Paul Dorrell Speaks About Living The Artists’ Life: How YOU Can Do It!

Being a full-time artist demands more than making art. You must be a production manager, stock inventory overseer, publicity agent, public relations representative, social media typist, accountant and also create art.  The Rickie Report agrees that the art world has become more complicated.  We’re happy to say that Paul Dorrell, author of “Living the Artist’s Life” will be speaking at the next meeting of the Boca Art Guild. The Rickie Report had a chance to ask Paul a few questions before this event and shares them in this post. This is a significant opportunity.  BE THERE!




Paul Dorrell tells The Rickie Report, “I try to make my message relevant to artists, and they seem to appreciate the sincerity of it.”  
TRR:  You spoke about the art scene in Kansas City where most galleries stayed open during the recession and how art patronage has crossed specific gallery boundaries.   Why do you think that happened?  How have you moved from a culture of competition to cooperation?  
PD: Well I’m sure about cooperation.  I send clients to other galleries when appropriate, and include other galleries in my massive art projects for office buildings and stadiums.  I think that attitude is shared here to a degree.  Also Kansas Citians have become insanely passionate about supporting regional artists, which I’ve been working to encourage for 22 years.  That attitude has brought us a long way.
TRR:   What plan of action do you suggest for an artist to gain access into the corporate world?  For example, I heard about a company taking out a building permit for $2 million.  I sent an email to an artist who I believe has the capability of growing his market and suggested he call the company, find out who the architect and interior design firm are for this project.    Is there anything else you  would suggest?  
PD: You’ve started him off well, contacting the company and the architect.  Even better if someone can make the contact for him, like a gallery or rep.  Please bear in mind, the “rep” can be his wife, partner, whomever.  It’s just normally best if someone else makes the contact for the artist.  $2 million is a decent budget; that should provide artistic opportunity.
TRR: What can we do to help drive a renaissance of art patronage in Palm Beach County? 
PD:   Involve all the corporations you can, as well as hospitals, families of influence, schools—and teenage artists from area high schools.  This is important for the energy of any such movement.  If people there are unsure of how it’s done, I can assist.  These movements always need some kind of structure.
TRR: Do you have a list of “must haves” for every artist who wants to sell their work? (business cards, website, good jpgs, etc).  
PD:  Indeed I have, and I cover that list at length in each talk—even greater length during my seminars.  Here are the first 6 points out of 21:
·         Is Your Work Ready–meaning, is it now mature?
·         Photography: is it high quality?
·         Resumes, Bios and Artists’ Statements: Have you drafted at least one of these?
·         Your Website: Do you have one up and is it sophisticated?  Do you know how to build one?
·         Social Media Sites: Are you engaged in this, as it has become critical.
·         Establishing Goals/Setting Deadlines:  Is this routine for you?  I explain how it’s done.
·         Business Cards and Postcards: I feel you need both.
And that is just scratching the surface…”
Paul will be speaking at venues all around FL, including:
The Art Center of South Florida, Wednesday, 1/9, 7 pm
800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 305.674.8278Art Serve, Thursday, 1/10, 6:30 pm
1350 E Sunrise Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, 954.462.8190

Key West Art Center, Friday, 1/11, 4pm
301 Front Street, Key West, 305.294.1241

The Artists Guild in Delray Beach, Sunday, 1/13, 7 pm
512 E Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, 561.278.7877

Alliance for the Arts, Monday, 1/14, Noon
10091 McGregor Boulevard, Ft. Meyers, 239.939.2787

The Von Liebig Art Center, Monday, 1/14, 6 pm
585 Park Street, Naples, 239.262.6517

The Morean Art Center, Tues 1/15, 7 pm
719 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, 727.822.7872


PAUL DORRELL  Fine Art Advisor/President  LEOPOLDgallery  324 WEST 63RD STREET   KANSAS CITY, MO 64113    P 816 333 3111    F 816 333 3616                          FACEBOOK  Selling Great Art Since 1991      
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Florida looks glorious through the eyes of area artists, according to Ralph Papa

Florida through the eyes of artists is astoundingly beautiful. More than 75 artists in the Landscapes 2012 exhibition at the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum have captured the vivid colors and diverse scenery of the paradise that many of them call home. The Rickie Report likes that some of the pieces are three dimensional.  Much of the art in Landscapes 2012 brings you into the scene.  This show runs through January 5th, so bring your out-of-town guests with you and enjoy more of Florida than your own back yard!


