Armory Art Salon Features Artist Sri Prabha’s Mixed Media Installations, Videos, Sculptural Paintings And Photo Based Works

Sri Prabha is a mixed media artist using installations, video, sculptural paintings, and photo based works. Named “Best Visual Artist 2015” and “10 Visual Artists You Need to Know”(2016) by Broward Palm Beach New Times, he will be presenting at the next Armory Art Salon on Tuesday, May 3rd. His work synthesizes possibilities across ecology, geology, and science in general. Sri travels the world to conduct research connecting geological identities, man’s drive for scientific exploration, and humanity’s connection to The Universe. Facilitated by Elle Schorr, the public is invited for stimulating discussion. The Rickie Report shares the details and urges artists to attend this networking opportunity.





1700 Parker Avenue W. Palm Beach, FL 33401







TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016

6:30 – 8:30 pm



“Art as a Conduit to the Interconnected Cosmos: Synthesizing the Possibilities across Ecology, Geology And Science”



ArtSalonSriPrabhaThe Night Lands 3

“The Night Lands” by Sri Prabha



$10 fee to attend may be paid at the door

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ArtsalonSriPrabhaOutpost, installation

“Outpost” Installation by Sri Prabha




Sri travels the world to conduct research connecting geological identities, man’s drive for scientific exploration, and humanity’s connection to The Universe. He questions “where are we going and how will we get there?”, and states: “Conscious and subconscious connections are visualized and expressed through art as a conduit to the interconnected cosmos.”


ArtSalonSriPrabhaOrbiting Cathedrals, Installation

“Orbiting Cathedrals” Installation by Sri Prabha




Sri integrates into his aesthetic process tenants of geography, nature, time, human origins, and the cosmos. He illuminates new possibilities and reconciles the old and new by synthesizing deeper understandings of our relationship to the natural world. He asks how our intellectual understandings compare with our emotional responses to these discoveries.


ArtSalonSriPrabhaGanymede's Shadowmancer-Video Art

“Shadow Dancer” by Sri Prabha




Sri originally came to the US from Hyderabad, India. His artistic training includes a B.A. in Studio Arts at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, San Francisco. Recent shows include the South Florida survey show “100+Degrees in the Shade”, an expansive SOLO installation at Young at Art Museum, and an immersive space outpost installation at The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. He has also exhibited work at The Deering Estate, Boca Raton Museum of Art, pop up installations at the Dupont Building, the Ingraham Building, downtown Hollywood, FAT Village and public art video installations in the streets of Fort Lauderdale.



ArtSalonSriPrabhaCrystal Beacon Rover , Installation

“Crystal Beacon Rover” Installation by Sri Prabha






Sri’s awards include inclusion in The Photo Review Competition Issue (2015), Broward Artists grant, Brush Creek Arts Foundation in Wyoming, and National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center artists’ residency. He received the Innovative Artist Award at Fraker Scott Gallery, and the Juror’s Award from Smithsonian Affiliate, Annmarie Sculpture and Arts Center. His videos were shown in Resfest, garnered the Ford Motion in Drive video award, and his title design work was shown on PBS. He teaches photography and mixed media at NSU Museum of Art, and taught at Film Arts Foundation and Expression Center for New Media in San Francisco. His works are in several private collections in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Washington, DC, and Copenhagen. Sri lives in Hollywood, Florida and spends a considerable amount of time engaging in research across the world.



Photo by Sri Prabha 

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ART SALONS offer stimulating conversations with other artists in the community. As a springboard to each of our explorations, professional artists from South Florida are invited to present their work, talk about what influenced them, and examine the work of influential artists showing in museums and galleries. Our discussions cover the gamut of contemporary art themes, including conceptual, cultural, socio/political, environmental, race and gender focused and aesthetic practices, the materials and techniques used to convey these ideas, and where we fit into the world of contemporary conceptual art. They’re also an opportunity to explore the practical side of being an artist, of professional development and the sharing of useful resources. 





NEW LOCATION: All Salons meet in the Library of the Armory Art Center, 1700 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida 3340, in the historic Art Deco Armory building to the left of the garden.

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If you’re driving South on I-95, turn left / east on Okeechobee Blvd. Turn right on Parker Ave, just before the Convention Center. Continue south past the fire station and turn left on Park Place. The entrance and main parking lot of the Armory Art Center is halfway up the block on the left side.




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Armory Art Salon Presents Third Annual “Basel Through Our Eyes”

Armory Art Salons offer stimulating conversations with other artists, in a relaxed setting.  These groups hold meetings to discuss, display, and share the work of the participants and/or invited guests. All salons are $10 payable at the door and meet in the Armory Library. Tuesday, January 5th will focus on “Third Annual Basel Through Our Eyes” featuring  Terre Rybovich, Sandra Schulman and Elle Schorr. The Rickie Report shares more details and some photos. We applaud Art Salon facilitator, Elle Schorr, and urge you to attend this learning/networking opportunity.




