St. Lucie Cultural Alliance Kicks Off Season In A Big Way With “The Vault” Grand Opening Friday, November 18 In Fort Pierce

The St. Lucie Cultural Alliance invites the public to attend The Vault’s Grand Opening at the November Art Walk Friday, November 18. Enjoy wine and locally catered food. The Alliance’s Literary Guild will be on hand for a meet-and-greet with book signings in addition to live painting. A special Drum Circle led by Kevin Beatkeeper takes place in the parking lot.  Stubborn Bastards Band will add to the entertainment. The Rickie Report shares the details with links to sign up for the Drum Circle and RSVP for the Grand Opening.  Admission is Free- but PLEASE RSVP.





111 Orange Ave. in Downtown Fort Pierce, FL






Friday, November 18, 2022

5 – 8 pm

Free admission and parking











Downtown Fort Pierce’s historical buildings have gone through multiple transitions over the years. A recent metamorphosis has taken place at 111 Orange Avenue. Formerly the Sun Bank building, it is now divided into several sections with offices and galleries upstairs, and until recently, the home of St. Lucie Cultural Alliance.


This summer, the Alliance headed to the basement. “We’re calling the entire space The Vault,” curator Terry Long says. “There’s an actual bank vault there. It’s the coolest thing ever – a fun space.” Long has been curator for the last year and a half. “Fort Pierce, really all of St. Lucie County, is extremely rich with a variety of talented people in the arts, music, dance, theater.” 



Fort Pierce also has its own genre, art history-wise. “We have the Highwaymen,” Long explains, “and hundreds of plein air artists. I could go on and on. As more people become aware of St. Lucie Cultural Alliance, we’re constantly increasing membership.”  This led to the happy problem of becoming cramped upstairs. “We started in little offices inside the county administration building on Virginia Avenue,” Long says, “then moved downtown. But we’ve outgrown it.”


Over the years, artists have been housed in the building, including Art Mundo, a non-profit that focused on visual arts. For Rebecca Miller, chair of the board of directors for the Cultural Alliance, things have come full circle. “I was also chair of Art Mundo. We had a gallery, visiting artists, classes, and Art Walk. It was the pulse of Fort Pierce, the center of the gravitational pull for the art world.”


Without municipal support, however, the concept wasn’t sustainable. A vision to celebrate all art forms and culture was born, which St. Lucie Cultural Alliance fulfills with municipal and corporate partnerships, in addition to its members.  This summer and fall, work on The Vault was completed. Visitors enter through Lisa Jill Allison Gallery and Working Studio into the Cultural Alliance’s five rooms. Glass walls facing the walkway create a unified, welcoming feel. A boutique is planned for handcrafted jewelry, wearable art, and more.


Executive Director Alyona Ushe calls the rooms “galleries with desks. We didn’t want to waste space for administration, so each space has a desk. We’ll also use the rooms for classes.” Plans include belly dancing instruction, visual arts, professional development, and film screenings.  The expansive vault itself will house juried art shows, changed periodically and usually reflecting a theme. The acoustics promise to be an asset for live music and readings.


The financial aspect is also positive. “The cost per square foot is amazing,” Miller says, “which helps us be fiscally responsible. It’s not about being showy, but now we have four times the space.”  Community partnerships are an important component. “Rather than just hosting events,” Ushe says, “we want to collaborate more with others, supporting our members’ events, supplying public schools with master classes, and arranging music concerts with the Department of Parks and Recreation.”



About the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance:

The mission of the St. Lucie Cultural Alliance is to better position the arts and cultural sector as a significant contributor to the vibrancy, and educational and economic well-being, of St. Lucie County.

SLCAlliance is sponsored in part by the St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners, the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, the St. Lucie Office of Tourism.

SLCA is located at 111 Orange Avenue, 3rd Floor, Fort Pierce, Fla. 34950  

To learn more, visit, or call 772.462.2783



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Dr. Sara Schesser Bartra’s Solo Exhibit “The Good, The Bad, And The Beautiful” Explores The Unseen World Of Microbes And Mixed Media At ArtServe In Fort Lauderdale Now Through December 30, 2022

Dr. Sara Schesser Bartra‘s Solo exhibit at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale,  “The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful” explores the world of art and microbes. She brings a combination of mixed media artwork and science to forge a deeper public understanding and awareness of science. This exhibit  is about the importance of the microbial world and its role in Nature and our everyday lives. Art helps us to better understand nature and the natural world. This exhibit does not pretend to illustrate the natural world but rather shows a representation of it – to instigate curiosity about it in the viewerIt is available NOW thru December 30, 2022.  The Rickie Report shares some sneak peeks and explores the world of microbes with you!