Landscape 2012 Exhibition

Through January 5, 2013


Ralph Papa will be speaking about the art of landscape painting

December 20, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.


Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum

Gallery Square North, 373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta

Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.



Lighthouse ArtCenter executive director Katie Deits, congratulates assistant curator Barbra Broidy on the excellent quality of the Landscape 2012 exhibition and introduces the exhibition’s judge artist and instructor Ralph Papa.  (Photo by Bruce Bain)


Nearly 200 people attended the opening on November 15, at which awards were presented by the juror Ralph Papa. Mr. Papa is an accomplished artist and a workshop instructor at the Lighthouse ArtCenter School of Art, as well as president of the Boca Raton Museum’s Artist Guild.


“There were so many great works in this exhibition,” said Mr. Papa, “It was really difficult to choose the award winners. I only wish there were more awards to give, as so many artists deserved them.”


Best of Show award winner Quince Quaintance (right) is congratulated by artist and instructor Ralph Papa.  (Photo by Katie Deits)


Katie Deits, executive director of the ArtCenter, also congratulated Barbra Broidy, assistant curator, on the entire look of the exhibition.  “Everyone has commented on the extraordinary quality of the artwork and how terrific the entire show appears,” Ms. Deits said. “The jurying and curation of the show is critical, and the jurying committee and Barbra truly excelled. Displaying 136 works of art, some of which measure more than 10-feet wide, and having a cohesive look is a challenge. We were also pleased that several pieces of art sold on opening night.”

First Place Award Winner in Photograph for “Sunset at Refuge House ” is Melinda Moore. (Photo by Katie Deits)


“Landscapes 2012 is a great opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty that Florida offers and, as much of the art is also for sale, perhaps purchase a piece or two to adorn the walls of their home or office.,” Ms. Deits said. “This also helps to support artists who are working in our area”.


First Place Award Winner in Sculpture for “Double Eye Inlet” is Michael Harris. (Photo by Katie Deits)

The list of award winners are as follows: Quince Quaintance (Best of Show)(Oil on Canvas), Valerie Bloomfield-Ambrose (First Place)(Painting, Oil on Canvas), Michael Harris (First Place)(Sculpture), Melinda Moore (First Place)(Photography), Malcolm MacKenzie (Second Place)(Photography), April Davis (Second Place), (Acrylic Painting), Lynn Morgan (Second Place)(Pastel) and Tracey Erickson (Third Place, Painting).  Honorable mentions were awarded to: Bruce Bain, Michael Brown, Rick Lewis, Frances Lynn, Deborah Neuhaus, Jane McIntyre  and Joanne Slattery.

John Ambrose joins his wife Valerie Bloomfield-Ambrose, as she proudly displays her First Place Award in Painting for “House of Refuge, Sea View”. (Photo by Katie Deits)


Award were presented to artists exhibiting in Landscapes 2012 at the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum: (from left) Joanne Slattery (Honorable Mention)(Pastel), Lynn Morgan ( Second Place)Pastel), Michael Harris (Sculpture, First Place), Valerie Bloomfield-Ambrose (Painting, First Place), Quince Quaintance (Best of Show), Rick Lewis (Honorable Mention)(Oil on Canvas), Deborah Neuhaus (Honorable Mention) (Oil on Canvas), Bruce Bain (Honorable Mention)(Photography), Melinda Moore (Photography, First Place), Tracey Erickson (Third Place)(Painting), Frances Lynn (Honorable Mention) (Oil on Canvas) and Mike Brown (Honorable Mention)(Photography).  (Photo by Katie Deits)


The Lighthouse ArtCenter is a member-supported not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community arts organization, providing excellence in art exhibitions, instruction, education and outreach for all ages. Programs are funded in part by the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council and the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners.


For more information on the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum, School of Art, exhibitions, programs and events, visit or call (561) 746-3101. The Lighthouse ArtCenter is located in Gallery Square North, 373 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, Fla., one-half mile west of US Hwy 1. Museum hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with admission free for members and $5 for non-members ages 12 and up. Saturday hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with free admission. 3rd Thursday is sponsored by Meyer Law Firm.


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