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Barbara Bucci Is A Featured Artist At Martin Artisans Guild Annual Open Studio Tour March 11 & 12 With Unique Keepsake Mermaid/Treasure Boxes For Everyone

The Martin Artisans Guild includes Barbara Bucci as one of the Featured Artists during their annual Open Studios from 10 am to 5 pm on March 11 & 12!  Growing up with her late father, renown artist, James J. DeMartis started her journey. Leaving Art School to managing tours of a 6 person rock band in Europe before the Berlin Wall fell, she has lots of adventures to share!  She was most recently a floral designer and owning a floral shop owner in Stuart.  Her well of creativity runs deep, bringing her to creating one of a kind, special “Mermaid/Treasure Boxes” (because even mermaids need a place to keep their treasures).  Varying sizes, themes, and artwork of her own plus the inclusion of her father’s art makes each box a true treasure on its own! The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks. 







2023 Martin County Open Studio Tour:



Saturday   &   Sunday,  March   11 – 12, 2023



  10 am – 5 pm 





  BARBARA     BUCCI          STUDIO #14

4735 SE Manatee Terrace      Stuart, FL 34997




Artist, Barbara Bucci in her studio




“Mary’s Home” Mermaid/Treasure box by Barbara Bucci




Barbara Bucci tells The Rickie Report, “Everything in my life thus far has led me to this exact moment in time. Even when the path was muddied & obscure, it guided me to the Present, full of the riches of what life has to offer.  First Art school, then dropping out of Art school to begin an adventure as a Tour Manager of a rock band in the late 70’s”.





Mermaid/Treasure Boxes by Barbara Bucci



She still marvels, “Can you imagine corralling a Band of 6, plus a road crew across the country & Europe multiple times without a cellphone? I look back and wonder sometimes…”how in hell did I do it?”. The European Gigs were exciting, well received & a whirlwind…Lots of airports, hotels & venues full of adoring fans and very long nights! Traveling thru occupied Germany, before the Wall came down, was an experience that I’ll never forget…. soldiers with guns & serious faces, a quiet descending on the Tour bus occupants while going through “Checkpoint Charlie” handing documents over to the officials to gain entry into East Germany for gigs in Berlin…everyone holding their breath until the papers were stamped & returned”.




“Can Sharks Skate?” Mermaid/Treasure box by Barbara Bucci

Mermaid/Treasure boxes by Barbara Bucci



Fast forward several decades to another path, described by Barbara as, “a garden path, with plants & flowers, Brides & Events, some joyful, some reflective & some just plain ole fun! I was a floral designer & flower shop owner for 25 years, 19 of which were here in Stuart. I had some old fashioned “on the job training” working in shops in New York, Spokane, Wa., Palm Beach & finally settling here in my adopted hometown of Stuart”.



“Skulls” Mermaid/Treasure box by Barbara Bucci




Some principles in floral design regarding balance, focal point placement, color & overall form of design composition, Barbara found to be somewhat interchangeable with what she is doing now with her Mermaid/Treasure boxes.  Barbara shares, “It all culls from the same deep within Well which is the source of creativity”.





“Macanudo” Mermaid/Treasure box by Barbara Bucci




She says, “In addition to what I have discovered on my own in life about creative processes & Art, I have to credit my late father’s enormous influence in exposing me to the artworks of the Master’s in Museums around the country & in all the places in Europe where we travelled as a family in my early years. These influences grew & multiplied, sometimes quietly, sometimes with a roar!”





“Dino Box” Mermaid/Treasure box by Barbara Bucci



“Years after my father passed, I remember visiting an artist’s studio in New Orleans, & upon entering, I was brought to tears by the smells of the oil paints, varnish & solvents…bringing me back to the years spent in my father’s studios while he painted & created. An area was always set up for my brother & I to do our own painting & drawing, probably intended to just occupy ourselves & keep us out of our father’s hair”.




“Penobscot Bay” Mermaid/Treasure box incorporates a painting by James J. DeMartis




“Sadly, she relates, “my father passed the year I moved to Stuart, but I still feel his presence & influence because I’m literally surrounded by hundreds of his paintings & drawings. The idea of incorporating some of his artworks on paper into my Mermaid Boxes seemed like a natural progression & easy way to continue to honor & preserve his legacy…you might say, “we work well together”.



Mermaid/Treasure boxes by Barbara Bucci




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