1700 Parker Avenue W. Palm Beach, FL 33401

Armory Art Center Presents









Tuesday, January 5, 2015

6:30 – 8:30 pm

There’s a $10 fee to attend. Pay at the door.

Please share this announcement with friends. If you’d like to bring some snacks or drinks to share, that would be much appreciated.



ArmoryartsalonelleschorrArt Miami Context-756-2

Elle Schorr reflected in work by Anish Kapoor at Art Miami



“We came, we looked, we each curated our own personal collection of favorite Miami Art Week / Art Basel / Art Fair works of art. Each of us was drawn to different locations and to different works. We found connections to the kinds of work we do, or inspirations for new directions, new techniques, new materials, new ideas. One thing is for sure – no one saw it all”… Terre Rybovich, Sandra Schulman and Elle Schorr are joining together to share the work that each found most meaningful.



ArmoryartsalonInstallation view

Installation View


Terre Rybovich has drawn all her life. After a career in social activism, she returned to charcoal and paper with a new way of working, drawing “backward”, removing charcoal from paper with her body. The initial imprints were so dense with stories that she let them guide the drawings’ completion. That openness, plus years of figure drawing, generated a new art practice of subtlety. Her new work often incorporates nature and embodies her view that separation is an illusion. She says, “Prizing our individuality, we too often overlook our interconnectedness. My activism forged an enduring commitment to this world. It also instilled a courageous drive that I’m now channeling into art-making. I’m a daughter of Tommie Rybovich, noted boat designer and builder, and an heir to his self-guided vision and ambition for the work. It has been gratifying to have my work in the Drawing Center’s slide registry in New York since 2004. ”



ArmoryartsalonSandra Schulman and Jane Hart

Sandra Schulman and Jane Hart



This year during Miami Art Week, Terre was an artist on a mission, looking at works on paper and galleries that seem like a good home for her work. Despite the traffic, she made it to Miami Project/Works on Paper, Pulse and Art Basel, and will share some of what she found.


ArmoryArtSalonTheFutureWasWrittenbyDavidArshamYoung Arts Bacardi-55

“The Future Was Written” by David Arsham  Young Arts Bacardi-55






Sandra Schulman is an arts writer, music and film producer. Born in Miami, she was raised in New York and now lives in West Palm Beach, where she is an Arts columnist for WPB Magazine and writes for Palm Beach ArtsPaper. Her work has appeared in Billboard, Variety, Rolling Stone, Ocean Drive, Country Music Magazine, The New York Daily News, and Entertainment Weekly, among others. She was an entertainment columnist for the South Florida Sun Sentinel for 8 years, and has authored three books on pop culture, including “Spiritual America The Catalog 1983 – 1984″, the story about the gallery she co-directed at 5 Rivington Street, NY that first exhibited Richard Prince’s Spiritual America photo along with early work by Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Loise Lawler, Walter Robinson, Sarah Charlesworth, and others.




armoryartsalonDesign District-446-2

Tony Matelli sculpture at “Unrealism” in the Moore Building





This December, and through the end of January, Sandra is gallery manager for the largest of the 9 venues for “100 + Degrees In The Shade”, a definitive survey exhibition of South Florida Art curated by Jane Hart, with over 170 participants, which took place in Miami and Broward Counties. The venue she manages is at 3900 N Miami Avenue. Sandra also wrote one of the three texts for the full color, hardcover 220 page book of that exhibition. “Rumble”, a film she consulted on, is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival 2016, based on an exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian that she co-curated. She will share her experiences about the exhibition space she is managing, as well as other spaces for 100+ in the Shade and other Art Galleries and shows she found most interesting.



armoryartsalonTerre Rybovich

Terre Rybovich at Art Basel in the “Kabinett” devoted to Al Held




Elle Schorr has been exploring the world through a camera all of her adult life and has always been excited by contemporary art, architecture and the power of photography. She is now working to capture the transitory energy of the urban environment and shows her work widely. Her work was chosen in 2009 and 2013 for the “Annual Juried All Florida Exhibition” at the Boca Raton Museum, and in 2015 in the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood Juried Biennial. Work can be seen at ARTHouse 429 in Northwood, and Project Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale.




Armoryartsalon100+degreesintheshade3900 N.Miami Ave

100+Degrees in the Shade 3900 N.Miami Avenue





Elle created and leads the Art Salons at the Armory Art Center. She recently curated “Artists of Art Salon: A Collective Dialogue”, which showed the work of 57 South Florida artists who have given presentations at Art Salons over the past three years. She stays in Miami every year for Art Basel, and this year decided to focus on respected South Florida artists who are showing their work, and the galleries, studios and special exhibition spaces where their work is being shown.




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