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Zoey Alyssa’s Mural Kicks Off Peacock Arts District Celebration In Downtown Fort Pierce Monday, September 25th

The Peacock Arts District (PAD) Mural Program Inauguration and Artwalk will feature artist, Zoey Alyssa on Monday, September 25, 2023 in Downtown Fort Pierce, FL.   Zoey and two other artists, Nico and Samara are excited to bring a  renewed sense of community to an artistic-rich history on the Treasure Coast of Florida.  The Public is invited to this Free Event.  The Rickie Report shares the details and a conversation with Zoey, as she delves into her own family’s history, reckoning back to her grandfather’s framing Beanie Backus’ artworks!  Zooey, a multi-disciplined artist, also teaches pottery at Treasure Coast Pottery.














10 AM

FREE and OPEN to the Public






Location of Public Art Installations: 

500 Orange Ave & 710 Orange Ave

Fort Pierce, FL




To attend this FREE event:

Please register by clicking this link.



Zoey Alyssa painting en plein air



Zoey Alyssa is an emerging artist from Fort Pierce, FL looking to spread the luxury of art within the community around her. Working predominantly in acrylics, Zoey is a muralist and live event painter who enjoys creating art inspired by the surrounding biodiversity, Florida has to offer.



Zoey tells The Rickie Report, “As an artist, my goal is to encourage creative thinking; creative thinkers manifest stronger communities. TIGRESS Mural & Design was born as an immersive, guided, and collaborative experience for curating bold and unique murals for individuals and businesses that are art-inspired, experience-loving, luxury-driven, and want to see the community grow”. 



A framed painting hung over her dining room table growing up. Zoey was always told it was the work of ‘a Great Grandfather’. Her mother said he was a watercolorist, however, this was an oil painting. Not much more was known to these speculations…





Zoey’s family legacy of artists and her connection to Beanie Backus




Diving deeper into studies as an artist, getting older and becoming more curious about her roots – Zoey did some digging and found her Great Grandfather Herbert Neuburger’s son, Philip. This would make Philip a Great Uncle. He has been kind to take her calls and give me a little insight on the family’s art history – he himself is a local copper artist. He spent a great deal of his childhood in Stuart and at the family’s boat rental business located on the White City River right off of Midway Road. Philip’s family was able to purchase the property due to a successful Interior Design Business located in Stuart- the first of it’s kind.



Philip has sent images of artwork and shared stories of time spent in Beanie Backus’ Fort Pierce Studio with his dad, Herb. Even though Herb was already a watercolorist from Germany, you may be able to note influences of landscape artists of the time like Beanie and the style of the area in the images seen. Apparently, Herb framed a lot of Beanie’s preeminent work and was said to have created the wooden sign that hung outside the historic Fort Pierce studio that is shaped like a painting pallet. It’s very neat to discover she has relatives who were and continue to be professional artists!





Paintings by Zoey Alyssa



In 2017, her art career got started at a local pottery & paint studio where she found herself teaching an array of people the power of a paint brush and the raw beauty of clay. Zoey is a self -taught painter and ceramist; painting for as far back as she can remember. But did she not start taking it seriously until about 2017.



Zoey Alyssa painting a commissioned mural




Now, Zoey Alyssa is a full time artist, creating residential and commercial murals, live event paintings and custom commissions. She still teaches the fundamentals of clay at Treasure Coast Pottery in Port Saint Lucie. Her mural work is on display as a public installation located in the Peacock Arts District in her hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida. It was quite the pleasure to paint murals on the very streets her mother played on as a child. She wishes to be a part of more projects like The PAD Mural Program. To see the FPRA (Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency) in action, making connections in the community with this program is what she is all about! Public art helps create an identity for a city and cultivate the culture it has to offer. 






Zoey Alyssa and her artworks




Zoey Alyssa founded Tigress Mural & Design in 2022; marked as the year of the tiger. She says, “Tigress Mural & Design is an experience. Licensed and insured, Tigress is a creative experience offered to those who are not so comfortable in the execution of human creative skill”. Zoey Alyssa works with you in manifesting your world into the one you wish to see and involve yourself in.




Zoey Alyssa and Tigress Mural & Design



Zoey shares, “By definition, as an artist your job is to demonstrate the human creative, through skill and technique. Art for decades has been deemed a luxury, yet studies show over time that in order for communities, cities, and economies to thrive art must be present. Art insists an abundance is existing and this idea often relates art to luxury and not something that is necessary. This abundance when present however, leads to stronger generations and overall healthier, confident contributing members to society. In other words, if we have the time to create and imagine outside of our world, we are therefore succeeding and conquering inside of it. This very idea is what manifested Tigress Mural & Design”.





Learn more about Zoey Alyssa at www.ZoeyAlyssa.Art or inquire today about the services she provides such as mural work, live event painting and custom commissions.


Instagram: @ZoeyAlyssaArt

Tigress Instagram: @TigressMuralandDesign

Facebook: @ZoeyAlyssaFl







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