We live in a microbial world.


We are surrounded by microbes… they are in the air, soil, water, and in our bodies.


They are the smallest and most powerful organisms on our planet….

Essential for life.







We know very little about them, but can learn so much from them.



They are important for our health, for our lives and for all life in our planet.      

~Sara Schesser Bartra





Exhibit runs Now until December 30, 2022 at ArtServe 

 1350 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Hours:  Monday-Friday: 9 am – 5pm;  Saturday: 10 am – 5pm; Sunday: closed

ArtServe Phone: (954)-462-8190




Sara Schesser Bartra, Artist In Residence, ArtServe




South Florida based visual artist Sara Schesser Bartra considers herself a citizen of the world. Sara grew up and lived as an adult in many different countries in South America and Europe.  A self-taught artist who drew  inspiration since childhood from many family members, Sara is currently an Artist In Residence at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale.  





Sara Schesser Bartra, Artist In Residence, ArtServe




Sara’s art work is in private collections around the world. Her goal is to combine science and art to elucidate actual nature and social themes and to forge a deeper public understanding and awareness of science. Dr. Sara Schesser Bartra holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and Microbiology and often incorporates science and the microbial world in her creations. She believes that microbes are not only important but also beautiful and that it is essential to show their elegance and significance.






“Gone with the Wind”by Sara Schesser Bartra, Mixed Media Artist




Sara tells The Rickie Report, “We live in a microbial world. A micro-organism or microbe is a creature that is too small to be seen with the naked eye. Microbes play a fundamental role in life on earth.  They are the foundation upon all the other life rest. Microorganisms include fungi, algae and micro algae, bacteria, archaea and microscopic animals. They are unfathomable diverse and immeasurably abundant. The majority of microbes are beneficial (The Good), very few are the bad actors, they are called pathogens and they cause diseases to humans, animals and plants (The Bad) and finally so many of them seen under the microscope are absolutely attractive (The Beautiful).  Microbes have been on our planet from the beginning and throughout history… they enabled societies but also posed challenges to them”. 





“I Cannot Live Without You” by Sara Schesser Bartra, Mixed Media Artist




Sara explains, “This exhibit, “The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful” shows a body of work created in multiple mediums to represent the world that is unseen with a naked eye and emphasizes the role of the microscopic organisms in our lives. By doing so, I hope to instigate curiosity about it in the viewer. Each piece is a compilation of diverse characteristics and elements that helped create pieces that resembles microorganisms and their stories”.







“Group of Diatoms” by Sara Schesser Bartra, Mixed Media Artist



Sara’s work represents a variety of techniques, mediums and themes. She particularly enjoys mixed media because she can use all of her imagination and creativity utilizing materials that sometimes she buys but most times she finds and collects from the most unlikely sources. The combination of these techniques and materials produces interesting and compelling pieces of art. Her work exemplifies a highly personal approach and perspective. In her recent work she is combines her scientific background into her art. “Humans are visual creatures: we need to see in order to understand”. Her goal is to combine science and art to elucidate actual nature and social themes and to forge a deeper public understanding and awareness of science. Friendship and collaborations are part of Sara’s daily life. Accordingly, she founded and leads an art group of Swedish Women living in South Florida. She recently retired from The University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine where she worked as a scientist for 20 years, to dedicate herself completely to the arts. 




For more information about this exhibit:


1350 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

ArtServe Phone: (954)-462-8190




For more information and to see other artworks of Sara Schesser Bartra:


Instagram: @schesserbartrasara





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Palm Beach Watercolor Society Announces Call To Artists, BRIC Reception, And Three Workshops Open To Members And Non-Members

The Palm Beach Watercolor Society announces  Call To Artists for “Beauty and the Best” (Deadline is November 27), Dream In Color Exhibit at BRIC (Boca Raton Innovation Campus) (Reception is November 7 ) and three water media workshops. Join Jorge Leon, December 8 (Put a Little Drama Into Your Pour”); Jennifer Stone, January 9- 12 (Making Collage and Abstract Design Studies with her Wild Women); Steve Griggs, February 8-9 (Loose Watercolor Painting).  PBWS offers MANY opportunities no matter what your skill level.  The Rickie Report shares the details and reminds you that non-members are welcome to register!






