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2023 International Kinetic Biennial Kicks Off Friday, January 27 Through Sunday, January 29. Free Outdoor Artworks Plus Interactive Installations Are Included

The City of Boynton Beach’s Art in Public Places program brings the 6th Kinetic Art Exhibit, showcasing international, national, and local luminaries on Friday, January 27 through Sunday, January 2023.  The FREE Events take place outdoors and indoors, with opportunities to interact with the displays and speak with the artists.  How exciting that this family friendly event takes place in our backyard!  Enjoy live music and food trucks, performances and more.   The Rickie Report shares the details and a few sneak peeks of the OUTDOOR ARTISTS











Friday, January 27, 2023   10 am – 6 pm

Sunday, January 29, 2023   11 am – 5 pm 



Downtown Boynton: E. Ocean Ave. from NE 1st St. to Federal Hwy., north to Boynton Beach Blvd. east to the Boynton Harbor Marina




“Hammer and Nail” by Daniel Frazier



The Kinetic Biennial is a free art exhibit and symposium of artists, designers, and performers to engage the Boynton community and South Florida visitors in contemporary kinetic art.  The Biennial demonstrates the interconnectedness of art and technology and leverages human fascination with movement.




“Neon House”



The 6th Kinetic Biennial presents outdoor kinetic artworks and turbines for 10 months in downtown Boynton Beach starting on Friday, January 27, 2023. The opening weekend includes indoor art exhibitions, artist and designer talks, student displays, turbine demonstrations, light projections, and choreographed motion performances with community volunteers.   Live music, food trucks, artist booths, and other activities will add to the festive atmosphere.



Vinyl Mural by Laurence Gartel



What is Kinetic Art? Kinetic Art is a form of art that depends on movement for its effect. The word kinetic means relating to motion. Since the early 20th Century, artists have been incorporating movement into art. This has been partly to explore the possibilities of movement, partly to introduce the element of time, partly to reflect the importance of the machine and technology in the modern world and partly to explore the nature of vision.






Sculpture by Joseph Choma








13 Outside Kinetic Sculptures and Op Art Vinyl Murals


  • Dadang Christanto | Indonesia

  • Lin Emery | New Orleans, LA (Loan from Beth Rudin DeWoody)

  • Daniel Frazier | Brooklyn, NY

  • Laurence Gartel | Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • NEON: Mark Nixon & Viliina Koivisto | UK

  • Dr. Alex Rodriguez | Atlanta, GA

  • Eugene Perry | Orlando, FL

  • John Poche | New Orleands, LA

  • Joseph Choma & Tayam Tram  | Boca Raton, FL

  • Sinisa Kukec | Miami, FL

  • Sterling Rook | Miami, FL







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