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Sue Gurland’s Paintings Explore Our Connections To “Wild Things” At Delray Beach Public Library October 30 – December 9. Opening Reception On Wednesday, November 8, 2023

“Wild Things” is an apt title for Sue Gurland’s art exhibit at Delray Beach Public Library in Delray Beach, FL. The colorful whimsical animal paintings are sure to please viewers of all ages. The exhibit opens October 30 and runs through December 9, 2023.  The public is invited to the Opening Reception and Artist Talk Wednesday, November 8th. The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. The paintings can also be previewed at where they are available as prints, mugs, t-shirts and more.  




ART     EXHIBIT     by    SUE    GURLAND





Mon – Wed: 9 AM – 8 PM   Thurs – Sat: 9 AM – 5 PM
Sun: 1 PM – 5 PM (SEPT-MAY)






And Artist Talk:

Wednesday, November 8  

6 – 8 pm


Children Welcome




“Cranes” by Sue Gurland



Sue Gurland grew up in Woodstock, NY surrounded by artists and nature.  Before retiring to Boca Raton in 2005, Gurland was a high school French teacher, tai chi teacher, and acupuncturist.  In recent years, she has studied the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbalah and created the workshop “Moving through the Tree of Life: Where Tai Chi meets Kabbalah” at  




“Blue Leopard” by Sue Gurland




Gurland’s childhood influences and her lifelong spiritual journey came together when she enrolled in Intuitive Painting: Painting from the Heart taught by Carla Golembe at Old School Square in Delray Beach, FL.  




“Black Panther” by Sue Gurland




Trusting the Process


Gurland tells The Rickie Report, “Carla not only taught me the basics of painting. More importantly, she encouraged my creativity and intuition. My inner hidden child found its path to outer expression.”  Intuitive painting begins with making random marks on a blank canvas. The subject, colors and composition are yet unknown to the artist. “I have no idea what each painting will be about,” said Gurland. “I just trust that the process will guide my heart, hand and brush.”  As Gurland readily acknowledges, it is unsettling to paint without knowing what she is painting. But at some point, she has an “Aha!” moment and sees the rough outline of an animal waiting to emerge.  She then paints over distracting marks, adds definition and applies layers of paint to create texture. Gurland particularly works on each animal’s eyes to animate its spirit.






“Red Panda” by Sue Gurland





Inspired by Maurice Sendak

When asked, Gurland relates that this exhibit’s title, “Wild Things,” is in homage to Maurice Sendak. His book of the same name encouraged children to express their emotions through animal fantasies. Gurland’s paintings, like the book, appeal to the young and the young-at-heart.






“Ariel” by Sue Gurland


“We Are One”



After she finishes a painting, Gurland often discovers a spiritual connection to the image that she wasn’t aware of in the process of creating it. “My hope,” said Gurland, “is that viewers will also feel the interconnection of all living things… We are one.”  


The paintings are on sale at the exhibit and are also available as prints, mugs, t-shirts, masks, mugs and more at

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