A N N O U N C E S:







NOW  THRU  NOVEMBER 27, 2022   

↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓    






↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓ ↓   ↓






↓     ↓       ↓     ↓     ↓     ↓       ↓     ↓    




















































For more information:





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Wellington Art Society Presents Mixed Media Artist, Lynn Doyal At November 9 Meeting And Announces Upcoming Holiday Boutique Hosted By Garden Club and WAS On Wednesday, November 16

The Wellington Art Society will feature mixed media artist Lynn Doyal for their November 9, 2022 meeting. The meeting and presentation will take place at the Wellington Community Center. The meeting includes a meet and greet, a member spotlight, a brief meeting and Lynn’s presentation “An Artist’s Journey Discovering Public Art”. WAS and the Garden Club will offer a Special Shoppers Boutique on Wednesday, November 16. Check out the art, floral design, plans and creative gifts!  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.






Public Is Invited To




Wellington Art Society Meeting


Wednesday,  November 9, 2022


5:30 pm


Wellington  Community  Center


12150 Forest Hill Blvd.   Wellington, FL







      LYNN   DOYAL  

“An  Artist’s  Journey  Discovering  Public  Art”




Open to members and non-members



For more information contact: Laura Jaffe,


 COVID-19 protocols will be observed. 



Lynn Doyal blends contemporary design with a reverence for the techniques of the past.  She incorporates paint, hand stitching and beading, collage, and digital technology in her works to create vibrant, textural pieces.  Digital photographs of her artwork can then be transferred onto a variety of surfaces such as glass, metal, canvas, tile, or vinyl, allowing for expansive reproductions as public art pieces. 







She tells The Rickie Report, “My artwork … provides that ‘breath’ in the course of a person’s day which means a great deal to me.”  Her life-sized originals let the viewer marvel at the intricate detail of Doyal’s mixed media pieces, while her large-scale public art pieces are a captivating, surreal experience. 





In 1979, Doyal received her degree in Fine Art from the University of South Florida. After working in the corporate realm, she started her own company, Signature Chocolates, providing premiums and incentives for corporations, hotels and cruise lines. Since 2011, she has been exhibiting her art in festivals, shows, and galleries.





Over the past 6 years, Doyal’s interest in public art has motivated her to serve as an apprentice to a nationally recognized public artist, as well as volunteer in Palm Beach County Art in Public Places, to gain the perspectives of the many individuals and agencies that need to work in concert together to create, fabricate and install public artworks. She explains, “my overall approach to public art is to beautify and surprise.”  Doyal’s current projects include “Word Patterns” which explores the patterns in word search puzzles, and a Portrait Ministry, in which she creates portraits as a way to encourage and uplift others.



To learn more about Lynn Doyal and her works, visit her website at, or follow her on Instagram @MixedMediaBy Lynn, or Facebook @Lynn M Doyal.







The Wellington Art Society is a non-profit charitable organization in its 41st year. It is open to artists of all mediums and patrons of the arts, allowing both local and regional artists to display their artwork in local galleries, interact with other artists and serve the community through their art. For further information about the Wellington Art Society, please visit  






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Gallery 14 Celebrates 15 Years In Vero Beach Arts District With Exhibit Of Works By Melissa Mastrangelo And Horacio Lertora. Meet The Artists Friday, November 4.

Gallery 14 in Vero Beach kick offs the celebration of their 15th Anniversary season with an artistic partnership of husband and wife team Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio LertoraTheir successful collaboration for almost 20 years can be seen in their current body of work, Florida FreshThis bright and colorful show runs from November 1 – 25.  Enjoy a Meet the Artists Reception on Friday, November 4, as part of the First Friday Gallery Stroll.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.  Don’t miss this retro gem!






1911 14th Avenue    Vero Beach, FL. 

