Durga Garcia’s ABCs of Getting Your Work Out There Part II

Durga Garcia’s article, “The ABCs of Getting Your Work out There” continues in this Rickie Report.

Entering Art Shows


  • Read ALL information slowly and carefully AND Follow the rules


  • Make a Check list to ensure you have not missed anything!


  • Enter Shows that match your works’ theme and discipline


  • Online Exhibits  or Out of the area Exhibits:   If work needs to be shipped leave enough time for shipping ( and acts of nature like a snow storm or bad weather)!


          Can you manage the dates?

           Entry deadline date?

           Notification date?

           Delivery date (or shipping date)?

           Reception date?

          Pick up work date?  

Having someone else deliver/pick up? Have a written agreement of acceptability!




Portrait by Durga Garcia

Portrait by Durga Garcia


 The Award Ceremony



JUDGES WANT TO BE shocked or amazed, amused or educated – to see things in a way not seen  before.


For the amateur it’s a learning process that mimics being commissioned. You are working to a very  loose brief, but you are attempting to impress others rather than just yourself.



For the professional it is of course a chance to achieve greater exposure for your work, and  therefore generate more work, but it is also a chance to ‘commission yourself’ rather than working to a client’s directions.  Done correctly that can be creatively very liberating.



"Hardbody in Tutu" by Durga Garcia

Hardbody in Tutu” by Durga Garcia


Being part of an exhibit is something to be proud of, having people see your work and getting the  chance to see how people respond to your work will give you invaluable feedback in your growth as  an artist and is an important part of being an artist.




WINNING IMAGES have a “Wow” factor with with a story to say to be truly award-winning.

The image needs to be artfully constructed and technically well executed…beyond being something pleasurable to look at in a decorative way –— it should provoke or calm,  educate or entertain with innovation, humor or add revelation.



"As We Are" SOLO Exhibit at NAWA Headquarters by Durga Garcia

“As We Are” SOLO Exhibit at NAWA Headquarters by Durga Garcia


Rejections and Not Winning



  • There may be several hundred entries with only room for only 50 pieces to be exhibited.


  • More entered pieces are not accepted than shown


  • It doesn’t necessarily mean the non-accepted work is not good,  just not suitable for that exhibit, in that judges opinion, at that time or maybe needs just a little change  to be better.


  • Sometimes it is simply a matter of space.


Art is very subjective and even the most expert opinion, is just that, an opinion.



Winning, the difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place and honorable mentions could be so slight,  the same judge on a different day could easily pick a different order of winners. Being recognized as one of the best is an achievement.



Any Award is good and can become part of your resume. It is good practice to keep track of your  achievements.




Many of Durga Garcia’s images can be found in Public and Private collections.  She is a South Florida based freelance professional photographer of art for artists, portraits, commercial projects & events. Durga has several long term projects and books to her credit.


Durga brings a most uncommon background to her pictures.  She has lived in many countries and across America, working as a racehorse trainer, equine veterinary paramedic, yoga teacher, member of the U.S. International Pistol Team and certified art appraiser.  She has parlayed her years of experience as a certified art appraiser into a special talent for conveying those nuanced details in her own work. Durga maintains her Senior Fine Art Appraisal accreditations.    She lectures on photography for area groups, camera clubs and art guilds. Durga hosts a blog for photographers giving tips and tricks of the business and is writing a book for kids, “Your First Photography Book”.


In September, 2014 Durga will take part in Palm Beach State College’s “BARK” Invitational Exhibit (Palm Beach Gardens, FL). She has been invited to Tuscany in Spring, 2014 to lead a multi-discipline workshop plus a Photo Tour of Iceland in Fall, 2014.

 Durga is a Proud Member of these Professional Associations:


For more information visit: http://durgagarcia.com/ http://durgagarcia.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/durga.garcia

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“2014 Glass as Art” Competition Calls for Entries from McMow Art Glass

McMow Art Glass will sponsor the 2014 Glass as Art Competition and is calling for entries!  It is always a treat to see how creative people are with this fascinating medium.  The Rickie Report suggests you start planning and fill out the entry form.  More details as well as a look back at previous entries are in this article.




mcmow_logo_4colorproces_AI8 [Converted]




2014 Glass as Art Competition

 Call for Entries!


Deadline:   March 21, 2014

Contest Reception:  Friday, April 25   6-8 pm


To Download a printable version of the form below click here


phoeeeto 5



About the Sponsor:

McMow Art Glass offers the best in stained glass windows and beveled art glass, as well as beautiful designs in carved, etched and faceted glass. McMow Art Glass maintains an excellent working relationship with top builders, architects and designers and regularly ships their work throughout the US, Europe and South America.


photo aa




Who is eligible?

Amateur art glass artists are able to enter their work into the following categories:
– 3-dimensional
– Original design Stained Glass
– Pattern adaptation from a book or other source stained glass
– Mosaic glass
– Fused glass/Jewelry
– Professional


photo ww


All entries must be 6 square feet or under. Works must be display ready with hooks and/or stands. No broken or damaged work will be accepted. Professionals may also enter into their own Professional category. A professional is anyone who sells their artwork and makes a living from it.




What to Send:

There will be a $5.00 entry fee per piece. Up to 3 pieces may be entered. Please submit payment with photographs of your work with entry forms. If submissions are entered electronically, payment must be received over the phone via credit card.





photo u


Please send electronic submissions to tricia@mcmow.com Checks will also be accepted. Please make checks payable to McMow Art Glass.



Deadlines & Labeling:

Deadline for submissions is March 21st . Finalists will be notified by phone the week of March 26th-28th. Pieces selected for competition need to be dropped off the week of April 1st -5th. Pieces will hang in the gallery until May 3rd . Pieces will need to be picked up by May 10th at the latest. The contest reception will be Friday April 25th 6-8pm.



aoto 1




Title of Work:_______________________________________________________________________
Dimensions of Work:_______________________________________________________________________
Price of Piece (if for sale):_______________________________________________________________

Category: Please check one
____3-dimensional ____Original design Stained Glass
____Pattern adaptation from a book or other source ____Mosaic glass
____Fused glass/Jewelry ____Professional

The undersigned has read and understands the rules of the contest. The undersigned agrees to release McMow Art Glass, Inc from any damages to any work submitted.
Signature:_____________________________________ Date: ________________________



For more information please Call 561-585-9011 x100. Please contact  McMow Art Glass Inc.  701 N. Dixie Highway   Lake Worth Fl 33460    or visit http://www.mcmow.com





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