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Yochi Yakir-Avin’s “The Memory Catcher” At Sunrise Civic Center Gallery Gives Her Memories New Meaning. Share Your Memories And Be Part Of This Extraodinary Art Experience

The Sunrise Civic Center Gallery presents Yochi Yakir-Avin‘s “The Memory Catcher” with an Artist Talk on Saturday, July 16 followed by the Opening Reception on Saturday, July 23.  Another Artist Talk will be held on Saturday, July 30.  This is sponsored by the Broward County Cultural Division. Many pieces carry a QR video and audio code, which the viewers are encouraged to scan to enjoy the complete experience.  This extraordinary exhibit will also include a photo of YOUR favorite childhood memory or toy! Find out how to get involved by reading this article, seeing some sneak peeks, and getting all of the details.















Sunrise Civic Center Art Gallery

10610 W Oakland Park Blvd.     Sunrise, FL 33351



Opening    Reception: 



Saturday, July 23

6-9 PM





The    Artist    Talks:



Saturday, July 16


Saturday, July 30


12-3 PM



For Gallery days and hours:



The dates for the exhibition are  July 15 – August 2, 2022


The exhibition was made possible, with the support from the Broward County Cultural Division



Send me a photo of your favorite or most important childhood toy so can include your photos next to my work at the exhibition.

Email :











“Time and memory are the main topics of my investigation and of the idea that our personal and collective memories are flexible and can be shaped over time” ~ Yochi Yakir-Avin



Many pieces show a QR video and audio code, which the viewers are encouraged to scan to enjoy the complete experience.





Yochi Yakir-Avin tells The Rickie Report, ” I started working on The Memory Project three years ago. At the time I did not know that it would become such an important part of my practice, and most certainly I didn’t understand I have so much to express and elaborate on. One thing led to the other, and The memory project is now in its 4th phase, with “THE MEMORY CATCHER”, displayed here, at the Sunrise Civic Center Art Gallery”.




She goes on to explain, “Time and memory are the main topics of my investigation and of the idea that our personal and collective memories are flexible and can be shaped over time.  The complexity and intricate texture of ancestral and family relationships, through fragmented memory, are at the center of my investigation”.





“Bonnet” by Yochi Yakir-Avin



Yochi created and rebuild from a repository of old archive family images, which were bitten by the teeth of time, while creating a renewed closeness to her fathers and family members, some of whom she did not know at all. “The choice of cardboard in my work comes to emphasize instability, temporality, and vulnerability and to illustrate that changes are easier to make when carrying less cargo. The temporality of material and image is even more pronounced with the choice of the sheer engraving on the boxes”.




“With the same intention I use paper in flimsy origami paper houses made from my birth certificate, or the usage of brown paper for big drawings. When working with image transfer, I was attracted to the imperfect results it gave me that resonated so well with the imperfection of memories.  In some of my work, like in the light boxes, I want to examine only the essential, and I eliminate details or environment, and concentrate on what is left, that is meaningful to me. Those pieces are “framed” in cardboard boxes to create kind of a dim room into which the viewer can peek, with a sense of a glimpse into a private place”.





“Knight” by Yochi-Yakir-Avin




Born in Poland and based in South Florida since 2014, Yochi Yakir-Avin is an award-winning figurative artist. Simultaneously American and Israeli, Yakir-Avin studied fine arts in Israel and Italy and has exhibited internationally in Italy, France, Israel and the USA.  Her work has been published and exhibited internationally.


With a focus on representation, Yakir-Avin’s works are portraits and still life painted in oil on canvas and wood. She portrays ordinary people with a variety of social backgrounds, to collect the feeling of the present moment, by touching on human experiences. She also creates mixed media wall sculptures, as well as intricate transfer pieces on paper and wood, and installations.





“Family”  by Yochi-Yakir-Avin




Conveyed via a masterfully limited palette, her subjects are framed against swathes of monochromatic color and emphasize notions of mood, place and implied narrative. Within her intimate mixed media pieces on paper and wood, the artist draws creative inspiration from her past and allows her memories to weave together to drive her practice forward. Through a tangible sense of vulnerability embedded in each of her works, the artist aims to offer hope, and striving to bring her personal point of view and to create meaningful engaging experiences that will resonate with others.




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