Phone: 772 562-5525.  Visit:





Melissa   Mastrangelo




Horacio   Lertora






“Diving Dots” by Melissa   Mastrangelo   &   Horacio   Lertora





Meet     the     Artists     Reception



Friday,    November  4,  2022



5    –    8   pm


Enjoy  Vero  Beach’s  First  Friday  Gallery  Stroll




Exhibit runs from November 1 – 25, 2022

Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10 – 5 and Saturday 10 – 4

Also open by appointment

Closed Sunday and Monday  




”  Florida   Fresh:   Pop   Art   Paintings


Horacio   &   Melissa




“Makin’ Plans” by Melissa   Mastrangelo   &   Horacio   Lertora





Dorothy Napp Schindel tells The Rickie Report, “As we celebrate 15 years in the downtown, historic Arts District, Gallery 14 is excited to welcome the new Season in November 2022, with the return of the ever popular husband and wife team Melissa Mastrangelo and Horacio Lertora.  The duo who have continually brought smiles to the faces of fans and collectors from near and far, like to say that they are spouses sharing the same canvas in life and art”. 




“Fresh Wild Blueberries” by Melissa   Mastrangelo   &   Horacio   Lertora





This partnership has resulted in a successful collaboration for almost 20 years.  For their current body of work, Florida Fresh – which consists of pop art acrylic paintings on canvas – they dove backwards into their past, where the art of sign making was more prevalent in their work.  Among their other iconic images, they have combined the art of fruit crate labels with a nostalgic look at vintage swimmers and divers – referencing the regions historic fruit farming. 





“Pink Motel” by Melissa  Mastrangelo   &   Horacio  Lertora



Having started out initially as sign makers, it is only natural that they often incorporate typography into their art.  According to Melissa: “We have always enjoyed combining patterns, imagery and text and appreciate the playful way it all interacts together.”  This bright and  colorful show, filled with retro imagery, will  run from November 1 – 25.



Featured  throughout  the  year  at  Gallery  14:

Edgardo Abello

Lila Blakeslee

Barbara du Pont

Barbara Landry

Mary Ann Hall

George Pillorgé

Deborah Morrell Polackwich

Dorothy Napp Schindel

Walford Campbell

Joan Earnhart

Terry Green

Viola Pace Knudsen

Mia Lindberg

Francis Mesaros

Michael Robinson

Carol Staub

Artist-sales associate Jo Zaza    





About Gallery 14:

Gallery 14 is located at 1911 14th Avenue in the Downtown, Historic Arts District of Vero Beach.  Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10 – 5 and Saturday 10 – 4.  Closed Sunday and Monday OR open by appointment.

Phone:772 562-5525.  Visit us at





For more details please call  :772 562-5525

or Email:



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“Tis The Season” Opens At The Palm Room November 2. Martin Artisans Guild Offers Gifts For Walls, Halls, Nooks, Necks And The Hard-To-Buy-For Person In Your Life

The Martin Artisans Guild have upped the ante!  “Tis The Season” kicks off holiday shopping in The Palm Room Art Gallery and Artisans Boutique located in Stuart’s Harbour Bay Plaza. Enjoy the Opening Reception on November 2 that will feature live music, cash bar and the delectable appetizers for which the Guild has become known.  A second opportunity to get to know the people behind the art takes place on Wednesday, December 7, at a “Meet the Artists” event.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.





Palm     Room     Art     Gallery    &    Artisans    Boutique



Gallery Hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays from Noon to 6 pm



 3746 SE Ocean Blvd.  Stuart, FL

 Sewall’s Point in Harbour Bay Plaza (east end of the Plaza, near Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar)











Show runs November 2 through December 31, 2022




“Jewels of the Seas” by Sue Klahne



The artists tell The Rickie Report, “You’ll find goodies to deck the halls …. and the walls…. and every other nook and cranny of your home at the next exhibit of the Martin Artisans Guild”.  We’d add that you can shop for the most-difficult-to-buy-for person on your gift list, including wearable art!





 “Glorious Autumn”  Wearable Art by Jacquelyn Roesch-Sanchez





While you’re enjoying the fabulous show, be sure to check out the very special and one-of-a-kind items in the Artisans Boutique.  





