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Martin Arts 33rd All Florida Exhibit Features 46 Artists From Tallahassee To Miami At Court House Cultural Center In Stuart. Opening Reception Is Friday, January 12. Juror’s Talk With Gregory Jones On Saturday, January 13, 2024

Martin Arts continues its 33-year legacy “All Florida” exhibition showcasing art by all Florida artists from Tallahassee to Miami.  The public is invited to the Opening Reception on Friday, January 12, 2024. A Juror’s Talk led by Gregory Jones takes place Saturday, January 13.  This exhibit runs from January 9 – February 29.  Exhibited works span the mediums of watercolor, ceramics, acrylic, oil, photography, clay, encaustic, wood, metal, glass, and mixed media from 46 artists from Tallahassee to Miami. The Rickie Report shares the details here. Make your reservation now for the Juror’s Talk!

*Registration required for Juror’s Talk. Additional details can be found on

Exhibit Dates | January 9 – February 29, 2024




Featured   Artists:



Glen Allen, Robert Bernstein, Enid Blechman, Barbara Bose, Jerilyn Brown, Holly Cannon, Linda Chipperfield, Becky Coleman, Maggie Dillon, Gabriele DiTota, Kimberly Engel, Brendan Fisk, Todd  K Fox, Barbara Fugazzotto, Susan Giblin, Ryan Michael Gleason, Rene Guerin, Erika Heffernan, Latonya Hicks, Judy Horowitz, Heather Ivins, Denise Jackson, Carson Kapp, Martin Karadzhov, Chloe Kelley, Claudia Jane Klein, Michael Knapp, Tina Kraft, Joe Krawczyk, Anita Lamb, Alice Laputka, Julia Longwell, Robin Marshall, Erin McCullough, Gary Menzel, Dawn Inglis Montgomery, Lynn Morgan, Katya Neptune, Daniel Newcomb, Janis Clary Oehlschlager, Raymond Olivero, Kathy Omeara, Caryl Pomales, Molly Potter, Thomas Prestopnik, Galal Ramadan, Patricia Reagan, D. S. Reif, JL Schwartz, Norman Silva, Harriet Silverstein, Richard P Stevens, David Valiente, Jim Wang, Elaine Weber, Terry White, Laura Kay Whiticar-Darvill, Harris Wiltsher



Juror: Gregory Jones

Artist Statement:

To reach inside and free the creative child within each of us is basically what my art is about. I might begin with a used air conditioner filter as in “Dust to Dust” or a bright red cloth tie as in “Man Under Paints With Red Tie”, but from that point I seldom know what direction the work will take. I simply “follow paths through the woods” as I did as a child growing up near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I played in the mud a lot, then grew up and played in the muddy paint a lot. When I played I learned that some good things sometimes happened. Then I learned that I could get the good things that happened to grow like a plant until the whole canvas would sometimes be a good thing.


It is probably from dust that we come and to dust that we go, but in between there is growth. When all is said and done, how much we have grown determines the richness of the soil we leave on which others will trod. From the muddy mess I often make in art and life is born the lesson of humility and discovery.


The idealism of my youth and the realism of adult life run head-on in my work to form an expression that merges seriousness with playfulness and superficiality with depth. Somewhere inside that depth is an innocent child, a very good person who can touch nature, and when I visit with him (or her) I learn to love, to fly, to live. To this day it is that sincere, sensitive child seeing and feeling nature that my art echoes and that moves my spirit to create my mixed media “layered” paintings. I only wish there were more days when he could come out to play.




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