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Delray Beach Library Presents A Wonderful Way To “Wander & Wonder” At Fran Mann Goodman’s Solo Show. Public Reception Wednesday, March 8. Show Runs Through March 17

It’s happening in the Art Gallery on the second floor of the downtown library in Delray Beach!  The thrilling exhibit by Fran Mann Goodman showcasing her collection of mixed media paintings has been receiving rave reviews.  Experience a first-class way to “Wander & Wonder” through Fran’s breathtaking texture-laden abstract expressionistic paintings.  Meet Fran on Wednesday, March 8, as she speaks about her artistic journey.  The Rickie Report shares the details and some new sneak peeks!








100 West Atlantic Avenue    Delray Beach, FL 33444














   6 – 8  PM


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Sneak peek of Fran Mann Goodman’s “Wander and Wonder” at Delray Beach Library



Library Hours:

Mon – Wed: 9 AM – 8 PM
Thu – Sat: 9 AM – 5 PM
Sun: 1 PM – 5 PM 



This exhibit runs February 6th through March 17, 2023





“Depicting mostly impressionistic scenes of nature with an ingenious and varied use of textures enhanced by vibrant colors makes Fran’s canvases come alive with an exciting array of movement and artistry,”  Jarett Goldberg, Delray Beach.







Fran Mann Goodman





For Fran Mann Goodman, it is not about the finished painting that enchants her, it’s the process!   At the Reception on March 8th from 6- 8 pm, Fran will show the steps she used to develop some paintings in the show.  She will also talk about the various paths her life took prior to becoming both an exhibiting artist and sought-after art teacher.






“Calm” by Fran Mann Goodman




Creating depth in her paintings is Fran’s passion. As a young girl, after finishing a paint-by-number set, she would attach strips of papier-mâché that extended from the canvas, with the belief the additional material made the paintings “come alive” This idea of emphasizing depth dimension in her paintings continued throughout her formal training at Chouinard Art Institute in the 60’s with the use of spackling wall paste.




“Jaw dropping from first sight. Upon simply seeing the gallery of paintings, one has to stop and wonder which way to go, as each way is an invitation to layers and layers of beauty. Standing in front of any one of these gorgeous eye-catching paint stories one lingers and learns in to see a depth of color and material not seen before. Which one has the viewer asking for more? Everyone! How did she do this? How can that be happening on the canvas? What technique? Fascinating stories of color and depth beyond the usual.” Phyllis Elrich, Art Co-Chair, NLAPW.





“Fantasia” by Fran Mann Goodman




Though Fran strayed away from painting during her multifaceted thirty-year career, in 2012, when she returned to her art, she kept the same mindset. Today she enlivens her canvases with a complex network of textures and layering devices — pastes, sands, paper towels and acrylic skins. There are no specific intentions, traditions or norms that she follows. Color becomes the lifeforce of each one. Layer after layer, hues- dynamic and soft -speak in their own beautiful language. Each stroke of the applicator invites a new interpretation. Each interpretation invites a new stroke until a painting with stories within can be told. 






“Floral Skies” by Fran Mann Goodman


Fran will tell you that aside from her painting practice, teaching others and witnessing their artistic growth is what lights her life. A former instructor at Old School Square’s Creative Art School, Fran runs her online Not your Ordinary Painting Class, where students learn techniques in abstract expressionism, while studying the styles of artists across the painting spectrum, from renaissance to contemporary. Students work with pastes, pumice, paper towels, acrylic skins, alcohol inks, mark makers, water dripping and concepts of color theory. 




Painting by one of Fran Mann Goodman’s students, Phyllis Elrich




Fran is the scholarship chair of the National Association of Women Artists, Florida branch and co-chair of the art program for the Boca Raton chapter of the National League of American Pen Women. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Manhattan, New Jersey, Toronto and Florida, and are in private collection in the US and Canada. She teaches an open level online class, blending art history with techniques in abstract expressionism. A keynote speaker and workshop leader, her collective projects have been featured in a variety of Florida media and on YouTube.  Fran is an alumnus of Chouinard Art Institute (Cal Arts). 






Painting by one of Fran Mann Goodman’s students,  Clara Seidel




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