“Angels Wings” by Laura Kay Whiticar Darvill





“Hardwired” by Linda Reymore




Artwork by James J DeMartis




Meet    the    Artists:




Chris Kling

Deborah Bottorff

Dinija Berkien

Dot Galfond

Eduardo Gomez

Glen Allen

Jacquelyn Roesch-Sanchez

James J. DeMartis

Jane Lawton Baldridge

Jeanine Baum

Kim Beltrame

Laura Kay Whiticar-Darvill

Linda Reymore

Lynn Morgan

Mallo Bisset

Mark Stall

Michaelann Bellerjeau

Sue Klahne




For more information about the Open Studio Tour, events, or membership:

The Martin Artisans Guild


The Martin Artisans Guild was created to nurture the production of Fine Art and Craft, increase awareness of local art, facilitate development and networking among Working Artists and create marketing venues for our members.·        

  • To promote Martin County, Florida as a center of art.
  • To provide opportunity for artists to exhibit original work to the public.
  • To develop a sense of shared community and support among artists.
  • To foster the concept that success for one artist benefits all artists.
  • To present Artists’ Open Studios as a venue for purchasing art.


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Lake Worth Art League Announces “Adjectives Of Art Exhibit Series”, The Opening Reception For “Beautiful” On Sunday, October 23 Plus New Classes In Pastel, Jewelry Making, And Open Studio

The Artists Eye Gallery & Boutique invites you to a NEW SEASON exploring “Adjectives Of Art Exhibit Series”. The Opening Reception of “Beautiful” takes place on Sunday, October 23.  Also NEW are: Jewelry making classes with Michael Rivers (Starts Thursday, November 3), Pastel classes with Darcy Doiel (starts Wednesday, November 9) and regular Open Studio sessions. As we near the holidays, browse the Boutique for one-of-a-kind affordable handmade gifts. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks here.















” B  E  A  U  T  I  F  U  L “  


Sunday,  October  23,  2022  


1 – 3  pm  



Free  Admission  and  Parking

Show runs October 18 – November 12, 2022
















For more information  about this exhibit, future exhibits, classes, workshops, or membership:

604 Lucerne Avenue    Lake Worth, FL  33460



Gallery Hours:   Tuesday thru Sunday    Noon – 4 pm


For coverage of your events, to place an advertisement, or speak to Rickie about appearing in The Rickie Report, contact:

Rickie Leiter, Publisher


17019 SW Sapri Way   Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

George Moscowitz Celebrates A Legacy Of Creativity As We Look At His Newest Polymer Clay Jewelry Wearable Art Pieces

A man ahead of his time, George Moscowitz has been creating professionally for the past six decades, working with a variety of media such as paint, metal, ceramic, plastic, wood, and now polymer clay. Starting his professional career as a sculptor and jewelry designer, his early metal pieces were sold in Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Serendipity, Kaye Walton Boutique, Mac Wise Boutique and the Katonah Museum Gift Shop. His success as a jeweler led him to establish the George M Creations label. As we celebrate his 90th birthday on October 18th, The Rickie Report shares his polymer clay wearable art jewelry pieces and looks at his inspiring life!  Polymer clay fans will appreciate his cane work!







George Moscowitz


“Art comes out of you because it’s in you.   

I create because it’s in me.

My passion is my addiction. 




At 90 years of age, I live to create, it’s what keeps me breathing.




“The medium I work with may change…

 But the passion doesn’t!”  

~George Moscowitz






Notice the varied cane work in “Sabertooth” polymer clay necklace by George Moscowitz





George’s academic training began at the Albright Art School at Buffalo Fine Arts Academy where he received a certificate in 1952. He studied at the State University of New York College for Teachers and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Arts Education in 1954. He was a member of Delta Kappa.  George served in the Army soon after college and was stationed in Fort Polk. He was able to use his illustration talents to humor the men, as well as his letter home to his family. George’s talents landed him a post as an illustrator for his unit.  He went on to receive a Master of Arts Degree from New York University in 1963.  








“Klimt On My Mind” necklace by George Moscowitz











Notice the intricate polymer clay cane work in George Moscowitz’ necklace inlays.



George started his career as an art teacher in public school. He influenced his students both inside and outside of the classroom. He was active in his labor union, endeavoring to make conditions better for teachers and students alike.




Notice the intricate cane work in George Moscowitz’s earrings





Marketing George’s creations was a family endeavor!




