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General Information / Metrics

  • There is no charge to subscribe to The Rickie Report.   Go to:
  • TRR offers articles of interest to artists (local and out-of-town) such as Calls to Artists, Business building, Artist networking opportunities and helpful hints regarding resources or technical aid.
  • Art patrons read about the numerous art-related events that are happening in Southeast Florida and beyond
  • They enjoy the educational value of the technical articles as well.  A well-educated art patron appreciates the value and integrity of the artwork being presented.
  • Our Interactive Calendar of Events allows visitors to see what is taking place.  Click on an event and you will be taken to the information and article previously published.
  • We respond to specific requests for information about local classes, workshops or help finding a specific type of item from our readers.
  • Gallery owners contact artists whose work has been highlighted in TRR, to build their gallery inventory and artist base.
  • Readers contact artists and sales are made due to their exposure in TRR.
  • Event planners use TRR to highlight specific artists for each of their shows and to attract increased attendance.
  • We have paid articles and paid advertising.
  • Individual artists, as well as organizations, use TRR to publicize their exhibits, events, workshops, classes and newest works.
  • I work personally to mentor emerging artists and help them become involved in their communities and the economy.
  • I send personal emails about your event to people who have a special interest.

The Rickie Report is being read worldwide by artists, art enthusiasts, art collectors, art dealers, people who live in the area, are visiting the area and are making plans to visit.

They want to know what is going on in the art world in Southeast Florida.  Museum personnel, Gallerists, and world-wide art show promoters are also among our readership.

People read TRR and are called to action.

The average reader spends more than 3 minutes on each article and sees all of the ads on each page, as they are reading. Readers click on the ads and are brought to the website of our advertisers.

3 times the average open rate for our industry

90% of our readers are from the United States, followed by United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and South America

60% of our opens are from Palm Beach, Martin,  Broward, Brevard, Miami Dade and St. Lucie Counties.


Articles and Advertising

Articles Include:

  • The “who, what, when, where, why” about your event
  • One date on our interactive Calendar of Events
  • Additional dates are available for a small fee.
  • 4 jpegs
  • Logo
  • Website and social media addresses
  • Contact information for readers to ask for more details
  • Internet tags are utilized to increase engine optimization for those using the Internet to search for particular events or types of art work.
  • Brief bio of the artist
  • Artist statement

All information should be submitted at least 4-6 weeks in advance to give you optimum placement in our publication queue.


Monthly Advertising:

  • TRR offers monthly advertising space which appears on every page of out magazine website.
  • The purpose of these ads is to bring readers to your website
  • Ads include up to 3 separate jpgs rotating in an animated gif format
  • Jpegs are interchangeable monthly at no extra charge
  • Placement is according to previous contracts with other advertisers.
  • Our Advertising Department, led by Jeff Leiter, can help you with size, resolution and rotation
  • If you are not able to design the ad yourself, our Graphics Department can construct your ad for a small fee.
  • Each ad is designed with your input and approval.
  • To reach Jeff:

For current rates and schedules, please contact us.


I look forward to speaking with you about working together to promote your events.

Best regards,
~   Rickie

Rickie Leiter, Publisher
17019 SW Sapri Way Port St. Lucie, FL 34986