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RCK Gallery Presents “Mary and Jesus” Painting For One Day Only On Good Friday. Clay Kanzler’s Artistry Transforms Us

RCK Gallery presents the “Mary and Jesus” Painting by Clay Kanzler on Friday, April 15, 2022 in honor of  Good Friday.  The Rickie Report shares a preview here with a moving essay by R. Edwards.





614 S Colorado Ave.    Stuart Fl 34994





“Mary  and  Jesus ” Painting  by  Clay  Kanzler








FRIDAY,    April 15,   2022  

4 – 7  PM


The event  is free and open to the public






Review by R. Edwards


I recently had the decided good fortune to view Clay Kanzler’s “Mary and Jesus” exhibit at the new and warmly received RCK Gallery in Stuart.  I realized upon entering that there was a palpable atmosphere of contemplation in every corner of the gallery. I noticed a very still and quiet observer with wet eyes on the verge of release…with good reason. I sensed I would be joining her soon, and indeed I did.


There are a multitude of layers in every piece of art that Clay gives to the world. His works are traditionally large format because the heart rendered emotions that appear on the canvas are mined from an infinite vein. Clay uses his art to help him understand the trials, traumas, and tragedy that cross his path. He does so unselfishly and without limitations. He does so with the unexpressed desire to heal and to bring hope and healing to others. The energy and experiences he shares in his art are complex and compelling, and you should be prepared to be moved. You can also safely prepare yourself to be healed because hope for tomorrow is the most resounding message that radiates from Clay’s work.


Taking this show in on Easter weekend felt about the same as flying first-class. The journey is the same, but the experience was heightened. Please understand that your personal beliefs will no way mitigate the power of the moment.  This show is compact with a significant impact.  Exactly the way it was destined to be.





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For information about this exhibit, upcoming exhibits, or becoming involved with RCK Gallery please contact April Terborg, Director.  


614 S Colorado Ave.    Stuart Fl 34994





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