The themes of social justice, gaining a better understanding of the world around him, and sharing that with his students and his family were of the utmost importance to George. He was always helping other artists succeed and his insights to the art world still echo in 2022. In an article he wrote for the Putnam Review on Sunday, June 30, 1968, George said, “I have found that the public in general is hesitant to frequent art galleries. There are many reasons for what I call the “American Culture Block.”






Many titles of art such as “Dissenter” (above) expressed George’s understanding of the world around him.





On Sunday, July 7, 1968, George continues to use his artwork as a platform for social justice as well as generating interest in artwork by the public.  He writes, “We, as Americans, are now being made aware of the inescapable fact that we have much to be ashamed of. With all of our pride welling-up within our national bosom, we have been pricked hard with the pins of racial prejudice, social disorder, poverty, malnutrition, war, and a host of other plagues that have fallen upon our house and nation”.  Although much has been written about collecting works of art, George points out that our choices are often racially prejudiced.






“Lumumba” (above) served to express George’s understanding of the world around him and bring that world to others.




George notes, “When one criticizes an individual’s personal taste, he is attacking, in essence, part of that individual’s personality.  Some people are not sensitive at all concerning the arts and therefore no matter what is said about ‘American Culture’ they could not care less”.  George continues in this newspaper column to outline how to select an art object for your home: 1) The most important element is that you thoroughly like and enjoy the work 2) The work must be an original and not a copy of someone else’ work  3) The art should be signed by the artist or craftsman 4) The art should be well made 5) Rely on a competent gallery or shop to help you make a decision if you feel you are not quite prepared to make it on your own.”




In March 1969, George took a 6 month Sabbatical to Europe traveling through multiple countries by car.  The family sailed from New York City on the SS France and arrived in Le Havre, France where they purchased a Peugeot wagon 504 and traveled by car (well before Google maps!)  



Family photo on the SS France. Barbara Moscowitz is wearing one of George’s striking contemporary necklaces.




George, his wife and three young children visited Spain, France, Denmark, Italy, Germany, and Holland. He studied the history of art and returned with a folio of images and knowledge to share with the community and his students.




“Blue Moon”Necklace by George Moscowitz



George has been creating for the past 60 years, working with a variety of media such as paint, metal, ceramic, plastic, wood, and now polymer clay. George started his professional career as a sculptor and jewelry designer. His early metal pieces were sold in Bergdorf Goodman’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Serendipity, Kaye Walton Boutique, Mac Wise Boutique and the Katonah Museum Gift Shop.




George Moscowitz uses semiprecious stones and polymer clay, creating a mixed media wearable art piece such as this necklace.




His success as a jeweler led him to establish the George M Creations label. In addition to teaching Public School art for over 35 years, George was the founder of the Red Door Art Gallery, a seasonal gallery that displayed works by emerging artists. George’s late wife, Barbara filled many roles in George’s creative life by supporting his unique talents and artistic abilities. Both teachers, she understood the complexities of balancing creativity with running a business. Barbara owned a Montessori nursery school where George had his earliest studio annexedand in the summers, when the school was closed, the space became the Red Door Art Gallery.





Jan wears George’s initial necklace for school picture day



Daughter, Jamie and George’s granddaughter, Brena wear initial necklaces to celebrate his 80th birthday 




All of George’s pieces are one-of-a-kind. His work has been shown extensively in galleries throughout the US and can be found in private collections including: KOZ Gallery, NYC; County Gallery, Houston TX; Group Gallery, Jacksonville FL; Courtyard Gallery, Katonah, NY; Morin Miller Galleries, NYC; Brookfield Gallery, Brookfield, CT.




Notice the intricate layers of polymer clay George Moscowitz uses for “Baby Z” necklace




Today, George works in polymer clay. Polymer clay is a fantastic media created from 20th Century man- made materials.  There are many different forms of polymer clay which include pearlized, translucent, fleck or metallic finish, making it ideal for jewelry or small sculpture. He loves the tactile, intimate and personal nature of expressing himself in the visual arts. George continues to make art. He lives in Delray Beach with his wife Nusha Sinnreich Moscowitz.  



