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Palm Beach Atlantic University Tauni De Lesseps Gallery Features Diane Prater In Solo Exhibit In The Warren Library. View “Dream Shells: Divinely Inspired Treasures From The Heart Of The Sea” Now Through April 14, 2022

The Tauni de Lesseps Gallery in the Warren Library of Palm Beach Atlantic University is hosting Diane Prater,  “The Palm Beach Watercolorist” now through Thursday, April 14, 2022 for a Solo Exhibit.  “Dream Shells” Divinely Inspired Treasures From the Heart of the Sea showcases realistic representations of world-wide specimen shells against brilliant abstract backgrounds in a manner generally atypical of transparent watercolor. While the Library is open to the public, we suggest you contact Diane to schedule a free tour of the exhibit so you can ask questions of the artist herself !  The Rickie Report shares the details and some sneak peeks.



Divinely    Inspired    Treasures

From   the   Heart   of   the   Sea




Diane Prater examining her artwork



Exhibit Dates:

NOW through Thursday, April 14, 2022



Contact Diane for a Free Tour:



  Warren Library

Tauni de Lesseps Gallery



Palm Beach Atlantic University

300 Pembroke Place          W. Palm Beach, FL





“American Beauties III” by Diane Prater – 40″ x 52″



Diane Prater’s formal art training at the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts (Storrs, CT) was the beginning of sharing her passion of the world around her.  Diane tells The Rickie Report, ” The thing I love about working in watercolor is the latitude this medium affords. Each of my paintings is a collaboration of extremes – the abstraction of a chaotic but controlled flow juxtaposed to a sharply realistic rendering of a featured shell or complimentary grouping of shells. The mixture of pigment, water and light creates never-ending combinations and limitless possibilities! Whether the theme of a particular work involves water above in the form of clouds, or water below as ocean current, it is water in all its forms – in subject, background and the medium in which they are expressed that attracts me to watercolor”.




Transparent   Watercolor   Painter 

–  Representational   Images –

Brilliant   Abstract   Backgrounds





“Down Under Wonders” by Diane Prater – 29″ x 41″




Diane’s  large scale original work includes realistic representations of world-wide specimen shells against brilliant abstract backgrounds in a manner generally atypical of transparent medium. Large scale original work include: 60″ x 40″, 41″ x 29″, and 30″ x 22″ size work on 100% cotton content paper. She re-emerged artistically after 13 months of personal rediscovery beginning August 2008 and exited this period of introspection a more prolific painter with clearer life purpose and more focused artistic direction. During the past several years, Diane worked on compiling a large body of work, engaging with the community and exhibiting.



Why   The    Seashell ?



The seashell – marine mollusks and bivalves – deserve our attention and admiration. How frequently we’ve seen shells portrayed whimsically in paintings or as decorative art, with a brief brushstroke here, a bare suggestion there. We know what it is after all – just a shell – a less important component of a vastly more important marine ecosystem.




“Mermaid Combs” by Diane Prater – 40″ x 60″



Upon closer inspection, however, we detect divine inspiration. Shells display the same amazing engineering expressed in a spider’s web or the arrangement of petals in a rose. Impressive geometry and complex algorithms form exquisite designs as graceful curves, spines, and spirals. Breathtaking colors join in lovely, and often surprising combinations. How could these features escape our notice or the shell itself be relegated to “less than important” status?




“Angel Wings I” by Diane Prater – 22″ x 30″


Shells are not just symbolic of ocean themes. They’re indicative of Divine engineering and a well conceived blueprint. Often delicate yet strong enough to withstand ocean forces; beautiful as they are  functional and so  artistically crafted to truly inspire awe! For all these reasons I chose to focus on the seashell for this body of work.




Diane Prater with one of her large scale paintings



Diane transitioned from freelance watercolor illustration back to fine art painting creating art purchased and/or commissioned by private collectors. A selection of recent work was on long term loan in Sachs Hall at Palm Beach Atlantic University July 2018 – July 2020. Diane’s artworks have been seen in local exhibits and private collections. She was invited to show her artworks at Palm Beach Gardens Municipal City Hall (June, 2019).



In  addition  to  Exhibiting  I  Also  Teach  Watercolor…




Diane is currently teaching Watercolor for the College of the Arts at Palm Beach Atlantic University’s West Palm Beach campus. The class is held Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9-11 a.m. in the Visual Arts Studio, and currently only offered to students enrolled through the University. Her emphasis has been on creating large scale watercolor paintings for exhibit and sale through my own art production company. That being said,  she tells The Rickie Report, “I teach this class because of my love for the medium and a desire to pass on my knowledge and skill to another generation of painters. Several of my students have never explored watercolor previously, and many are surprised at the progress they make over the span of the course”. 



Contact Diane for a Free Tour:


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