Fresco Fine Arts Offers Original Abstract Modern Art At Affordable Prices

Stew Cohen comes from a family of art collectors and art appreciators. His goal is to bring original art to the general public at an affordable price.  The Rickie Report shares a sneak peek of his inventory. Each piece of artwork, an original in the abstract modern style, is available at Fresco Fine Arts.  Emerging artists as well as established artists are among his collection, available in Deerfield Beach,FL.








Stew Cohen grew up in Montreal, Canada. His family was a collector of fine art, preferring modern and abstract pieces.  Each piece of  artwork is OOAK (One-of-a-kind), signed by the artists.



"Egyptian Eye of Horus, Blue Moon"

“Egyptian Eye of Horus, Blue Moon”



Since Stew’s retirement and move to Florida, he has opened Gallery space at the Decorative Arts Mall located in Deerfield Beach, FL.



"Sensual Oasis"

“Sensual Oasis”



The Decorative Arts Mall is a popular haunt of decorators, interior design mavens and local art aficionados.



"Three Women"

“Three Women”



Stew’s goal is to show his vast collection with the general public. Custom framing increases the value of the paintings.


“Walt – Breaking Bad”



Stew tells The Rickie Report, ” I want original art to be affordable for the general public.  The prices at Fresco Fine Arts range from $49. to $1,000. with most art pieces listed at $500. or below.  Instead of purchasing a print or commercially produced piece of artwork, you can find an original, one-of-a-kind right here.”




"Silver Dreams"

“Silver Dreams”


For more information call Stew Cohen at:  561.609.5389

or visit: .




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