George Moscowitz uses gold leaf and polymer to create “Come Fly Away With Me”






Bakelite, an early plastic, was popular with designers was a precursor of the polymer clay we know today. German doll maker, Käthe Kruse, gave some to her daughter (known as “Fifi”) to use as modeling clay in 1939.  It was  later sold to Eberhard Faber and marketed under the name “FIMO” (FIfi’s MOdeling compound).  







George Moscowitz’s “Trans Glass” necklace uses metal, glass, and polymer clay





According to George, there is a challenge and an achievement in translating something from your mind into something you hold, something you can see and touch, a tactile connection between a thought and an object.  George manipulates the medium through feel and visualizing to make a form. He shapes and reshapes; uses color, adds elements, and it comes out as what he had visualized. 






Nusha and George at Rainberry Bay Art Fair. Nusha wears George’s Van Gogh Polymer Necklace.




For more information about George M’s jewelry please visit:



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Susan Estrella’s Mixed Media Wall Art And Boho Chic Jewelry Is Featured At Gifts Of The HeART Juried Art Show Sunday, November 6, 2022

Susan Hankoff Estrella‘s mixed media art gives viewers a sense of new-found joy as each detail comes into perspective! Susan creates assemblage artworks of varying sizes using all kinds of mixed media objects.  She also brings a special Boho Chic vibe to her jewelry creations.  Susan’s artwork can be found in several area galleries. She will be one of the featured artists at Temple Beth El Israel’s Gifts of the heART juried Art Show on Sunday, November 6, 2022.  Admission and parking are free.  Partial proceeds of sales will benefit the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office.  The event includes a K9 Demo, Meet the K9 team, and the SLPO Tent of Engagement.   The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Susan’s work.




551 Bethany Drive   Port St. Lucie, FL  34986




Free Admission          Free Parking

Bake Sale         Food           Raffles    




Meet the K9 Crew  

Partial Benefit for St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office


Susan’s artistry brings a renewed sense of joy to viewers of her multi-media artworks.

“Tree of Life” Mixed Media by Susan Hankoff Estrella



Some say she’s a bright light or that she has a sparkling personality.  An artist from as far back as she can remember, Susan Hankoff Estrella (yes, her last name means “star” in Spanish!!) spent her career as a sought-after graphic designer in Washington, DC for 22 years.  She moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where she was the art director for a number of publications. She started playing with jewelry design on the side and that is where she really started to make her mark in the local arts community.




One-of-a-kind “Crayola Crazy” Bracelet by Susan Hankoff Estrella


Using unusual combinations of color and varying textures, Susan felt her creative spark grow. She began participating in local art shows and realized there was an entirely new artistic realm to explore – the world of three dimensions!! After almost two decades in NC, Susan and her husband, Mike, moved ever closer to his native Cuba and settled in Florida. She continued freelancing as a graphic designer, all the while still dabbling in jewelry making. Susan became an integral part of numerous wearable art galleries in Southeast FL, with her volunteer efforts and expertise in marketing enhancing her jewelry pieces. 



Mixed media artwork, “Three Amigos” by Susan Hankoff Estrella



When Covid hit, Susan faced a series of stressful family situations and her creativity ground to a halt. The lack of creativity weighed on her, but several months into the isolation of the pandemic, she picked up a canvas, started playing…and a cardinal was born! Yes, a bird – an assemblage of paint, paper, fabric, yarn, feathers and jewelry pieces. Her burned out core was rekindled!




Mixed media artwork, “Heart, Herman Hesse” by Susan Hankoff Estrella



Since late 2020, Susan has been creating a multitude of mixed media pieces that allow her to reach deep into her inner creative being. From birds to flowers and trees to any inspiration from the world around her, Susan says, “I love the fact that mixed media is so freeing. Having spent so many years in a profession that required preciseness, measuring, straightening and lining up, this new medium was indeed a huge breakaway from the norm”. She gets lost in her art while she creates, and art lovers are the beneficiaries.




One-of-a-kind handmade bracelets by Susan Hankoff Estrella




Susan still plays with jewelry, but now incorporates many of the beads, gemstones and other components from her stash into her mixed media pieces. Always the collector of unusual things (good luck finding an artist who doesn’t do this), you’ll find some of those items in her pieces. Thinking of tossing that dryer sheet? Nope. Give it to Susan and she’ll put it in her art. Don’t throw away that netting from the fruit you purchased. She’ll use that too. Old keys? A perfect addition to her next piece.



