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Caryl Pomales’ Artwork Is Part of Juried Exhibition “Absolute Abstracts” At Hatch 1121 Gallery In Lake Worth Beach. Free Opening Reception Is Sunday, May 19

The Artists of Palm Beach County opened a Call to Artists for the juried exhibition “Absolutely Abstract” to be held at the Hatch 1121 Gallery in Lake Worth Beach.  We celebrate Caryl Pomales‘ acceptance into this show.  It will be juried for prizes by Karen H. Salup. The  Opening Reception on Sunday, May 19, 2024.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks of Caryl’s uplifting artistry.





HATCH 1121

1121 Lucerne Ave.  Lake Worth, FL 33460











“Lights Me Up” by Caryl Pomales



Each element within this piece has been thoughtfully placed to evoke a sense of lightness and happiness, inviting viewers into a space where their own experiences and emotions can dance freely with the colors and forms.





“Absolutely Abstract”  includes both members and non-members of Artists of Palm Beach County who submitted totally abstract two dimensional works in any medium. Twenty-seven artists and sixty-four artworks were accepted into the show, including Caryl Pomales’s “Lights me Up!”





Opening  Reception  and  Awards  Ceremony


Sunday, May 19, 2024

4:00  – 7:00 pm


Exhibit runs  May 18 – June 27, 2024

This exhibit is made possible in part by LULA Lake Worth Arts.





“Welcome to my world where abstract art speaks in colors and emotions, a journey that began in childhood with a simple box of Crayola crayons. Those early days under the sky, watching clouds shift and evolve, ignited my lifelong passion for color and hues”.   ~  Caryl Pomales





“Mystical Veils of Intrigue” by Caryl Pomales




Caryl tells The Rickie Report, “The use of pastel colors is deliberate, aiming to soften the space it inhabits with a gentle, uplifting ambiance. These hues reflect the subtle yet profound moments of joy we find in our daily lives, mirroring the way light illuminates and transforms. The fun shapes scattered throughout the painting serve as vessels of spontaneity and playfulness, reminding us to embrace the unexpected twists and turns of life with a light heart”.



Her recent painting, “Lights Me Up” is not just a visual experience; it’s an invitation to reconnect with the parts of ourselves that thrive on creativity, wonder, and delight. It encourages us to find the light within and let it guide us through the darkness.  In this piece, she hopes to offer a haven of inspiration and serenity, a reminder that even in our most abstract moments, there is beauty to be found and light that forever shines through.  “Lights Me Up” is an exploration into the realm of joy and vitality, captured through the fluidity of abstract art. This painting embodies the essence of what truly energizes and revitalizes the spirit, translated onto canvas through a symphony of fun shapes and soothing pastel colors.



Artist, Caryl Pomales




Caryl goes on to explain, “My art is deeply influenced by the ever-changing light playing amongst the clouds, transforming their edges into a kaleidoscope of golden hues, soft pinks, and brilliant whites. This dynamic interplay, coupled with the vibrant tropical blooms of my surroundings, continually fuels my inspiration.  Travel has further enriched my palette, painting my vision with experiences from America’s National Parks to African safaris, from Australia’s cultural diversity to New Zealand’s serene landscapes, and Europe’s historic elegance. Each destination, including the unique Galapagos ecosystems and the vivid Caribbean life, has woven its essence into my work”.




The most profound impact on my art came during my mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s. As words became scarce, our communication shifted to a silent language of images. This experience highlighted art’s power as a universal medium, transcending spoken words. My artwork became our bridge, connecting us through shared emotions and memories.




“Barcelona” by Caryl Pomales



In my studio, you’ll find pieces that are conversations, stories, and connections. Each embodies a journey, an emotion, a piece of the world seen through my eyes. These creations are testaments to our unspoken bonds. As you explore these pieces, I invite you to find one that resonates with your story, a work that speaks to you in the silent yet powerful language of color, shape, and texture. Let it be a part of your journey, connecting with you in ways words cannot.




A portion of the proceeds from original paintings and workshop sales are donated directly to carefully selected charities.  Together, we can change the world, one brush stroke at a time.



For more information about Caryl’s artistry, workshops and blog please visit:

Caryl Pomales


“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself”    – Elizabeth Gilbert






Karen H. Salup, renowned Abstract Expressionist and former president of Women In the Visual Arts, will be the Judge for Awards. Karen developed her talent through education at The Arts Student League, School of Visual Arts, C.W. Post University, and many years of private classes with world renowned professional artists including Jerry Okimoto. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Art Speak, Newsday, Palm Beach Art & Culture, and Palm Beach Illustrated and has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in New York and Florida.

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Artists of Palm Beach County is a non-profit 501c organization dedicated to helping member artists achieve their artistic goals and utilize their talents to enrich the lives in our community. Our mission is to share, inspire and promote creativity in the arts through education, exhibitions, and outreach to our community. We welcome all who would care to join us in our endeavors and in putting our mission into action!




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