happier world.



"Empire of the Spider" by Amauri Torezan

“Empire of the Spider” by Amauri Torezan

TRR: Please tell us about your experience at the Marketing Seminars at Arthouse 429.


It was great. I am always trying to educate myself.  It’s great when you find a source of information like these seminars, with experienced people with a lot of knowledge to share.


TRR:  How did you join the Arthouse 429 team?


When I attended the Marketing Seminars and visited the gallery, I felt that my work could fit there.  I had to apply for it and then I was invited to bring some pieces to the gallery for analysis.  Arthouse 429 Manager, Mary Coyle, later came to visit my studio. Then my work went to the gallery to be shown!




"Gratitude" by Amauri Torezan

“Gratitude” by Amauri Torezan

TRR:  You have had many exhibitions, especially in Miami. Do you paint full time?


My artistry is my full time devotion.  I recently had an exhibit at Conception Art Fair during the Art Basel 2014.  My collaborative work with the renowned sculptor, Gino Miles, was recently shown in Los Angeles (January 15-18,2015) at the LA Convention Center for the LA Art Show.

Click Here to See Video of Amauri Working on this Collaboration: 


TRR: Any advice for emerging artists?


The work of an artist goes way beyond just creating art.  Learn as much as possible about the art business.  Educate yourself, then apply what you have learned into hard work until you see that EVERYTHING that you could have done is done.


"Photo Bomb" by Amauri Torezan

“Photo Bomb” by Amauri Torezan


For more information about Amauri’s art pieces please contact: Arthouse429 located at 429 25th Street  West Palm Beach, FL 33407.  Call 561.231.0429  or visit:


The next Art Marketing Seminars take place:

Tuesday, February 3rd


 Tuesday February 10th  7 – 9 pm

at Arthouse429

To register:!the-art-of-marketing/cecc



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“Marketing Your Art to Galleries” Seminars With Rickie, Ilene, and Raquel Are Open For Registration

If you have been wondering how other artists arrange for their artwork to be shown in galleries, this is your opportunity! Under the auspices of Arthouse429, Ilene Gruber Adams, Rickie Leiter and Raquel Williams will present “The Art of Marketing Your Art” in a two-part series. Pre-registration is required. We are proud to announce a success story from our first seminars!  The artwork of one of the seminar attendees, Amauri Torezin, has been been accepted into Arthouse 429! The Rickie Report shares the details about the next seminars here.  




The Art of Marketing Your Art

presented by

Ilene Gruber Adams, Rickie Leiter and Raquel Williams


ArtHouse 429 in Northwood

Session 1: February 3rd  | 7 – 9 pm

Session 2: February 10th | 7 – 9 pm

429 25th Street       West Palm Beach, FL 33407






IleneandRickieArt of marketing P2 FB




What are galleries looking for

Preparing a portfolio

Presenting your work

Marketing your work

Using Social Media

Answering Calls to Artists

and more…



To sign up or get more details contact Ilene :

To register:!the-art-of-marketing/cecc





For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact The Rickie Report at:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher

The Rickie Report

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