“Sunflower” Mixed Media by Susan Hankoff Estrella



You’ll also discern some unheard of mixtures of patterns and texture in her pieces. She has collected handmade papers for years and incorporates pieces of them in her work. One of her most recent pieces, “Mimi’s Flowers” has leather flowers that used to adorn her mother’s shoes. Since her mom’s recent passing, Susan decided that using those flowers creatively would be a great way to keep the memory of her mom alive in a decidedly cheerful way.





“Transformation” Mixed media artwork by Susan Hankoff Estrella

You can see that this glittering light in the art world has taken so many paths and truly embraced her creativity. Susan proudly displays her work at Rare Earth Gallery in Stuart, FL, at The Craft Gallery in West Palm Beach, FL and at SeaDragon Gallery in Duck, NC.


You’ll find Susan’s work at the upcoming TBEI Art Show, Gifts of the HeART at Temple Beth El Israel in Port St. Lucie on November 6. Stop by and look for the radiating light in the room and you’ll find this star!


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32nd Annual All Florida Juried Art Show Showcases Wide Variety Of Media At Court House Cultural Center In Stuart. Enjoy Opening Reception, Juror’s Talk, And Artist Panel Discussion

The 32nd Annual All Florida Juried Art Show continues its legacy featuring all Florida artists in all media. View pieces of art from artists all over the state from October 11 through November 18, 2022 at the Court House Cultural Center in Stuart. Juror, Dolores Coe will choose the winning piece at the Opening Reception on Friday, October 14 and will give a Juror’s Talk on Saturday, October 15.  An Artist Panel Discussion led by Duncan Hurd of the Gilt Complex will take place on Tuesday, October 25.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. 






32   Annual   All   Florida   Juried   Arts   Show




Court House Cultural Center

80 E Ocean Blvd      Stuart, FL 34994





Artwork by Lisbeth Ascanio



Gallery Hours:  Tuesday 10–6 /Wednesday–Saturday 10 – 4 



A  donation  of  $5  in  support  of  our  exhibitions  and  programs  is  requested


*Court House Cultural Center is following current Covid-19 health and safety regulations



Artwork by Jamie Rodriguez



Opening Reception

Friday, October 14 | 5:30–7 PM



Juror’s Talk

Saturday, October 15 | 11 AM 



Artist Panel Discussion

Tuesday, October 25 | 6 PM 


Exhibition Dates:  October 11 – November 18, 2022





Artwork by Judith Copeland



Featuring Artists:




Lisbeth Ascanio, Bob Bechtol, Steven Beverage, Sarah Black-Sadler, BILL Brody, Jonathan Brooks, Judith Copeland, Cheryl Cote, Martin Dunn, Janas Durkee, Miriam Esteve, Janet Folsom, Marine Fonteyne, Ron Garrett, Bonney Goldstein, Jay Hatfield, Latonya Hicks, Etheard Joseph, Claudia Jane Klein, Michael Knapp, Catherine Kramer, Stacey Mandell, Suzanna Mars, John Marshall, Jane McIntyre, Robert Michelmann, Sharon Mroz Hopek, Leslie Neumann, Nina Offutt, Deborah Perlman, Amber Quimby, Galal Ramadan, Linda Reymore, Christopher Rivera, Jamie Rodriguez, Danuta Rothschild, Alexandria Salmieri, Rita Shapiro, Joel Shapses, Norman Silva, Rachel Stewart, Jeff Whipple, Terry White, Addison Wolff, Kate Wood 






Artwork by Cheryl Cote






Meet The Juror:







Dolores Coe (Studio Art) is an artist, educator, and former Professor of Art and Program Director at Ringling College of Art and Design. Her paintings and mixed media work re exhibited regionally and nationally in museums and galleries and are included in a number of public, private and corporate collections. She was awarded a resident fellowship at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and is a State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship in Painting. She earned the MFA in Painting and an MA in Counseling. 






Artwork by Deborah Perlman







Sponsored in part by the Florida Dept. of State, Div. Of Cultural  Affairs, Florida Council on Arts & Culture, the National Endowment for the Arts, Martin County Board of County Commissioners, and private contributions.





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Martin Arts

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