International Art Organizers Partner with Local Galleries and Artists

The Organizers of ArtPalmBeach, Jan 23-27 and American International Art Fair (AIFA), Feb. 4-9,  invite the galleries of Palm Beach County to participate in a  county wide gallery opening weekend promotion during each of the upcoming 2014 fairs. Each gallery district is encouraged to use these Jan. and Feb. dates as a kick off of the upcoming season of gallery walks, openings or special art/cultural events.  The Rickie Report encourages Palm Beach County artists, art organizations and galleries to read this article and join together!  Read about how this partnership was born and more details in this article.



From “THINK TANK” to Action


On May 23, 2013 over 45 artists, art organizers and art promoters met to form a new group, the  Palm Beach County Think Tank.  The mission of the Think Tank is to “bring together a group for individuals committed to the advancement of the arts in Palm Beach County through the exchange of ideas and program development”.  Under the leadership of Craig McInnis, Frank Basta and Rolando Chang Barrero, the Think Tank focused on its first goal, to coalesce and energize the broad-based Palm Beach County art scene into events surrounding Art Palm Beach in January, 2014.


Through a series of open meetings and working committees, the Think Tank identified 3 different Art Districts to focus on, (Lake Worth and Boynton Beach Art districts) and Historic Northwood Village Artx (West Palm Beach) .   Last week, the two groups of galleries and artists from the 3  Art Districts met for the first time. The “Think Tank” (Lake Worth and Boynton Beach Art Districts) and Historic Northwood Village Artx (West Palm Beach).  As both these groups were working separately on art events and the organization of an Art Event, Freddy Hennevelt was key in  contacting Lee Ann Lester of  IFAE.



Craig McInnis shares, “During this meeting we decided that we want to work together on our Art Walks and on the big Art Palm Beach event in January and AIFA in February”.    

Lee Ann Lester, Organizer of  IFAE LLC is enthusiastic about this partnership.  She states, ” Now is the time to plan for a very successful 2014 season. The local economy, housing market, job growth are all on the rise. We encourage each  district to form a steering committee to encourage the participation of dealer, artist and non-profit institution.  Thousands of art enthusiasts are drawn to Palm Beach County for each of these four day Fair Events. Use your combined creative intelligence to promote the arts of Palm Beach county and your gallery district.    I look forward to speaking to you personally about your ideas for these two weekends of events.”



IFAE will offer support in promoting these county wide events in the fair PR, marketing materials, web site, web links and publicity. Events will be included in the fair’s printed program which over 250,000 are distributed in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Palm Beach Daily News. Additionally, special sections devoted to Palm Beach County Arts  will be offered by “Modern Painters” and “Sculpture” December issue  magazines. These issues will be distributed at Miami Basel art fairs, conferences  and  international fairs. The magazines are offering discounted advertising rates to all local galleries.


 To be able to promote the January and February events she needs a program of what we are going to do during the art events before Oct. 10th .  If you are interested in being involved in this exciting, innovative programming, PLEASE contact one or all of the Art District Representatives!

Each Art District has a representative with names and contact info.  The Rickie Report urges you to contact these representatives and join this exciting art movement!


West Palm Beach Satellite:


Boynton Beach Satellite


Lake Worth Satellite


Northwood Village Satellite



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